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My billionaire husband Episode 1 & 2

My billionaire husband.
Chapter 1
~ Katharine ~
Sitting on my comfy chair, I gazed at my mirror, staring at my reflection _____how things I’ve become and the dark circles around my baggy eyes.
I pondered on my life, how I wanted it to be and how it is now.
I’m married, I’m fv¢king married.
At least that was [email protected] of my dreams and it [email protected]£ true.
Getting married, [email protected] a grand wedding and getting married to the man I love ___ those [email protected]£ true.
Except that I think he’s not the perfect husband.
I’ve been married since for over a week now and I’ve not set my eyes on my husband.
My wedding night wasn’t at all special to talk of.
It’s another night, another cold night I have to sleep alone.
I sighed and finally got my bu-tt off the chair___ something I found ha-rd to do.
I la-id on my be-d, begging sleep to envelope me.
But as usual, I couldn’t sleep.
For over a week, I’ve not seen Damon.
No calls, no texts and he doesn’t reply mine either.
I knew the risk of getting married to Damon was high.
Imean judging from his personality, he’s a pla-yboy or once a pla-yboy as he made me believe.
He’s a rude arrogant j£rk known to people.
But I thought getting married to him would change him ___ I thought I’d change him.
I got down from my be-d and strode outta my room to the sitting room.
The house is big, very big___ a mansion actually.
I rummaged in the sitting room not knowing what to do.
Everything is just dicey.
My life is a mess!
Whispers. I could hear whispers as I woke.
Must have fallen asleep on the couch.
I f0rç£d opened my eyes.
The sitting room was bright.
I lifted my head and saw Damon on the phone.
I couldn’t suppress the smile that curved at myl-ips.
His back was all I could see.
“make sure to get it done and dusted ” he ordered into the phone.
I suppressed the urge to run to him and wra-p my hands around him ____ though it’s difficult.
He turned and met my amused gaze.
“oh you returned ” was all that left myl-ips.
He just looked at me blankly, walked over to a couch and sat.
“do you want coffee, tea, milk shake or anything ” I asked.
I sighed when he kept giving me the silent treatment.
Why did he get married to me if he was gonna treat me like this.
I opened my mouth to speak but closed it with no sound coming out.
His phone buzzed and he peered into it.
“OK, I’ll be there in minutes ” was all that I heard him say.
He rose to his feet, giving those awkward stares.
“I nee-d to attend a meeting and I’ll be late ” with those said, he walked out throu-gh the door.
He spoke to me at least and he’ll come back tonight.
A little smile tugged at myl-ips.
I got up and went to do my morning routine.
~ Damon ~
I strode into my office, slamming the door behind me.
My as-sistant looked up, started then a smile crossed herl-ips.
She’s a lady with charisma.
She’s tall, tiny legs, luscious brea-sts and a well shaped face.
“are you set” she asked and I scoffed.
We headed to the elevator to take us up to the hall where the meeting will be held.
I opened the hall door to see a group of odd men and women, seated round the table.
I smiled nervously and walked in.
Never in my life have I been so nervous.
But this is different, very different and I can’t afford to loose it.
I greeted them all with a smile and we got to business.
I drummed my f!ngerson the table as the business men and women left.
“you could take me if you want ” piper my as-sistant shrugged and I chuckled.
“how thoughtful of you but I’ve got a wife and I am to go that function specifically with my wife ” I stated and she smiled dryly.
She walked up to me s£dûçt!velyand sat on my [email protected], looking down at me lvstfully.
She crashed herl-ips on mine and before we knew it, we were ma-king out in the hall.
I pu-ll-ed away, catching my breath.
” I don’t see a be-d anywhere ” I blurted out.
We used the elevator went to my office.
I opened my personal room which had a small but comfy be-d.
I pu-ll-ed piper to me and k!$$£d her ha-rd and rou-gh.
I str!pped off her clothes in seconds and pushed her to the be-d.
“I can’t just wait to feel you inside of me ” she smiled.
“and I can’t wait to eat you ” I said and str!pped off my clothes.
~ Katharine ~
It’s pas-sed 11 alre-ady, yet Damon isn’t back.
He said he’ll come.
I looked at the special ditches I prepared for him and sighed ____ blinking back then tears.
I placed my head on the dinning table and for the first time in months, I cried.
I gro-an ed and raised my head up.
Can’t believe I sle-pt in this position in the dinning.
I stretched my n£¢k side to side, relieving it of its stiffness.
I stood up to my feet, almost tripping but firm my balance.
I took in a long breath then re-leased it out.
I cleared the table and washed the dishes.
All this was just a waste of time and energy.
I was about going up to my room when the door flew open and Damon walked in.
Messed hair, long face ____ he’s a mess.
I opened my mouth to talk but nothing [email protected]£ out as he walked past me.
Great! I’ve had enough of this.
I rushed upstairs and followed him.
I ran to him, held his arm and pu-ll-ed him to face me.
I’d say he turned to face me cause my hold had no effect on him.
His eyes darken with anger and fear enveloped me but I shook it off.
“why are you like this? why are you treating me like I’m some piece of trash? why are you treating me like $h!t?” I asked, anger visible in my tone.
He yanked his arm off my grip and looked down at me.
“how ever I act or do, is none of your business ” he remarked sternly.
“oh yeah it is, you’re my husband so it is ” I blurted out and hisl-ips twitched into a smile then a scoff.
“you’re just that for the sake of it and law, nothing more “he said and I furrowed my brows at him.
My eyes wi-de-ned to the point of hilarity when it dawned on me.
My mouth opened and closed with no sound coming out.
My eyes glistened with tears as I stared at him dumbfounded.
“then why? Why did you marry me when you don’t love me ” I finally spoke up, letting the tears stroll down my cheeks.
“just forget it, you’re my wife and that’s it ” he stated.
“and yes, we have a function to attend at 11 so get re-ady “he said and entered a room I presume to be his cause it wasn’t the one I sleep in.
“you’re so ditched cause you’d wait till God comes ” I said lowly and ran to my room.
~ Damon ~
“you are so ditched cause you’d wait till God comes ” I heard her say.
She better not [email protected]
I freshened up and sat on my be-d.
I looked over to my clock and it was 9:55.
Still got some time to sleep.
I la-id on my be-d and drifted off.
I woke up at 10:20 and sat up on my be-d.
I freshened up dressed up and went to Katharine.
My eyes almost popped out of its sockets when I saw her seated on the be-d, hands folded around her che-st with a stern look.
“gosh! You are not even prepared yet ” I snarled at her.
She’s thin white dark circles around her puffy baggy eyes.
I like my woman a little more curvy and taller.
But what to do? She was the available one.
Gosh! I can’t loose this contract.
If I don’t show up with my wife, they’d as-sume we had a quarrel then think I’m not a responsible man.
“OK Katharine, get re-ady for the function and when we come back, I’ll tell you why I had to marry you ” I said and her head snapped at me.
Indecision and hurt etched all over her expression.
She stared at me, as if contemplating what I just said.
She nodded and my mind was relieved.
“I’ll go wait in the sitting room ” I said and left her room.
Few mins later, she [email protected]£ out wearing a simple dinner go-wn that suits her perfectly.
I guessed I never had time to see this beautiful side of her.
We boarded the car and drove off to the function..
The drive back home was quiet.. Katharine rested her head on the headrest and I prayed silently in my mind for her to fall asleep to avoid me telling her why I married her.
We arrived at the mansion and I pu-ll-ed into the drive way.
we alighted and walked in.
she went into her room and I went to mine.
I had a cold shower, wra-pped a towel around my [email protected]!st and [email protected]£ out of the bathroom.
I flin-ched when I met Katharine on my be-d.
Legs crossed with furrowed eyebrows.
“so Mr Saltzman, tell me why you married me when you don’t love me ” she asked bluntly.
T.My billionaire husband.
chapter 2.
~ Damon ~
“so Mr Saltzman, tell me why you married me when you don’t love me “she asked bluntly.
I sighed and ran my hand throu-gh my hair.
This woman is really something.
“well… I… Uhm” I stuttered.
How do I tell her?
What if she leaves after finding out the truth?
I would be doomed.
“speak up ” she ordered sternly.
“coz I nee-d you and love you ” I lied and she bur-st out laughing.
“I truly do love you, I know it sounds awkward but I love you ” I lied, trying to coax her.
“don’t gimme that $h!t, tell me now ” she ordered.
OK she’s not buying it.
“I’ve alre-ady told you, it’s because I love you ” I lied again.
I can’t fall in love with someone like this.
I mean she’s too cheesy and small.
She’s not tall and she’s got dark circles around her eyes.
Doesn’t she sleep?
“Damon Harris Saltzman ” she yelled my full name.
I sighed and raised my hand up in a surrender like.
“well as a successful business man, I can do anything to maintain my reputation ” I paused to look at her expression, It was blank so I continued.
“I got a contract, a very big one but I can only get it if I’m married ” I blurted out and her face etched with hurt.
“so you married me, just so you can fool people that you’re changed and responsible ” she asked and I slowly nodded.
“but why me, why does it has to be me ” she asked with a tear rolling down her cheek then many more and she’s crying.
“cause you seem pretty interested in me, I mean all women are but you seem different, responsible, upholding and I knew right away that you’re the good choice ” I said truthfully.
She sniffed and stood up, coming closer to me.
“you married me for your own selfish reasons, you married me to maintain and uphold your reputation, just for some contract ” she said, amidst tears.
” and you acted as though you truly loved me the day you proposed to me, I’m such a fool to have fallen into your tra-ps, such a fool ” she cried.
“how could I get the thought that Damon Saltzman could change for the better, I’m such a big fool ” she cried and ran out.
It wasn’t my intention to hurt her.
I thought she’d be glad that someone like me married her, I mean I’ve got the looks, power, wealth, everything so what more does she want?
She’s so complicated.
~ Katharine ~
I ran to my room and [email protected] on the floor in tears.
He’s a monster, a selfish monster.
He doesn’t care about anyone as long as he gets what he wants.
He doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings, he’d do anything for his own selfish reasons, for his reputation, for power.
How did I even come to a conclusion that I could change him?
How did I fall for such a man?
Katharine Eve Pearls, you’re such a gullible fool.
Why am I so unlucky? Why’s my life so miserable?
First with my parents and now with my husband.
Yes he’s got the money, fame, power and all but the love and care I’ve been craving for isn’t there, it’s still not with me.
I wiped my tears and got off the floor.
Since I’m not nee-ded here, I’ll just leave.
I went to my wardrobe and packed all my things.
I can live it throu-gh all by myself, come what may.
I wiped the tears that couldn’t st©p rolling down my cheeks.
I carried my luggage and went downstairs.
Almost at the door, I heard his selfish manly voice.
“st©p” he said, more like an order.
I froze on my sp©t and slowly turned to look at him.
He wore just a singlet, ex-posing his muscular arms.
He wore a short that reaches just below his knees.
His hair was brushed backward and his left hand on the stair hand rest.
OK why am I checking him out?
He stood there, his ocean blue eyes peering de-ep into mine.
I was lost in his world that I forgot all my pains.
No! I can’t be fooled by him again.
I shook my head and [email protected]£ back to reality.
He sm-irked and gently walked down the stairs to me.
He stared awkwardly at me, not saying anything.
“Stay here for some time plea-se ” he blurted out and my eyes almost popped out of its sockets.
I mean, did I hear properly?
Damon Saltzman, begging? That’s a first and I feel honoured.
Quit it, you don’t have to be honoured cause he’s begging, he deserve to be on his knees begging.
I was so angry, so hurt.
It hurts to know that you’re not nee-ded, that you’re being used and nothing more.
I wanted to [email protected] him, hit him, yell at him but I couldn’t.
I couldn’t bring myself to do it.
And why’s that?
Cause I love him, I fv¢king love him.
I love this selfish monster, Damon Harris Saltzman.
“plea-se ” he said again and I sniffed.
” and why should I stay” I managed to ask, my voice ba-rely a whisper.
He looked at me hesitantly for a while and he sighed.
“cause the contract hasn’t been finalized yet and if you leave, I’ll loose it ” he blurted out.
“we can change this to some kind of contract between us too ” he said and I arched an eyebrow.
“I mean I can pay you when we’re done with it all ” he blurted out.
I’m really nothing more to him, he sees me as nothing but a means to uphold his reputation.
Cut the cra-p, I’m leaving and won’t fall for his tra-ps again.
He can lose the contract for all I care.
I wiped my tears with anger and looked up at him straight in the eyes.
The anger in me melted completely when my amber eyes met with his ocean blue eyes.
I forgot all I wanted to say and didn’t know when I nodded “yes”.
He smiled and went back upstairs.
What the fv¢k? Did I just agree to stay and be used?
OK Katharine Eve Pearls.
Why am I not able to be ha-rd on him? Why am I so soft?
Now I have to live with him, not as a wife but as a piece of trash to win a contract.
And when he’s done with me, he’ll throw me out of his life for good.
The sooner I learn to forget my feelings for him, the better for me.
Now is time to start a whole new life.
A life of pretence.
I would be able to do this much for my love.
At least he’ll be happy.
I just hope everything goes well.
T. B. C

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