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My billionaire husband 7 & 8

🌹 My billionaire husband 🌹
Chapter 7 🌻
We all stood there, staring at one another.
“oops! Looks like I forgot to plan well for the [email protected]£ ” I blurted out and Damon’s eyes met mine.
“but since you both are here, we could go together “I said.
I looked away from Damon and tried going out but he held my hand.
Lance was alre-ady trembling from the glare he’s receiving from Damon.
I think the next thing on his mind now is run out but he wants to stand his ground as a man not a coward.
“what do you think you’re doing? Let me go ” I seethed, trying to free myself from Damon’s grip.
“I give the both of you 5 secs to get your ugly as-ses outta here ” Damon seethed.
Within the blink of an eye, Lance was no where to be seen.
I don’t blame him.
“let her go ” Ken said sternly.
OK now I think if I’m Ken, I’d take off my shoes and run.
Damon said nothing as he stare intently at him.
“Tada! 5 secs is up “he said and let go of my arm.
He punched Ken so ha-rd on the face that he fell to the ground, gro-an ing in pain.
Damon sprung towards him but I was quic-k to stand in front of him.
“Damon st©p it! What is wrong with you ” I yelled.
“get outta my way Katharine ” he ordered but I stood my ground.
“don’t forget I’m not really your wife. I’m just here for the contract ” I blurted out not minding Ken’s pres£nce.
His eyes softened but those softness were quic-kly replaced with anger.
“whether or not you’re on contract, you’re still mine so move outta the way ” he said between gritted teeth.
Ken alre-ady got off the floor, wiping off blood from his mouth.
I could see the fear in his eyes.
“I won’t ” I said sternly.
“then I’ll do it myself ” he blurted out.
“go on, do it ” I said.
“shove me aside like I’m some piece of trash. Hurt me like I have no feelings. Common do it cause that’s what you’re good at “I said amidst tears.
His eyes softened and he re-leased his fist.
“I’m just here for a contract and nothing more so st©p acting like you own me Mr Saltzman ” I blurted out.
I turned to Ken who stood behind me and f0rç£d him a smile.
“leave Ken, we’ll talk some other time ” I said and he nodded then left.
I have Damon one last glare before running up to my room.
I sat on my be-d and let out a sigh.
I’m not gonna cry cause I’m strong.
Scratch that! I’m not where near strong.
I’m always that little girl life was harsh to.
I’m so fragile and an emotional freak.
I closed my eyes trying to suppress the pain I feel but I couldn’t so I let it all out.
I cried the pains out and after some minutes, I sle-pt off.
~ Damon ~
I watched her run up to her room in tears.
I didn’t mean to hurt her or make her cry but how dare she bring bots to my house?
I don’t care if we’re on contract or not, she’s still married to me so I own her.
I control everything and I’ll control her life too so she’s not allowed to go on [email protected]£s with other men except me.
I think I nee-d to set some rules for her to follow.
I’ll do just that.
~ Katharine ~
I woke up feeling uncomfortable.
I sat up on my be-d and noticed I was still in the dress for the [email protected]£ plus my face was ti-ght from all the crying.
I shook my head and sighed when I remembered all that happened.
I thought I’ll get to go on a real [email protected]£ and feel so special but that d!¢k head had to ruin everything.
Such a svçkup snob! If I hadn’t been an idiot then I’d not been in this mess right now.
I feel so weak and hungry.
I tidied up and went downstairs in my nightwear.
Damon was seated on the couch, staring at me but I acted like he doesn’t exist.
I went to the kitchen to get something to eat but all the pots and dishes were neatly done.
Instead of seeing food in them, I see my reflection.
I went back to the sitting room and headed upstairs but Damon called me.
He [email protected]£ to me and handed me a sheet of paper.
I took it and it was rules to be followed by me.
☑ Don’t leave the house without my permission.
☑ As long as the contract is still on, you shouldn’t be seen with any other man.
☑ you’re my wife and should fulfill your duties.
☑ I’m your husband so I have all rites over you.
☑ if you violate any of the above rules, you’ll be severely punished.
I laughed at the rules but suppressed it when my stomach growled.
He went back to his seat, not saying anything.
Now I regret why I signed the papers.
I could just leave it half way but I don’t go back on my words.
He’s my husband he says right? No problem.
I went to his front, folded my hands round my che-st and tapping my foot on the tiled floor.
He looked up at me, his beautiful blue eyes sparkling.
Why’s he so cute?
He said nothing, waiting for me to speak up and I rolled my eyes.
“I’m hungry ” I blurted out.
“then go cook something in the kitchen ” he replied, not looking at me but at the newspaper on his hands.
“I’m tired so I can’t “I seethed and his head snapped up at me.
“then order pizza ”
“I’m tired of filling my stomach with pizza ” I said sternly.
He stared intently at me with furrowed eyebrows and sighed.
He got up and took his phone from the table and ordered Chinese food.
“I don’t want that either ” I pouted.
“then starve ” he yelled and walked upstairs.
I chuckled and sat on the couch.
He’s so pissed!
I think I should act like this now just to get on his nerves.
I la-id on the couch, waiting for the order.
I switched on the TV to pas-s time, gently tapping my feet know the couch hand rest.
The door bell rang and I sprung up to get it but sat back down.
I didn’t order it so why should I get the door?
I la-id back down on the couch, buried my head de-ep into the pillow as the door bell sounded throu-gh the mansion.
It kept ringing but I paid no attention to it.
“are you deaf ” I heard Damon’s voice from the stairs.
I sat up to look at him and my eyes almost popped out of its sockets.
He stood there with just a towel wra-pped around his torso.
Water dr!pp£dfrom his hair, sliding down his che-st to his abs.
“drool later but are you deaf “he asked again but I said nothing.
“will you plea-se get the door ” he asked politely.
“why should I? Did I order anything ” I asked rudely and he sighed.
He went to the door and took the oder.
“will you plea-se pay “he asked and I scoffed.
I glared and turned away.
“you can leave, I’ll s£nd the money later “he said and closed the door.
He dropped the oder beside me on the couch r0ûghly and went back upstairs.
I’m trying to piss him off but I’m the one getting pissed here.
I ate the food on the couch and left the empty tin on the couch.
I know for sure that he’ll be pissed when he sees this, considering he’s such a clean freak.
I smiled as he descended the stairs.
“do I still have to tell you where the bin is ” he asked. I could see the anger in his eyes.
“since you know where it is, why don’t you take it there “I asked bluntly not looking at him.
I felt his hand wra-pped ti-ght around my right arm and he pu-ll-ed me up.
His grip ti-ght£ñed on my arm and I squealed.
He looked down at me as if daring me to defy him again.
“you don’t talk to me like that! No one dares talk to me like that! No one Katharine Eve Pearls” he said between gritted teeth, ti-ght£ñing his grip on my arm.
OK I think I took this too far and he doesn’t even realize he’s hurting me.
“you’re hurting me “I cried out and he freed my arm.
I let out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding and looked at the bruise on my right arm.
He noticed it and his eyes softened.
“I don’t give a fv¢k about you okay ” I yelled and he took hold of my arm again ma-king me [email protected]
“I’m your husband and you have to respect me ” he yelled.
“I have rites over you so I can do what ever I want with you ” he seethed.
“no you can’t ” I manage to blurt out.
“yes I can and I’ll do it ” he said and crashed hisl-ips on mine.
I tried to struggle free but his grip was hell ti-ght so I gave in.
My b©dy relaxed and I k!$$£d him with the same rhythm.
He let go of my arm and [email protected]£d my h!ps, pu-lling me to his ha-rd b©dy.
His £r£¢tion pressed against my ñ@v£l and I [email protected] ed.
I wra-pped my hands around his n£¢k, holding him ti-ght to me.
He slid his into my mouth and tea-sed me.
He ca-ressed my h!ps as he k!$$£d me.
He pu-ll-ed me up, ma-king me wra-p my legs round his torso.
He [email protected]£d my bu-tt and I [email protected] ed as he mas-saged it.
I heard the door creak open and realisation hit me.
What am I about to do?
Now way I’m gonna loose my vir-ginity on a contract! I’m not that cheap.
He la-id me down on the be-d and hovered over me.
He k!$$£d the swell of my brea-st, [email protected]£ss!ngmy b©dy.
“Damon ” I tried to call but it [email protected]£ at low like a [email protected] and it seemed to turn him on more.
“Damon st©p it ” I managed to say out loud.
“Damon st©p it “I half yelled, trying to shove him off me.
He held my hands up above my head with a hand and used the other hand to tear off the upper [email protected] of my nightwear, ex-posing my [email protected]
I felt weak from his right grip.
“Damon plea-se st©p ” I pleaded in tears but he paid no attention and he tore off the nightwear now leaving me with just my [email protected] and [email protected]
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