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Mr arrogant Episode 43 & 44

(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)
Episode 43
By: Faith Luc
Alicia’s pov
“Alicia, take care of the house okay? Make sure you scru-b everywhere sparkly clean and arrange my dusty drawer in my room and clean it very well okay?” Mom rushed her words as she made to the door hurriedly.
“Damn it! Why don’t you just kill me huh? I’ve been working since the dawn of this day and my back hurts.
I’m tired alre-ady!” I cried out.
Mom sh0t me a stern look and clutch ti-ghtly on her bag.
“Don’t dare me Alicia, I don’t want to come home and you haven’t done what I asked you to do.
Do you go to work to be able to feed everyone in this house?” She snapped and rolled her eyes.
“But I’m tired mom. I haven’t even rested or eaten something good. I ate just cheese and milk since.
C’mon mom, I’m tired. I’ll just finish the work tomorrow.” I grumbled loudly.
“You’re doing the work today and not tomorrow. If you want to eat dinner and sleep peacefully in this house, then do as I’ve said and quit being grumpy and lazy.” She eyed me.
“I’m off alre-ady.” She said and without waiting for my reply, she dashed out of the house.
“Oh God!” I gro-an ed angrily.
“fv¢king s*its!” I cussed angrily and kicked my legs in the air.
Mom wouldn’t even give me a break. From one work to another.
I’m tired!
I’m seriously damn tired!
First, she deprived me of going to Brielle’s birthday [email protected] Then, she made me clean up the dusty store room.
She gave me loads of works to do.
I did grandma’s laundry including mom’s and mine.
The clothes were so many that I got a so-re in my hand.
I washed the toilet and bathroom. I dusted every dusty furniture in the house.
I don’t know if she’s doing it on purpose to keep me from not going to the [email protected]
But seriously, I feel so weak alre-ady.
ma-king grumbling sounds and ranting cusses, I made my way to my room.
I plonked myself on the be-d and exhaled de-eply.
I looked around my room and it was scattered. My be-d wasn’t in good shape and my clothes in my wardrobe wasn’t arranged.
I looked around my room and all I felt was anger.
Eish! Where do I even start from?
Oh God!
I arranged my room and then, proceeded to the sitting room. The sitting room wasn’t really dirty and so, I wasn’t having much to do.
I swept and scru-bbe-d, re-moved things that weren’t supposed to be in sitting room and kept them in their right place.
I wiped the small television clean and then, I proceeded in removing the cobwebs hanging lazily on the ceiling.
I cleaning the dinning room too and scru-bbe-d the floor clean.
Tired and energy drained, I walked lazily to my mom’s room.
I began from arranging her littered clothes that were almost everywhere in the room and placed them neatly inside her wardrobe.
I re-moved the cobwebs too.
I arranged her be-d and placed a new be-dspre-ad on the be-d.
I dusted every furniture in the room and then, I proceeded to her drawer.
I opened the drawer and it was dusty and scattered.
They were so many papers that weren’t arranged properly inside.
I sighed tiredly and brou-ght out all the papers.
But suddenly, a picture fell off from one of the papers.
I dropped the papers and picked up the picture that had fallen face flat on the floor.
I turned the picture and my eyes surveyed curiously at the picture.
It was the picture of a very pretty young girl and a young boy.
The girl definitely looked like my mom and the guy, he looked rather familiar, though I don’t know where exactly I’ve seen him.
The way they had posed, they looked so much in love with each other.
The guy’s arms were around mom’s [email protected]!st, holding it firmly. Mom’s arms were on his shoulders and she had a sweet smile on her face, likewise the guy.
They both looked perfect together.
Who’s this guy?
Mom’s never talked about her love life before or even anything about my dad.
So, who’s this guy?
Definitely, they had [email protected]£d and being in love because even a blind man could tell by just looking at the picture and their loving smiles at each other.
I looked closely at the picture and…
I could….I could get a little resemblance, a little recognition.
Isn’s this…..Chelsea’s dad???
Why’s he in the picture with mum???
Rio’s pov:
I looked around for Xavier and I couldn’t find him.
Chelsea was just sitting at a far end of the sitting room and drinking a wine.
I walked up to her and she didn’t even spare me a side glance.
“Hey Chels.” I smiled lightly.
“Yeah, hi.” She retorted, her gaze still on her drink.
“Have you seen Xavier around?” I asked.
“No. I guess he’s somewhere fv¢king some random bit-ches.” She said sarcastically.
I walked away and towards the stairs.
Suddenly, I heard voices and commotion.
The noise was coming from outside and being curious, I made my way outside.
I got outside and following where the noise was coming from, I got to the swimming pool area.
Students were there and [email protected] and talking hurriedly.
I strained my eyes and then, I saw a student trying to stay afloat.
A student was drowning.
I got a clearer view of the person and behold, it was Delaney and without thinking twice, I jumped into the swimming pool.
Xavier’s pov
I smiled in satisfaction as I pu-ll-ed out from the second bit-ch. I fixed back my di-ck inside my trou-ser and pinched her £r£¢ted n!ppl!.
She [email protected] ed and bit herl-ip.
She arranged her self properly and win-ked at me before leaving.
I sma-cked myl-ips and arranged my clothes properly and rinsed my face. I fixed my hair again and after taking a good look at myself, I walked out of the restroom majestically.
I got to the room Delaney was and I didn’t see her.
I hurriedly got downstairs and I still couldn’t find her.
“Two students are drowning.” I heard a girl telling her friend.
I panicked and ran out and to the swimming pool area.
They were so many students around and I was damn surprised.
Then, I caught a glimpse of Rio trying to make a persons head stay up at the water.
I looked closer and the girl was Delaney.
Oh my!
What the….fuc-k???
“Rio??” I called out and without thinking twice, jumped inside and pu-ll-ed Rio out and thank goodness, he was still concious.
What the hell happened to both of them?
I dived in back and brou-ght out Delaney.
She was unconscious alre-ady and her breathing was so low.
I panicked as I pressed her che-st, she spat out only little amount of water.
I did that for some seconds and she still didn’t open her eyes. She looked pale alre-ady.
What do i do?? She was completely losing consciousness.
“Delaney! Hey, Delaney!” I called and tapped her, but there was no response.
Oh my God! What do i do?
Suddenly, I thought of one solution.
Mouth to mouth resuscitation.
Wait, does that mean that I’ll indirectly k!ssDelaney?
I sighed and ruffled my hair. I closed my eyes, held her noise and then, placed myl-ips on hers.
Episode 44
By: Faith Lucky
Xavier’s pov
I re-moved myl-ips from Delaney’s as soon as she coughed out water.
She weakly opened her eyes and stared intently at me, looking rather confused.
I stood up and helped her seat up.
“What happened to me? Why am I drenched?” She asked as she stared at her we-t clothes.
She was all soa-ked and her hair was plastered all over face, ma-king her look like one of those possessed people in movies.
“Well, you dumbly fell into the pool.” I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes at her.
“Huh? I didn’t fall into the pool myself. Someone pushed me.” She crea-sed her eyebrows.
“Wait, what? Someone pushed you?” I asked and scoffed.
“Yes. But I couldn’t see the persons face. The persons face was covered.” She gro-an ed lightly.
“That’s unbelievable. It’s just your imagination. You fell into the pool and you as-sumed someone pushed you.” I huffed.
“I’m not as-suming, I’m very sure. I was pushed into the swimming pool.” She defended.
“Okay. But who would want to push you into the pool?” I asked.
“I know you wouldn’t believe me, so just forget about it.” She snorted.
“Get up, let’s get you dried up else, you’d catch a cold.” I offered nicely and stretched out my hand for her to use as support to stand up.
“Thank you.” She smiled.
“Thank you buddy.” I told Rio as the three of us walked towards the car.
“It’s fine dude. I just couldn’t watch her drown.” He shrugged and patted my shoulder.
“Thank you Rio, you tried to save me even when you don’t know her to how to swim. Seriously, I’m grateful.” Delaney smiled appreciatively.
“It’s fine Delaney. You’re like a family to Xavier and Xavier is my buddy, so it’s nothing.” Rio laughed lightly.
We got into the car and the chaffeur drove off.
Brielle’s pov
“Cheers girls for a job well done!” I squealed happily and raised my my wine glas-s up.
“Cheers!” They chorused with smiles on their faces and we cli-cked our glas-ses together.
“Oh my goodness Brielle.” Brianna giggled excitedly and drank from her wine.
“Yeah, our plans worked and I’m sure she’d probably have drown by now, all thanks to Jessica for carrying out the plan.” I giggled and drank from my wine glas-s and sma-cked myl-ips together.
“We’re going to check out what happened few minutes from now. Let’s see if her stomach is alre-ady bloated because she drank too much water to death.” Blair laughed.
We all laughed and poured wine in our glas-ses again.
“But seriously Brielle, I’ve been wanting to ask you this question since the very day you decided to hurt Delaney.” Blair started, looking all serious.
I dropped my wine glas-s and paid full attention to her.
“What is it Blair?” I asked.
“Why did you ever think of harming Delaney because of Xavier? What about Chelsea, is she not a threat to you in getting Xavier? Why didn’t you think of hurting Chelsea but Delaney?” Blair asked and exhaled.
“Nice question Blair. An intelligent question.” I beamed.
“You see, I’m still thinking of a right plan and the right time to attack Chelsea.
I have to re-move the weaker one, which is Delaney and plan on hurting the stronger one, which is Chelsea and think of a good plan to harm her which is gonna be really tough.
I’m just excising patience and thinking of how to eliminate her and have Xavier for myself.
I want to get rid of the weak ones. So, if Delaney’s out of my way, I’ll fully focus on getting rid of Chelsea.” I grinned proudly.
“Wow Brielle, you never told us about this idea of yours.” Brianna chuckled.
“I’m smart right? I know.” I giggled and win-ked at them.
“I definitely get your point. You’re always so smart.” Blair smiled and nudged my arm pla-yfully.
We raised our glas-ses up and cli-cked it.
Alicia’s pov
I chopped the vegetables while mom washed the the meats and fish.
“So mom?” I called calmly, still chopping on the vegetables.
“Hum?” She answered, her attention on the meats and fish she’s washing.
“Mom? I have a question to ask.” I gulped nervously and st©pped chopping the vegetables and turned to stare at her.
“What is it Alicia? You’re looking all serious.” Mom sighed and rinsed her hands.
I brou-ght out the picture from my pocket, looking so nervous.
“I found this in your drawer when I was cleaning it up this morning.” I gulped nervously and handed over the picture to her.
Her face dropped immediately and her face was devoid of emotion.
Her hands shook as she stared at the picture. A tear sli-pped down from her eye and landed on the picture but she was quic-k to wipe it away.
She had a stern look and dropped the picture on the counter.
“Who’s that man mom? Is he my father?” I asked the question that has been on my mind since I saw the picture.
I’ve been restless and been thinking endlessly.
“What kind of a question is that?” Mom snapped and glared at me.
“It’s just a question mom. And mom, is he not Chelsea’s dad; the man we bu-mped into at the mall the other day?” I further asked.
“St©p asking me questions Alicia! That guy you saw in that picture was a close friend of mine and nothing more.
And when the time comes, I’ll tell you about it.” She said and walked out of the kitchen.
“Finish the cooking!” She yelled, so I’ll be able to hear her.
“Okay mom.”
What if Chelsea’s father is my father too?
Alicia’s mom pov
Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably as I stared at the picture.
The pains I thought might have gone years ago were still there in my heart. It resurfaced and this time, more painfully.
We were a happy couple. We were happy together but everything ended within the twi-nkle of an eye.
We were so much in love with each other and we were happy together.
I didn’t want to believe he’s never going to be mine but as time went on, I knew that really, we were never going to end up together.
I fell for his sweet-talks and I loved him with everything I’ve got but what at the end, what did he do to me?
He left me shattered and heartbroken.
I sobbe-d quietly and held the picture close to my che-st.
“Alicia, I’ll be stepping out for a while. I’ll be back very soon.” I told Alicia, clutching my handbag.
“Okay mom, do take care.” Alicia smiled and pe-cked my cheeks.
“Alright, bye.” I k!$$£d her hair and made for the door.
We waved at each other while I walked out of the sitting room and closed the door.
I bought just few items in the grocery store and also bought some drugs for headache; since the previous day after crying my eyes out, I’ve had a pounding headache which refused to go.
I don’t want to fall sick– definitely not now or later.
As I stood at the bus st©p waiting for the next bus, a car suddenly drove past me but it [email protected]£ back and st©pped in front of me.
I stared at the car and the tinted windows were rolled down and I got a clearer view of the person.
“Clarissa?” The woman called and I stared intently at her.
Wait, she does look familiar.
“Don’t you know me Clarissa?” She asked and alighted from her car.
She re-moved her sunshade and walked closer to me.
She had a hvge smile on her face.
“Wait, Joanne?”
Who knows who Alicia’s mom saw?

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