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Mr arrogant Episode 19 & 20

(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)
Episode 19
By: Faith Lucky
Xavier’s Pov:
“So, your mum plans on adopting her or what?” Chelsea asked as we sat next to each other in the car on our way to school.
I’d just explained the whole alien story to her.
“Well….something like that. She claims the lady nee-ds help and she’s probably the only one that can protect her” I replied with a shrug and she scoffed.
She clearly looked upset.
“Where does she even come from, anyway? And is it just a coincidence she met your mum?” She further asked and I just shrugged, not having an answer to it.
“Gosh! So, you two will be living together?” She went on talking and hmm
I smelt jealousy this time around.
“Do you want to chase her away?” I asked with a light smile and she rolled her eyes.
She didn’t say a word for a while, clearly seething with anger.
“By the way, Xavier” she broke the silence.
“Prom is just a few days ahead. Have you chos£n a [email protected]£, yet?”
Oh! Prom.
“Um……not really. I don’t have anyone in mind for now” I replied and she scoffed.
“Are you kidding me? Prom is just a few weeks away and you haven’t chos£n a [email protected]£?”
I could tell she was being sarcastic.
“How about you? Have you gotten a [email protected]£?” I asked and noticed she twitched.
“Um….well, lots of guys have been coming to me for sometime now. But….I’m yet to make a pick” she replied and I chuckled.
“Are you kidding me? Prom is just few weeks away and you also don’t have a [email protected]£? What’re you waiting for?” I asked sarcastically and she pouted herl-ips and hit me on the che-st and I laughed.
After a while, we arrived at school and alighted the car as soon as the driver parked.
Chelsea wra-pped her hand around mine, probably as a signal to tell others to back off.
Well, that’s what she does each time we’re together in school. She loves drawing attention and that’s because no other person has the guts to t©uçh me.
All eyes kept revolving around us as we walked along, and close to the clas-sroom, Mitchell showed up.
“Xavier!” She called in excitement, but the excitement on her face died down when she noticed Chelsea holding my hand.
“Hi Mitchell” Chelsea said with a sarcastic smile and ti-ght£ñed her grip around me.
“Oh! Yes, I’m so sorry, dearie. I actually got hooked up with something and couldn’t make it. So sorry about that”.
“Okay. Um….I didn’t know when you left, Xavier” she turned to me
“You know, we….”
“Yeah…I had to. If you don’t mind, excuse me” I said brusquely and walked away with Chelsea who sm-irked.
Hours Later
After a very long while, I returned home with the woman after getting a lot of things.
She’d gotten me some strange leaves which she referred to as *clothes*
And she had also taken me to a place where they worked on my hair and made it more beautiful.
Earth is such a wonderful place, isn’t it?
I’d actually seen a lot of amazing things which I wished to t©uçh, but the woman held my hand all throu-gh and didn’t let me out of her sight.
“Here; put this on, Delaney. Its perfect for the plan” she said as she stretched out a *cloth*to me.
I collected it and tried wra-pping it around me.
“Delaney! Come on! You should know how to wear a cloth by now” she exclaimed and collected it from me.
She helped me with it and…wow! It looked really beautiful.
“Come on” she took me to a sit in front of a mirror.
“Is there any nee-d for make up? I think you look perfect this way, right?” She asked as she stared into the mirror with me from behind.
Wow! I really looked…..beautiful.
My long hair was now relaxed and looked more dark.
My face was….well, natural and pretty. What does she mean by make up, anyway?
She smiled and dressed my hair, moving it backwards.
“You’re one pretty lady, Delaney. Where’s your mother?” She asked and I felt my cheeks become h0t.
“My….my mother?” I repeated like i hadn’t heard her.
“Yes. Where’s she?”
“Um….I don’t know if I have one cause I didn’t grow up with her” I replied and she mouthed an *oh*
I think she was about saying something else when we suddenly heard a sound and she ran to the window.
“He’s here!!” She [email protected]
Who? Her son?
“He’s home, Delaney. Come on!” She said and dragged me up from the seat.
I pla-yed games with my Ipad at the backseat as I sat next to Rio in the moving car, headed home.
“But seriously man, don’t you think you were a little bit ha-rd on Mitchell?”He asked and I scoffed.
“Are you kidding me? What exactly did I do? All I did was ask her to excuse me” I answered and he nudged me.
“Come on!! You’re too ha-rd on ladies, dude. I sure didn’t teach you that” he raised his hands.
“Yeah….but you canfu-ck and go, huh?” I asked him and he laughed.
Shortly, we arrived home and as soon as the car st©pped moving, I stepped out with him.
Ah! At last
His phone started ringing and he excused himself to pick it up. But I didn’t wait for him and walked in.
I just nee-ded a bath and a nap.
I opened the door to the sitting room, my eyes fixed on my iPad.
But I was f0rç£d to look up when I noticed a strange figure ahead.
I saw a lady – a pretty one – holding a glas-s of jui-ce.
What the……
Hold on; she looked familiar.
No; noway.
Isn’t this the alien??”
Episode 20
By: Faith Lucky
Xavier’s Pov:
I stared at her, confused and the image [email protected]£ clear to me.
She’s definitely the one.
But…why’s she looking so different?? What happened to her hair that was so scattered and dirty? What happened to the shi-t she was repeatedly putting on?
Why does she look like a city girl when she’s not?
“Welcome….Xa….Xavier” she stuttered my name, like she was finding it so difficult.
“Yeah….” I muttered, my eyes still fixed on her.
I could ha-rd ly believe it.
and what’s she doing with the drink?
“Um…you’re back from school, right?” She asked and started coming towards me and I scoffed.
*No.I’m back from the market* I jibe-d in my thoughts and almost blurted it out.
“I….actually thought of giving this to you” she said and stretched out the glas-s to me and for God knows how…..thefu-cking glas-s left her hand and broke on the floor.
Holy Cra-p!!!!
“Hah!!” She [email protected]
“I’m…..I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to….”
She dropped to a crouch immediately and tried packing up the liquid.
Is this lady for real?
“You’re unbelievable” I shook my head and walked away, ignoring the glum look on her face.
Delaney’s Pov:
Oh! Delaney; what have I done?
Seriously, I had no idea what was wrong with me. Why did the glas-s just sl!pfrom my hand, huh?
Hmph. All these strange earthly objects. Why would they use a glas-s in drinking liquids?
Xavier shook his head and walked away and it was obvious he was angry.
Oh my! I made him angry! I ruined the first plan.
I felt a sharp pain in my che-st as I bent towards the glas-s. It actually hurt to know he was angry and ignored me.
Why wasn’t I careful, huh?
Just then, the door opened again and someone else walked in – someone familiar.
Oh! His friend.
He st©pped at the door and sh0t me a cranky stare.
“Are you…..Delaney?” He asked with a scoff and I just nodded.
“Woahhh! Are you kidding me?? You’re the alien?” He chuckled and [email protected]£ closer.
“Why’re you looking so different?”
I didn’t say a word but concentrated on picking the glas-s, but he squatted in front of me and held my hand.
“Hey, hey; st©p that,okay? You might hurt yourself. Don’t worry, the maids will take care of it” he cooed and helped me from the floor.
“T…..Thank you” I said for no reason and he smiled.
“So….you’re going out? You look so different and dressed up” he said.
“’s…it’s actually a plan”.
Hold on; I shouldn’t tell him about it, right? It should only be between the woman and I.
“What plan?” He asked and I itched my head.
“Uh…..its nothing” I stuttered and quic-kly turned around to leave.
“Hey”, he called back my attention and I looked at him.
“Could you….keep up with this look? Because…you look really pretty and matured now” he said and for no reason, I felt my cheeks become h0t.
“T….Thank you” I replied and scuttled away.
I returned to the woman’s room and found her in front of the mirror.
“Geez! Delaney, you Scared the life outta me. Why didn’t you knock??” She asked in a frightened manner.
Knock? Knock on what?
“I’m…I’m sorry” I just said to wave it aside cause I didn’t know what she was talking about.
“So… was it? Did it work out?” She asked with beaming eyes and I shook my head pathetically.
“I’m….I’m sorry, ma’am. I broke the glas-s” I said sadly and she [email protected]
“Jesus, you spilled the drink??” She asked and I nodded affirmatively.
“Holy Mary” she mumbled and took a nearby seat.
Gosh! I felt so so bad.
“Why weren’t you careful, Delaney?” She asked, but I couldn’t give a reply and she ru-bbe-d her hand on her forehead.
“Don’t worry” she suddenly smiled.
“I have another plan”.
Xavier’s Pov:
I was taking off my jacket when the door opened and Rio walked in.
“I was thinking you got stuck in traffic” I tea-sed and he laughed.
“Seriously, dude. Did you see the alien – Delaney? Did you see her?” He asked as he sat on the be-d and I rolled my eyes.
“Yep. What about her?” I asked sarcastically.
“Seriously??? Didn’t you see how crazily hurt she looked?? Mehn….she was damn beautiful and gorgeous!!”
“Hm. Beautiful and clumsy. She almost spilled her drink on me, dude” I scoffed.
“Whatever! She was damn se”xy man. I think I’m kinda having interest in her”.
With a strange f0rç£, I turned to look at him.
“What’re you saying??” I found myself asking almost in a shirk.
“Finding interest in her? For what reason?? Because she looked beautiful today?”
“Hey…..chill man. Why do you wanna eat me up? I don’t un-derstand. Are you….”
“Whatever” I cut him off and walked into the bathroom for a shower.
Hera’s Pov:
I panicked a bit as I stood with mother and the guards in front of the border.
“Hera, are you sure about this? Don’t you think we should wait for the priestess to as-sign the guards?” Mother asked with that worried look on her face.
“Don’t worry, mother. I’ll be fine. This is my mistake and I nee-d to fix it. Besides, there’s a high possibility of me not losing my powers when I get to earth. So, I nee-d to do this” I answered her, hoping it’d work.
“But are you sure of it? Are you sure you’ll be safe? How….How will you cope? Who will you stay with?” She panicked
“Don’t worry about that. I’ll surely find a way”.
The light from the border had increa-sed.
“It’s time, mother. I nee-d to go now. I’ll find Delaney and the treasure and come home with it” I as-sured her.
“Okay dear. Hurry. We don’t have much time”.
We hvgged each other one last time and after pe-cking my hair, I finally ran into the portal of light from the border, which would take me to earth.

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