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Mr arrogant 2 Episode 7 & 8

👔 Mr
Arrogant 💓
( Ãnd the strãnge maidën)
Episode 7
By: Faith Lucky
Alicia’s pov
“Don’t you even want to know why you didn’t grow up with your father?
Didn’t you think why your father and I got separated when he’s alive and wealthy?
Do you think I just decided to live him when he’s wealthy? Do you think I purposely and foolishly for no reason choose this kind of life than that of the wealthy life your father had?” Mom asked, with tears rolling down uncontrollably down her cheeks.
She looked so hurt and it’s the first time I’m seeing mom cry this way. She looked pained – like she’s fighting demons and painful memories.
How selfish I was!
I didn’t even think about her feelings and now, I feel so stupid and I regret ever spitting out those words rudely to her.
I feel like a bad and ungrateful child.
Mom’s been there for me, she was both my mother and the father I never knew of.
Everything has a reason and I’m sure there’s a reason why my dad and her aren’t together.
Why didn’t I think about it?
I let wealth get into me without considering how my mom would feel about the decision.
“I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry.” I cried and hvgged her ti-ghtly with my head buried on her n£¢k.
“I’m sorry for being ungrateful and unreasonable. There’s really a reason for you and dad separation and I didn’t think about it.” I sobbe-d more.
Mom wra-pped her arms around me and k!$$£d my hair. “It’s okay Alicia, I’m not mad at you.
You have every right to want to see your father and I won’t st©p you.” She cooed.
“It’s fine mom, I’m happy as long as you are here with me, with grandma. We’ve always survived and lived happily even without me having a father and we are still gonna survive.
We’ve got each other.” I smiled in between my tears as we both dis£ngaged from the hvg.
“Don’t worry, when I’ve pu-ll-ed myself together, I’ll tell you everything – about your father and I and what led to our separation.” Mom said and tucked in a loose strand of my hair behind my hair.
“Okay mom. I’ll be patiently waiting.” I win-ked at her while she chuckled.
“I’ll go make us coffee and some cookies.” I told her and got down from her be-d.
“Okay.” She smiled.
“Don’t fall asleep.” I tea-sed while she spre-ad out her arms in a surrender – like way. I laughed lightly and went out of her room.
Xavier’s pov
I watched from un-der my eyelashes as Delaney chewed on her cracker pizza.
During lunch, it’s one of her favorite – cracker pizza and Mott’s apple jui-ce box.
She slurped from her apple jui-ce box and li-cked herl-ips with relish.
Oh my! She looked f^cking cute when she li-cked herl-ips.
“What? Is there something on my face?” Delaney suddenly asked as she caught me staring at her.
“Huh! Yes, no, I mean no.” I laughed at my own nervousness.
“But you’ve been staring at me and you haven’t even t©uçhed your food yet.” She insisted, staring at me.
“Okay, well there’s a little piece of pizza at the side of yourl-ips.” I gulped down and stared at my unt©uçhed lunch.
“Really? I’m so clumsy.” She grumbled and wiped the side of herl-ips.
There was really something there but she wasn’t cleaning the right sp©t.
The little piece of cracker pizza was still at the side of herl-ips.
“Still there.” I mouthed.
She scrunched her face and tried wiping the stain off but still, she ended wiping the wrong place.
“Here, let me help you.” I offered and stood up from my seat and leaned over to her.
“Okay.” She whispered shyly.
I used my thumb to wipe off the piece of pizza and sm-irked at her.
“Here.” I showed her my thumb.
“Oh!” She mouthed shyly.
I surprised her and myself by suddenly placing my thumb were the piece of pizza was in myl-ips and I li-cked it.
“Huh?” She [email protected]
I li-cked myl-ips and sm-irked at her. I leaned closer to her and whispered, “taste just like Delaney.”
👔 Mr
Arrogant 💓
( Ãnd the strãnge maidën)
Episode 8
By: Faith Lucky
Xavier’s pov
“Hey, why did you do that?” She asked shyly and cleaned her cheek with the back of her palm.
“What?” I sm-irked and slurped from my orange jui-ce box.
“It was weird you know. You should have just eaten from mine instead.” She said and focused back on her meal.
“The one from the side of yourl-ips tasted better.” I win-ked at her.
She sma-cked the back of my palm lightly and when I took my gaze to look at her, she stuck out her ton-gue mockingly.
I gave her a pla-yful glare and sipped gently from my jui-ce box.
Chelsea’s pov
I smiled with so much enthusiasm as I alighted from my car.
I breathed in and out and placed my backpack properly on my shoulder.
Still smiling like someone who’ve won a lottery, I made my way into the house.
The idea Brianna brou-ght was so good and I so much love it. I’m definitely sure it’ll make Xavier to detest Delaney.
But there’s still a little problem — how to convince Rio to help us carry out the plan. His help is really nee-ded in the plan Brianna brou-ght out.
There’s no way I can make him do it by trying to give him money ; because he has money too.
But I’m gonna try my best so as to convince Rio to help with the plan.
I got inside the house and as usual, none of my parents where home.
I sighed dejectedly and made my way to my room ignoring the greetings from the maids.
I don’t wanna allow my parents abs£nce to ruin my happy mood.
I strode to my room not allowing my parents abs£nce not to get to me.
Delaney’s pov
“Wait! What! Xavier did that?” Xavier’s mom skrie-ked – not angrily but with surprise and she looked happy too.
Okay, I just told her what Xavier did to me at the cafeteria – by taking off a piece of my cracker pizza and l!çk!ng it and saying it taste like me.
“Yeah, he did that.” I shrugged and sat properly on her be-d.
“Wow Delaney! That’s so nice!” She giggled happily.
“What do you mean?” I asked, not really getting the entire reason why she’s all enthusiastic about what I told her.
I wasn’t expecting her to get mad at me or Xavier but I still wasn’t expecting her to be this excited.
“This is a good step Delaney! A good step.” She smiled.
“A good step for what or towards what?” I asked with a crea-sed eyebrows.
“Don’t worry Laney. When the time comes, you’ll know.” She smiled and win-ked at me.
Chelsea’s pov
Now, placing my pride aside, I decided to apologize to Delaney – well, it’s still in our plan.
Normally, I wouldn’t even dare apologize to anyone because as far as I’m concerned, I’m not always wrong.
My ego wouldn’t even let me stoop low to apologize especially to a lowlife like her.
But as it is right now, I’ve got no choice but to apologize to her.
“So, Delaney I’m sorry for the other day.
I was a little but upset that day and I let my anger get the best [email protected] of me.
So, about me trying to frame you which is totally not true, I want to apologise sincerely.
I’m sorry for accusing you because I had a rethink and I think you aren’t guilty. So, I’m apologizing.” I rounded off my short apology speech that didn’t come from my heart.
It was tough saying those words to her, but I had to and I think I nee-d an accolade for a drama well acted.
I studied her expression and she looked really shocked and surprised. Probably, because I look sincere.
Tch! In her dreams!
“It’s fine Chelsea. I’m sorry for talking back at you rudely the other day, I didn’t know why I was being rude.
And I’m happy you’ve finally come to accept that I didn’t steal your wristwatch and you’ve come to apologize to me too.” She smiled and her eyes lit up.
I mentally rolled my eyes and huffed disdainfully at her.
I gave her a faux smile and nodded my head.
“Sure. So, am I forgiven?”
“Yeah, sure. You know Chelsea, I really admire you but I’ve always wondered why you don’t like me.
I didn’t offend you but I knew you didn’t like me.” She sighed softly.
“I don’t hate you.” I simply said.
“Alright.” I f0rç£d a ti-ght l-ips mile and turned to leave, “and don’t forget to let Xavier know that I alre-ady apologized.”
I secretly rolled my eyes and walked out of the field.
“We nee-d to talk Rio.” I whispered and dragged Rio into the empty chemistry Lab.
He arched his eyebrows and stared curiously at me.
“Okay? What is it?” He asked.
“Firstly, do you like Delaney?” I asked with a slight frown.
He laughed and looked at me like I’ve just uttered the most unheard word.
“Who wouldn’t like Delaney?” He scoffed and smiled.
“Well, whatever! I nee-d your help.” I said softly.
He ran his eyes all over my b©dy and glanced sideways.
“Okay, what do you nee-d my help for?” He asked impatiently.
“It’s about Xavier and Delaney.”
“Okay? What does that have to do with me?” He asked and rolled his eyes.
“Well…” I itched the back of my head.
“Xavier and I are pla-ying a game and for me to win, I nee-d your help.” I liked smoothly, giving him one of my cute smiles.
“Okay, can you just go straight to the point? What exactly do you nee-d my help for?” He asked with impatient in his voice.
I moved closer him and whispered, “well, I want you to…”

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