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Mr arrogant 2 Episode 23 to 25

👔 Mr
Arrogant 💓
( Ãnd the strãnge maidën)
Episode 23
By: Faith Lucky
Delaney’s pov
With my mouth opened in shock, I stared at Hera.
How on Earth did she get here?
I never for once thought that I’ll see her, if not anywhere but Earth and in Xavier’s house?
Like seriously?
I thought I had escaped from everything and now that the n£¢klace isn’t with me, she’s here.
“Delaney?” She called, more loudly this time.
I blinked my eyes ra-pidly and stared at her like a statue that just spoke.
This looks real unbelievable.
“What are you doing here?” My voice [email protected]£ out more like a whisper.
“Same reason why you are here.” She huffed and placed her hands on her [email protected]!st and shook her b©dy dramatically.
Really? Same reason why I am here?
She wasn’t the one who was almost killed for the wrong thing right?
She wasn’t the one who was accused wrongly right?
“I never thought I will see you, especially in a place as Earth.” I scoffed and eyed her.
Gone are the days when I liked her and I would have jumped happily on her b©dy. But after what she made me go throu-gh, all she made me feel was hatred for her.
“Did you think you could gonna hide forever?” She asked with an eye roll.
“Seriously Hera, after what you made me go throu-gh, you still had the gut to show your ugly face here?
You decided to trace me down to earth right? For what exactly?” My voice was laced with anger.
“You’re ungrateful Delaney. I made you escape but what did you do? You took the treasured n£¢klace and ran down to Earth.
You took what would bring danger to the queen– my mother and the people of Marazona, if it’s being taken away.
How selfish can you be?
I made you escape and you decided to repay me unkindly?” She scoffed angrily.
“You, we had been friends, very close friends. But what did you do?
You betrayed me by accusing me falsely.
I was almost killed for what I know nothing about. You and your mother are cruel and I never regret stealing the n£¢klace and running down to Earth.
It serves your mother right!” I lashed out, with so much anger and bitterness laced in my voice.
I felt like pu-lling her hair and ripping it off from her head.
I just want to [email protected] hands on her and give her everlasting scars on her face.
Mere looking at her brou-ght back so much anger.
She made me go throu-gh a lot – including her witch of a mother.
“I don’t care whatever you pas-sed throu-gh. I never regretted framing you up or accusing you either. But what I regretted was ma-king you escape.
I shouldn’t have if I knew you were going to steal the n£¢klace. I really do regret helping you.” She spat out angrily.
“Well, good for me. At least, I got my revenge in the little way I could for the horrible things you and your mother did and made me go throu-gh.
I know your mother’s life is at stake.” I laughed mockingly and glared at her.
“Now that I finally found you after weeks, I’m not here to batter words with you.
Now Delaney, where is the n£¢klace?” She asked with a murderous glare. And if eyes could kill, I’d have been six feet below the ground.
Now, this is the question I dre-aded.
I was expecting this question all along, but I was a little bit nervous and scared.
I haven’t even come up with a lie or something and now, she’s asking me?
What am I supposed to tell her?
“I’m waiting Delaney, where is the n£¢klace?” She asked more harshly this time.
I scratched the back of my head and stuttered, with no words forming.
Episode 24
By: Faith Lucky
Chelsea’s pov
After a brief talk with the police, I ended the call.
It wasn’t ha-rd telling the police to come over for an arrest because he’s a friend to dad and he knows me as well.
I sighed lowly and walked out of the house.
“Chelsea, what are the cops doing here?” Blair asked in a panicked tone but she was trying ha-rd to keep it at bay.
She didn’t want me to notice that she was kinda scared seeing the three cops.
“Good day, I’m detective Aron and we have an arrest warranty on the three of you and there’s alre-ady a prove.” One of cops said in his professional – like tone.
“For what exactly? What crime did we commit?” Brielle asked, staring suspiciously at me.
“It’s best if you’d follow us without any questioning.” Detective Aron said.
The three girls turned to look at themselves with confusion written all over their faces.
I was almost f0rç£d to bur-st into an hysterical laughter.
“Chelsea, you called the police right? You don’t have evidence and before twelve hours, I bet you, we’ll be out.” Brielle sm-irked.
“What gives you so much confidence? You’re so sure you aren’t gonna spend a good amount of time in the prison.” I sm-irked and rolled my eyes.
“You don’t have any solid evidence against us for whatever you reported for and our parents are wealthy and they have connections.” Brianna grinned.
“Well, we’ll see about that.”
“Now move!” Detective Aron ordered while the B3 girls reluctantly walked out of the house, throwing angry glares at me at intervals.
Alicia’s pov
“plea-se Clarissa, for the sake of your dying mother, let me help you.” Dad begged, but as usual, mom pretended as if she didn’t hear what dad said.
“Mom plea-se.” I pleaded calmly. Why the hell is she being difficult huh?
This is grandma’s life we are talking about here.
“Mom, don’t be selfish. It’s grandma we are talking about here. She’s in c0matose alre-ady and you and I know that with the short time we have, you wouldn’t be able to get the amount nee-ded.
Why don’t you allow dad help her and put your past misun-derstanding behind first.
If grandma dies, then her blood would be on you.
Don’t be selfish mom. Think about your dying mother.” I cried out, not even having any idea how I got the boldness to spit out those words in that manner.
“Fine. I accept. I’m doing this because of my mother and nothing else, and don’t think we are okay now or I’ve forgiven you.” Mom grunted with an eye roll and the way she had sounded, it was as if she talked with her nose.
She was reluctant and it sure didn’t come out from her mind.
She doesn’t want to accept the offer from dad.
She should put her past quarrel with dad and focus more on ma-king sure that grandma is well.
“Thank you mom.” I squealed elatedly and hvgged her.
She sighed softly and eyed dad.
“Thank you Clara, I’ll go make the payment now so the treatment can commence immediately.” Dad smiled at mom but she scoffed and turned her face to another direction.
Dad sighed and started for the doctors office.
“Thank you dad.”
“You welcome hun.”
Hera’s pov
Frankly speaking, seeing Delaney after weeks, I must say that she’s different now – more beautiful and curvy.
She has always been so pretty but now, she’s more prettier.
Thank goodness, Emily had alre-ady gone to the kitchen and it would give me so much opportunity to talk to her as much as I want.
As I stared at her battling with words to say about my n£¢klace, I mentally prepared myself for whatever I’m gonna do to her if she gives me a negative answer.
Seeing her, it made me happy a little and angry.
I’m happy because I’ll finally get the n£¢klace and save mom and angry because she stole the n£¢klace to punish mom.
“Well, you see, I lost the n£¢klace alre-ady.” She said, with so much boldness.
Like seriously?
“Are you being serious right now?” I scoffed unbelievably.
She’s joking right?
She’s trying to pu-ll my legs.
“I’m [email protected] serious Hera, the n£¢klace is missing and I’ll advice you go back to Marazona because you aren’t finding the n£¢klace again.” She spat out.
All my blood drained out from my b©dy and I went all pale.
She was dead serious – her tone and countenance said it all.
With so much anger, I yanked her hair ha-rd .
“You btch! Where is the n£¢klace?” I yelled angrily, still pu-lling ha-rd on her hair.
She also gr!pp£dmy hair and we started pu-lling our hair, yelling and cussing at each other.
Suddenly, we were pu-ll-ed away, with the both of us breathing ha-rd as if we just ran a long race.
“Hey!” I turned sharply and arranged my messy hair and stared at the owner of the voice.
Oh my!
My breathed literally seized immediately as I stared at the beautiful male.
He is so beautiful and dreamy.
I scrunched up my face as soon as my eyes caught with the way he held Delaney closely to himself.
Being overjoyed and not minding the fact that he was holding Delaney, I ran to meet him and hvgged him ti-ghtly.
His b©dy smelt like heaven.
But suddenly, I felt my b.utt hit ha-rd on the floor.
Ouch! That hurts.
The male had pushed me off his b©dy and I had fallen down.
“Don’t you dare t©uçh me with those f!lthy hands of yours ever again!” His voice [email protected]£ out harsh and stern.
👔 Mr
Arrogant 💓
( Ãnd the strãnge maidën)
Episode 25
By: Faith Lucky
Delaney’s pov
I silently scoffed as I stared at the sullen face of Hera.
She had a pained expression on and I could tell that she was sad because of the way Xavier had pushed her down.
I wasn’t expecting it from Xavier – but what else should I accept from an arrogant guy like him?
Just mere looking at him and re-ading his expression, I can tell that he doesn’t like Hera.
Hera stood up and stared angrily at Xavier.
“Why did you push me off like that? You should be glad that a princess as pretty as I am t©uçhed you.” She scoffed angrily and eyed Xavier.
“Really?” Xavier mocked and held me more ti-ghtly to himself.
“Laney, do you know her?” Xavier asked, turning to face me.
“Yeah.” I frowned at Hera and if eyes could kill, I’d have been dead because of her ha-rd and angry glared at me.
“Really? I’ve seen her a couple of times before.” Xavier sighed.
“Oh, really?” I mouthed speechlessly.
So, Xavier and Hera had met before – no wonder, Hera had looked happy seeing him and out of the happiness, she decided to hvg him, not knowing it was actually a bad idea.
“How did you two know each other?” Xavier asked, his gaze on Hera, like he was scrutinizing her.
“It’s a long story and I’ll tell you all about it later.” I shrugged plainly.
“So, Delaney, I’m still asking for my n£¢klace, where the hell is it?” Hera fumed.
“I told you Hera, I misplaced it and since you [email protected]£ to Earth to get the n£¢klace, you can go look for it.
I don’t know where it is and I can’t look for it. It’s none of my business, you can as well look around the Earth, searching for the n£¢klace.
As it is now, I don’t know where it is.” I said nonchalantly.
“Really now huh? Can you hear the nons-en-se you are sprouting out from your mouth?
I’ll be back Delaney and you better get the n£¢klace else…” She sma-cked angrily, casting haughty glares at me.
“Else what? You can’t do more that a dead fly. I’d advise you go back to Marazona and stay with your mother before she dies.” I glared back at her.
“Oh! You’ve suddenly grown wings right?” She huffed.
“Can you plea-se st©p battling words with each other?” Xavier cuts in angrily.
“You should leave now Hera, we don’t know each other – from the day you lied against me and the day I [email protected]£ to Earth, I cut off ties that has to do with you because you aren’t a true friend.” I snorted disdainfully and started towards the stairs.
“I’ll be back for my n£¢klace Delaney and you should pray that you find it and hand it over to me!” Her voice trailed behind me.
I scoffed and climbe-d up the stairs.
“Hey, are you okay?” Xavier asked, jo-lting me out of my reverie.
“Huh?” I breathed out and held my my thumping che-st.
“Sorry I scared you.” He apologized with a smile.
I nodded my head and sat properly on my be-d while Xavier sat on my re-ading chair.
I didn’t even know when he walked in because I was in de-ep thoughts.
I know he’s gonna ask me about Hera and everything I meant when I was talking to Hera.
How will he react when he finds out that I’m not from Earth?
That I’m from another world?
Are we still gonna get close or will he hate me?
Geez, I don’t want to even think of Xavier hating me.
“It’s fine.” I said at last.
“So, are you gonna tell me what happened out there with that girl?” He asked after a brief silence between us.
“I’m sorry Xavier, but maybe another time. Right now, I’m not in the right state of mind to tell you anything. But I promise, I’ll tell you everything.” I sighed lowly, staring intently at him.
“Okay, whenever you’re re-ady, I’ll be waiting. It’s your decision and I’ll wait patiently for you when you’re re-ady to tell me because I know there’s more to you that I don’t know.
So, I’ll respect your decision.” He smiled and patted my hair.
“St©p that, I’m not a kid okay?” I whined while he chuckled.
“To me, you are.” He sm-irked and before I could protest, he placed a quic-k k!sson myl-ips and ran out of my room.
“Huh Xavier!” I whined and I heard him laugh.
Alicia’s pov
As I stared at Chelsea as she walked gracefully into the clas-sroom, I suddenly thought of my life.
How would it feel if I enjoy same luxury as Chelsea?
How would it fell like to dress in expensive clothes, wear expensive perfumes, wear expensive jewelries and eat expensive meals?
How does the life of the rich feels like?
I really want to enjoy these luxuries, I really want to.
Dad paid for grandma’s hospital bills and the operation was carried out successfully.
In few days time, she’d be discharged.
Dad had told mom and I not to allow Chelsea and her mother to know that he has me as his daughter.
He promised to take care of us, and I’m grateful.
But seeing Chelsea living a luxury life that I’m supposed to live too, I suddenly feel that I should enjoy that life too.
Living in that hvge and magnificent mansion is what I really envy and fantasied on.
But dad had clearly told me that I shouldn’t go there again.
But thinking about it, I really want to live in that mansion because normally, I should be there.
Staring at Chelsea, I feel envious and I really want to be in her shoes…
I really want to enjoy what she is enjoying and thinking about it now, I don’t care if she knows we are sisters or if her mother knows. I don’t even care if she doesn’t accepts me but as long as dad accepts me – that’s all that matters.
All I want is to live in the mansion and enjoy the luxury too.

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