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Married to Mr popular Episode 27 & 28

Married To
Mr Popular
(Rude and grumpy)
Episode 27
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
I heard a loud ban-g in my head as mum’s words hit at me.
I scoffed and adjusted properly to look at her.
“Mum…what are you talking about?” I asked, confused.
“You know what I’m talking about, Bethel. Don’t make me repeat myself. I want you and Ryan to get inti-mate tonight” she replied, placing her hands on the sterling.
“ How’s that possible? How do you expect us to get inti-mate when he doesn’t want to?” I pondered.
“Well, make him want to”.
“You…You want me to s£dûç£him?”
“Yes, Bethel; you nee-d to because this is damn too important to me”.
“Mum, I…I…I don’t know anything about it” I stuttered, batting my lashes.
“Of course you can, Bethel. Don’t be so naive. You watch movies; you re-ad books; you have ideas”.
“I swear mum, I don’t! I don’t want to”.
She took in a de-ep breath and glared at me.
“Trust me, Bethel; you don’t wanna try my patience and you’re gonna do exactly as I say. You’re getting inti-mate with Ryan tonight and that’s it. That’s what I want. Am I un-derstood?” She asked with so much cold in her voice.
“But, I’m not re-ady yet” I muttered sadly and lowered my gaze.
“Are you kidding me?” She scoffed.
“You’re nineteen,Bethel! In a few months, you’ll be done with high school. So, what are you talking about?”
I remained silent and she started the car and continued on the road.
The rest of the drive was damn quiet as we didn’t say a word to each other again.
I felt like crying.
How can mum ask me to do such a thing? Why would she persuade me into losing my v*rginity?
Oh God! What do I do? How on earth can I s£dûç£Ryan? That’s impossible.
I shut my eyes and leaned my head on the car seat. I felt so weak and perturbe-d. What kind of a mess is this? What’re mom’s intentions for asking me to do such a thing?
The car finally [email protected]£ to a st©p and I opened my eyes and discovered we were outside the gate.
“You can go now” she said without looking at me.
I looked at her for a short time before taking my bag and opening the car door.
“Don’t forget what I said,Bethel; I want it done tonight”, she said just when I was about leaving the car.
I gave a final stare at her and finally [email protected]£ out of the car.
I stood by the gate and watched her as she drove away.
This wasn’t a dream. It was real. It was really happening.
Oh, God!
I stood for a long time before turning to knock on the gate.
As soon as the securities confirmed it was me, they opened the gate and ushered me in.
“Good day ma’am” both of them greeted as I walked in.
“Hi” I said and tucked my hair behind my ear.
“Uh…Do you know if Ryan is home?” I asked nervously.
“Yes ma’am. He just returned a while ago” one of them replied and I felt my throat becoming so-re.
Oh heavens!
This is real.
I gulped down ha-rd and sauntered into the house.
The sitting room was clear.
I walked further and took the stairs,headed for the be-droom.
I finally got to the door but felt so scared going in.
What if Ryan was inside?
I dallied for a long while and remained outside. Gosh! I couldn’t go in. I couldn’t face Ryan.
I leaned my head on the wall and sighed. Why would mum do such a thing to me? What have I done to her?
Suddenly, I heard the door opening and I lifted my head to see Ryan coming out of the room.
My eyes beamed at the sight and I fought to maintain my stamina. All thanks to mum.
He paused and stared at me, surprised.
I also looked at him and didn’t know what to say and without saying any word to me, he walked away.
Lady K’s Pov:
I checked the time on my phone and discovered I’ve been waiting for close to 30 minutes.
Where thefu-ck is he?
Bonnie had told me he wouldn’t [email protected] coming. So, what the hell is keeping him busy?
I sighed impatiently and drank from my wine.
Not long after, I heard the door open and checked to see it was him.
He paused and stared at me before proceeding to meet me.
“Hi” he muttered as he took a seat on the other side of the table.
“What took you so long? I’ve been here for close to 30 minutes” i grumbled, trying to control my anger.
“Sorry; got hooked up in traffic” he replied and poured himself some wine.
“So, why did you call for me?” He asked, after sipping from his glas-s.
“Well, I was thinking you might be interested in what I have to say about your ex girlfriend – Bethel” I replied and his eyes beamed at the mention of her name.
Yes; I think I’ve gotten him where I wanted.
“What about her?” He asked, staring directly into my face.
“Are you still interested in having her back?” I asked and he scoffed.
“What are you talking about? She’s married”. He said.
“That’s not the answer to my question. Are you still interested in having her back?” I asked and he paused to look around.
“Well, if I had an option, I’d take it. So, yes; I still want to have her Back”.
“Then, let’s work together. Together – we can split them up. We can dissolve the marriage”.
He kept mute for a while as we just stared into each other’s faces.
“So, what’s next?” He asked and I smiled.
“Well, I alre-ady have a step one plan” I replied.
Bethel’s Pov:
I stood at the balcony with a glas-s of wine and stared into the dark atmosphere.
I suddenly wished I could join the dancing stars in the sky. At least, they had nothing to worry about.
Ryan was in the room and thinking about what I’m supposed to do got me really scared and nervous.
How do I tell Ryan to have s3x with me? What do I do?
I exhaled pathetically..
I’m not even re-ady for it yet. How can mum do such a thing to me?
And I know her. She gets really nas-ty when I don’t do what she says.
I exhaled pathetically. I don’t think I have much of an option.
I decided to go in and when I turned around, I bu-mped into some one and the drink I held spilled on her.
Oh, God!
It was Judy – Royce’s sister.
“Hey; what is wrong with you?” She snapped, taking a look at her dress.
Oh my!
I didn’t know she was coming behind me
“Why are you always this clumsy?” She chided and I huffed.
“And why are you always being a victim of my clumsiness?” I retorted.
“Doesn’t it make you clumsy as well? Maybe you should just try avoiding me and st©p being so bit-chy.” I said and walked a few steps away but st©pped and turned to look at her.
“Oh! And I’d have loved to apologize, but since you asked me to keep my apology the first time I did, I don’t think you’ll be nee-ding it this time around” I added and walked away, leaving her speechless.
She nee-ded a dose of her own treatment. She’s way too rude.
I walked angrily until I finally got to the door and my anger [email protected]£ replaced with nervousness.
You can do this, Bethel.
I took in a de-ep breath and opened the door, walking into the room.
Ryan was lying on the couch with an headphone over his ears.
I stood behind him for a long time, thinking about the whole thing.
No; I can’t do this – I concluded and turned to face the door.
But…we’re married, right?
Oh, Bethel.
I turned to face him again and to my greatest shock, he was now sitting up and staring at me.
Oh, my God!
“Is there a problem?” He scoffed, rather than asked.
I took myl-ips in and stared at the floor while I fiddled with my hands.
I couldn’t even look at him in the face.
Oh, Bethel; what do I do?
“Um…Ryan” I called after keeping mute for a long while.
“I…I nee-d to discuss something with you” I stuttered and he stood up.
No; no.
Why’s he standing up?
He [email protected]£ to where I was and kept his headphones on the table beside me.
And this way, he was now standing very close to me – so close that I felt he might k!ssme.
“What is it?” He asked and I tried to look at him in the face.
Oh, my! He’s so cute – like I was just seeing him for the first time.
His baby lashes; little pinkl-ips; complexion – everything about him was perfect. No wonder so many people were crushing on him.
But come to think of it, I’m married to this guy
I was lost staring at him and didn’t realize it was absurd.
“Is staring at me the only thing you want to do?” He asked and I took my eyes from his face immediately.
I cant imagine mum made me this nervous.
Okay Bethel; you have to do this.
“Um..Ryan” I called his name again.
“There’s…There’s something important I nee-d to tell you”.
He kept quiet, looking at me, probably waiting for what I have to say.
Oh, God.
“I…I…I want us to have…”
Married To
Mr Popular
(Rude and grumpy)
Episode 28
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
“I want us to have…”
I suddenly paused on my words.
Hold on;
Am I blatantly going to ask a guy for s3x in such manner?
What the heck? How can I do such a thing?
Besides, I’m not even re-ady for s3x yet.
I looked at Ryan and he was staring at me curiously.
“I um…Sorry, I just wanted to thank you for honoring my request and showing up in my school. It really meant a lot to me. Thanks” I said nervously, hoping I sounded convincing enough.
He scoffed and didn’t say a word for a while and I wondered why he scoffed.
“Is that it?” He asked and I nodded.
Hold on; why’s he asking?
“Well…you’re welcome” he replied and walked away, leaving the room.
As soon as he left, I turned and faced the door.
Oh, Bethel! That was so dramatic.
Thank goodness I was able to st©p myself before spilling such nons-en-se.
I took in a de-ep breath and sat on the be-d.
Now – mum.
How do I face her? Am I really gonna lie to her?
Well, of course, I’d have to lie to her. I seriously can’t do what she wants. I just pray she doesn’t suspect me.
I went into the bathroom and showered and after which, I la-id on the be-d to get some sleep.
#Next_morning .
I woke up, feeling a little perturbe-d.
As usual, Ryan wasn’t on the be-d when I woke up. I wonder why I never find him on be-d.
I got into the bathroom and took my bath and after which, I wore on my uniforms and got re-ady for school.
I took my bag and left the room, headed for the dining.
On my way downstairs, I pas-sed throu-gh a room which had it’s door open. And I discovered it was Bonnie’s room.
She was on a call and although I didn’t really st©p to listen, I just got attra-cted by a line I heard.
“Yes. I want a clean job. I want it done properly” I heard her say on the phone as I walked pas-s the room.
“What job is she talking about?” I thought as I got to the stairs.
Why am I even thinking about it? It could be anything.
I got to the dining and met the rest of the family there as usual – alre-ady having breakfast.
“Bethel” Ryan’s mum called when she saw me.
“Good morning ma’am” I smiled and took a seat.
“Oh, Bethel;don’t you think you should start calling me mum?” She asked and I noticed Ryan scoffed.
Yeah – whatever.
“Uh…Okay ma’am. I’ll try” I replied and awaited the maids to serve my meal.
Hm. Calling her mum.
Well, I guess I’m gonna have to get used to it.
“Ryan” Mr Winthrop called after a brief silence.
I was alre-ady eating by now.
“I’m glad you’re home. But I really don’t appreciate what happened between you and your brother. It’s just not right. You two are blood. You’re supposed to be [email protected] – not enemies!” He quarried and paused.
“I think you nee-d to patch things up. Royce, why don’t you apologize to your brother?”,he asked and the j£rk laughed – grimly.
“Thats not happening” he blurted.
“And I don’t nee-d his worthless apology” Ryan also said angrily.
“Enough of these madness!”, Mr Winthrop cut in.
“Do you really have to fight all the time? The reason I wanted us to live together in this mansion is so we could become amicable and live as one big family. But I don’t know why you all keep ma-king my efforts go down the drain”.
“Well, I wasn’t the one who sle-pt with so many women” Judy muttered – although I’m not sure they could hear her.
Immediately, Ryan stood up.
“Ryan…”,his mom called.
“I just lost my appetite” he cut her off and walked away.
Why does he get so angry easily?
And with that, the dining [email protected]£ dead silent and I hurried up my meal and left for school.
School had been as boring as hell as all we did was receive lectures and all that.
The only fun moment was lunch time as surprisingly, Kyle had offered we had lunch together and I agreed.
Nicole couldn’t st©p gibbering about it.
Finally, the school [email protected]£ to an end and as usual, Nicole accompanied me to where my driver was waiting for me.
“So, you’ll be going to marriage clas-ses today, right?” She asked along the way.
“Yeah” I mumbled a reply.
“So, what’s it like, Bethel? Is it fun? Do they teach you guys about s3x?” She asked and I [email protected]
“Nicole!” I called and she laughed.
“Come on B; st©p being childish. You should be pregnant by now” she tea-sed and I tweaked her ear.
“Why don’t you get pregnant first, huh?” I asked as she squeaked in pains.
“Ah! I’m sorry, Bethel. Come on” she winced and I let go of her ear.
Immediately, my phone started ringing and I checked and discovered it was mum.
Oh, God!
“Hmm. Mummy’s girl” Nicole said as she had a peep at the screen.
I sighed and picked it up.
“Hi mum” I said nervously.
“Bethel, where are you?” She asked, sounding calm.
“I’m…on my way home”.
“Good. I want you to come over to the house immediately. Don’t keep me waiting”, she said and ended the call.
“What is it?” Nicole asked immediately and I tucked my hair behind my ear – feeling so nervous.
“She wants me to see her at home” I replied carewornly.
“Oh! Okay then. We’ll talk on phone. Bye” she said with a wave.
“Bye” I waved at her and she left, going to meet her own ride.
I told my driver where to take me and as I sat in the backseat, I couldn’t help but panic.
What if I lie to her and she finds out? What Will she do to me?
But why does mum want me to sleep with Ryan? What’s her aim?
The drive was long and to be sincere, I wish it never had to end. But unfortunately, it did and I had to face mum.
I [email protected]£ out of the van and walked somberly into the house. And there I found her in the sitting room, sitting with her legs crossed and watching a movie.
“Um…hi” I said perfunctorily as I walked and stood in front of her.
“You’re here. How was school today?” She asked and reached for a glas-s of wine on the table.
“It was fine. I just…feel really stressed out” I replied and took a seat adjacent to hers.
“There’s some food in the warmer. I made your favorite” she smiled.
“Um…thanks. But, I’m kind of in a hurry, mum. You know, Ryan and I attend marriage clas-ses and I’m running pretty late alre-ady” I replied and she nods.
“Anyway, talking about Ryan” she paused and sipped from her glas-s.
“How was it? Did you do what I asked you to do with him last night?” She asked and I twitched but tried not to show it.
“Yes…of course” I replied lowly, staring at the floor.
“Hm” she mumbled.
“Well, I nee-d to confirm it” she said.
Hold on;
I scoffed and looked at her.
“Confirm what?” I pondered, my heart beating like a [email protected] drum.
“Confirm if it really happened or not. Go on and lie on the couch” she replied and pointed to the three seaters chair in the room.


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