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Marriage war Episode 7 to 9

Mrs Alex walked gracefully to her car. Without doubt she could be seen as a satisfied woman. She has a boutique where she employed sales attendants to look after for her. She had kicked against being a full house wife, she refused to ignore her career because of marriage. So her husband opened a boutique for her unlike Ray whose wife insisted she works but he was strongly against her working.
She drove home happily, she had just left the hospital. She got home happily to inform her husband the great news.
“Sweetheart!! ” she shouted while she was still inside the car.
Alex who was confused at her call, he was standing in the kitchen frying plantain when he heard her call, he rushed to her.
“Sweetheart guess what ” she said enthusiastically
“what? You know I’m not good at guessing ” he said trying to smile to keep his happy woman more happy
“you are supposed to know about this na” she said, she gave him a paper.
Alex close looked the paper but he was still a [email protected] that nee-ded an explanation in a [email protected] un-derstanding.
“I still don’t un-derstand what you are talking about ” he said looking confused.
“oh dear, I’m two months pregnant ” she said jumping up while he [email protected]£d her for a hvg.
“this called for a great [email protected], our miraculous son will join us soon ” he said in a loud voice.
She turned to look at him after his last word, “common dear, let’s [email protected] him” he said she let go of his hands from her and looked at him sternly.
“honey did you just say son? ” she asked
“yes our son ”
“no she can’t be a boy” she said
“he’s a boy” he began
“no she’s a girl” she said, they began to repeat the same words soon they shorten it.
“boy” he said
“girl” she replied
“Then let’s see who the baby will respect” he finalized
“her mother of course, I’m the one suffering ”
“have you forgotten I suffered to put it there? ”
“two minutes suffering ” she said, they both ended up laughing
“Now you’ll not be going to shop frequently, I’ll get a maid for you. Fruits will be your favorite ” he said
“yes dear ”
“don’t worry we’ll carry the pains together, I’ll always be there for you ” he said and k!$$£d her forehead.
Raymond and his wife were having lunch together at the dinning table, she started her irritating character, the lunch was semo and ban-ga soup prepared by Mrs Ray.
The food was so delicious but her eating habits was too bad, her hands were filled with soup. He felt disgusted “we would have used spoon instead of eating with ba-re hands” he began
“how can we be eating swallow with spoon? You have your own problems ” She said
“Did you just say that to me? ” he asked
“sure we are just two here and you know I’m referring to no one but you. If you are tired of eating or you don’t like the food just tell me let me get another one for you instead of ma-king face like pregnant woman ” she said
He looked at her in surprise, he never knew she had the guts to speak to him in such a manner, he thought she would keep l!çk!ng his feet for his funny attitude.
He washed his hands gently to avoid quarel, she ignored him and continued eating, she berged very loud causing him to mumble.
“What’s the problem? ” she asked facing him
He contemplated within himself on how to tell her about her dirty character without hurting her feelings but he couldn’t figure out what to say “you are too dirty for my liking ” he blurted out without intending to but was fed up.
She stared at him for long before crying “I’m now a dirty lady right? You are heartless and wicked ” she said and walk away.
“Whatever, you nee-d to know the truth that’s all I care for ” he said and left the dinning table.
Edith was restless about what Gift told her and it seems Sunday was too far so she decided to call Gift.
“Hello Good afternoon madam ” Gift began
“thank you dear, I’m really worried about what you told me and I want you to brief it to me”
“I can’t say it here because of my fellow workers around here and that was why I said Sunday ”
“why not take excuse from your boss and come over to my house today?”
She was quiet for a while before she spoke up “okay ma”
She waited patiently for Gift. Soon gift arrived, she served her a meal and waited for her to finish before she would gist.
“So what did you intend to tell me?” she asked immediately Gift finished eating
“it’s about the new PA” she began contemplating on how to fix her words
“what about her? ” Edith asked with interest because she has a strange feelings towards the lady.
“Ma, she behaves like a possessed lady and can s£dûç£any man at any time. plea-se tell your husband to change her [email protected] ” she said
Edith hummed “really? I don’t think my husband will fall for her because of the way she expo-se herself and dress like Jezebel of our time. She’s just deceiving herself ”
“I know but ma’am prevention is said to be better than cure, most of those kind of ladies are not walking naturally ”
“I wonder why my husband employed her she is just outrageous. Thank you dear! I’ll have a second thought over it”
They chatted a little bit before Gift left.
Alex got a maid for his wife. He treated her like an egg and invited his mother to help him take good care of his wife.
Rose ba-rely do anything. All she does is to chill out with her mother-in-law for exercise because her mother-in-law warns that if she gets too lazy it’s will be ha-rd for her during labour.
It was not a working day so Ray chooses to stay at home. He has been running away from home cause of his darling wife but that very day he chooses to stay.
He went to the bathroom to use the toothpaste when he discovered his wife was pressing the toothpaste at the middle. He called her name twice and she appeared almost immediately.
“What is the meaning of this? ” he asked showing her the toothpaste.
“toothpaste of course, can’t you see it? ” she answered arrogantly
“why are you pressing it from the middle, it seems you want to waste it”
She laughed “what are you trying to say? I know you are at home to bring up a quarrel but I’ll resist you. I can buy hundred of it for you, what’s toothpaste?” she said sacarstically
He looked at her for long “I see, you don’t nee-d to lose your wra-pper, the evidence is showing alre-ady. You have mental disorder.” he blurted out
She [email protected] her hands, Belinda is very good at quarreling “shame on you, you are such a foolish human I’ve ever seen. The woman, your wife is now a mad woman according to your confession. You called me a mad woman. Two of us will mad here forever ” she said shaking
He hummed “just mad alone, I was wrong for correcting you. I wonder if you really went to school or school went throu-gh you. Even illiterate do take correction. No proper eating habits, you talk anyhow, dress anyhow. I wonder the connection between us to the extent I knelt down to put ring on your dirty f!ngers. ” he got angry and walked out.
Belinda was t©uçhed by his words, she began to cry “I don’t know this is how he would turn out, I wouldn’t have accepted his proposal. He’s very unkind, I can’t leave my marital home because of his attitude” she thought within her.
During the day Ray was watching sports when his wife [email protected]£ and changed the channel to movie channel without taking permission. “what the hell is wrong with you? Do you want to kill me or what? Why are you frustrating my life? ” he asked her
She smiled and [email protected] her hands “you are funny! All those questions for me or who? ” she asked in return
“can’t you see I was watching sport program before you changed it? ”
“is that why you said I’m frustrating you? Are you not the one frustrating me in this house?”
“I’m really tired of you, I don’t have peace with the person I called wife”
“you caused it o, you opened your mouth to call me a mad woman not just mad o, but dirty woman. You have stepped on a lion’s tail”
“you know what? Let’s quit the marriage. You are not my type, I mean I can’t live with you forever. Maybe I rushed without noticing the kind of person you are. Although you were there for me before but you’ve disappeared now” he said this time weirdly
She began to cry “you are an ungrateful kind of human, I remember where you were before we started, now that you have arrived, living big life. I’m now filthy, no problem at all ” she said and walked out.
Anabel and Danny met at Phase 2 Motel as usual to chill. He noticed an unusual look on her face “hey baby,! What’s wrong with you? ” he asked but she refused to answer.
He moved close to her and cu-mddled her “common talk to me, is there anything I cannot do for you? Just tell me your problem I will look into it ” he said
she stared at him for long, “my problem is you ”
He was surprised “meeeeee? ” he stressed
“yeah, you’ve been spinning me ”
“but I’ve been doing what you want, I mean I made sure you are okay financially. What else? ” he asked
“between your wife and I who is performing the real duty of a wife?”
“you of course ”
“then why have you been keeping me secretly? ”
He knew where she was driving at but that was a “no go area” despite Edith’s stubborn attitude he still loves her.
“See Annabel, you are my mistress. I’ve given you a great position, you know I can’t s£nd my wife away because of my mistress. It will bring down my status and people who look up to me will disregard me. Just remain as my mistress and I promise you that the sky will not be your limit ”
She still looked unsatisfied “plea-se dear, consider that and respect my wife…. ”
“hey just spear those words, then who am I to you, a pr©st!tût£right? ” she interrupted him and threw the question
“my mistress of course ”
“when you think about who I am to you let me know ” she said and picked up her bag to leave but he [email protected]£d her wrist.
“Annabel be my mistress, it’s almost same as wife”
“then will you do whatever I ask you? ” She asked
“yes I will”
” Give her a sack latter tomorrow, first thing. I mean Gift the secretary at production [email protected] “she said
It seems she wants to stab him. Gift is the best among all the staffs, she’s always faithful and nice. Sacking her was like sharing his property. He was silent for a while “will you do that? ” she asked bringing him back from his thoughts.
“yes I will ” he said.
She smiled and k!$$£d him de-eply while he responded eagerly.
The door bell rang, Edith ran so fast to open it, it was her husband. She smiled and hvgged him “welcome dear ” she said and collected his brief case.
Danny was very weak, he had a hectic day coupled with Anabel’s stress. He looked at his beautiful wife, she’s really charming and irresistible.
She dressed so special with s£dûçt!vewears, He couldn’t help but kept staring at her.
Edith had explained everything to her mother immediately she left her husband’s office during the day. Mrs Brown who [email protected] blamed her daughter and was also felt sorry about the sudden change in her husband advised her to dress s£dûçt!velywhen he’s close to come back from work. She asked her to prepare his favorite and speak to him nicely, she as-sured her daughter that the plans will work “if he is a man, he must definitely fall for you because your beauty is irresistible ” she’d said earlier.
Mrs Brown kept in t©uçh with her daughter to know when he comes, she also prayed for their plans to work because she wanted the best for her daughter.
Danny was so happy when he saw how beautiful his wife looked, he ate the dinner enthusiastically. He ate gently and stared at her at every seconds just wondering the misery behind her beauty.
After the dinner he showered and joined her on the be-d. She was so happy but upset when she thought about S-x. She still don’t want to do it.
The two were so fond of each other that night, they engaged in a de-ep k!ss. Edith was so carried away but Danny was not in the mood, he was really stressed up. She had forgotten about the request he promised her earlier.
He k!$$£d her. Soon he st©pped and pleaded with her that during the weekend he is going to make love to her. She is the patient type so she accepted hoping during the week she would tell him about Anabel.
They sle-pt peacefully like babies holding each other. Her mind was at rest, all thanks to her mother but she never knew she was taking things slow while Annabel was fast and smart.
It was morning alre-ady, she made h0t tea for her husband. He was happy seeing how free his wife was and wondered who had changed her overnight. “get re-ady for work. It will soon be time” she tea-sed him while he was ma-king fun of her.
Now that she is taking steps like a strong woman let’s see what will become of Mrs Annabel Danny that want to become the wify 😁😁
For Ray and Belinda I think the both are being childish because Ray aren’t helping matters at all
And Mrs Alex that is behaving like baby now, she never see anything I will soon [email protected] their house and unveil their war.
*(Gift Pov)*
I [email protected]£ to work very early, Annabel was at work alre-ady looking at me and smiling mischievously.
I thought of what was ma-king her to smile but I couldn’t figure it out, I walked to my office not minding her. I sat on my rocking chair bowing my head to pray when my phone rang, it was a message alert.
I exercised patience to finish praying before I check the message. After I finished praying Anabel entered my office this time laughing uncontrollably “what’s the problem? ” I asked in annoyance.
“Your boss asked me to call you and mind you don’t you ever speak to me in such an annoying tone because I’m not your type ” she said.
I was surprised at her, as I always act, silence is the best answer. I was quiet until she left my office then I went after her wondering why my boss want to see me and why he was at work so early.
I walked to his office, immediately he saw me he started smiling. I was happy to see him smiling so I smiled back “didn’t you see the unusual alert? ” he asked
“no sir” I answered
“alright take this to your office and re-ad it, the alert is double of your salary ” he said.
I thought it was a promotion later but when I went outside his office Anabel broke into another segment of laughter, this time I was uncomfortable and began to pray.
I got to my office and prayed before opening the letter. It re-ads :
[email protected]£: 31ST DECEMBER 2005
Your performance towards the company has been found below the standard of the company.
Based on this, the management wish to inform you that your service is no longer nee-ded starting from the 2nd of January 2006.
You will be given one month salary in lieu of notice.
wishing you all the best.
Danny Benson
Managing Director
Tears dropped down from my eyes, no wonder she was laughing. I’ve been working in this company for 8yrs before Mr Benson handed over the company to his son. I’ve been promoted several times because of my ha-rd working towards the progress of the organization. I shouldn’t be dismissed in such a way.
I thought of who has poisoned my boss’ heart to be against me then I remember his wife, it might be her because of what I told her. I know my boss will not listen to the cheap s–t he called PA but was I wrong for telling her the truth?
I was so confused and devastated, I never knew such would befall me so soon. The sack was like a slack cause it [email protected]£ as a bombshell.
Mrs Alex and her mother in-law were on their usual strolling when they experienced something unusual. Her mother in-law noticed reddish stain on her dress. “what is this? ” she asked trying to check the stain.
Rose quic-kly turned her dress towards her to see what was that. She opened her mouth wi-de “it’s blood, you have lost your baby” her mother in-law said.
Rose fell and fainted immediately hearing she had lost her baby. Her mother-in-law was helpless. She ran and called people who [email protected]£ to her aid. They helped her by taking her to the hospital.
Mr Alex rushed to the hospital on hearing about the state of his wife. He rushed to the doctor “Doctor! Doctor!! where is my wife ” he asked
“calm down she will be fine, she is in the theater ” he said and walked out.
Alex was crying alre-ady “calm down, you have to be a man for once. She is not going to die ” his mum console him.
Soon the doctor arrived and asked them to go and see her.
Alex was so eager to hear the doctor’s report concerning his wife. He and his mother were at the doctor’s office. “so what happened to her? ” he asked.
The doctor hummed. “Mr Alex I would like to talk to you pri-vately ” he said but his mother insisted she’s not an outsiders. Alex agreed with his mother’s decision because whatever the problem was she would surely get to know.
“From what I get to know out of the test we did, your wife has a damaged wo-mb and cannot give birth to a child of her own ” he said
The words stro-ke Alex and his mother “why? How comes? ” his mother asked peering at the doctor.
“Well, I can’t dictate but such usually occurs when a lady had an abortion without proper care” he said
“What???? ” Alex asked but his mother gave him a frown face and left the hospital immediately.
*(Alex pov)*
I never knew my wife has such a dark secret, she never told me she was once pregnant and committed an abortion….
I was dumbfounded and speechless when the doctor said it in the front of my mother …… She would tolerate no nons-en-se like that….. I will wait patiently for my wife to be treated and discharged before I’ll ask her.
I got home tired and stressed up also looking frustrated when my mum [email protected]£ with her complain, she hit me so ha-rd asking me to get up she wanted to have a word with me.
I sat up expecting nothing but quarrel “now that you’ve seen and heard it yourself, you nee-d no one to tell you that you married a worthless fellow, what are you going to do? ” she asked
“mum I don’t know what to do. I’m really confused ”
“confused of what? Tell me you are joking. You know you are the only child of your father and you nee-d successor ”
“yes I know but I don’t have any means of having a baby ”
She sat quiet for a while then stood up and spoke in form of advice or should I call it warning.
“let me tell you something you don’t know, the truth is that you’ve not seen a wife, count yourself as single and start searching because I must carry my own grandchild and my generation cannot be wiped off so soon. Search for a wife from the village you insisted that you wanted a lady from the city. Now look at what your high clas-s lady is causing for you. Better arrange her things so that she will leave this house ” she walked away. Tears flowed freely from my eyes.
I looked at our wedding picture largely placed on the wall and walked towards it “why would you do this to me? You’ve told me everything about you but kept your de-epest secrets that finally haunt you ” I said to the picture.
The truth is that my parents will not agree with such and I don’t even think of siding her because she had kept it to herself and she will have to defend and fight for herself.
Ray arrived from work, his wife (lion) served him his dinner as usual. The food was so cold and she knows he likes eating h0t food. He called her angrily and demanded why the food was cold.
“Don’t you know I prepared the food very early? How do you expect it to be h0t? ” she asked him back
“seriously you are getting on my nerves. Can’t you microwave it? ”
“if you want me to microwave it tell me and st©p asking me irrelevant questions that are so annoying ” she said.
She took the food to the microwave so it will warm and served him back.
He took his bathe after eating and joined his wife on the be-d. The room was booming with smells, he couldn’t control himself. He summoned courage and asked her “did you take your bath today? ”
“why not? I bathed this morning ” she said
“And now? ” he asked
“I’m not bathing again, do you want me to be washed off my beauty? ” she asked jokingly.
“smelling beauty and dirty attitude ” he said almost angrily
She was so angry “I regret the reason why I married you. You don’t have manners of approach ” she said
“since you regret then get re-ady tomorrow we are going to visit the lawyer because I’m also regretting and you know two must be compatible before they stay together. We don’t even have anything in common ” he said in a serious tune.
To show how serious and tired he was, he called the family lawyer and informed her they are coming the next day for serious discussion. Belinda was mad in her spirit hearing the word divorce.
“Let me tell you, this is my marital home and I’ll not leave. I know you are admiring another lady, just get another house for her and don’t let me set my eyes on her else I’ll kill her with my ba-re hands. You’ve started it and you must finish it, you choose me to journey with you and I must follow you to the end” she said
“Belinda you are really mad, is it by f0rç£? It’s over it’s over o” he said and took one of the pillow to the living room to sleep.
*(Belinda’s pov)*
He’s just joking talking about divorce…
Because of the way I love him I st©pped working when he asked me to st©p…. Now he’s talking about divorce I’ll curse his generation if such happened.
*( Annabel’s pov)*
I laughed heartily when I saw the sour expression on her face. This is just the beginning by the time i am throu-gh with them they will know I’m not just a girl but an almighty.
*(unknown pov)*
I had to go back to Nigeria to take my girl I engaged. My Father’s company is really progressing and I know he will be proud of me.
guess the unknown pov?

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