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Marriage war Episode 13 to 15

Things moved good as Gift resumed her work.
*(Gift’s Pov)*
I was happy when I got to my office, my office looked perfect and well decorated. I also have a Personal as-sistant, a very nice lady of about my age.
My joy knew no bound, I’ve always longed to make my old mama happy and proud. I hated it whenever she sit quietly thinking about our late father who left us at the mercies of his unkind kinsmen who shared his property among themselves after the death of my father as if they had been waiting for him to die.
Fate finally smiled on us in such a miraculous way, everything happens by chance and that is one of the best thing that has ever happened to my mum and I.
I left my office to check on the Production [email protected] to see how far they’ve been, I sighted a lady dressed very h0t……. She looked like Anabel but I couldn’t figure it out….. I stood watching to see who she was and what she wanted. As the manager I have authority to do and undo.
I got the figure when she was closer, She’s the one…. I wonder what she was looking for…… I don’t want any problem from her so I ran to my office immediately. Although our eyes [email protected]£ in contact and she would be directed to my office because boss was not around….. I tried to look for how to avoid her….but I don’t nee-d to be scared of her beside I conquered.
My telephone rang, it was my PA. She told me about the visitor that wanted to see me so I told her to allow her in.
She entered my office with a laughter, I wonder what was funny that made her to be laughing “excuse me, is anything funny?” I asked her angrily but she bur-st into another section of uncontrollable laughter “plea-se if you don’t have anything to say just leave my office because this is not a comedy show where you’ll [email protected] your 32” I said mockingly, I was proud because she was jealous.
She frowned and moved towards me “you better watch yourl-ips else I will include you to my preys and you will not find it easy in the game” she said
“What do you mean? ” I asked
“Don’t worry you will get it soon, I’ll start from your boss and soon I will be the owner of this company and I will make sure I frustrate you. You think you now have office right? You are enjoying the best atmosphere right? Don’t worry you’ll see” she said
I laughed “Do you know what? You’ll always be the loser because it seems you don’t want to turn from your evil character. I know you’ll always try your best just the way devil always try his best but you will always end up like your master the devil and guess what? I’ll always conquer because he who laugh last laugh the best. Initially you started as if you owned the company but where are you now? Dust to the foot like you, shameless b—h! Now walk out of my office before I pour my wrath on you ” I pointed towards the door for her to leave.
“Wow boss boss, we shall see who will win this race and I bet you, if you don’t stay out of this you might lose your life because Danny will not forsake the mother of his first baby. I agreed I’m cheap but I was able to get your meek and innocent boss a child. You just watch and see” she said and walked out…..
I hissed ignoring her words because she can do nothing than to open her filthy legs for married to satisfy them…..
Alex’s mother left the house after the incident between Alex and the lady she brou-ght so he decided to go for his wife.
On reaching there, he heard the most shocking news, the uncle who had damaged Rose life had leukemia (cancer of the blood) and would die at anytime. He confessed all he has done and asked for forgiveness from Rose and her aunty who never knew about it…..
“I forbid you ” the aunty said
“Now you’re asking for forgiveness after the pains you’ve put me throu-gh, the e-card still remains in me because I will never have a child of my own meanwhile you have children….. I’ve always see you as a father not life destroyer” said Rose but her husband st©pped her…..
“St©p saying all this. Are you God or is the doctor God of your life? Nob©dy can predict God’s plan, I believe we are going to have our babies and for your uncle he’s only but human and was trying to respond to his fleshy de-sires, plea-se find a place in your heart to forgive him. ” he said
Rose and her aunt were t©uçhed by his words, they decided to forgive him and the family were happy family once again but her uncle’s days were numbered on earth alre-ady.
Few days later Rose and her husband left for their house, her aunty saw them off. She thanked Alex for his un-derstanding and prayed for the couple.
On their way home they saw an old man carrying load, they decided to help him by giving him a ride ignoring their journey. They took the man to his house before the old man alighted from their car, he told them something.
“I have being living with humans but I’ve never seen such a nice set of people like you, I like your kindness and courage. Because you have done this to me, it won’t come late again. Mark today’s [email protected]£ being January 16 2006. By this time in ten months time, it will be [email protected]” he said and left.
Although Rose didn’t believe in the prayer but she answered amen immediately her husband answered. They drove home.
Danny was at home with his wife. Ever since he left Anabel he has been with his wife always and always makes time for her.
“Baby I have a confession and it’s bad I think ” he said not really wanting to say it but he was guilty.
“Alright dear, you know I’m your wife and I will never leave you no matter what your offence is so just tell me and see how I will end up k!ss!ngyou and tell you no problem ” She said
He wished he could tell her…… He wished and end up seeing her cute smile just as she’d said……. He wished he had never employed Annabel therefore cursing the day he saw her first……..
They’re all his wishes. “never mind dear, I will have to create time, make apology and trust me it’s about my past” he said but she was not satisfied…..
She moved close to him and sat on his [email protected] “my love! You know even if I get angry it will not last long. plea-se tell me what it is? No matter what it takes I will forgive you. ” she said in a worried tone.
He smiled “okay I will but not now and promise me you will never leave me no matter what it takes.” he said
“I promise I will never leave you no matter what it takes ” she said politely.
He k!$$£d her lightly on her forehead and walked away without turning.
*(Edith’s POV)*
I love him and I’ll never leave him so long as he respects me. But what on earth will upset my husband in such a way? He seems to be afraid, I have to f0rç£ him to know the reasons why he sounds so.
******FEW WEEKS LATER******
Danny was at his office when he received a call from his Personal as-sistant that he has a visitor who wanted to discuss something serious with him. He ordered the PA to allow the visitor in without asking for the name of the person.
Annabel was glad to enter his office once again, she smiled mischievously knowing what she has in-stock for him.
He was surprised when he saw her because he had forgotten about her and prayed never to see her, although Gift has informed him about her visit the other day but he never knew she would come back.
“Hope you [email protected]£ here in peace and you know you are not nee-ded here” he said in a cold voice.
She laughed and walked around the office “men are really wicked, what do you think of me? A fool or what? Few months ago you used to love and care for me, now that I nee-d you most you’re something else ” she said angrily.
“Just listen to yourself, you nee-d me the most. What makes you think having S-x with me will make me ever love you. Even being n-ked with you, I think of my wife. I can’t leave my wife and I can’t marry you for a second ” he said
Her laughter was uncontrollable “you wiill say that to the birds of the field because I will not abort the baby I’m carrying ” she said glaring at him.
He stood up in shock “you are what? No that’s not for me because I’ve been using protec-tion ” he said
She laughed again “you’re talking about protec-tion, you know some protec-tions doesn’t protect and it has happened. I wanted to abort it but seeing how heartless you are I’ll keep the baby ”
“that thing you said you are carrying is not for me besides I don’t even know how many men you’ve been flir-ting around with ” he said trying to clear himself
She goggle “really? You just said that? Don’t worry, when that your so called wife gets to know about this you will know how serious I am. Stupid man like you ” she said and tried to walk out but he ran after her and [email protected]£d her hand.
“plea-se don’t tell my wife anything, tell me whatever you want I promise to make it up to you. My wife is my joy” he pleaded
She watched him “I want a house of my own and I want your car. I want us to continue and I want the so called Gift to leave this company ” she blurted out
“it’s too much on me, I’ll give you the car and house, but I can’t s£nd Gift away because she has been a good worker” he said fearfully
“Then you’re not re-ady, I’ll tell her” she tried to walk away but he [email protected]£d her again.
“plea-se give me another condition, should I work a visa so that you’ll fly outside the country? ” He asked
she laughed wickedly “Oga you never jam, I’ll give you this condition. That house you are living, pack out and give me the do¢v-ments ”
He frowned at her “No that’s not possible ”
Meanwhile Gift who wanted to enter his office overheard when they were arguing, she eavesdropped and was surprised. She thought of what to do to help her boss, she knew Danny was in a big mess and preferred him to tell his wife about it before Anabel would tell her.
She decided to leave the place immediately to her office thinking of what to do.
Charles the brother of Edith decided to surprise his family by visiting the country without informing them, he doesn’t want to stress them. He has missed his immediate younger sister Edith who always keeps him company. They [email protected] fight often but he remembered she had gotten married and his heart melt, house will be bored and lonely without her, he decided to visit her before going home.
Charles the brother of Edith decided to surprise his family by visiting the country without informing them, he doesn’t want to stress them. He has missed his immediate younger sister Edith who always keeps him company. They [email protected] fight often but he remembered she had gotten married and his heart melt, house will be bored and lonely without her, he decided to visit her before going home.
*(Charles pov)*
I arrived at the airport, the first thought that [email protected]£ to my mind was my fiancée….. She must have missed me alot…….. I’ll have to see her before the week ends and also introduce her to my parents so she’ll not think I was deceiving her……
I took a taxi…. I [email protected]£ with few clothes because after my marriage I’ll leave the country with my wife…… My coming back is for marriage……. I want to surprise my lady because she’s really great waiting for me.
The taxi man delayed me, it took us over 30minutes before heading. On our way, a lady was on a lonely [email protected] trying to fix her car with a guy I suspect might be her driver, I told the taxi man to st©p, I know the problem of the car might be a slight problem and it’s dangerous at that [email protected] way. I decided to help her out.
I paid him off and headed for them “hello beautiful my name is Charles ” I said.
She looked tired “my name is Gift” she said
I smiled “actually I’m on my way home when I saw that you’re having a problem with your car and I decided to try to help”
“Oh yeah, I’m having a real problem with the car, we’ve been here for almost an hour now and the car has refused to move…. ” she was still talking when the car made sound “wow it has started, I’m happy ” she smiled.
I smiled back maybe the car doesn’t nee-d my help….. I stared at her for a while before she cut my attention “join us” she said, at once I joined her at the back seat while the driver was at the front driving…..
She’s cute but I don’t have to complement her because she might blush and think I’m tripping for her…… We chatted, I told her about my journey and how it was outside the country…… She laughed often and said she wished she could visit outside the country and witness all what I was saying…..
It was nice with her….. But I know it will be better with my darling Anabel.
Raymond and his wife decided to visit Alex family to know about their welfare, Mr and Mrs Alex were happy for Ray and his new life. They could see the happiness written all over him.
They all decided to visit Danny and his wife Surprisingly on Sunday to have their family [email protected]
Rose had specially congratulated Belinda, the two women chatted pri-vately for a while about their affairs, Belinda consoled Rose and as-sured her things gonna be fine some day
It was a Sunday, Mr and Mrs Raymond dressed cooperately for the surprise visitation to Mr and Mrs Danny. The couples were more than happy, Belinda called Rose to remind her about their surprise visit, Rose informed her that they are on their way to Danny’s house alre-ady.
She hurried her husband in order to make it up to their agreed time, Ray was so glad seeing his wife beautiful and fair. He complement her dressing while she blu-shed being glad to have her husband once again.
*(Anabel’s pov)*
I stared at myswlf on the full standing mirror at my house and smiled…. Danny never knew who I am that was why he was trying me….. He’ll regret knowing me because I’ll expo-se his secrets to his darling wife today so that he’ll know what I can do and undo…… Today being Sunday will be the end of their marriage….. Foolish man that cannot resist simple temptation…. I’ll fake tears about being pregnant…. I’ll even go extra miles….
I took a look at myself for the second time and laughed….. I’m really bad girl. My phone rang immediately, I checked the caller…. My heart code…. It was my fiancé but I ignored the call, his sweet voice might make me to change my mind….
I freshened up as fast as I could, I dressed without make up so that my story will sound perfect to her…. Misses Edith from tomorrow hence forth you’ll be miss and for you Danny from tomorrow hence forth you’ll be wifeless cause no secrets will remain secret forever. I’m coming for you.
Edith was so exited when she saw her friends happy with their husbands, although they all knew about what happened between Alex and Rose but they were glad when they saw them happy together….
Danny was the only one who seems to be behaving abnormal although his wife observed but she couldn’t figure out….
*(Edith’s pov)*
I stared carefully at Rose she seems to be crying silently but I don’t know what was wrong, the only people I saw happiness both in and out was Belinda and Ray although it was a though drama between them but I’m glad for them.
I look at my husband, everyone was ma-king a toast but he was just quiet. I wonder what he was thinking of….. Ever since he told me to promise him that he has something to confess he has not been behaving normal….. I wish I could help, he should just say it out and I’ll forgive him besides I can see how guilty he is alre-ady…..
We were all eating, drinking and marrying when the door bell rang…. I wonder who it was, the thought of Charles [email protected]£ into my mind…. He might be the one cause he always visits without informing us…..
The whole place was quite when the door bell rang for the second time….. I excused myself to open the door while the rest were still discussing and laughing…….
I opened the door to see my husband ex_PA looking frustrated…. I couldn’t recognize her initially cause she was without makeup and look like someone that has been crying….. I felt for her although I never knew what was the problem.
I ordered her to come in but she insisted she wanted to talk to me one on one….. I was a bit upset but I decided to listen to her cause it looks like something was fishy.
“Ma it’s never my intention to tell you this but it’s done on me ” she said crying
“just speak dear, I might be of help ” I said trying to wipe her tears
“I had an affair with my boss your husband and I’m pregnant for him” she said
Cold ran down my spine immediately I saw Rose standing in front of me, I think she has overheard it. I began to cough immediately, she ran to bring water for me while others [email protected]£ outside, my husband opened his mouth wi-de when he saw the lady “Just tell me she’s lying and nothing has ever happened between the both of you ” I said faintingly but he didn’t replied.
I couldn’t describe the kind of headache I had immediately he kept quiet, my che-st ache not knowing where the pains was coming from exactly.
I ran inside while everyone ran after me calling my name, I took my box where my clothes were well folded inside, I took knife warning that I’ll starb whoever tries to st©p me….
I picked my car keys and headed to my family house.
*(Danny’s POV)*
Without anyone telling me I know I’ve loosed my wife cause she had never leave with her box. She didn’t cry but I know she was hurt de-eply, I would have endured everything.
The witch left immediately I [email protected]£ outside…. I know my friends were disappointed of me but what will I tell Edith’s parents….. Tears drop down my eyes…… Alex kept on asking me if what he heard was truth but his voice seems to be sounding from afar…..
*(Mrs Brown’s pov)*
I was shocked when my daughter narrated everything to me, I’ve never prayed for that upon my children…. Danny has been a responsible person not until when I heard his secret…… I’ll wait to here his own view.
Mr and Mrs Brown engaged in a discussion at the middle of the night when their children were asleep.
“when are we going to work on the divorce between Danny and Edith because I don’t want a bad name” Mr Brown began.
“God forbid ” Mrs Brown answered shaking her head.
“what are you saying? You don’t want them to divorce officially or what? ” he asked confusedly
“why will you be planning on your daughter’s divorce? ” she asked
“sure, he has gotten someone better of course. She no longer look plea-sant to him so let him go ahead and marry the new Mrs Right that he got for himself” he said.
She moved away from him and turned on the be-droom light “I’m really disappointed in you. If we are to look into this and judge who do you think is faulty between the two? ” she asked peering at him.
“He cheated on her of course, how will you feel if you get to know that another woman is carrying my own child? ”
“I’ll feel the way you felt when I denied you of S-x or don’t you know she was the one who pushed him to the world? ” she fired back
“really? So you’re in support of what Danny did right? ” he asked almost in a rage.
“Honey I’m not saying he did the right thing. Edith was wrong and Danny also took a wrong step to tackle things. If Edith has not acted childishly he wouldn’t have admired another lady you know that ” she said in a low tone.
He was calm for a while, he knew his wife was right but his option for divorce sounds good to him “the deed has been done alre-ady what do you think we should do? ” he asked
She smiled when she realized her husband has un-derstood her own perspective of the whole issue “it’s not bad training another woman’s child, it should be a scar on her so that next time she should hold her husband like egg. I suggest she give birth to the baby while Edith and Danny take care of the baby. Whenever she wants to see her child she should visit them and Danny should also take his eyes off her ” she said
He breathed ha-rd “I don’t think the idea is good at all. Training your husband’s first child from another woman. If Edith agrees fine but if she insist plea-se don’t persuade her because she’s the one who un-derstands herself. If she wants a divorce fine you work on it” He said and turned to sleep.
Mrs Brown believed Edith would listen to her suggestion because she knew how Edith so much love her husband and she doesn’t want them to start having problems so early.
Early the next morning after the usual morning devotion Mrs Brown called Edith to discuss with her personally.
She ru-bbe-d her eyes and followed her mum who insisted they discuss in her room. Her eyes were alre-ady swollen, she had a sleepless night with horrible dreams due to the imagination of what had happened to her.
“How was your nigh? I know you’ve been upset ” her mom asked
“I’m pretty good mum, although I still felt I’m dreaming a bad dream and nee-ds someone to wake me up ” she said amidst tears but she was not re-ady to let the tears drop.
“I know how you feel and I wish I could relieve you of your pains. We were late on our plans ”
“plans? What plans are you talking about? ” she asked surprised
“Remember when you told me your husband had lost interest in you, I mean the last time you [email protected]£ and your dad insisted you go back? That was the time he lost his interest in you and was attra-cted to another person. Now that he has your time the past is hunting for him but it’s not still too late yet because I have a solution for you ” she said.
Edith sobbe-d freely as her mum speaks, she knew her mother was right because that day was the beginning of everything “but he wouldn’t have heed to temptation, he never knew my fears and he never ask to know about it.” she said
Her mum felt for her, she pet her hair “My dear I know your fears but it’s not easy to keep a man like that, the deed had been done but I can help you ”
“what kind of help do I nee-d now? Everything has ended ” she said placing her hands in her head.
“Yeah you still have hope, you are a woman and you have to live like a wise woman, a wise woman build her house but a foolish woman destroys it. Be the wise woman, although I’m not praying for the baby to die but it might happen like that, the lady may lost the baby. Forget about listing the baby, let her give birth to the baby then give it to you so that you’ll bring up the baby as yours beside you are the step mother.” she said
“No mum, I will always feel somehow whenever I see the baby and maybe I’ll grow hatred for innocent child who knows nothing, I don’t want to be a devil. Let him go ahead and marry her maybe that’s what fate want for me” she said
“Don’t say so dear, don’t allow another woman take what is rightfully yours, if you can’t take care of the innocent child then give me and I promise to take good care of the child as my grandchild. Do you know if you divorce your husband you’ll become a laughing stock? ”
Edith tried to un-derstand her mother but she find it ha-rd “mum what if I visit you and see the baby here? It will spoil my day” she said
Mrs Brown knew Edith too well that she doesn’t hide her jealousy, she held her close to herself “Edith think about, coming back home will not help you. Remarrying will not produce Mr Right.”
“okay mum I’ll think about it ”
“that’s my baby and st©p crying ” she said and pe-ck her before leaving for work.
During the day Charles kept her company, he cracked jokes just to make her to laugh f0rç£fully knowing how upset she was and was not happy to see his kid sister in such kind of mood.
They chatted and chatted until Edith brou-ght the t©pic of his girlfriend “Charles it’s like you’ve been lying to us all this while, the other day it was the flight that made you not to introduce your girlfriend to us. Now that you’re back what is withholding you? ” she said tea-singly.
He laughed “I’m not lying, I have a girlfriend and not just a mare girlfriend. She’s my fiancée and because of what you said I’ll bring her over here for dinner today. She has been stocked up with diverse activities but I’m gonna pick bring her today” he said
“yeah I challenge you to bring my sister-in-law, our very own iyawo to come and see her ” she said jokingly.
“okay I’ll bring her but promise you’re gonna prepare dinner for us ” he said
“ah I promise o, so long as iyawo is involved ” she said
He laughed.
*(Charles Pov)*
Kid sister was right, I always have one excuse or the other whenever I want to bring Annabel over to our house.
I freshened up for Annabel’s house “don’t worry sis, I’m coming with my Anny baby ” I said and she laughed
“okay o, I’m waiting ” she said…..
I like it whenever she laughs or smiles….. She’s a pain killer so she doesn’t deserve to be hurt….. I thought of what her husband had done to her and I promise never to cheat on my lady….
I got to Anabel’s house, she was at home slee-ping….. Immediately she opened the door she hvgged me so ti-ght…. “I miss you my queen ” I said
I informed her about taking her to my house…. She was so excited …..
We set to my house then it was dark I believed my parent would be back alre-ady…. She looked perfect on her red go-wn….
Mr and Mrs Brown were well dressed sitting in the living room while Edith was at the kitchen preparing the dinner when the door bell rang…. Mrs Brown opened the door for Charles and Annabel to enter…. She was welcomed to the house by her mother-in-law to be…..
Mrs Brown called Edith to come and see the person she has being longing to see…. Annabel who recognized Mrs Brown was uncomfortable alre-ady until when Edith [email protected]£ which wors£n it….

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