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Mama I made it episode 9

Episode 9.❤
I haven’t set my eyes on my dad after he drove off, i tried calling too but he blocked my line.
I was shocked myself when I realized it a week after I saw him last, but I was smart enough to check out the money I was with in cash and that I saved in my account.
3 weeks after I saw my dad last, I knew my step mom has done her worst, not because I didn’t apologize to her but his wife has finally tuned him away from me.
I got a sewing machine and decided to put my talent into practice, I learnt it in school before graduation.
I also got materials of different kinds for sale and took the boldness to go house by house in the village just to tell them to bring their clothes for the latest fashion.
Most of them opened up to me they can’t risk their materials because of my mad mother, and at the end no one agreed to trust their clothes with me.
The only help they could give me was to patronize me in buying my materials and take it elsewhere to be sewn.
That wasn’t giving me anything as the feeding money was all on me, to make it worst my mom fell ill which I had to get her drugs because she bluntly refused to leave the house.
I turned a nurse in the house to treat my mom as it was my de-sire to study that.
A month later I found a shop at a junction not that far from my village, I had to inform the people again I have a place now their clothes will be safe as it will be in the shop where my mom won’t take a hold of it.
They gave me a trial and I tried not to fail them.
My work was beautifully displa-yed outside my shop and many eyes behold it because of the location of my shop, and that was how different materials [email protected]£ in.
Exactly 2 months after we were abandoned, I thought of going to school.
I found out there’s a pri-vate university not too far……. Though a distance, but is something I can manage.
I got to know about the fees and heaved and decided to go ask my dad for help, thinking if he sees me he won’t be that ha-rd ened to attend to me.
I closed the shop and hurried down to the city and left to my dad office knowing he won’t be at home by that time, but I saw him about entering his car.
I quic-kly met with him greeting him but his face was still like he is seeing a total stranger.
“Going out dad? I asked after he ignored my greetings.
“What are you doing here? He asked.
“Dad I [email protected]£ to see you, I replied.
“What for Purity? I mean what for? You have clearly proved you don’t nee-d me for anything so never you come to me, he said.
“Are you serious dad? Its your daughter you’re talking to, not your cousin or even your niece or……….. “I don’t care whoever you are, is that clear! He shouted on me, got into his car and drove off leaving me so surprised and speechless.
I didn’t know how I got home that day but I managed to, my mom saw my mood when I quietly walked in and she gave me a sachet water and I took it from her.
“Thank you, I slowly said with no intention of drinking and she looked at me confused.
Ever since my mom got sick and recovered, I noticed she has not been active like she used to but always quiet especially when I began leaving her at home for business, I know she must be so lonely again and I applaud her for being so un-derstanding despite her condition.
“Eaten mom? I asked and she shook her head.
I nodded and got up to get her something to eat before rushing back to the shop to get myself busy as there was so many clothes I nee-d to deliver.
That evening at the shop as i was about to round up for the day after a customer just left with her dress I finished.
I sat down thinking about what my dad just did to me for the first time after I returned from his office, I didn’t nee-d a prophet to tell me its just me and my mom now.
I was to cry with the thought of “how I’m I going to survive and all of that…. But I drew strength rather from it and determined to shock my dad and prove to him I can still succeed without him..
I closed my shop and went home, sat down on my be-d and took my [email protected]©p looking at it.
I sighed and kept it back and la-id down to sleep but my mom tapped me and i knew exactly what she is tapping me for.
“Mom start brushing I’ll join you, I said to her with my eyes closed and I noticed she didn’t move.
I let a sigh and followed her knowing she won’t mind waking me up at 12am to do our normal routines……..
The next morning before anything, I brou-ght out my [email protected]©p and snapped it and quic-kly posted it on the Internet for sale and attached my phone number for the interested buyers.
It was one if the ha-rd est thing I’ve done, as i was more close to my [email protected]©p than to my phone, but I had to so i can gather more money to pay for a semester.
I dropped my phone sadly and met my mom outside to discuss breakfast because I was tired with her constant eating of bre-ad.
I even began to think her excessive eating of bre-ad made her sick, but she didn’t want to reason with me.
“Mommy you’ll eat it alone o, I’ll get something to eat when i get to the shop, I said and she shook her head.
“Then you’ll change breakfast for today, let’s eat noodles nah, I’ll go buy egg and sardine, i said and she folded her arms looking at me with a frown.
“I’ll take that as yes, I said and took a note to go buy and my phone began to ring.
I saw a strange number and knew it must be a buyer calling and I picked up,
“Hello, i said when I heard nothing.
“So it has come to the point you’re selling your [email protected]©p Purity? Are you that broke? I heard a girl voice and knew it was Mary.
“And the only thing that [email protected]£ to your mind is I’m broke right? It didn’t occur to you i nee-d a change of [email protected]©p right? i asked and she laughed.
“Oh plea-se say that to someone who doesn’t know you, I know your broke and i can s-en-se it. So baby do you nee-d help? I can lend you some cash if you don’t mind, she said and i li-cked myl-ips and shook my head.
“Is that it? Don’t be jobless Mary and i don’t nee-d your help. If you don’t mind I have things to do, I said and she laughed.
‘Yea i know I can imagine, so how will the [email protected] be tomorrow? She asked.
“What [email protected]? I asked totally blanked of what she meant.
“Oh plea-se don’t tell me the constant bathing of your mad mother has made you forget your birthday. Remember you had plans for your 18th birthday,don’t fail us baby cause I’ll love to attend and see how yours will beat mine, she said and I t©uçhed my che-st telling it to calm down.
“Oh that? Sorry you’ll be disappointed because you wont love my kind of [email protected] It will be best if you don’t come, and guess what? I won’t miss you nor the girls either because i will have every fun with my mother, and plea-se wait for the pictures because it will be something you haven’t experienced before. I know my mom is mad but she’s taking care of me and is by my side unlike you that your almighty mom is so busy to even look at your face. Mary cut it, may be I was in a competition with you but is over now, I have the best mom and I’m happy with her and my status now, cheers, I said and dropped the call before she could say anything and i saw my mom looking at me.
“Let me go get the egg, i said smiling at her and left.
Truth be told i was planning to ask Mary for as-sistance that morning before letting my [email protected]©p out for sale, but with her call i was glad i didn’t else i would have been a laughing stock for the girls.
But she just reminded me of something i have never forgotten,
“Tomorrow will be the worst and boring birthday of my life, I said to my self.
Though I made it look like it will be booming and all that, but de-ep inside me I know i have no cash with me to even get a birthday cake and even though the cash is there, i wont risk it because of my budget for school..
“Maybe its time you focus on more important things than unnecessary competition, I said to myself when i finally got to the provision shop………
I prepared break fast for my mom when i got home and hurried off for the shop as I got a call from my customer she will be coming to get her dress that morning.
On my way to the shop i decided to log into the Internet to see if there is anyone interested as no one has called yet.
I saw messages that was so annoying,none of the interested buyers gave me a good or encouraging price but peanuts for a [email protected]©p I got [email protected] new when my dad traveled to the states.
I angrily logout when I was almost at my shop and when i arrived, as i was opening the door my phone began to ring.
I abs£nt mindedly picked up and a guy voice [email protected]£ on phone and was interested to get the [email protected]©p urgently.
“Oh okay, but right now I’m not in the city, I don’t know if you can come meet me in the shop, don’t worry I’ll deduct your transportation fare from it, i said.
“I just hope I’ll be safe when i get there, text me the address, he said and dropped the call.
I quic-kly opened up the door to sit down in texting him happy someone finally [email protected]£ up with a good price to boost my money for my fees……..
Purity dad no get joy oh 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆🏾‍♀🙆🏾‍♀

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