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Mama i made it episode 7

Episode 7. ❤
The next morning I woke up and saw my mom still slee-ping though it was still very early.
I had the worst night ever and I wanted someone to talk to.
I searched throu-gh my contacts and saw my friends number but couldn’t call.
I was very sure Mary has spre-ad the news to all of them and none has bothered to call to know how I’m faring and I felt really bad.
I dropped my phone and stretched my b©dy as I felt pains as the result of slee-ping on the floor and I really saw the nee-d to get a foam because the old clothes I’m slee-ping on is not even decent.
I decided to call my dad hoping he can s£nd me some money to get a foam at once when I’ll be picking some items this morning.
After 2 rings he picked up,
“Hello how was your night? He picked up with a dull voice.
“Good morning dad, sorry I disturbe-d, I replied.
“Its okay, I hope there’s no problem? He asked.
“Not really dad just that I nee-d a favour from you, I replied.
“Okay, which is? He asked.
“Dad I nee-d a foam here, I’m beginning to have pains slee-ping on the floor, I replied.
“Oh that escaped my memory, I didn’t even think about that. So when are you going to get it? He asked.
“Dad today because I’ll be going to the market to get some stuff, I replied.
“Alright I’ll just make a transfer right away, he said.
“Oh thank you dad, thank you, I happily said and my mom woke up.
“You’re welcome, and how is your mother? He asked.
“Well she just woke up and she’s fine, she’s really doing good, I replied.
“Just take care of yourself okay, he said.
“You too dad, bye, I said and dropped the call and greeted my mom but she was looking at me strangely and I went to her.
“sle-pt well today? Sorry I think my call woke you up, I said tou-ching her but she shifted herself away from me with this strange look on her face.
“Mom I don’t un-derstand what’s wrong? I asked getting confused but she began bringing out the clothes on the floor and behaved abnormal even though she is actually abnormal.
“Mom wait are you looking for something? I asked and she began scratching her head and went down to her b©dy and it got me more scared.
“What is it mom plea-se talk to me st©p doing this! I shouted and she began to laugh crazily and ran outside and I was scared to follow her.
I cried uncontrollably at home wondering what went wrong when I thought there is progress, then an alert from my dad got into my phone.
I just shifted it aside as it meant nothing to me right now and I didn’t know who to call to pour this out to, knowing if my dad get to hear about this he will surely come down to take me away from her and i didn’t want that.
I decided to sit outside to wait for her, but the insects there drove me inside and I quic-kly added mosquitoes nets and insecticides to my list and waited anxiously for daylight.
Along the line I sle-pt off waiting for her, but got woken up when i heard noises entering the compound.
I quic-kly rushed out to see 3 guys carrying my mom in while she was busy shouting and struggling with them.
They threw her on the ground before I could say anything and she packed a handful of sands and threw it on them laughing.
“Whether she be your mama or we-tin take Care of her, one of the guys said pointing his hands at me and they left while I stood speechless looking at My mother on the ground pla-ying with sands.
Fresh tears rolled throu-gh my face as the picture of my mother carried like a furniture and thrown on the ground like unwanted vegetables was just too much for me.
I thought she was coming to her s-en-ses, I thought I had her but my dad was right, it will hurt me so much if i have hopes she will come around.
I just stood crying very seriously with my eyes closed, but a hand t©uçhed me.
I opened my eyes to see my mom sober face back looking at me and I sniffed,
“Why are you doing this to me? I asked her and she shook her head and looked around surprised….. Like she wasn’t aware of what she was doing and I went in which she ran behind me with that sad look.
She began to say things but I was too discouraged to listen to her, and my eyes fell on the papers on my bag and i remembered I have an unfinished business to dig out.
I stood up leaving her still talking and I took the papers outside to see what I can get from it.
I saw letters from my dad which I carefully re-ad them and saw they were truly In love.
I saw some of the things my dad told me yesterday and I skipped them to look for something suspicious that can crack my [email protected] and lead to something, then i saw a letter from Eunice that re-ads;
Dear friend,
Your parents are right and you should know their decision is for your own good. Leave Peter alone and settle for that guy, he is re-ady to settle down but you’re proving stubborn. Just know if you keep on pushing throu-gh with this, I promise you, you will surely regret it. Take your parents advise and be wise”
I took my pen and circled the [email protected] that says “just know if you keep on pushing throu-gh with this, I promise you, you will surely regret this”.
“What does she mean by that? I asked myself and turned to see my mom behind me.
My phone began to ring and it was my dad,
“Hello dad, I’m sorry i should have called when i saw the alert, thank you so much, I picked up.
“You’re welcome, he said and i dropped the call and I stood up from where I sat to my mom.
“I want to know more about Eunice and what she did to you, but I’ll take it slow and steady till we get there. But for now I nee-d to get to the market and get some things and when I’m back I will continue from where i st©pped, I said and she said nothing.
“And plea-se mom I am begging you, fight this, I know you can! I said holding her hand and she nodded.
“Thank you, I’ll get you breakfast before I leave but first let’s brush up, I said putting on a smiling face and she did same.
I took the papers inside keeping it in a good place and [email protected]£ out with our toothbrushes and water………..
When i left to the market after ma-king her to eat, I prayed silently in my heart and asked God to plea-se continue to keep her in that mood for me.
I didn’t want to give up on her and I wanted giving my dad a benefit of doubt to look into her situation again to see if the hospital can try their best.
I hurried up with what i [email protected]£ for, loaded it in a taxi and headed straight for home.
I almost screamed out in joy when i saw my mom trying to gather the gras-ses that was cut down yesterday.
I [email protected]£ down from the taxi and gave her a ti-ght hvg I’m sure that cab man won’t un-derstand, and I saw that happy look on my mom that I’m back.
“Mom come help me, I said and she quic-kly cleaned her hands on her dress and approached the cab as the man was alre-ady bringing out the things i bought out.
He saw the way my mom was [email protected] the foam and the stuffs i got, and the way he looked at her got me upset, though i would have done same but i didn’t want anyone to look down on my mother.
I paid him and he drove off which we took the things inside.
I brou-ght out the clothes and shoes i got for her and she was so happy,
“No more walking ba-refooted, and the shoes is not to be carried on the hand like you’re doing now but your legs. Now let’s try it on, I said getting the shoes from her and made her to wear it.
“I guess your size right, its so beautiful, i said and she was using it to march round the house and ran out walking tro and fro the compound, while i shook my head and began bringing out the things I brou-ght and was happy i didn’t miss out in anything despite my mind was unstable.
“Mom you’ll get hungry soon o with this exercise you’re doing, i said when i [email protected]£ out to still see my mom marching non st©p and she didn’t even replied me.
“Mom we nee-d to fetch water plea-se! I shouted tired alre-ady and she ran to me taking her ru-bber of yesterday and i began to laugh again when i remembered the half water she returned with.
“But not the stream mommy, i said to her and she shook her head talking.
“Mom we can go to the stream In the evening for plea-sure but this is for work. We can’t trek to such distance to fetch water that won’t wash this place to my satisfaction, we are going nearby, i said and gave her a snack I bought and she happily [email protected]£d it and lead the way………
The water we got diminished the dust and i used [email protected] of it in doing some cleaning and the house quite looked pres£ntable to my taste.
I arranged the house properly putting everything in order and thought of calling someone who will fill up the holes i saw to avoid any creeping thing from residing there, but with what we did so far, i felt safe and home.
We took a break to rest and i brou-ght out the beverages i bought to have lunch with her before we get started with the compound.
I didn’t forget to get her bre-ad and I relaxed waiting for her to finish eating so we can begin.
But i sle-pt off again probably the comfort of the foam took me away, and when i woke up i didn’t see my mom at home.
I went out to see her throwing the gras-ses into the bush and she did a great job alone.
I went to her cleaning her sweat while she smiled at me,
“Thank you mom, let me start fixing the thre-ads in the stove so I’ll prepare a delicious noodle for dinner okay, she said and she jumped happily and i laughed going in to bring the stove out………..
The compound was so serene that evening, and we took our bath there rather than going to the stream. We brushed up for the night and she fell on the foam happily with the solar light i bought on, while I got set to continue with what i was doing with the letters.
I searched throu-gh the papers but got nothing tangible i can hold on to and I was so frustrated,
“Probably the papers i saw torn could show me something i nee-d, I said and sadly looked at my mom slee-ping with a smiling face on.
“If my step mom is responsible somehow in your [email protected]£nt, she better get prepared because I’ll be coming for her, i said and my phone began to ring.
I picked up seeing its my dad,
“Purity there’s good news, he said.
“What’s that? I asked.
“Your mom just gave birth, its a boy, he said and i rolled my eyes.
“Congratulations to you, i said.
“You’ll be coming right? He asked.
“Dad i don’t know for sure but i may be there tomorrow, i said.
“plea-se try okay, good night baby, he said and dropped the call and i heaved knowing that is only good news to him and not to me, but then i saw it as a good opportunity to get there and investigate more about her now she is in the hospital.
With that thought I smiled knowing I’ll dig out what i can and get to the root of my mom problems with no one around to suspect me……………….

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