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Mama I made it episode 4 & 5

Episode 4.❤
While going on the road all eyes were on us, my mom practically was so happy in a way I can’t explain. She will run to a distance and run back holding my hand to run with her but I was too tired and hungry to do that.
A feeling of shame [email protected]£ upon me with the laugh of the children who [email protected]£ to watch us, but I just waved it behind me so my mom won’t notice it and be down.
We went down a place like a slope and I knew a stream must be nearby as I saw people coming out with water on their head. They just gave way for us and we arrived at the stream which my mom pushed me inside before I could say Jack!
The joy that filled my heart when I saw the water was out of this world, because I was seriously weak and the only way I could be refreshed is to have a bath.
But I wanted ma-king my mom scared with the way she pushed me in though pla-yfully, I pretended to drown and my mom began shouting trying to tell people to help but none answered her.
When I saw that I [email protected]£ up and held my mom and she hvgged me ti-ght and attem-pted to draw me out of the water but I refused.
“Mom I was joking I’m fine, I said and began to swim laughing at her, but that single act quenched her excitement.
I wanted saying something to the people that ignored her, but I decided not to and pla-yed with my mom in the stream until it was just us left there and great fear gr!pp£dme.
“Mom we nee-d to start going its late, I said to her but she was dancing around while I rolled my eyes knowing we might end up slee-ping in the stream.
“Mom common we nee-d to go, we will come back tomorrow alright, I said drawing her out while she sluggishly followed me home.
When we got home with our we-t clothes I took out my towel to clean her up, but she got the towel from me and cleaned me instead while I was laughing ha-rd enjoying it.
We cleaned ourselves and I applied her my b©dy cream, severally she got the cream from me and began to li-ck that i had to return it to my bag and got a go-wn that wasn’t my size.
My dad bought it for me when he traveled but I loved it knowing it was expensive and I decided to keep it. Seeing the go-wn I remembered my dad, but I shook my head to wave the thought and looked at my mom,
“Mom let’s try this okay, I said still holding the go-wn, but she collected it from me and smelled it and began to jump around shouting with the go-wn which I had to get it from her so it won’t get torn.
“I see you like it, now let’s put it on, I said and she shook her head saying things I don’t know and I un-derstood it to be she didn’t want to change her clothes.
“No nau you have to change up, see its we-t and you may catch cold, take this off okay so you can wear your fine clothes. Don’t you want to wear this? I asked trying to tickle her and she accepted.
I wore her the go-wn and it fit her so perfectly,
“Its so beautiful, I said admiring it while she stood like a stick with a sad face and i laughed knowing she wasn’t comfortable with it.
Before I knew it she [email protected]£d her old clothes to put it on but I took it away from her and threw it outside,
“Not anymore mom, now let’s eat so we can go to be-d, i said bringing out the remaining bre-ad from the bag. Immediately she saw the bre-ad she jumped at once and snatch it from me which I struggled it with her knowing she will finish it for me with the way I was so hungry.
We ate that for our dinner, drank the water I bought and I shook some old clothes I dried outside on the floor we cleaned up for us to sleep, while I brou-ght out my favourite blanket I didn’t want to leave behind so we can cover up ourselves.
She was so quiet facing up as she sle-pt with me while I carefully looked at her and wished we could talk like mother and daughter.
I closed my eyes sadly and didn’t know when I sle-pt off but I felt a hand tou-ching me, I opened my eyes and saw she was arranging the blanket to cover me. Then she began running around the house killing mosquitoes despite it was dark and I immediately switched on my phone to give her light.
“Mom its okay come sleep plea-se, I said tiredly and she returned back which she covered the blanket properly on her.
“Thank you, I said and she gently t©uçhed the hair pin on my head which I didn’t know was still there and I sle-pt off again………
The next morning I woke up with shattering sounds, of course it was my mom scattering again in a very serious mood and I closed my eyes back wishing I never woke up. But I jumped up from where I pretended to sleep when she threw something that almost hit me,
“Mommy is it not too early? i asked holding my blanket looking at her and she [email protected]£ to me talking her normal talk I couldn’t un-derstand and I shook my head and yawned.
I folded the blanket and kept it on my bag and went out to receive fresh air leaving her to continue with her scattering.
She scattered enough while I sat down outside beating insects on my b©dy and she [email protected]£ out happily with a dirty old brush and attem-pted to brush my hair which I jumped up like someone set fire un-der my as-s.
“Ahhhh mommy no nau its dirty, don’t worry I’ll get you a new one throw that away, I said and she sadly looked at the brush and wanted to try it on her hair but i quic-kly took it away from her and threw it into the bush.
“Look mommy, I washed your hair yesterday night and you won’t dirty it again. Later in the day I’ll make your hair okay that’s why i don’t want you to put that dirty thing on your hair nau, look at your fine dress, very beautiful, I began to tease her and she began to use her hand to clean herself of the dust she got when she was busy scattering and I nodded at that.
I [email protected]£ to know something about my mom, that’s there’s this little sp©t in her that makes her do something good without being told, and I really nee-d to know more about her so i can try to see how i can help her out of this mess.
“What will you love to eat for breakfast? I asked and she ran in and [email protected]£ out with the empty bre-ad nylon and i couldn’t st©p laughing which she joined in laughing.
“Okay i get it, I’ll go get you bre-ad and pap, stay here okay I’ll be back, i said but she shook her head frowning and i un-derstood she wants to follow me which i smiled knowing i always do same with my dad when it was just me.
“Okay no problem, let’s go together but first i nee-d to brush up, I said and went in to take my tooth brush but st©pped knowing she doesn’t have one and I felt it will make her feel bad if she sees me doing it alone, I see her as a curious person and i loved it knowing it will help her.
“Let’s go out so I’ll get you a tooth brush also, this beautiful set of teeth nee-d to come back sparkling okay, I said cleaning her face and she nodded happily as I tried closing the door but my dad car drove in and i was so surprised………..
Episode 5. ❤
Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)
My dad stepped down and immediately my mom saw him, this violent look [email protected]£ upon her that she began to push me inside shouting.
“Mom what is it? I asked refusing to go in as my dad slowly approached us.
“Hilda Calm down I’m not here to take her away from you, just calm down okay, my dad said and I held my mom.
“Mom st©p I’m going no where, its just a visit, I said and she quietly looked at me and looked at my dad for a while and went in and I breathed out.
“You [email protected]£? I thought you said you will never visit, I said.
“You should be grateful I did, I just wanted to see my disrespectful daughter, he said and I nodded.
“Right, so what next? I asked and he looked around and shook his head.
“Is this what you want? He asked and I t©uçhed my forehead.
“What do you think? I’m not complaining right? I have every right to make my choice and I don’t see that as a big deal, I replied.
“Purity are you thinking at all? Whoever told you to take such decision hates you so much. Mary [email protected]£ around in the evening, and guess what, she was so disappointed in you. I’m giving you this last chance, let’s go home and make things right. How can you survive here with the way I trained you?, he asked and I smiled.
“I can’t believe you drove all the way down here to say this,I thought you wanted to discuss something relating to my mom and how we can help her out. Mary has her parents, let her mind her business and leave my choice, and i won’t say this again, I’m going no where, I said and he looked at me for a while and raised his hands up.
“Fine since you say so I can’t f0rç£ or drag out of here without your wish, as if I knew I carried your [email protected]©p and few of your things, its in the car, he said.
“That was so thoughtful of you, but I know your wife gave it to you herself, my regards to her anyway, I said and he heaved and strolled back to his car and brou-ght out my big school bag.
I slowly went near and got it from him,
“Thank you, I said and he nodded.
“I’ll check around and get some guys to clear the environment for you, its not safe and I’m sure there may be snakes around, he said.
“I appreciate, I said.
‘And ermmm are you eating? He asked.
” I got bre-ad yesterday, I nee-d to get cooking utensils, I replied.
“That’s right, if the guys succeeds in the cleaning you can use the back for the cooking. So I’ll take you to pick the cooking utensils you nee-d before I go back, he said and I smiled.
“Thank you again, I said and he nodded.
“I’ll go get the guys then, but you can use this for breakfast, he said giving me a nylon and I took it and watched him entered his car and drove off.
I heaved and looked into the bag to see 2 plates of rice and a packet of jui-ce,
“Uhmmm yea breakfast, I said and went in to see my mom hands on her cheeks as she was sitting on the floor so angry.
“Mom you see I didn’t go, I told you I won’t go anywhere didn’t I? I asked taking off her hands from her chin but she didn’t say anything.
I smiled knowing she must be very upset and I nee-d to get her off that mood,
“Mom let’s go out, remember I wanted getting something for you, get up let’s go, I said holding her up and cleaned her face and she whimpered.
“I know you’re angry you don’t nee-d to tell me, but let’s go so we can come back to eat, I said smiling dragging her out.
While walking to the shop I saw yesterday, people kept looking at us, probably they saw a new Hilda in a new dress but none could come out to ask me how I’m related to her.
I got her the tooth brush and got another bag of sachet water which she quic-kly got it from me.
“Thank you, I said to her and paid the woman who was looking at me surprised but that was none of my business.
We got home and it was hell ma-king my mother to brush up.
She constantly swallowed everything before I will shout “don’t swallow” and she will laugh telling me to squee-ze in another tooth paste for her.
“This is the last time and I’m serious, when once I brush you up throw it out, is that un-derstood? I asked and she showed me her teeth.
I heaved and attem-pted again and she swallowed it again and even used the sachet water to wash it down and jumped up happily.
I didn’t know if i should laugh or cry as I looked at her, I just shook my head and took my tooth brush to brush up but she [email protected]£ struggling mine with me.
“Ohhhhhh! Mommy st©p nah! You’ve finished swallowing yours allow me to brush mine except you’ll promise me you’ll do exactly what I’m doing, I said and she seriously nodded.
“Now you’re talking, I said taking her tooth brush and applied another tooth paste and gave it to her.
“Just follow me okay, I said and she nodded looking at me and we brushed together.
I rinsed my mouth and she did same and i was so happy,
“That’s good! We will do this before we go to be-d okay though I forgot to do that last night, I said but i noticed she was quiet looking at the tooth brush like she was remembering something.
I wanted asking her what’s wrong, but my dad drove in again and [email protected]£ out with 4 guys with cutlas-ses.
Immediately my mom saw that she shook her head shouting and held me.
“Mom, mom its okay they only want to clear up, they don’t want to hurt you, I said tou-ching her hair and she was so scared.
“Welcome back dad, I’ll take her inside, I said taking the tooth brushes and tooth paste and held her inside but she couldn’t st©p looking back.
“Let’s eat, I said giving her a plate but she will drop it and peep throu-gh the window to see what they are doing and I’ll take her back.
“Mom let’s eat so that we will start cleaning up else I’ll eat your food o, I said and she collected her food and hid it behind her.
“Come and eat nau there’s a lot to be done here, I said and she stood eating pouring the rice on her b©dy and I heaved knowing I signed this for myself.
After eating i went out to see my dad sitting in his car while the guys were working, when he saw me coming he opened up for me to come in and i sat down in front with him.
“I see what you’re doing for your mom, little wonder you two are going along so well, he said and i nodded.
“I don’t see my mom difficult and I believe she can get well, dad what did you do about her condition? I asked and he turned off the radio that was pla-ying.
“You asked yesterday if I la-id with a mad person, that was a very stupid question to ask Purity but i won’t blame you for asking. I knew your mom in her right s-en-ses, she was the coolest and loving person I’ve ever known. Everything went so well and we [email protected]£d for about 4 months or so if I’m not mistaken until she told me she was pregnant.
I wasn’t buoyant then i must confess, i was still struggling but our relationsh!phad a little problem which wasn’t our fault. Your mom parents wanted giving her to a guy who was lur-k-ing around her then, he had the cash but she turned him down. Purity, your mom was pretty and ermmmm… I couldn’t stand her suitors then.
You know that made me to hustle more to be able to win her though she loved me, but i was scared someone might take her away from me.
When her parents found out about her pregnancy, they fought to take that baby out of her, they f0rç£d her to take in things to abort the baby, but Purity you were strong headed even in the wo-mb, he said and i smiled scratching my head.
“Yea, when her suitors saw she was carrying a baby, that was how they left and her family all fell on me that I had to leave to the city to run around and gather money. I was lucky when i cried to one of my s£nior uncles doing well and he got me positioned in a good place. I quic-kly s£nt a letter to your mother that I’ll be back to take her with me where she will be comfortable to give birth.
I waited but got no reply from her and I couldn’t just travel that way… You know i just newly got the job and I was very very busy with it.
Then I got news after a month that your mother is behaving strange. I didn’t un-derstand what they meant by that, and on a weekend I ran over to check on her but she was not in her right s-en-ses.
Her situation was on and off….. Like when we are able to make her calm, after a week it comes back more worst than before and in that state, she gave birth to you.
I had to take you away from her and took her to the psychiatric hospital hoping now she has finally delivered, she will be given the right drugs because i was scared it might hurt you but I was wrong.
I waited Purity, I waited for good 2 years for your mother but she never [email protected]£ around and i had to move on. But she escaped from the hospital and found herself here and there’s nothing i can do, its sad i know but i can’t help it, he narrated and my face was soa-ked with tears as I thought my mom fate is sealed and my dad t©uçhed me.
“So there’s no hope dad? I asked and he shook his head.
“I tried Purity, but its too late, he replied and I broke down crying………
Should purity still stay with her mom 🤔🤔🙄🙄

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