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Mama I made it episode 33

Episode 33.

Success left again and returned and met me looking outside the window,
“You’re back, welcome, I said to him.
“Thank you, you’re not looking fine, are you killing yourself with worries? He asked tou-ching my face.
“What do you want me to do? I feel useless standing here, I replied.
“Don’t say that, I found out there’s a hospital close to us but he’s not there, he said.
“You didn’t tell me you went looking for My dad I would have followed you, I said.
“I know and I didn’t want you to, he said.
“Can we go check out other hospitals now? I asked.
“Its late, he said.
“I’m leaving, I said taking my bag.
“Wait wait, okay fine let’s go, he said and my mom stood up and followed us.
We visited about 3 hospitals and my dad wasn’t there, but the 4th hospital said something interesting to us.
“Mr Peter was here, in fact we operated him, the doctor said.
“The hospital I visited today, the doctor there said his condition is confusing, what exactly happened? I asked.
“My dear I Can’t even explain, but his wife brou-ght him here, he was so sick and I referred them to go do an X-ray but she said she alre-ady did that and showed us the result.
It was cancer and with his looks and everything his state was deplorable.
His wife had the money for an operation and she asked us to do it, and seeing the result we arranged him for an operation..
He had a major operation but to our surprise we saw nothing in him, his inside was totally fine and we had to stitch him up.
His wife got Angry and called us unprofessional, then she took her husband from the hospital, i have no idea where she took him to, the doctor said and I covered my head on the table.
“She…..she…..lie, my mom said and I looked at her.
“She….she did….to me too, my mom said again..
“I think that woman is good in dashing people sickness they don’t have just to destroy them, she’s crazy! Success said.
“Sir plea-se I am begging you, you may have something we can use to trace them, any information will help us out right now because we are lost, I really nee-d to find my dad, I told the doctor.
“Wait here let me check, he said and left.
“Oh God! I will kill that woman! I said breathing ha-rd .
“But I thought she loved your dad, why is she doing this to him? Success asked.
“Who knows? Who knows? I can’t believe my dad was dissected into two for nothing, just for nothing! I shouted and Success hvgged me.
“Shhhh its okay, but he survived and he’s alive and we are going to find him okay, he said and the doctor entered.
“Found anything sir? Success asked.
“Yea just a little do¢v-mentation about the patient and I found this address, he said giving us a piece of paper.
“Thank you, thank you so much you’ve been most helpful, I said to him.
“You’re welcome, he said and we left his office back to the h0tel.
Everyone sat down so quiet and none of us bothered to eat because of the current situation at hand, besides it was too late for that.
“I pray she don’t fake the address also, I said to Success and he looked at me.
“Its possible i know, but we have to try it out first, he said and I cleaned my face.
“Should we bring in the help of the police? I asked.
“They can help us in getting her fast, what do you think? I asked again when Success didn’t say anything then he heaved.
“Do you think the police will do a house to house search to find her? Remember we don’t even have a good intelligence [email protected] here, we will bring them in but now is not the right time when we have no information about them, he replied.
“What else are we going to do? I asked.
“I was thinking the nurse who is taking care of your father will know where he is, maybe we should get her first though i know people like that will be difficult to say what they are doing, he said.
“Dear God I’m going crazy alre-ady, I said and left the room.
“Purity! Success shouted but I didn’t look back.
I sat down somewhere and my phone began go ring, i thought it was Success calling but it was Charity,
“Hey babe, I haven’t heard from you today, how was the journey? She asked.
“It was fine, sorry I have been too busy, I replied.
“What happened? Your voice isn’t good at all, she said and I told her everything.
“Are you serious! Jesus Christ what kind of wickedness is that? He had a major operation all for nothing! Charity shouted and I sniffed controlling my tears.
“Charity I feel like dying, I love my dad so much and I never prayed he should suffer this way even when he wronged me, I said covering my mouth.
“Honey, honey listen to me, nothing is going to happen to him okay, you’re going to see him, she said and I nodded and saw someone pas-sed in a way that looked suspicious to me.
“Babe I’ll call you back, I said and dropped the call and followed the person because the face seemed familiar.
The person phone began to ring,
“Mom I told you to st©p calling me, I heard the voice and knew It was a lady and she st©pped.
“What do you want me to say? I’m not a [email protected] of what you’re doing so take me out of it, just take me out of it and leave me alone! She shouted and dropped the call and I saw her face.
“Abigail! I called out and she turned and looked at me, then took to her heels which I ran after her.
I held her and pinned her on the wall as she was breathing ha-rd ,
“What did you do to my dad! I shouted on her.
“What are you saying? She asked back.
“I heard the call and I know it must be your mother you were talking to, where is my dad? I asks.
“Your dad? Is It the one you abandoned or a new one you found out there? Leave me alone! She shouted struggling with me and I pinned her down not smiling with her at all.
The way I was so grieved inside, i don’t mind strangling her that instant,
“I am going to ask you this again for the last time, where is my father! You think I don’t know what your mom did to him? Start talking! I screamed on her face and she closed her eyes shaking.
“I don’t know, she said.
“That’s good, then the police will take care of you, I said taking my phone and pretended like i have the police number,
“Wait wait, I’m not a [email protected] of it I swear, she said.
“You’ll tell that to the police, I said not looking at her,
“Wait, I know where they are, she said and I looked at her
“He was transfered this morning, which hospital was he taken to? I asked her.
“Not a hospital but he was taken to our house where she paid a nurse to take care of him, she replied.
“What! I shouted and li-cked myl-ips hitting my hands on the wall.
“How could you do this to your father? How do you feel seeing him suffer this way how could you! I shouted on him.
“I have nothing to do with this, and this is your fault, she said.
“My fault? How is it my fault? I asked.
“Because he wanted taking you and your mad mother to the house, she replied and i [email protected] her ha-rd on her face and dragged her facing me.
“You have no idea of what you’re saying right now and don’t push me to hurt you, I said and dialed a number.
“I’ve told you what i know why are you still calling the police? She asked and i collected her phone.
“Dear come out, there’s a situation here, i said telling him where i was and dropped the call.
“plea-se let me go i didn’t do anything, Abigail kept saying but I didn’t say a word until Success arrived.
“What happened? Who is she? He asked.
“She used to be my step sister, i replied.
“you know i hate that name, she said.
“Same way i hate the fact you and your devilish mom are still breathing, take her to the h0tel, i told Success.
“Wait!Where are you taking me to! She shouted and i held her strong.
“If you make a sound, I will fill your dirty mouth with sand, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about me that easily, I sternly said to her and i saw that confused look of Success face as he took her away to the room.
She saw my mom sitting on the be-d and she scoffed,
“So you’re with your mad mother, little wonder you’re just like her, Abigail said and i wanted going to her but Success st©pped me.
“Do you realize where you are now? I guess you don’t know, now where is your mother? Success asked.
“I won’t tell you anything, I won’t allow you hurt my mom, she replied.
“Is that it? He asked.
“My mom will find you, and i wonder what you’re doing here, I will suggest you start leaving before she finds you, she replied and i began to laugh.
‘Oh dear I’m so scared now hearing that. Your mom should be the one to Run away, that’s why she quic-kly transferred my dad when she found out i was coming, so you see she is scared of me now where is she! I shouted violently holding her face and she quic-kly shouted the address to me.
“Good girl, i said leaving her as she sat shaking.
“Where have you been? She asked.
“Shut up! I replied and Success drew close to me when i stood a little distance away from her.
“Should we call in the police now? I whispered to success.
“Now is the right time, if your dad is in the address she gave then we can get him from your step mom, he replied and I nodded an looked at Abigail.
“You Better start slee-ping, tomorrow will be a long day, I said to her.
“You can’t keep me here, I wanted meeting with someone, she said and her phone began to ring.
I laughed seeing the name on the screen,
“Can i have that? She asked and i smiled going to her.
“My little sister alre-ady have a b©yfri£nd, how sweet, i said tou-ching her.
“Get your hands off me and give me my phone, she said.
“Why meeting your b©yfri£ndin the night? I won’t give you this, I said.
“What, who do you think you are? And How is that your fv¢king business! She shouted on me and i gave her a look that made her shut.
I locked the door and hid the key with Success,
“Find a corner to sleep, i said to her and gave Success a pe-ck,
“So irritating, Abigail said when i did that.
“Irritating like your murderer mother i know, I said to her and went to be-d with my mom while Success sat Down looking at her as she sat on the chair there……….
I heard struggles in the room and I woke up to see my mom struggling with Abigail.
Success whose head was leaned on the wall slee-ping got up quic-kly and we held Abigail who wanted escaping from the window, luckily for us my mom met her just in time.
“Leave me alone! She screamed as success threw her on be-d.
“I thought you were not [email protected] of your mom evil doings, we want to safe dad but you’re not helping him out, i said to her.
“Liar! you’ll hurt my mom in the process so you’ll stay with my dad and your mad mother, you think i don’t know? And i won’t let that happen! She shouted and I checked the time to see it was past 5 a.m.
“Fine, then I’ll make you stay with your criminal mother if that’s what you want. Dear plea-se inform the cops about this, I said to Success.
‘No! Someb©dy help! She began to shout and I covered her mouth and Success hurried away to get the cops……..
How can someone be this heartless 😥😥😭😭

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