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Mama I made it episode 30 & 31

Episode 30 & 31.❤
My mood and everything changed as I saw his Call, I wasn’t expecting it and I didn’t know whether I should pick it or not.
“Aren’t you picking your call? Sonia asked me when it rang again.
“Who is that? Charity asked seeing my face.
“My…. My dad, I replied them.
“Pick it, Success mom said and I looked at my mom and picked it up.
“Hello, a lady voice [email protected]£ on phone.
“Hello, who is speaking? I asked.
“Mr Peter asked me to call you, he just saw your text now, you Can talk to him, he said and I was quiet to hear my Dad voice first.
“Hello, Purity is that you? My Dad voice [email protected]£ on phone so cold and I knew something is wrong.
“Its me, I replied.
“Sorry, I was told you s£nt……. “Forget about it, its not important anymore and if that’s why you called, I’m sorry for bothering you in the first place, I cut in.
“No no plea-se don’t say that, I know you have every right to be angry with me but plea-se I’m sorry, he said.
“You’re what? I don’t get it, What are you sorry for? I asked with my voice raised up.
“Purity plea-se don’t end the call, I should have been there but right now I’m on my sick be-d, he said and coughed.
“What! What happened to you? I asked but he kept coughing.
“Dad! I shouted getting up this time and the lady that picked earlier got the phone from him,
“plea-se can you call back he’s not fit to pick any call for now, she said.
“What the hell happened to my Dad? Where is he? I asked.
“Maybe you should come visit him yourself, she said telling me the hospital and dropped the call.
Despite I was mad with my father, despite he wronged me, but he will still be my father and i can’t change that fact. Little wonder my dad was not even in the state, now I see the reason why he never [email protected] near the compound for good 6 years.
I sat down breathing ha-rd as everyone looked at me after hearing our conversation and My mom t©uçhed me,
“Is he really sick? What if he’s just pu-lling this trick up to make you emotional? Charity asked.
“I don’t know but i feel he’s telling the truth,my dad isn’t sound, I replied so worried.
“We….we…let’s….go….go…go…we…can….see…see….see him, my mom tried saying and I was surprised.
“You mean we can go see him? I asked and she nodded.
“If your mom is giving you the go ahead fine, if you want I can drive you down there tomorrow, Success said.
“Its a long journey, I said.
“If we leave early we can arrive there, its just the neighboring state, he said..
‘So you’re not coming back with us? Sonia asked.
“Yes ma’am, besides I took a break so I can help her out, He replied.
“Thank you, Ma plea-se can you lend me my mother for tomorrow? I asked.
“I nee-d to see your mother, I mean its shocking to me she’s talking in a way we can un-derstand, I’m so happy and surprised at the Same time, she replied.
“Maybe she has recovered alre-ady when she saw her daughter Success, who knows if that was her only cure, Sonia said.
“I want to believe that but I can permit you take her on the journey but I nee-d to give you a drugs just in case, Success mom said and my mom shook her head like she didn’t nee-d the drugs.
“I….I….I….will fine, my mom said and i held her.
“Sure you’ll be fine, don’t worry ma I’ll take care of her, I said to Success mom..
“Okay then, but plea-se make sure you bring her back to the hospital and ermmm….. Her phone began to ring.
“I think I have to go now, safe journey alright, Success mom said getting up.
“Take care of yourself and congratulations once again, Sonia said hvgging me.
‘Thanks dear, I said and she did same to Charity and waved us bye while Success left to see them off.
It was left with I, my mom and Success with Charity family who will be leaving very soon also with Charity, they booked a h0tel for that alre-ady.
I happily fed my mom as we laughed together forgetting totally about my dad.
Charity family alerted us they will be leaving soon and Success decided we should leave alre-ady.
We hvgged ourselves good bye and Success decided to take us on our own outing despite the fun at the eatery.
We finally got home late and my mom was so happy to see home again but this time around she didn’t jump or dance like she used to, she quietly sat on the be-d looking around.
“Thank you, I said to Success keeping the things he got for us.
“Can you st©p thanking me, I’m filled with it alre-ady, he said and I smiled.
“Will you spend the night here? I asked.
“Yea but don’t worry I’ll stay in the car, he replied and I shook my head.
“Common I’ll be fine, you nee-d all the time and privacy with your mom and i un-derstand. You nee-d to rest, he said tou-ching my shoulders and returned to his car.
“So you’re going to be-d now huh? I asked.
“Yes Purity we have to, we have a long journey ahead of us remember, he replied.
“I’ll get you blankets then, I said going in and got him blanket to cover himself in the car.
“Thank you, he said and I nodded.
“Goodnight, I slowly said and went in.
I saw my mom lying on the be-d and I t©uçhed her,
“Mom have you forgotten our daily routine? I asked and she shook her head.
“I think I have a spare toothbrush here, i said checking the shelf and brou-ght out a new one for her and she slowly took it.
I carefully looked at her as she brushed and almost jumped out for joy, I just got convinced my mom is better and this time will last.
We took our shower and I searched throu-gh Success bought and gave her something to wear for the night.
“Goodnight angel! I opened the door and shouted.
“Goodnight Purity, he replied and I closed the door and smiled to my mom meeting her in be-d then I t©uçhed her hair.
‘Mom can we talk? Sorry I know you must be tired, I said but she shook her head.
“Why were you scared of the hospital? What did they do to you over there? plea-se tell me what i nee-d to know, I said and she sat up and began to talk which I smartly put together all she said.
“Wait a minute, some guys met you on the road and pushed you inside the bush on your way to the market, then they injected you with something? I asked to be sure and she nodded and began to tell me more.
“Okay, your family were aware of it and did nothing about I because they prayed the injection should terminate your pregnancy? I asked again and she nodded and continued from where she st©pped.
“Okay your friend [email protected]£ visiting a week later asking about your baby health and you told her I’m still okay, then she told you to leave my dad since her life is alre-ady in danger and you refused? I asked.
“Yes….yes…. Then…she…then.. Left, my mom said and i nodded.
“Who do you think did this to you? I asked her and she breathed in and began to talk again.
“You don’t know what happened to you after she left and you found yourself in the hospital right? i asked and she nodded.
“You wondered what you were doing there then you saw my step mom? I asked again and she nodded.
“You asked her what you’re doing here but she [email protected] you and commanded you to be shut? I asked gathering all she said and she nodded.
“Its okay mom we will continue this another day alright, plea-se have your rest, I said when i noticed the difficulty she was having to talk, and i was not re-ady to complicate more matters to her knowing she’s not properly healed.
“Be….be….car….careful she is….is..bad, my mom said and i nodded.
“Its alright mom, let’s sleep, i said laying her down and properly covered her with the blanket while my eyes were open thinking about a lot of things.
I thought about my dad and what exactly happened to him he’s in the hospital.
“it shouldn’t be that evil woman has hurt my dad, I said and felt like seeing that witch again one more time but a beep [email protected]£ on my phone.
“Sweet dreams Angel, i re-ad from Success and smiled.
“Dream of be-dbugs, I replied him and dropped my phone to have my rest………….
The next day i tried my dad number but it was switched off, and We were alre-ady preparing to take off very early in the morning,
“What are you doing? Success asked meeting me.
“Cooking, won’t we eat? I asked.
“Nah i don’t eat so early, he replied.
“Okay i can put it in a flask so we can eat later, i said.
“Don’t stress yourself okay i can get food on the way for us, we nee-d to get going, he said dropping what i held and I heaved.
“Okay I’ll get you water to bath then, i said and wanted walking away but he held me back.
“I can do that for myself, you don’t have to do it, he said.
“Who am I to you? [email protected]£ out from my mouth before i knew it.
“sorry i mean who…… ‘Isn’t it obvious? You alre-ady know who you are to me but i didn’t just want to come in between your studies, he cut in and i carefully looked at him.
“What do you mean? I asked.
“Who you are to me is what your heart is telling you, he replied.
“Sister? I asked and he scoffed.
“Take a look at Sonia and tell me if I treat you the same, you’re special Purity and i didn’t mind waiting for you, he said tou-ching my face and i felt like fainting.
“Tell me you’re joking, you never showed that kind of affection throu-gh out this years, I whispered.
“What was more to show? What have I not done? Is it flowers i didn’t give to you? Or putting it in a love song? I love you Purity and your heart alre-ady told you that. I only wanted you to have all the concentration in the world, and you made me proud, he said and i was more than speechless, there we k!$$£d and hvgged ourselves.
“I love you too, I said.
“I know right, he said and i laughed hitting him.
“But you’re crazy, 6years + is just too much nau what if i was taken?, i asked.
“I didn’t shook even when Alfred was there, I just laughed at him because i knew he and others won’t succeed, he replied and he laughed.
“You’re right though, i said.
“Yea so when Charity dad was trying to pu-ll my legs in the hospital remember?, i was like “not now God, plea-se push this temptation aside”. You nee-d to see the way I was shaking but Charity saved my as-s, he said.
“That silly girl will scream her head out when i tell her this, i said.
“You know everyone knows despite we only acted as friends, but the spirit of God first ministered to me the very first day we met, oh hallelujah! He said waving his hands and i bur-st out laughing.
“You’re not serious, which spirit of God? I asked.
“I didn’t tell you that [email protected] that I’m a prophet? He asked and i laughed shaking my head and turned to see my mom looking at us.
The smile faded from our faces when we noticed she was in tears,
“Mom what’s wrong? I asked holding her but she slowly walked up to a sp©t not far from where I and Success stood and began to talk.
“Mom its okay, i said hvgging her as she told us that was the sp©t she told my dad she’s pregnant and he was so happy despite he had no kobo.
Then she looked at Success and smiled and he cleared his throat,
‘Ma can i plea-se ask for the request that your honorable doctor will be my girlfriend? He asked and i rolled my eyes.
“Just st©p, i said but my mom took my hand and placed it on Success own and nodded at him.
“Thank you momma, Success said and hvgged her………..
Purity mom can now talk gradually 😍
Success have confess his love oh ❤❤
Purity dad sick in the hospital 😥
Do you think he’s saying the truth or he just want to see purity 😒😒😒
Sorry guys for the late post also I won’t be able to post today again 🙏
Am busy at the moment,hope u guys un-derstand 💗
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