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Mama I made it episode 28

Episode 28.❤
“Guy we-tin we go do na! One of the guys said tou-ching him and he re-moved his eyes from Charity and fixed it on me,
“Make she come with us, I wan see how that idiot go come rescue am. Una wan prove show me say you get levels ba? Don’t worry you go hear am, he said.
“No plea-se, plea-se no! I cried as one of them drew me and Charity who quic-kly tied the be-dspre-ad on her b©dy attem-pted to follow me screaming also, but one of them used the back of the gun on her head and she fell.
“Charity! Charity No plea-se help her! I shouted struggling with the guy who dragged me but he Carried me on his shoulder to the car and drove off.
I was just in their middle shivering to my bones as Alfred friend who sat in the front called me all sort of names, that wasn’t my worry but Charity who I saw fell, she must be hit badly.
I closed my eyes thinking of what will become or me now and I noticed the guys were kind of panicking,
“Put speed my friend! Alfred friend shouted at the driver and when I looked back it was the police coming.
I was so surprised they saw my message but I was kind of confused if I s£nt the message or not before the door got open……. It still wasn’t clear to me.
Despite the speed the guys put in and the reckless driving, the police still pursued like they were that prepared for them that night.
“Shoot the bastard! Give me this gun! Alfred friend shouted getting a small gun from the guy who sat beside me and began shooting at the police.
I closed my ears shouting as bullets were falling on the car…… The police fired back.
“Drive na mumu! Alfred friend shouted on the driver and the guy beside me was hit.
I didn’t notice it until I felt something dropped on my leg like water, and when I used my hand to ru-b on it I noticed it was blood, I looked up and saw his head bent and let out a scream alerting the rest.
“Enter bush sharp! I heard Alfred friend said and the driver quic-kly diverted into it while I screamed closing my eyes until the car finally [email protected]£ to a st©p hitting on a big tree.
I can’t tell what happened again but I remembered hearing voices and hands dragging me out of the car.
“She’s alive, she’s alive fast fast, I heard a voice and everything was blackout to me.
I woke up and found myself in the hospital and Success entered just immediately,
“You’re awake? How are you feeling now? He asked tou-ching me but i looked confused.
“What happened? Why I’m I here? I asked not un-derstanding anything at all.
“You can’t remember? He asked.
‘I know I was in a car that diverted into the bush, what happened? I asked.
“From what the police explained, the guys threw themselves out when they diverted while they left you roll with the car with the guy that was sh0t. I am so happy you survived it, he replied.
“What about them? I hope they didn’t escape? I asked.
“They opened fire on the police but the good news is that the police got them all, I think they were so prepared and for the first time I’m so proud of them honestly, he said smiling.
“You mean they were caught? Like I am now free from them? I asked.
“Yea, the guy sh0t didn’t die but he is seriously hurt and he’s in the hospital if he will survive it, but as for the rest we will surely squee-ze their hideout from them, he replied and his phone began to ring.
“Oh its them, he said and picked up.
“Hello sir, Success said.
‘Oh that’s good, good luck sir, he said and dropped the call.
‘They got their hideout and they are on the way there, finally you’ll walk free, he said and I was so relieved but then I noticed someone was missing.
“Where’s Charity? i asked.
“Uhmmm here, she had a hit on her head but don’t worry she’s awake I just left there, he replied.
“I nee-d to see her, I said trying to get up but he held me back.
“Do you realize you just escaped from death and your b©dy nee-ds rest, you are going to see her okay, he said and the door opened and Charity father walked in,
“Good morning Sir, I’m so sorry this happened to your daughter I’m so sorry, I quic-kly apologized.
“Purity why should you say something like that? It wasn’t your fault and You couldn’t do anything but don’t worry those bastards will pay. I’ll make sure they rot in there for the rest of their lives. How are you feeling? He asked.
“I’m feeling relieved now I’m out of danger, nothing is more satisfying than that, I replied.
“I should have been here since when this started but I’ve been too busy, but the school is aware of this and I’ve asked them to spare you two 2 weeks to give your b©dy strength. Especially you, you really nee-d it, he said.
“Oh thank you so much sir, I said.
“You’re welcome, I’ll go tell Charity you’re okay, she is so worried about you and I’m happy you two are safe, he said smiling and left and I sadly looked at Success.
“Thank you, I said to him.
“What for? He asked.
“How did the cops follow that car? I know that message I tried s£nding didn’t go throu-gh, I said.
“Oh that? Before leaving i told them to take watch, they saw when they went in and carried you but their plans was to follow them to their hideout until they were sighted and attacked, he replied.
“I know you did that, the police I know wouldn’t have taken action immediately even if they had seen the message, when will they even drive down to the place? I asked and he hissed.
“I was so angry when they told me that nons-en-se, what if they had killed you in the room? Would they have stayed in the car to wait for them to come out before they attack? That [email protected] so expensive and it almost cost your life in the process, okay what if it was you that got hit and put in the condition of that guy here now? But at least they caught them sha and i pray they succeed also over there so this worries will be over, he said and I heaved.
“So your 2 weeks break you’re having it with me huh? Sonia couldn’t come down but she s£nt her regards, he said and I smiled.
“i see, so my break will be at your place huh? I asked.
“Yes nah, someone nee-d to take care of you, this place is just too boring, by tomorrow you should leave this place, he said and I laughed.
“I just want you to be okay, he calmly said holding my hand…………
The next day Charity disturbe-d her dad to let her leave the hospital,it was so funny to me and i wondered how she will cope as a medical doctor to be when she is so scared of hospitals.
“Purity are you leaving also? Her dad asked that evening tired with Charity constant nagging.
“Yes nau, whatever I want Purity wants it too, she replied.
“I did not ask you o, Purity are you sound to leave? He asked again and Success win-ked at me to say yes. Seeing that i bur-st out laughing knowing they really want to leave the hospital,
“Sir I’ll be fine, we can leave, I replied.
“Your wounds are still Fresh na, Charity is still on bandage, where are you two rushing to for heaven sake? Charity dad asked.
“Oh daddy its only wound na, the wound will heal at home and we will take our drugs don’t worry, are we not doctors again?, Charity asked.
“Quack doctors, her dad said and we laughed.
“Don’t worry about that sir, they will be fine, Success [email protected]£ in and Charity father had no other choice.
“Fine since you insist, my happiness is that the bad guys is in the police custody and I’m counting 2 years left for you girls to finish. I’ll drop you off in the hostel then, he said.
“No nau, not hostel, Charity said with a frown as she was so hungry to leave to the city, Success really talked her in and her father looked confused.
“What again? The guesthouse is that where you want? He asked and the doctor walked in which he quic-kly reported us to him.
“Are you girls running away? He asked.
“No sir but we are fine, I replied and he checked his wristwatch.
“Fine then leave tomorrow morning, the doctor said and i looked at Charity who felt like [email protected] the doctor.
“The gods has spoken, tomorrow you’ll go okay, Charity father said laughing at Charity who kept a face of great disappointment…………
The next day Success was able to convince Charity dad not to drop us off because he’s not aware of our plan to hit the city,
“Sir I’ll take care of them don’t worry, I’ll see to it they get into their room before i leave, Success said and Charity nodded.
“Okay my son, but who exactly are you? Who among them are you [email protected]!ng? He asked and we looked at ourselves.
‘Ahhhh daddy, he’s our b©yfri£nd, he’s friending the both of us, Charity replied.
“The both of them! Ahhhh na its not fair, the man said and we couldn’t st©p laughing.
“Sir are you minding this children? the nurse in the room asked and he shook his head and wanted giving Charity some notes but he st©pped and gave me rather,
“For the both of you okay, take care of yourselves and I’ve cleared the bills, he said.
“Thank you so much sir, i said.
“Daddy me na? Charity asked.
“See you there na, he replied giving her a pe-ck and shook hands with Success,
“If its Charity you Better tell me quic-k o, he said to him.
“Daddy bye bye o, Charity cut in and he drew her cheek.
“Bye sir, I and success said and he waved at us and left.
“Our b©yfri£nd? Success asked Charity.
“Yes na, you see that path my dad wanted taking, story for long so i had to cut it short, Charity said.
“But who is the exact one? The nurse there asked and Charity sm-irked.
She personally hates anyone nosy and we noticed that [email protected] nurse is just so on us,
“Its you na, its you he’s [email protected]!ng, Charity replied and I pinched her.
The doctor entered and gave us the go ahead to leave,
“Thank you so much, we said to him.
“You’re welcome, and I hope you girls can take care of the wounds? He asked.
“Sure. I’ll treat her and she will treat me, Charity replied and Success left with the doctor giving us the chance to change up to leave.
We took off to the city and Sonia was so happy to welcome us,
“I’m so happy the house wont be boring anymore, Sonia said as we went in.
“I hear, mom said you should come stay with her so that my visitor will be comfortable, Success said.
“What! Its a lie mom never said that! She shouted.
“Don’t mind your brother, that’s not even possible, i said.
“You’ll see na, Success said.
“Mommy that asked me to take care of them and you’re saying another thing. Girls come see what i got yesterday, hope you’ll like it, she said dragging us into her room while Success looked at her.
“Is that the food i should eat Sonia! He shouted.
“We are on fasting plea-se! She replied closing the door behind and i thought it was something important she wanted to show me but it was clothes she shopped yesterday.
Charity is the only one that loves stuffs like that and i sneaked out to meet Success sitting alone in the sitting room,
‘Is she done showing you? He asked.
“She’s showing Charity abeg, so what are you eating? I asked.
“I don’t know and I’m sure Sonia hasn’t prepared anything, he replied
‘Don’t worry I’ll do that, i said.
“no way, you are my guest here, he said and i [email protected] my hands.
“Thank you so much sir now where is the kitchen? I asked.
“No i won’t tell you, I’ll do that myself. Besides have you tasted my food before? He asked.
“No plea-se I’m not re-ady to purge i beg you, i replied.
“Oh my God this girl has just challenged me, for that huh i am entering there right now, Success said seriously taking off his shi-t and i laughed looking at him.
“Just relax her miss, when i get in there and come out repeat what you just told me. You know that is why Sonia is forming for me nau because I’m capable, he said and coughed not believing him.
“Hiannnn sir weldone o, i said.
“Okay wait na I’ll be back, you’ll testify God knows…………..

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