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Mama I made it episode 26

Episode 26. ❤
None of us left the hostel and we switched off our phones so he won’t call us to ask why we are not yet in his house.
It was still very ha-rd to believe he was that way when I was dying feeling guilty I’ve wronged him,
“Purity I’m sorry I chose him over Success, Charity said breaking the silence in the room that night.
“Its okay, no one knew after all, I said.
“But Purity what is going to happen now? Gosh I wish I can just graduate alre-ady cause I’m so scared, she said but I just la-id down to sleep, I didn’t want anything to bug me anymore………..
The next day we sluggishly went to clas-s immediately when the lecturer walked in so he won’t have the opportunity to talk with us, and immediately the lecturer drop his last words, our bags were re-ady to take off with him
But as we were leaving, we noticed he sat at the back of the door, so we decided to leave throu-gh the front door.
“Charity, Purity! We heard our names at the back as we left the hall and we st©pped and turned.
“Oh hi, we said waving at him as he [email protected]£ close.
“What happened? He asked.
“Nothing, I replied.
“Oh pardon me I forgot to tell her yesterday because one of the girls had a birthday [email protected], I totally forgot, Charity cut in.
“Your number were both switched off, he said not smiling at all.
“Our phones were mistakenly put on flight mode, in fact I apologize for the disappointment its my fault, Charity said.
“But you two were running off why? He asked and Charity looked at me.
“Running off from who? Charity asked.
“Yea we are hurrying off and not running off because we have a running stomach yea, I think the girl was really a good cook yesterday, I said.
“Yes that’s right, she made a good work in the kitchen, Charity concurred and he only looked at us not satisfied with all we said.
“Whatever, we are to meet at the lab in the next 30 minutes, don’t keep the lecturer waiting, he said and walked away while I looked at Charity and we breathed in.
He knew we said a lie and we weren’t that good in lying in the first place since he knows us so well that we can’t fool him.
We attended the lecture in the lab not looking at each other, and when we were done I saw him looking at us but I quic-kly re-moved my gaze from him and we left.
We avoided him that way for 2 days until he showcased at our hostel one evening we were sitting outside.
“What are you doing here? Charity asked.
“What’s happening with you two? He asked back but I wasn’t looking at him.
He [email protected]£d my phone immediately from my hands and I looked at him,
“So we are no longer friends huh? He asked.
“You said it yourself didn’t you? I wish we were never friends now I nee-d my phone, I replied and he smiled shaking His head.
“You will never dare, he said.
“I can’t remember where being friends becomes by f0rç£, I said and [email protected]£d my phone from him and we went in without wasting time leaving him outside..
2 days after that incident I decided to visit home to check if my properties are still intact and do some clean ups, but to my greatest surprise my door was broken down and every good thing I left behind was carried away including the foam I bought.
The house was so empty like a car was packed in and everything swept into it, I quic-kly called up Charity telling her what I’m seeing,
“Are you serious? Oh my God! She exclaimed.
“Charity this is so sad, I mean I’m going to start from the very scratch to get this back and I can’t ask anyb©dy about who did this, I said.
“That’s wickedness, girl just come back okay you can still get better ones, sorry about that, she said.
“Its alright, I sadly said and dropped the call and Success call [email protected]£ on phone.
“Hi miss, he said.
“Hi Mr good afternoon, I replied.
“That voice doesn’t go well with me, what’s wrong? He asked and I told him what just happened.
“Its okay girl forget about it, go back to school when the time comes you’ll get a better one, perhaps the person is trying to tell you that house nee-ds renovation, he said and I smiled.
“I know I have that in mind but this is just wickedness, I wasn’t expecting this nauu, I said.
“I know just go back okay, you may not know the person may just be around to sweep you in too, he said laughing.
“When will you ever be serious? How’s my mom? I asked.
“She’s fine ma’am, school is still stressful? He asked.
“I think this week was free but next week isn’t smiling at all, I replied.
“You’re almost dome nau, soon it will be over okay, just take care of yourself, he said
“I will and you too and my regards to Sonia, she told me what you did, I said.
“yea i know she did like you’re going to beat me huh? He asked.
“You have no idea, I said.
“Oh I’m scared, he said and I laughed.
“Bye, talk to you later, I said.
“Yea bye, he said dropping the call and I got up from where I sat prepared to go.
I was dropped at where i was to take a bike or any means of transportation to take me to school.
But a car from no where parked and 2 guys on mask [email protected]£ out from it covering my mouth and pushed me in.
I only heard people shouting and everywhere [email protected]£ blackout.
I woke up in a dark room tied on a be-d and I weakly struggled with it shouting.
Great fear gr!pp£dme as an image was approaching though the place was still dark,
“Who are you and what do you want from me? I asked trying to see who it was but I couldn’t.
I heard a heavy hit on my back and I blackout.
The next day I heard noises and I found it difficult to open my eyes, i felt it so heavy like a
Metal was placed on it and I could feel pains on my back.
I began to whimper calling on Charity then I began calling Success still with my eyes closed and i heard people laughing at the back background.
Somehow it looked like a dream but i knew it was real and i f0rç£d my eyes open, and right before me were Alfred friends.
They were busy eating looking at me and I weakly looked around not saying anything to them but saw a man tied down too somewhere.
“Who are you guys? I weakly asked.
“Hear question, you no recognize us again or we-tin? The one with heavy voice asked and I tried getting up but the hit they gave to me yesterday, the pains was unexplainable.
I regretted i attem-pted to get up and i bur-st out crying begging them to let me go.
My cries were just like water poured on the back of a duck, they just stood up after eating and left the room.
“St©p wasting your time, I heard a voice and it was the man tied down.
“What did you do? And why are you here? I asked him.
“I was kidnapped and the money they are requesting i don’t know how they got to know about it. Unfortunately for me the money was not mine, and i returned it back to the owner a day I was kidnapped, and they are requesting for the exact money i was with which my family can’t arrange for that, he said.
“Maybe someone told them you had such a money with you and you got set up, i said.
“My family alone knew about it I don’t know of anyone else, he said.
“How long have you been here? I asked.
“2 weeks and they are threatening to kill me, he replied and I sniffed.
Unfortunately for me i was on my red flag and it wasn’t easy nor funny for me.
The room was too quiet and i began to shout for help again while the man was only looking at me saying nothing.
The one with a heavy voice angrily walked in,
“Will you shut up! My friend shut up! He shouted.
“Where’s Alfred? Where is he? I want to talk to him, I said.
“we-tin you wan carry am do? Don’t worry when time come you go see am as you want,he said. “plea-se tell him to come face me, i want to talk to him! I shouted and someone walked in with a mask on.
“Alfred i know its you, you don’t nee-d to hide it, I said and he looked at his friend,
“Why you dey hide nons-en-se? For your mind you think say we go re-lease am? She is yours joor carry go, the guy said.
“who is yours? What are you talking about? I shouted and he slowly pu-ll-ed off his mask looking at me with a straight face.
“So this is the real you? What are you planning to do with me? plea-se let me go, i said and he smiled and squatted close to me.
“So you’ll go meet Success? Your darling has been calling all night but the sad news is that, it is my turn now to eat from where he st©pped, he replied and i spat on his face.
“You’re so shameless! How dare you! I shouted and he closed his eyes and cleaned it off,
“Know this and know peace, don’t ever think you will leave this place because i won’t let that happen. And no one, no one not even your all knowing Success will find you here and just forget about everything out there because you won’t see them again. Its over Purity, get to accept your new life here after all this shouldn’t be ha-rd like you living with a murderous mad woman, you’re going to enjoy the loving Alfred you used to know, he said tou-ching my face and myl-ips were shaking terribly.
“No plea-se don’t do this I beg you, Alfred no! I shouted when he got up and left the room.
“I told you not to waste your time, no apology will change their mind because you’ve seen their face. I personally Lost hope of leaving here 2 days ago when they pu-ll-ed off their mask, my family hasn’t called them either and anytime they may finish me off, he said and I’ve never been so scared in my whole life.
“They kill too? I asked.
“When I [email protected]£ here, there was a man I saw dead, he replied and my eyes bulged out. My heart was beating fast and right there I prayed for a miracle.
I knew Charity will be worried sick about me and i prayed she shouldn’t walk into the tra-p of meeting Alfred for help. I got scared he might kidnap her too to get money from her father, and the thought of Alfred keeping me stuck here for life was more like a death s£ntence to me.
I spent the hours picturing my loved ones and wondered how troubled they will be looking for me, then the door opened and 2 strange guys walked in.
“plea-se can I get water to drink? I weakly asked but they put their hands at the back of their shi-t and brou-ght out a gun.
The man seeing that started drawing himself backwards so scared as he sat on the ground, and just in my pres£nce he was sh0t on his forehead.
I screamed my stomach out and Alfred and his friends rushed In,
“Why you kill am? The one with heavy voice asked.
“He dey occu-py space and he no get money at all, the idiot be black market for us and who be this one? The one who sh0t the man asked referring to me and immediately i began to throw up.
“we-tin be this na! Which time this place turn to una fun place! I heard him shout.
“No vex we been wan tell you……. His friends said leaving the room and Alfred quic-kly held me.
I was coughing so terribly and he untied me and held me sit despite the pains on my back.
My face turned sour and was bathed with tears as i looked at him but he couldn’t look at me,
“How did you turn to be this way? I asked.
“I was always this way, it was you who refused to know me, he replied and i was so shocked.
“Don’t try to get up from here else you’ll be killed, wait here I’ll go get to clean you up, he said and slowly left while i looked at the dead man crying slowly despite i don’t know him from anywhere…………
Purity kidnapped by Alfred and his friends 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️
Is there still hope for our purity 🤔🤔
Found out in next episode

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