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Mama I made it episode 23

Episode 23.❤
Success ran after me and st©pped me,
“Its okay Purity, he’s my friend he wanted greeting me, he said laughing.
“Greeting you with the way he ran like he wanted hitting you or something, I said and he laughed.
“He always do that anytime I come around here, its his own way of saying hi he means no harm, come let’s go greet him, he said and I shook my head.
“Is my mom awake now? Its more than 30minutes we arrived here, I said.
“Alright let’s go check out, he said and we left meeting a nurse asking her about my mom.
“I can’t tell why not ask your mom? She asked and he nodded and we left to his mother office.
We sat down waiting for her as Charity was talking over to me on phone and his mom walked in,
“Okay I’ll call you back, I said to her and stood up as a sign of respect greeting her.
“No no no sit down, so how was your tour guide? She asked.
“He wasn’t bad though, I replied smiling.
“She ran when my friend [email protected]£ to greet me, he said and she laughed.
“Are you serious? I thought you should be used to how they behave by now, she said.
“Maybe she’s my mother that’s why I wasn’t that scared of her, I replied.
“Its alright, your mom is awake, she said and I sat up to listen well.
“How is she ma? I asked.
“With her reactions, she looks scared…. I mean very very scared. You said she was taken to a physiatrics before? She asked and I nodded.
“We are suspecting they did something to her over there, she said and I looked at Success.
“My dad said she ran away from there, I said.
“She did? I’ve been seeing patients upon patients but you see your mom, I think they were hurting her At the hospital she was, she said.
“She struggled so much with us and even held a knife, I want to believe you mom, Success said.
“But don’t worry my colleague is going to find out what exactly is wrong with her, maybe she was injected with any drugs or anything we will find out, her blood has alre-ady been taken for test, she said.
“Thanks ma, but ma she can’t talk I don’t know how she got to that point, I said and she smiled.
“I noticed that too but don’t worry, I smell something fishy but it will be arrested. She’s so pretty, she said and I sadly nodded.
“Yes she is, I said.
“She will be fine, she is on be-d rest now and very weak, I think the fear has really weighed her down but if you want to see her you are free, she said.
“oh thank you so much, I said and she directed Success to where her room is and I left with him.
We got to her room and I saw her lying down with her eyes open, the nurses were still around and I slowly held her hand as she was only looking at me.
“I’m so sorry mommy, i didn’t know how to tell you this but Don’t be scared mommy, they only want you to get better. I will be coming here to visit you from time to time, I said and I saw her eyes teary.
“Whatever they did to you over there won’t happen here I promise you, I said cleaning her eyes and k!$$£d her on her forehead to go but she held My hands back.
She was still feeling weak and I looked at Success,
“Stay with her okay, she will soon sleep off so you can take your leave, I’ll cone back to pick you, he said and left while i sat down beside her……………
My mom eventually sle-pt off still holding my hand and Success returned,
“She just sle-pt off, I whispered to him and he slowly took my hand from her and held me away when I couldn’t leave my mom again.
I went back to his mother to thank her again and tell her I’ll be leaving,
“Alright so you’ll be coming to check on her right? I heard you’re a medical student, she said.
“Yes ma’am, I replied.
“Its alright, I won’t want you to visit her always anyway, twice or thrice in a month is okay, she said.
“Really? I was thinking twice a week, I said.
“Nah I have a reason for saying that, I want her to be very hungry to see you, don’t worry, she said and I sadly nodded.
“Okay ma, thanks again, I said and she waved at me and I left with Success.
“Worried? Success asked me on the way.
‘I was thinking I will be visiting her, I replied.
“Okay let me be the one to check on her for you, you can’t be parading on the road always, he said and we got to his car.
“So you’re dropping me off? I asked.
“Yes ma’am, he replied.
“No sir you will return late and I wont accept that, I’ll find my way home, I said.
“Purity…… “I insist, I cut in and he swallowed.
“Let me drop you at the park then, he said and I got into the car.
He dropped me at the park and gave me money for my transportation back home,
‘Thank you, i said to him kind of sad when i saw I forgot to carry money when I left with him.
“Its okay, and call me when you arrive okay, he said.
“I will, I said and got into a bus and he waved at me and waited until the bus took off.
I heaved and weighed my head on the glas-s and Alfred called,
“Hello good afternoon, I picked up.
“Afternoon, where are you? He asked when he heard the noises and everything.
“Going back to the village, I replied.
“You traveled? He asked.
“Ya kind of, I’ll call you when I arrive home, I said and dropped the call.
I felt so hungry and thought of buying snacks to eat but it was too late, I decided to keep myself busy with the baby that was sitting close to me till i got home.
I arrived safely and called up Success when i was on a bike home,
“You haven’t still arrived na you’re still on the road, he said and i laughed.
“that’s because you’ve been calling and i kept ignoring because I didn’t arrive yet, but I’m close to the house, I said.
“That’s your own, when you get home call me that was the order, he said and I laughed as he dropped the call.
Entering into the compound that evening i called him back again,
“You’re now home right? He asked.
“Yes sir, I replied.
“Okay I just wanted to be sure you’re back safely, sorry I didn’t get you something to eat I just remembered that now,he said.
“No its fine, I got something to eat at the junction, thanks for the money you shouldn’t have done that, I said.
“You’re so funny, get your rest okay, he said.
“Alright sir, should I say goodnight? I asked.
“Its a lie o! He shouted and i laughed and dropped the call.
I opened the door with all smiles but when i got in my smiles faded, the house was so quiet and dark and great fear gr!pp£dme.
I thought of how I’m going to survive in this house alone and in the compound surrounded by bushes.
I took my phone and called up Charity telling her my challenge now,
“Where are you now? She asked.
“I just got home nah, I’m outside I can’t even go in, I replied.
“I can imagine, and knowing someone even died in the room i won’t try to sleep alone never, she said.
“Charity i hope you know you’re not helping matters with what you just said now, I said.
“Sorry, can you come over to the hostel? I stay alone i won’t mind entertaining your trouble though, she said and I smiled.
she has always been talking me to move into the hostel with her but I think now is a good time to do that.
‘I’m tired Charity and hungry, I think I’ll be there tomorrow, I nee-d to pack my things nau, i replied and she shouted happily.
‘Crazy girl, I said laughing.
“See you tomorrow girl, I’ll get pizza for us! She shouted.
“You better do, I said and dropped the call and heaved.
Insects were alre-ady skrie-king and the only light was that of my phone torch I used in seeing as I brou-ght out what i got to eat.
As i was eating i thought about what Success mom told me, I know I was suspecting my step mom to have something to do with my mom sickness and have bothered myself with it a lot, but when my mom fell sick and recovered, i totally forgot about that [email protected] and concentrated on my business before my education [email protected]£ in.
The shock on my mom face when she saw the nurses was something i have never seen before, and the fear i saw in her eyes on be-d showed something was really wrong somewhere.
I heaved and drank the water i brou-ght and threw the sachet away,then a beep [email protected]£ on my phone.
I took it to see it was an alert from the politician wife i helped with her clothes who promised to take care of my textbooks in school.
The alert was just a life saver as i saw 30,000 naira cash and i jumped inside forgetting i was scared to go in.
I called her up immediately to thank her for the money,
“You’re welcome dear, and how is studies? She asked.
“Going well ma’am and the family? I asked back.
“Doing well dear, i will find a day to invite you to come over to have dinner with us if you won’t mind, she said.
“Oh that will be so good ma, any time, i said.
“Alright dear I’ll let you know, she said and we bid ourselves goodnight.
I happily fell on the be-d and gave Charity a flash as an indication to come online on WhatsApp to tell her the alert I just got……..We always behave that way and hid nothing from ourselves and we chatted for so long until Success call [email protected]£ on phone, the was when i knew it was alre-ady late.
“Okay sir goodnight, i said immediately I picked up and he laughed.
“Not too fast, I just wanted to invite you to join me drink coffee, he said.
“Nah don’t you have milk instead? I asked.
“Uhmmmm I don’t have kitten here, he replied.
“Wait, did you just called me kitten? I asked.
“Did I? Oh yes my lovely kitten, he replied laughing.
“I didn’t hear that, i said.
“I know you did, Good night and sweet dreams, he said.
“night night and dream of a scary kitten, I said.
“That was so ro-mantic you know, he said and i laughed dropping the call.
“My friend don’t sleep on me! Charity voice message [email protected]£ out loud and i smiled knowing staying with her from tomorrow will be all fun throu-gh out…………
Success is so sweet 😘😘😘
Who do you think is behind charity mom’s madness 🤔🤔

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