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Mama I Made it episode 11

Episode 11.❤
I managed to switch on my phone when I got to the shop, but there was no text message especially from my dad.
I just heaved and took the phone to my neighbor to help me charge it and I returned back to my shop.
I can’t tell what the time was when I saw someone standing outside and I looked up to see the guy of yesterday.
“Hi welcome, I said getting up and he walked in smiling.
“Birthday girl, he said and I smiled giving him a seat.
“I didn’t forget the [email protected]©p, its here, I said taking my schoolbag.
“Let’s talk about something else after all its your day, so where is the [email protected]? He asked.
“Uhmmm there will be no [email protected], you know after what happened yesterday, I was thinking of going somewhere to get a cake for I and my mom, I replied.
“And I’m excluded right? He asked and I laughed.
“Of course not but it depends on when I’ll get it, I see my mom so excited more than I do like its her day, I’m only getting it for her honestly, I replied and he nodded and put on a serious look.
“I know I’m a stranger Purity and I [email protected]£ just for a [email protected]©p, but I want to know if you don’t mind, what led to your mom insanity? He asked and I sat down cleaning my face.
“I don’t know honestly, the matter is so complicated and she can’t talk, but I’m having this faith that there’s a chance for her to Come around, I replied.
“Has she been taken to a hospital? He asked.
“My dad said he took her there but no positive results, but I don’t want to give up though I know its sad I can’t help her out but I wish I can, I said and he nodded.
“If you want, I’ll take her there, he said.
“What! I shouted surprised because I wasn’t expecting that.
“Its okay, my mom is a psychiatrist and I can talk to her about this, let’s see how it will go and if there is any chance for your mom to get better, I as-sure you she will be, he said and tears was just streaming down my face and I slowly went on my knees which he held me up.
“Common don’t do that, he said.
“plea-se let me do it, you don’t know what you’ve just done for me and I don’t know how to repay you. I was separated from her for years because of her sickness, and I’m ba-rely 3 months with her. My choice to stay with her made my dad abandon me here, and I’ve really seen how much she loves me despite her condition. I want nothing more than to see her well, that’s my only wish, I said crying.
“I un-derstand and I saw the de-ep love she has for you yesterday, I’ll talk to my mom and get back to you alright, he said and I nodded.
“Thank you so much, I said cleaning my dace.
“You’re welcome, today is suppose to be your happy day, don’t ruin that face plea-se, he said and I smiled and sniffed trying to get myself back.
“So where to from here? He asked and a customer walked in. I quic-kly gave him a sign and he gave me the go ahead to attend to her while he kept himself company with his phone.
“I’m so sorry about that, i said to him when she left.
“No its fine, he said.
“But why do you nee-d the [email protected]©p when you can get a better one anywhere? I asked and he smiled.
“That’s right I can get one anywhere but my [email protected]©p broke down at a very wrong time. I’m a movie director and script writer and you know what that means, i nee-d my [email protected]©p so badly but coincidentally I saw the pop up [email protected]©p for sale and I liked it. I just called immediately without thinking twice and i know you nee-d that money more than others do, I don’t mind buying it from you, he replied and I smiled and brou-ght the [email protected]©p out and gave it to him.
“Wow oh wow! Its indeed a good product, he said looking at it and I sadly nodded.
Its not my happiness to sell it out, but then sacrifice must be made to achieve something.
“What if I say I won’t buy it? He asked and my heart skipped scared God has seen the content of my heart and has gotten angry.
“But why you don’t like it? I asked.
“I do but its gonna help you too since you are training yourself singlehandedly.
I’ll connect you to a site that you’ll be paid, you can add it up with what you’re having here and push your studies, he said.
“Oh no you don’t un-derstand, i don’t even have the money to start that’s why I’m selling it out, I said.
“I know what I’m saying Purity, I’ll give you the money for the fees, he said and my eyes bulged out.
“No plea-se i won’t accept it, I mean how I repay you if you’re to ask for the favor back? I can’t accept this offer I’m sorry, I’m selling it out and I’ll find another way to take care of myself in school, I said.
“I hope the way will be pure? He asked.
“Of course, very pure and genuine, I replied.
“Fine then I have no choice, I’ll get it at the price you stated online. So can I have your account number? He asked and I quic-kly called it out for him.
“s£nt, he said to me.
“I’m currently charging my phone, I said.
“You can go check it out to be sure, he said and I was reluctant to.
“No don’t bother i know its s£nt, so its yours now, I said.
“Including the bag? He pla-yfully asked.
“Ahhh no plea-se, I replied laughing.
“Just kidding, he said and got up like he was about to leave.
“Thank you so much, I said and he nodded.
“Can you plea-se esc-rt me to the car? He asked.
“Sure, I said and followed him out to his car, and I was about waving him good bye to go, he asked me to wait.
He opened the door and brou-ght out a packet which contained a cake and a bag for me.
“Are you serious?, Was what [email protected]£ out from my mouth as i slowly got it from him.
“Happy birthday once again, plea-se make sure your mom cuts the cake with you and tell her the money she hustled yesterday bought this, he said and I didn’t know what to say.
“Thank you, thank you so much and God bless you, I managed to say but he smiled and drove off.
“I don’t even know your name! Gosh! I shouted angry with myself I forgot to ask.
I got back to the shop and opened up the cake happy he just saved me the stress of looking for one so urgent. I looked into the bag and saw a bottle of wine and a packet of jui-ce.
“Thank you so much and happy birthday to you Purity, I happily said and quic-kly hurried up with the clothes on hand so I’ll go see my mom.
At 4pm I got my phone from my neighbor and was re-ady to close for the day, I saw few missed calls from my friends especially from the Internet and i returned the calls back. I also saw the alert and i noticed he added an extra money to the amount we agreed on and I smiled thanking him again.
Then i saw his number and decided to save it as “angel” since i don’t know his name.
I don’t know why that name [email protected]£ to my head first, but i saw him as my angel and I decided to call to know if he has arrived home but his number was switched off.
I returned my phone to my bag, took my cake and the bag he gave me and left.
On my way I met with the bully of a guy and he st©pped me when i tried avoiding him,
“I’m not invited right? He asked.
“Why should you even be invited? I mean who knows you? I asked and walked away from him closing my ears to whatever he spilled behind me.
“Mama I’m back! I shouted when i entered into the compound and my mom [email protected]£ out. I saw she wore the dress she loves so much and even put on her shoe. Ever since i got shoes for her, she never attem-pted to put it on except i f0rç£ her legs in, but today she didn’t want anyone to f0rç£ her, she did it on her own.
“Momma is looking so beautiful, I tea-sed her as she happily [email protected]£ to me, but it was directly for the cake. She got it from me first before anything and shone her teeth at me,
“Ahhh Mommy not even a pe-ck? I asked but she shook her head smiling and went in with the cake while i shook my head and sat outside to rest first as i heard her jumping inside.
“Mommy we nee-d to shower, i said still outside and she shouted inside which indicated a very big NO to me.
“Okay o, I said and went in and saw she was alre-ady sitting on the floor looking at the cake like it was a mirror,
“Beautiful right? I asked and she shone her teeth.
“Your money gave me that, thank you mommy, I said and her countenance dropped and i t©uçhed her.
“Let me go shower okay, when i come back we will cut the cake and [email protected] together, i said keeping the drinks beside the cake and she was just [email protected] her hands and kicking her legs happily while i left to have a shower.
I [email protected]£ back, changed up and sat beside her with my phone [email protected]£ra on,
“Mommy say CHEERS!, i said wanting to snap with her but she kept a frowning face and pointed at the cake and i couldn’t help but laugh ha-rd at her.
“Okay okay I know the cake is your problem and we will eat it today, I said and brou-ght out a penknife and looked at my mom,
“I’ll use your name in cutting the cake, its for you and i want you to know this is the best birthday [email protected] I’ve ever had, I said and cut the cake spelling her name HILDA.
We took pictures together and i posted it online and logged out immediately so i can [email protected] music for her.
Despite we were just 2, it was the most funniest birthday i have ever had and i didn’t notice my dad nor my friends weren’t there.
We brushed up for the night as usual after i was able to keep a [email protected] of the cake for tomorrow breakfast at least, and my mom didn’t waste time to sleep off with the cake and drink she consumed enough.
I tidied up the place and took up my phone to call angel to thank him again for ma-king my day, but it was still switched off.
I wondered why his number is still switched off and prayed he should be okay, I then switched to the Internet and I didn’t know when I began to cry.
The comments i got from those i called my friends, even my step sister despite being a public platform ruined my whole day, and i regretted I shared the pictures I took so happily there.
They commented about the background, and didn’t spare my mother from the mockery.
I couldn’t take it, and I sadly deactivated my account to end the shame………….


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