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Love is the feeling finale

Love is the feeling
Episode 13
Laura and lewis avoid each other like strange plague when they woke up thinking they’ve committed Incest.
Lewis rush to his room exactly at four in the morning he couldn’t sleep still thinking about the previous night he blame himself for being so reckless.
At the alter he was f0rç£d by his brothers to at least smile on the alter after saying the vows Laura’s heart almost bleed.
The wedding night is nothing to talk about lewis abandon Clara in the bridal room with the excuse that she should rest because of her baby.
He met Laura crying outside beside the river but he hide pretending not to see her.
“ why does it have to be me? Why did I have to fall in love with my own brother this is unfair” Laura yelled throwing a stone in the river.
“ all my life I’ve bullied for being fatherless now I have my father and I lose the love of my life? Is this even fair at all ” she yelled louder this throwing another stone.
“ I don’t think I can ever love another man the way I love him ” her yells are now breaking into sobs.
“ he is my first love my everything my life now my brother ” she cried splashing the water with her feet but the group is too sli-ppery she fell into the river and the unfortunate [email protected] is that she can’t swim perfectly.
Lewis rush out of his hiding place to save his sister he jump into the river and he save her placing her on the bank he [email protected] her.
“ I don’t regret what happened yesterday night? ” Laura muttered.
“ what? We are siblings ” lewis exclaimed.
“ its the best thing that could ever happen to me Lee loosing my vir-ginity to the man I love ” she smiled as she remember how his t©uçhes made her feel.
“ I’m leaving tomorrow I wish you happy married life from the bo-ttomof my heart plea-se stay happy for me lee ” she said tilting her head closer for a k!sswhich he return having being intoxicated by her scent earlier.
“ Laura I know we just can’t help it but I wish you will be happy with the person you will meet in the future just know that I love you Ann ” lewis said after the k!ss.
Laura alre-ady pack her things inside a small traveling box leaving so many clothes behind. She bade goodbye to her brothers and her parents including Rosemary.
She told Rosemary to stay maybe she can win Justin’s love.
Clara is happy that her main enemy is gone, winning is what made her so happy that sh couldn’t contain her happiness.
Eliza and Rosara sat on the couch in Rosara’s secret room discussing about the myth surrounding lewis birth.
“ that child should be called Lazarus instead of Lewis he is alre-ady cold. Jane did that to hurt clariss she want want Jake at all cost so she think if she swap the babies she might get a chance but fate doesn’t put it that way lewis is cold alre-ady but he later woke up and Clarissa’s daughter later died of pneumonia” Eliza narrated while Rosara blink back her tears.
Laura barged into the house with a sour look on her face. All the servants were surprised to see her in the house again the help her with her loads and just slump into her be-d the moment she enter the house falling into a de-ep sleep.
“ Laura’s door is opened is she around? ” Rosara asked.
“ yes it seems something is bothering her ” Angelica Laura’s maid replied.
“ oh maybe ” Rosara shrugs her shoulder knowing what laura could be thinking about.
Three months later laura rush to her bathroom while talking with her mother she is suddenly feeling some kind nauseous but she didn’t un-derstand.
After vomiting she [email protected]£ back looking tired and with one glance Rosa knew what’s wrong with her.
“ Laura who is the father ” Rosara asked wit an expressionless face.
Laura keep quite its quite embarras-sing for her to tell anyone that she actually carrying her brother’s baby.
“ alright if you don’t want to talk about it its okay anyway your dad want you back in the mansion ” Rosara said standing up after tearing Laura’s heart into two.
How on earth can she cope with hiding the morning sickness and everything.
Love is the feeling
Episode 14
Clara is very sad when she heard laura is actually coming back.
The life for laura in the house for about two weeks in the house is almost hell except Rosemary who was keeping her company.
Clara always take every chance to pick fights with her and on some ocas-sion she end locking herself in her room all day just to avoid troubles.
The day everything provoke laura was the day she saw a snake on her be-d courtesy of clara
“ Rosemary I’m going to kill clara today! ” laura screamed when she saw it.
“ laura calm down the baby ” Rosemary try to say but Laura is alre-ady out of her sight.
Laura barged into lewis and Clara’s room dragging her by her hair she gave her a resounding [email protected]
She beat clara black and blue before Justin and Daniel intervene just before she squee-ze Clara’s life out of her b©dy. Justin hold laura while Daniel hold Clara who was trying to fight back.
“ let me go justin!! I nee-d to put this goddamned bit-ch in her place its not your place to toy with my life Clara you this shameless stinking fly!! How dare she put a snake on my be-d I’m going to treat your fv¢k today Clara! Justin let me go ” laura screamed trying to free herself from Justin’s hold.
‘ I did not I swear ’ clara try to fake a tear but laura won’t have any of it.
“ here she go again trying to shed crocodile tears huh? No I’m not going to take this stupidity from you anymore you this disgusting dimwit!! You’re a snake Clara!! You are going to pay and when I say that I mean it!! ” laura yelled still struggling forgetting the fact that she is three months pregnant.
“ what is going on here? ” lewis asked angrily looking at the mess his wife and his suppose sister created.
Clara try to cry again but Laura walk out immediately justin re-lease her. She is obviously angry and feeling betrayed she have never feel so dejected and miserable all her life.
The next day was even worse she is trying exercise herself to stay fit but she met clara on her way again
She try to ignore her but Clara’s voice brou-ght her back.
“ I’m going to show you hell in this house if you don’t leave ” Clara said after her.
“ keep your hell to your self I’m not re-ady for your $h!t today so fv¢k off ” laura shrugs her shoulder before continuing her exercise.
Clara saw this as a perfect opportunity if she can just fake a miscarriage here then frame Laura she will be gone for good.
She smiled at her wicked plan, chase Laura away then kill lewis and have the properties to herself.
There is a semi cliff right beside her and if she can jump there then shout Laura’s name people will think Laura pushed her so she took one step backwards.
“ Laura! ” she screamed and Laura turn around seeing what Clara is trying to do she try to prevent her but its too late she alre-ady fell rolling on the ha-rd rocks.
Laura rush back to the house she called justin and Paul even the head worker Arturo even though she hate clara she can’t allow her to die.
The found clara laying unconscious un-der the cliff.
“ what happened here Laura? ” Justin asked and she narrate everything to them without leaving a point.
“ so she actually did this intentionally? ” Paul asked.
“ yes ” laura replied.
“ laura you better watch your back I think she is doing this to implicate you ” Justin said with pity in his eyes.
Clara woke up an hour later crying and saying her baby is gone she can’t feel it anymore(which baby?).
When Lewis arrive he believe what Clara said without listening to Laura at all.
Without mercy he throw her out of the house and to make the matter worse Jake and Clarissa are away.
“ alright I will leave but if you maybe find the truth you know where to find me ” Laura wipe her tears with the back of her hand and she left carrying only her handbag.
“ I’m going to follow her too ” Rosemary said.
“ why? ” justin and lewis asked almost together.
“ I can’t watch her suffer from injustice like this I hate seeing her hurt. And when you finally know the real truth not even about today’s event but everything you will be surprised more than you can ever imagine ” Rosemary said before gr-abbing her handbag too.
“ Laura wait up ” Rosemary called but she was surprised when laura fainted.
“ Mrs Edward I mean mom laura has fainted plea-se s£nd a car ” Rosemary text on her phone when she couldn’t take the silence she quic-kly dial Rosa’s number.
Few minutes later a car arrived and Laura was rushed to the hospital.
Rosemary gr-ab her phone,she dial Lewis’s number and he pick it almost immediately.
“ I just want to thank you for what you did Laura, thanks to you she is pregnant and almost losing the pregnancy right now ” Rosemary said with a sorrowful tone.
“ what do you mean? ” Lewis asked unable to un-derstand anything.
“ wait let me say everything. Clara was never pregnant and she is trying to kill you soon with the help of the traitor you call your brother Paul. And one more thing I just found out laura is not your sister ” Rosemary drop the bomb and lewis almost [email protected]
Love is the feeling
Episode 15
While Laura is in the hospital, Clarissa, Jake and Rosara are in the Nelson’s home to question Jane.
“ at this point I’m not going to save you if you lie Jane you alre-ady know who I am and what I do right? Now tell us the truth ” Rosara said with a long face while Jane stare at own feet unable to look at her own husband and her friends she began.
“ I’ve always loved Jake since we were teenagers and I hate the fact that he only look at Clariss ignoring me. One of the reasons I love him is because of his parent’s wealth and I want it for myself and that will only be possible if I marry him but my heart was broken into pieces when he proposed to clariss. I thought he only want to marry her because she is pregnant so I thought if I get rid of the baby then I will make them divorce and finally have Jake. I threatened Eliza to switch the baby with a dead one. Clarissa actually gave birth to a girl ” Jane’s sniffs is now turning into sub’s as she continued.
“ but wait you mean you switch my baby right from birth?! How dare you?! ” Clarissa yelled before Jane can continue and without warning two h0t [email protected] landed on Jane’s face courtesy of Clarissa.
“ but it was a miracle the cold dead child actually woke up. He was a boy and Eliza ran away with the girl whom she raised with her daughter Rosemary but when I found out I was angry so I lock Eliza in an un-derground asylum where no one will find her, Rosemary Eliza’s daughter was adopted by a widow but unfortunately your daughter died of pneumonia I’m sorry I’m really sorry I’ve learnt my lesson. When Rosa mistakenly got pregnant I was angry so I try to kill the twins but something st©p me I didn’t know Rosa is a secret agent that’s why I convince Clarissa to take the twins away from her but she only succeed in taking one leaving the other one with Rosara I’m so sorry clarissa Rosara plea-se forgive me ” Jane cried but her husband called the police immediately.
“ I have a murderer here in my house can you do me a favour of arresting her right now ” Fred yelled on the phone he couldn’t believe he married a Jezebel.
So Jane didn’t love him all this while just using him to [email protected]? All this is ma-king his head spin around.
The police arrive shortly later and they arrest Jane with all evidence pointing at her she can’t escape it she know she is going to prison.
Charged with a murder and two attem-pted murder. She is going to be killed for sure.
Lewis drag Clara with her hair to the car when she won’t go to the hospital peacefully with him. He ignore all her plea-s everything he heard from Rosemary is ma-king him angry very angry that he can’t even take it.
Series of test were conducted on Clara and it was made clear that she was never pregnant not to talk having any miscarriage instead they found out she now have a slight mental problem because she hit her head on a rock earlier.
They refer them to a psychiatric hospital and Clara won’t st©p crying at her loss she remember Paul and how he made her did everything she instantly got angry.
After ma-king sure Clara is safe in a psychiatric hospital Lewis rush to the hospital Laura was admitted.
“ hi ” he whispered Rosemary turned but Laura’s eyes lit fire.
“ what is he doing here?! ” laura shouted.
“ laura calm down ” Rosemary said but laura ignore her “ I don’t want to see you get out lewis plea-se get out” laura keep yelling.
“ laura plea-se ” Rosemary pleaded and again laura ignore her. ‘ Rosem plea-se tell him to go and meet his wife. Go and meet your wife and leave me alone dear brother ’ laura said with so much rage in her eyes that lewis couldn’t say anything.
“ why can’t you just listen for once Laura?! He is not your brother! ” Rosemary yelled shaking Laura.
“ what?! ”
Love is the feeling
Episode 16
“ he is not my brother? You mean Lewis and I are not siblings? But how? Does that mean my mother lied to me? ” laura ask with tears in her eyes.
“ no Mrs Edward didn’t lie she told you the truth but the problem is Lewis. I met my real mother yesterday and she narrated everything to me. Clara’s mother switched Mrs Bailey’s real child with lewis since birth and that’s why she locked my mother in an asylum ” Rosemary said using the back of her hands to wipe her tears while laura just sat there staring into space. Lewis couldn’t say anything, imagine discovering the people you know as your are not really your parent you are just an object of punishment for them.
Clarissa, Rosara and Jake later arrive at the hospital and with the atmosphere in the room they Rosemary must have told them. When they learn laura is even pregnant, Jake and clarissa were surprised but Rosara didn’t even show an ounce of surprise in her eyes because she alre-ady know about the pregnancy and its father.
6 months later
Lewis show up at golden palace to convince laura to marry him again. That’s how he’s been doing since last month he even have his servants design a nursery in his own house and the result is positive Laura agreed to move in with him with a condition that they will get married after giving birth to her twins which lewis agreed to immediately.
Meanwhile Clara just escape from the psychiatric hospital to kill three people, laura lewis and Paul because Paul betrayed her too.
She met him in their hideout and she entered with some do¢v-ments she stole from lewis.
Paul was surprised to see her but he hide it as if its nothing she hand the do¢v-ment to him but paul doesn’t un-derstand why she is doing this so he stick to his own plan by giving her a glas-s of wine. She drank immediately and she started feeling strange like she is loosing her balance.
“ what did you put inside my drink? ” she asked with a faint voice.
“ let’s just say I don’t trust someone who has been in a psychiatric hospital for the past six years so I add a little substances that will make you lose the muscles in your hands and legs and soon you will start feeling pain in your spinal cord then boom you will die due to paralysis ” paul said without laughing while Clara stared at him what he didn’t un-derstand is that Clara [email protected]£ with her own plan too. Before the poison can work any further she fired three straight sh0t directly at his heart. “ you are worse than death ” Clara said limping away but she couldn’t do that for a long time before she got hit by a train.
She couldn’t move again when she got to railing s again and you know how train moves.
Laura also gave birth to twins same night in her mother’s house. The boy look exactly like Lewis and the girl too look like him but she have Laura’s eyes and milky skin.
The couple got married a year later because of Paul’s death but everyone got over it sooner than they expected.
Rosemary finally get to go on a [email protected]£ with Justin and Bridgette and Daniel still remain lovers without any obstacles separating them.Rosara found love again with James and everyone lived in love because is the perfect feeling.
The End

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