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Love is the feeling batch 2

Love is the feeling
Episode 4
“ she hide laura well but I get to take you f0rç£fully that is why that she will never talk to me or Jake again ” Clarissa explained in tears.
“ so you mean you took me f0rç£fully from my mom? Laura grew up without a father and I grew up without a mom? This is unfair” Linda cried and the other family members remain quiet except Clarissa who was sobbing.
“ but I’m your mom Linda I raised you as my daughter which I never had and I loved you”
“ if you loved me as you claimed you won’t think of hiding that great secret from me seriously you think I won’t find out somehow? Mom you are wicked ” Linda sniffs her eyes red as a burning fire.
“ I did it because I love you and Laura ” Clarissa said with plea-se forgive me expression.
“ I think I nee-d fresh air to clear my head thanks for the meal ” Linda hurried out of the room weeping but lewis follow her promising their parents he will talk to her.
Golden palace
Rosemary can be seen in her own room pressing her phone she is obviously chatting with one of her numerous b©yfri£ndwhen Laura enter the room holding two beautiful dresses, one is a pink silk mini go-wn designed with lace while the other is a black h0t chic dress.
“ I wonder which one will look great on me ” laura asked while rosemary bur-st into loud laughter.
“ seriously are you a slut? That black chic dress is too h0t and it show too much skin and for that pink go-wn it is old fashioned ” placing her phone on the small shelf beside the be-d she bur-st into another round of laughter.
“ ah I get it shopping? ” Laura said and rosemary snapped her f!ngers.
An hour later the two friends can be seen with two bags full of clothes, shoes and bag coming out of a boutique.
Laura end up picking a lace dress with golden patches and it suit her skin but the other clothes? She may not wear them.
“ finally my friend is meeting her father after so many years hurray! ” Rosemary shouted popping the champagne.
“ I’m so happy right now all thanks to my mom, now I have the most handsome guy as my b©yfri£ndand I’m meeting my dad for first time ” laura said happily.
“ you mean Lewis? Wow my friend is in love” Rosemary tea-sed.
“ whatever you say I just love him ” Laura said in a dreamily way and rosemary hit her fiercely with her palm.
“ what was that for? ” Laura winced in pain.
“ I just feel like beating you up and I don’t know why ” Rosemary grinned enjoying every bit of Laura’s discomfort.
“ wait here I’m going to tear you into shreds Rosemary” Laura yelled chasing Rosemary but Rosemary ran and hid un-der the dinning table.
“ Rosemary come out while I’m still being nice Rosemary!! ” Laura clench her teeth unknown to her Rosemary crawled from her hiding place and she stood behind laura just like a cat that want to catch a mouse, suddenly Rosemary sma-ck her bu-tt and Laura let out a loud yelp but Rosemary doesn’t seem to care instead she ran into the room and she lock the door.
“ Rosemary I swear I will kill you! ” Laura cursed ban-ging Rosemary’s door, their little drama is now attra-cting laughs and giggles of the servants.
“ Rosemary you will pay for this ” Laura shouted and she made to leave but Rosemary open the door again with a smile she repeat what Laura said earlier “ Rosemary you will pay for this ” in a mocking manner and she lock the door again.
“ I’m so pissed off Rosemary I will kill you ” Laura kicked the door with her ba-refoot and it sure hurts her. “ auch that hurts ” she said before limping to her room.
She sat down on her be-d thinking of the best way to get back at Rosemary then she snap her hands at the perfect idea.
Later that evening while they were having dinner Laura didn’t eat anything with the excuse that her stomach is bad.
She left them to execute her perfect plan, she ti-p toed to Rosemary’s room and luckily she found Rosemary’s nightie on the be-d smiling at her, she took a nee-dle and thre-ad then she sew the n£¢k, after doing this she crawl to a corner waiting for Rosemary to come.
Fifteen minutes later Rosemary did come and after yanking her clothes to a corner she pick the nightie and wearing it seems difficult, she couldn’t get head out of cloth and while she is struggling with the clothes laura pounce on her like an hungry lion feeding on its prey.
She gave her a good beating before she finally let her go.
“ its your turn now laura you are going to pay ” rosemary winced in pain.
“ Rosemary is a herb in my garden when will rosemary bloom? That I don’t know when will see rosemary flowers I don’t know ” laura sang provoking rosemary.
“ I accept defeat there is no payback you are going to your father’s house tomorrow I hope you find happiness ” rosemary said in defeat tone.
“ hey won’t you follow me? ” Laura asked.
“ so you can kill me? ”
“ what? ” laura smiled picking another nightie for Rosemary.
“ you promised to kill me remember? ” Rosemary said with frown.
“ that was a joke ”
Episode 5
“ Actually I’m curious ” laura sighs
“ curious? About what? ” Rosemary asked.
“ well you know my father will he accept me? And my siblings too are they going to accept me? Even my step mother too ” Laura sigh more de-eply this time.
“ I have a feeling this will affect you my friend but let’s see tomorrow is the day oh your phone is ringing ” Rosemary point at Laura’s phone.
“ oh it is Lewis ” Laura said covering Rosemary’s mouth.
“ hello Laura ” lewis said sounding a little bit stressed.
“ laura your voice sound so I don’t know maybe your tired ” Lewis said smiling non st©p
“ yes I’m tired ” laura said almost in a whisper.
“ can we meet tomorrow? ” Lewis asked
“ no I have an appointment with someone” laura replied which attra-cts a frown on Lewis’s face.
“ someone important than me? ” lewis asked.
“ yes my dad ” Laura said and lewis calm down a little bit.
“ oh I didn’t know I will just use today to calm my little sister ” lewis scratches his head.
“ laura are you sure if you want to go? ” Mrs Edward and laura yelled yes.
“ who was that? ” lewis asked he obviously heard that yes.
“ my mom ” laura blu-shed.
“ oh my future mother in law? She must be as pretty as you ” lewis chuckled and Laura’s blush turn to a full smile.
“ well I’m hanging up now cu-pcake ” lewis said and laura nodded.
Nelson’s residence
The house is very big and beautiful, Clara sat in her room re-ading a novel titled *who is she? Ana Laura? By queen nikky*.
Her mom enter the room staring at her daughter totally lost in the book she is re-ading.
“ Clara how is it going with Lewis? ” Jane a woman in her early forties dressed in a Japanese robe, her red hair st©p exactly on her nape. Obviously Clara look like her mother they are both gingers while her father Fred is a blonde tall and muscular.
“ not well at all one bit-ch [email protected]£ and stole him from me ” Clara yelled angrily flinging the book away.
“ but you guys are doing great what exactly happened ” Jane asked.
“ seriously? Really? What can I do when he only see me as a friend? ” Clara said followed by a hiss which always irritate her mother anytime she does that.
“ who is that girl? ” Jane ignore her anger and she manage to ask.
“ Laura Ann Edward I hate her ” just a mere mention of Edward shock Jane that she couldn’t hide it. She suddenly went pske sweating profusely.
“ so Rosara is alive? No it can’t be! No ” still sweating she leave the room unknown to Clara who was busy talking.
“ seriously you won’t know how much I hate that bit-ch she think she is the most beautiful girl in the world but she is not. She is way too proud for my liking I just hate her and flaunting cars? That’s too much breaking up with guys after seven minutes that’s so much for her I hate.. ” Clara paused when she realized that she is only talking to herself.
“ seriously where did she run off to? Mom? She can be so annoying ” Clara hissed picking her novel
Golden palace
Laura and rosemary were busy thinking and guessing how Laura’s father will look like.
While Rosara is in her secret room. She pick her phone to call one of their old friends James to inform him of their plan.
“ I want you to follow Laura’s car tomorrow make sure Jane doesn’t know anything. She won’t hesitate to finish her up James plea-se do this for me ” Rosara pleaded.
“ I know what that cunning woman will do so you don’t have to worry but if Jake asked laura to live with them will you allow that? Rosa? ” James called but his last s£ntence render Rosara speechless.
“ well laura is an adult now if she decide to stay I have no problem but plea-se protect her you are the only one I can trust James ” Rosara said finally chasing the silence away.
“ I know that and I won’t betray you ” James chukuled.
“ I’m leaving for Phili-ppines next week ” Rosara drop the bomb.
“ why? To do what? ” james shouted.
“ Frank and I are getting back together you know ” Rosara smiled
The next day
Laura and Rosemary left golden palace looking so beautiful and elegant. The servant at the Bailey’s residence were busy preparing a room for their two visitors. Clarissa made sure the rooms are very beautiful guessing what Laura’s style will be.
Linda on the other hand is imagining what her twin will look like. Blond? Brunette or ginger? All this run throu-gh her mind.
When laura and rosemary arrive lewis is the first person she saw.
“ you? ” the said together.
“ what are doing here? ” the said together again after smiling for some minutes.
“ this is my father’s house ” this time too they said together which cause five minutes silence.
“ are you guys by chance siblings?!!! ” Rosemary shouted and laura faints.
To be continued….
What enmity do you think exist between Rosa and Jane?
What is going to happen to ll couple now?
Episode 6
Laura woke up an hour later trying to put the situation together.
How Lewis’s father is also her father she now realize the hunch Rosemary had earlier that persuading her mother too much will affect her now it doesn’t only affect her but it ruined her completely.
She try to cry but the teats won’t just come, how can Lewis be her brother? But love was what she felt when she met him pure love not sibling love.
Every just dawn on Lewis the woman he ever love turn out to be his sister, but what he felt was love not anything.
He love Linda as his sister but not Laura, he never like her as his sister but as a woman a lover for goodness sake.
In just a twnkle of eye everything [email protected] on them.
“ Laura do you by chance know lewis before? ” Linda asked immediately laura woke up.
“ yes we are friends but who are you? ” laura answered immediately asking another question.
“ oh you may not know me I’m your twin sister Linda by name ” Linda introduce herself which [email protected]£ as a surprise to Laura she didn’t know she have a twin sister wow so much interesting but sad because of Lewis.
“ twin? Oh that’s why you look like Rosa ” laura said calling her mother by her name.
“ Rosa? ” Linda raised a questioning eyebrow.
“ ah my mom I mean our mom ” Laura said with a sm-irk.
“ how is she like? ” Linda asked curiously.
“ she is a business woman who travel day and night, she have never been married and even if I fire a maid or buy a dress worth hundred thousands bucks she doesn’t complain she just want to give me all I want” Laura said emotionally.
“ but why did you want to know your father at all cost? ” Linda asked again.
“ you know its ha-rd telling people your father is dead when you know he is not people bully me right from elementary school that I’m a bastard ” laura sniffs.
“ really? It must be so ha-rd I have someone I know as my mother and I even have a father but you have no one ”
The twins hvg each other sharing their painful moments together.
They [email protected]£ close quic-kly just like best friend, Rosemary and Bridgette [email protected]£ close too but laura and lewis were moody sighing every moment.
Linda notice something is off but she kept quiet, Justin can’t seem to get everything lewis said.
“ you mean your princess charming is our sister? This is serious ” Justin exclaimed.
“ I don’t know what to think either jus I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m suppose to be happy I found my sister or I should be sad I lost the love of my life ” lewis said clenching his fist.
“ this is fv¢king serious ” Justin sighs
“ the problem is if I spend more time with her I no I mean we might end up committing incest I’m telling you Justin that girl want me as much as I want her. I want my Laura Ann not a sister ” Lewis’s voice cracked as he speaks almost breaking in tears.
“ maybe you should find a girl so you can forget her quic-kly ” Justin pat his shoulder.
An un-derground house
Jane can be seen in front of a room which look more like a prison, inside that room is a woman in her late forties looking like a seventy year old grandma.
Well that lady used to be very pretty but she have been locked in that room for over nineteen years so she is older than her looks.
“ Eliza where is that child? ” jane asked and the strange woman let out a loud laugh with her de-ep alto voice.
“ seriously Janelle I have nothing to do with this the dead child [email protected]£ alive and the real baby died ” the woman continue laughing.
“ Eliza tell me now or I will kill you ” Jane yelled.
“ really? Seriously? I want death more than anything in this life ypu lock me up telling people I’m crazy whereas I’m not I was never crazy and you know but what? You lock me in an asylum for a year before you move me down here Jane just kill me” Eliza shouted shaking the iron bars.
“ no I won’t and one thing I heard you refuse to eat since three days ago ” Jane said scratching her head with her middle f!nger.
“ yes well if depression can’t kill me then hunger should try its luck, that baby later died I told you ” Eliza said with a mild laugh.
“ I promise you Elizabeth you are not going to leave here alive and I’m not planning to kill you now ” Jane smiled.
“ Janelle I’m going to get out of here alive and expo-se all what you did to Rosara and Clarissa ” Eliza yelled on t©p of her voice
To be continued….

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