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Life of pains Episode 3 & 4

Episode 3
Ebiere died two days after being
admitted to the hospital. Bright [email protected]£
back from Dubai for the funeral. His
other wives and children were there
also. Preye thought of her father back
home, welcoming guests, dried eye, and
an old anger blossomed inside her for a
second then it was quenched. I nee-d to
travel out of this country. Like one week
at the Caribbean Islands will be soothing.
She smiled to herself.
Pere: “Why are you smiling eh, small
Preye turned to see one of her step
brothers standing close to her. They
were both of the same age and studied
at UNIBEN together but they were not
Preye: “How does my smile affect your
life, Oga?”
Pere: “Hmm… your mother is being
buried and you’re smiling. You are a
wicked person.”
Preye: “Was she your mother? Aproko.
Abeg let me pas-s.” She looked him up
and down and hissed, walking pas-sed
Pere: “one day hand go t©uçh you. All
this your yanga wey u dey make so. Your
eye go clear.” Preye had st©pped to listen
to him speak. She hissed again and
continued walking.
Bright tapped a message on his phone.
The pastor should do and finish this
grave sermon. I have things to do. His
mind was on a small thing that was
waiting for him at his regular h0tel. He
had contacted the willing chick as soon
as he entered Nigeria. He looked at his
daughter as she approached him. This
was another wild thing. Men, what we
have done together this my baby girl and
I? Jesus Christ! Crazy as hell.
Mama Benson: “Why are you smiling?
Your youngest wife his dead and you’re
smiling. Bright…hmmm…Bright!”
Bright: “Woman leave me alone, I beg
you.” His first wife always got on his
nerves. He got up from his chair in his
living room where guests were seated
gossiping, eating and drinking and
stepped out. A man cannot drink water
and drop the cu-p in his own house
again. He watched Preye walk towards
him. She is angry, he thought.
Bright:” Hey Kiddo, how did the funeral
Preye: “It’s done with, dad. She’s resting
peaceably, I think.”
Bright nodded his head. He turned to
look back at the house.
Bright: “Ovie bring me a bottle of
whiskey, ice cubes and two glas-ses.” He
turned back and started walking down
the steps, Preye followed him.
They got to the bo-ttomof a tree that had
chairs set around it and sat down.
Preye: “I am going to live with the guilt
that my relationsh!pwith you killed my
mother.” She said as soon as she sat
down, anger swirling beneath her calm
Bright shook his head and smiled. Ovie
[email protected]£ with the drink and glas-ses,
interrupting the words he was going to
say. After pouring the whiskey into the
glas-ses and adding the ice cubes, he left.
Bright: “your mother was a drun!k. She
was alre-ady gone before she saw that
camcorder. A car backfiring could have
given her a stro-ke. Your mother was
sick, Preye. St©p beating yourself about
Preye: “that does not excuse the fact that
the video of you and I dealt the killing
b!ow.” Her voice sounded hollow in her
ears as she spoke. This was medicine
after death. The deed is done.
Bright sighed, then brou-ght his glas-s of
whiskey to hisl-ips and sipped.
Bright:”I will be travelling back to Dubai
tomorrow. Is there anything you nee-d
that I should know of?”
Preye looked at her father and realized
that to him her mother had been dead a
long time. What role did I [email protected] killing
his affection for her? What kind of
person are you?
Preye: “I want to go on a one week
vacation to the Caribbean Islands.”
Bright: “done. Is that all?”
Preye: “Will we see before you leave?”
she said, sipping her drink.
Bright looked at the tattoo on her left
brea-st, peeking out from the low cut
blouse she was wearing. He smiled. He
remembered the day she got that. bit-ch
plea-se. Very funny. It was the letter B and
P that counted. Bright and Preye. Smart
Bright: “of course and we better get
going if we are to get fv¢ked. “He
downed his whiskey and got up. Preye
downed hers and followed him.
They got into separate cars and drove
off, Mama Benson, Bright’s first wife,
watched them leave throu-gh the
window, a wondering look on her face.
Her son, Benson, walked to her.
Benson: “where are they going to?”
Mama Benson: “how will I know?” she
left the window.
Benson stood watching the gate, his
f!nger circling his glas-s of jui-ce.
Abel stood in front of the mirror. He had
just had his bath. He was trying to bur-st
a painful pimple on his nose to no avail.
He looked at the time. He had to go open
the shop. He turned and saw Kabiru
looking at him.
Abel: “we-tin happen? Which one you dey
look me like say I carry your money
run?” he asked in surprise.
Kabiru: “you know Yetunde? That girl
wey her mama dey sell beans and bole
for junction?”
Abel: “ehen? we-tin do am?” He bent to
look for his sli-ppers.
Kabiru: “I talk to am yesterday.” Abel
st©pped and looked at Kabiru in surprise
then he laughed.
Abel: KB KB! Badt guy. I fear you o. you
just run enter d babe sharply sharply…
notin do you.” he hailed Kabiru,
Kabiru: “no be dat one. She say make I
buy am phone.” Abel looked at Kabiru
quietly for a moment then bur-st into
The door opened and Madam Amina
stepped in.
Amina: “Una never re-ady? Kabiru we-tin
you siddon dere dey do? Abel who go
open d shop?” the boys quic-kly hurried
out of the room.
Madam Amina had four sales girls, Kabiru
and Abel working for her. The girls
cooked and served while Abel and
Kabiru fetched water, split firewood and
pounded Akpu or yam. The buka was a
popular one; frequented by different
clas-ses of people; okada riders, keke
riders, bus drivers, blue collar workers,
businessmen and women. It was a hive
in the afternoons when most offices
were on break. Abel got enough to eat
but he also did a lot of lifting. His lean
frame had added some weight since
coming to work with Madam Amina.
Everything was okay in the shop except
for Bimbo. Bimbo was Madam Amina’s
niece. She [email protected]£ from Lokoja one
evening and since then she has not let
him be. This job, food and shelter was
important to him and he did not want to
do anything to spoil it. Bimbo, on the
other hand, did not care. She just
wanted him, plain and simple.
Abel had finished fetching water. He was
washing cut yam to boil before
pounding. A shadow covered the early
morning sun that was alre-ady ma-king
him sweat. He looked up, it was Bimbo’s
pretty chubby face. She was actually a
pretty girl, with dark eyes, dark skin and
very white teeth. Herl-ips were really pink
and full. She had big brea-sts too and
Abel never got enough of looking at
those torpedoes. The said brea-sts were
pres£ntly swaying before him like a
pendulum clock. She no wear [email protected] again,
Abel thought to himself.
Bimbo: “Abel, abeg you fit come help me
find sometin?” she said smiling at him.
Abel: “you see say I dey busy? Make I
leave dis level come help you fine suntin?
You smoke paracetamol? Make madam
come shout for me abi?” Abel replied
Bimbo laughed and bent lower.
Bimbo: “Madam no dey abeg. Besides e
no go waste time.” Abel looked at her
Abel: “Bimbo I beg you in d name of God.
Go find your tin your sef, you hear. Leave
me o.”
Bimbo looked at him for a time, then
Bimbo: “I no know why you dey run
from me o. if I near you, you go dey run.
I dey bite?”
Abel: “I don tell you finish, I dey cut
yam.” He bent back to his work and
ignored her. She looked at him quietly
then she turned and walked away. Abel
raised his head to watch her as-s roll as
she walked. She suddenly turned and
caught him watching her. She bur-st into
laughter as he quic-kly bent back to his
Pere had watched his father and his
step-sister drive out of the house. The
clos£ness between his father and Preye
was irritating. He never had time for his
other kids, not even bros Benson who
was the eldest but he gave Preye
everything and ignored her errors, no
matter how crazy or stupid they were.
He is probably going to get her
something expensive to calm her down.
Well I deserve something too. Would love
a Zanotti sandal, myself. He got into a
Toyota Camry and drove after them.
Question: Will Abel suc¢v-mb to Bimbo’s
wishes? Will Pere catch Preye and their
father in their incestuous act?
Episode 4
Pere drove fast and soon caught up with
Preye’s vehicle turning into AJ
Restaurant. His dad’s car was nowhere
to be found. He sat in his car and
watched Preye step out of the car and
enter the restaurant. After some minutes,
she [email protected]£ out with a polybag filled with
food and whatnots. She got into her car
and drove off. He followed her until she
got to a wine shop just down the road
and bought some bottles of red wine.
This girl was going to chill just after her
mother’s funeral? The bit-ch is heartless.
Where did dad go then? My Zanotti
sandals is at stake o. he hissed in
frustration and drove away.
Preye got to the h0tel with the food and
drinks and quic-kly climbe-d up to their
room. They had used the room several
times before, so she knew where to
head to. She knocked once, paused,
knocked twice and waited, that was
their prearranged signal. The door
opened. Her dad alre-ady had a towel
round his [email protected]!st. She walked in and
dropped the items she bought on a
table. As she turned back to her dad, she
Zi-pped her go-wn down and stepped out
of it. She never wore [email protected], no matter
what she had on. She walked into his
arms and they were soon k!ss!ngde-eply
and pawing all over each other’s b©dy.
They fell to the be-d, Preye’s [email protected] falling to
the ground, while her father’s towel was
alre-ady on the be-d.
He held her br£@st and tweaked her
n!ppl!s, forcing a [email protected] out of her
mouth which covered his in an
exchange of saliva. She climbe-d astride
him and sheathed herself on his pe-nis.
He gro-an ed as plea-sure sh0t throu-gh
him in waves. They were soon moving in
a rhythm as old as time. They had S-x,
ate, drank and had more S-x throu-ghout
that day, in memory of the beautiful
The next morning Preye woke up to find
her father gone. He had left a note
saying he had an early morning flight he
had to catch. He had transferred enough
money into her account to enable travel
to the Caribbean, have fun and return
back. She stared at the note for a while,
then she got up opened her purse,
brou-ght a bottle of Codeine, mixed it
with a glas-s of red wine and drank. After
that she started tying weed in rizla
paper. When she was done, she entered
the bathroom and fixed a bath.
When the bath was re-ady, she slid in, lit
her blunt and took a long drag into her
lungs. Good Kush…good kush…She
laughed and blew smoke rings up to the
ceiling. That’s for you baba God…that’s
my sacrifice of praise. She laughed…
drew some more of the blunt. She let it
circulate inside for a bit, then she let it
out of her nostrils. She started laughing
quietly in the warm bath, then the
laughter increa-sed and soon she was
crying, screaming in pain. She cried for a
while; she smoked the weed and cried.
She cried for her mother, who had gone
without hearing her explanation and she
cried for the woman she had become.
Bimbo wanted Abel, she wanted him
bad. He was tall, so slim. Tall slim guys
usually have big d!¢ks, she thought as
she watched Abel pound Akpu. If the
dunce go just agree. we-tin I fit do now
to take get am? She watched him quietly
then turned back to chopping
vegetables. Shey aunty go go meeting
today? I know we-tin to do. She smiled
and started singing. Kabiru pas-sing, saw
her looking at Abel and smiling, shook
his head.
Kabiru: “why you dey kill yourself? You
know say Abel no get time for woman.
Leave the boy alone. If you want person
wey go help you shine your kongo, I dey
game.” He win-ked, smiling and walked
Bimbo looked at Kabiru as he walked
away, venom in her eyes. She hissed.
This ugly mutete… wey be like we-tin dem
take wash belle…mtschew…no be your
fault. She looked back at Abel but he had
left where he was before.
Abel sat at the back of the buka. He
watched the girls work. He was hungry
but he could not just go into the kitchen
to take food. If Madam Amina was here
now, she would have given him food but
it was Bimbo in charge. He didn’t like
facing those b©©b s again today. He has
been avoiding her all day, funny enough
she had not gone out of her way to look
for him as she normally does. Kabiru
walks up to him.
Kabiru: “You no go eat?”
Abel: “I no dey hungry.” He said,
watching Kabiru settle down before him,
a plate of Akpu and Okra soup in his
Kabiru starts eating with gusto,
swallowing hvge lumps of Akpu. Abel
watched the movement of the foofoo,
from the soup to Kabiru’s wi-de mouth
and its flow down Kabiru’s gullet. His
stomach rumbled in hunger. Kabiru
heard, looked at him and smiled.
Kabiru: “So na because na Bimbo na dey
today na make you no wan chow abi?
You dey fv¢k up o.”
Abel looked at him and turned his face
Kabiru: “Anyway sha. Bimbo don get one
guy for estate wey dey use am take jam
wall every night.” Abel perked up with
interest. Kabiru nodded and li-cked his
Kabiru: “you no notice say, once we
close she go disappear. Na for night
night she dey come back. She and
madam don quarrel for d matter sef.
Where you dey for dis yard sef?”
Abel: “ehen…thank God o. I dey come.”
He got up, dusted the seat of his
trou-sers and walked briskly to the
kitchen. He could hear Kabiru chuckling
Bimbo saw him coming and smiled to
herself. Today na d day. Dis one go go
down today. She quic-kly dished soup
into a cooler, added two wra-ps of Akpu
to it and covered it.
Abel walked up to her and stood there,
fidgeting. She acted like she had not
seen him for some minutes.
Bimbo: “Which one you stand dere like
policeman wey dey guard cemetery?
Abel: “My food. I never eat.” She pointed
to the cooler and turned back to what
she was doing.
Abel rushed back to Kabiru and settled
down to eat. He ate quic-kly, swallowing
hvge lumps of Akpu. Kabiru was
stretched on a torn sack, his eyes closed,
and a toothpick twisting his mouth. Abel
was soon done eating, he drank some
water and belched long. Kabiru opened
one eye to look at him, he smiled. Kabiru
shook his head and close his eyes again.
Abel carried the cooler back to the
kitchen and washed up. He had to fetch
water but he wanted to rest a little. As he
debated on what to do, Bimbo called
him. He walked to where she was.
Bimbo: “Abeg go Aunty Abigail house.
This na d key. Collect garri come. D garri
dey d store for her kitchen. Fast o.” Abel
nodded his head and took off.
Aunty Abigail was a friend to Madam
Amina. She worked as a seamstress
before she caught the eye of one rich
guy, who just [email protected]£ back from Germany.
The man had carried her back to
Germany with him. Since her rent had
not expired, Madam Amina was using
the house as a storage unit close to the
Abel got there in no time and found the
garri. He brou-ght it out and left it in the
parlour. He went to the fridge that
hummed quietly near the kitchen door.
Light dey since morning, make I see
weda coke dey here. I know say na here
madam dey chuckin all her drinks, he
thought to himself. He opened it, saw
several cans of coke. He took one cold
one and opened to drink. He sat down,
feeling strangely lethargic and drank the
cold coke peaceably.
Preye found herself n-ked at the front
desk, screaming at a stranger. How did I
get here? She thought to herself. God I
am n-ked. Her eyes wi-de-ned in shock,
she turned and ran back to her room.
Some few minutes later, she opened the
door to the insistent knocks. She was all
dressed and calm. The h0tel manager
was furious.
Manager:”see, if no be say chief na my
regular customer, I for don throw you
out. I don tell you say make you no dey
smoke igbo for my h0tel again, you no
dey hear. I no go warn you again o.
Preye quietly picked her bag and walked
out of the room, her car keys dangling in
her hands. She didn’t talk to the manager
or anyone at the front desk, she just
walked out. The stranger watched her
speculatively as she walked to her car,
got in and drove away. He turned when
he heard the manager walk into the
reception area.
Manager: “Oga plea-se do not be angry.
The girl is a girlfriend to one of our
biggest customers. Na ashawo she be
sir. She always likes to smoke weed after
they finish their business. I have warned
her several times sir.”
h0tel owner: “so because she is the
girlfriend of a rich customer, she wants
to give my h0tel a bad name? I don’t
want to see her here again, do you
un-derstand me?”
Manager: “Yes sir. “The man nodded and
walked away.
Bimbo walked quietly into the room. Abel
was on the chair snoring away. She
smiled. You think you are smart abi?
Shey you can run, oya run na. She tapped
him head on his [email protected] but he didn’t stir, he
just snored on. She smiled, her eyes
twi-nkling in the artificial dark created by
the closed windows. She pu-ll-ed off his
belt and trou-sers and took off her own
clothes. She pu-ll-ed his bo-xer shorts and
her smile wi-de-ned to a grin at the sight
that greeted her eyes. She bent and
placed herl-ips around it.
Bimbo: “You are mine now, Abel.” She
proceeded to give him a b!owjob.
Abel woke up feeling lazy. The be-d was
ti-ght. Kabiru don roll gum me again. E go
dey sleep like drun!kard, he thought. He
tapped the figure. Bimbo stirred and
turned to look at Abel. She smiled;
Bimbo: “Hi lover.” Abel jumped off the
chair, hitting his knee on the centre
table. He [email protected] and held his knee in
pain. Bimbo rushed to him, her
unfettered br£@st [email protected] against her
stomach. Abel looked at her nûd£ form
in shock, then he felt arou-sedand then
he noticed, that he too was nûd£.
Abel: “Jesus! we-tin i don do?” Bimbo
bent down to him, her br£@st ru-bbing
his face.
Bimbo: “You do everything my dear Abel.
Everything.” Abel bur-st into tears,
muffled by the warm softness of Bimbo’s
hvge mammary glands.
Question: Will Abel become Bimbo’s lover
henceforth? What do u think will become of Preye and her father?

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