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Ladies common mistake in a relationsh!pEpisode 13 & 14

“plea-se i don’t want him to know that i’m here” Linda held my left hand and pleaded with frightened eyes, while i looked at her in surprise as i equally searched her face,
“I will explain later but plea-se don’t let him come into your room” she added fearly,
“Don’t worry dear, i won’t” i as-sured her with a smile…….
I finally opened my door half- way with a fast beating heart, and blocked the entrance with my b©dy as i stared at David, who just smiled sweetly at me like an innocent child,
“Hey dear how you dey?” he asked,
“I’m fine and busy with my as-signments” i replied,
“Can i come in? I promise not to disturb you, i’m very bored and lonely in my room” he asked with a smile, while i shook my head,
“plea-se come some other time, i really want to be alone” i answered with a serious look. He smiled, shrugged and gave me a cold look which really frightened me,
“okay i will come later in the evening” he said before walking away, while i breathed de-eply,
“what is wrong with this boy?” i asked myself…….
“Has he gone?” linda inquired curiously as soon as i locked my door, while i smiled and advanced towards her,
“Yes dear he has gone back to where he [email protected]£ from” i replied with a smile, while She breathed de-eply,
“Thank God” i heard her mutter…….
“So dear i’m very eager to hear what you [email protected]£ to discuss with me” i said curiously as i sat beside her, but she just looked away as if she wasn’t sure of herself any more.
“I have the feeling David knows i’m here” i heard her mutter with a lost voice. I drew closer and rested my right hand on her left shoulder,
“What is really going on and why are you so scared of him?” i asked,
“I don’t think it’s important anymore i have to get going” she said and stood up suddenly, while i held her left hand strongly, and pleaded with her,
“plea-se open up to me, i promise to keep our discussion secret” i pleaded desperately, even though i really didn’t know what pushed me to do so……
She stared at me silently for a while, before sitting on my be-d again,
“I couldn’t help but notice how attached and obsessed David have become over you, do you have feelings for him?” she asked as she looked into my eyes, while i instantly was thrown into shock, confusion and surprise, because i really didn’t know the motive behind her question, whether she asked it as a girlfriend, sister, solicitor or a jealous stalker, but before i could get my composure back, her phone rang…
Her face coloured as she stared at her ringing phone for a while before standing up again,
“I better start going, we will talk some other time” she muttered as she walked towards my door, while i stared at her in silence, because i really was very stunned, extremely surprised and confused…..
She left my room without another word, while i stood up, walked to my closed door, locked it and returned to my be-d, where i [email protected] my thoughts before falling asleep due to fatigue…….
I jo-lted from my be-d around 7:30pm that evening, prepared my night meal, freshened up, and left for Samuel’s room. I walked into his room with a tray of Garri and soup, while he stared at me happily, when he opened his door…..
“I thought you weren’t coming again” he confessed, which equally made me smile.
“I was carried away by sleep oo” i explained with a yawn,
“And where did it drop you?” he asked as he brou-ght a bowl of water,
“It dropped me on your head” i joked. He laughed and washed his hands……
We ate silently that fateful evening because we were very hungry, and he also never asked about the friend whom i told him i was expecting earlier in the day, which really earned him a great deal of my respect, even though i knew i wouldn’t have been able to hold myself from asking, if i was in his shoes……
We were soon done with the meal, which finished quic-kly, and he then sat by my side and waited upon me as i peeled oranges for him,
“You really don’t know how much you have changed my life and the kind of influence you now have over me” he muttered moments later, while i blu-shed.
“Seriously dear, you have redefined my life, and i do owe you a lot for that. I know i’m not ro-mantic, but i’m trying my best to learn, i promise to do everything within my power to make you happy, i love you so much” he poured out to me, while my hands shook slightly…
He reached for the orange i held with my left hand, took it from my grasp, knelt by my side and gave me a nice hvg…..
I trembled un-der the h0tness of his ti-ght hvg and it was as if a thousand volts of love had hit me. He drew up my face and stared into my eyes,
“Oh baby i wish you could feel how my heart is beating for you” he muttered,
“I wish you could feel how i’m trembling inside because of you” i said to myself……
I really wished for something more closer from him other than the regular hvg, but it doesn’t seem coming. This made a [email protected] of me happy and another [email protected] of me sad. But still doesn’t change my feelings for him.
“I think i’m in love with a saint here” I said to myself.
Our love affair grew stronger from that day, and we could have [email protected]£d happily ever after if not for David who often showed up to spoil things, he still continued wooing me and nothing i did to st©p him seemed to have any effect on him, instead it appeared to make him more desperate than ever, which truly alarmed me, that i had no choice than to seek Mariam’s advice and help who then suggested that we team up with Linda before confronting him.
Against Samuel’s approval i accepted Mariam’s suggestion and tried to reach an agreement with Linda, but my first attempt failed when David mysteriously showed up and spoiled the whole thing by expressing his feelings to me in Linda’s pres£nce, which suddenly made her more jealous and suspicious that i had to flee from her room that fateful evening.
I truly was very hurt and beaten by David’s unexpected cunny move that i utterly decided to give up, but no Mariam wouldn’t accept defeat and urged me to go back and explain things to Linda, which i did with her by my side.
When we were about gaining Linda’s confidence again, David appeared as usual from no where to spoil things again for us, even though he [email protected]£ this time with two other bad boys who blocked and locked us inside linda’s room. Only God knew his plan that fateful day.
A bitter argument instantly ensued between David and Linda which soon resulted to David rendering her a sharp [email protected] A visibly provoked and angry Mariam instantly jumped up to Linda’s defence and dared David.
In the confrontation and exchange of words that followed, David finally revealed to Mariam that he wasn’t going to t©uçh her merely because her b©yfri£ndis a member of his gang, which instantly stunned and left Mariam speechless.
I had to intervene by calling him a liar, but before he could reply my comment, Linda angrily attacked him with a kitchen knife, though he luckily saw her on time, side stepped and tried to gr-ab the knife, but he miscalculated, and screamed as the blunt blade cut his left f!nger.
We all [email protected]
David stared at his injured f!nger for a while before descending heavily on linda, kicking, hitting and [email protected] her randomly with fury.
Linda’s cry soon shook the whole lodge that fateful evening, ma-king us freeze like statues as she received David’s b!ows all alone. I truly have never heard nor witnessed anyone cry with such pain and anguish before in my life, but instead of rendering any help, i just stood and watched as if i was watching a home video.
Perhaps it was because my strength failed me that moment or because i was too scared to jump into the fight, but then whatever it was that prevented me from intervening that moment equally turned me into a very heartless girl who just stood and watched a fellow girl as she got beaten in a fight which truly started because i happened to be in that very room that moment.
“Supposing Mariam and i left things as they were, all these wouldn’t have happened but i guess it’s now too late to be regretting” i reasoned as i watched him beat up linda.
Mariam was still too stunned to intervene, as she sat speechless on the be-d with both hands on her head.
After David’s revelation about her b©yfri£ndthat fateful evening, she just coloured up and kept to herself like an AIDS patient.
Finally i heaved a sigh of relief with a de-ep breathe as David’s two friends rushed up and dragged him out from Linda, who just la-id motionless from the terrifying b!ows she got from him. The poor girl really had given up with her struggles when her strength failed her, yet David really was very furious to care or even notice.
Supposing his two friends didn’t break him away from her that moment, i truly don’t know what could have happened.
David and his friends finally left us alone in ‘pieces’ and i was then left with the hvge task of reviving Linda. Poor girl who was trampled upon, humiliated and beaten all because of love.
With shaking hands, i lifted up her head and tried to revive her….
Where’s this gonna end?
How do i end David’s case all at once
We’ll find out soon!
“David is a devil” Linda cried as i helped her sit up,
“I will report him to school security and the police” i as-sured her,
“No don’t do that, it will only make matters worst, just let me handle it” she replied sadly, while i looked at her with pity before shaking my head sadly.
“Don’t worry about me just go to your room i want to be left alone” she added sorrowfully,
“Why, you are yet to regain your strength, i’m not going anywhere” i replied with a heavy heart, but she calmly pushed me away from her side,
“Mary plea-se just go with your friend, trust me i’m okay” she as-sured with red eyes. I shrugged with resignation, stood up and dragged Mariam with me as i quietly left her room.
My legs shook as i walked out from Linda’s room that evening, while my heart wept as if i was the one who received the beating. Surely i was very downcast with a guilty feeling because i knew i caused the whole fight by being in her room that evening.
“Do you believe that Timi is a cultist?” Mariam suddenly asked as we climbe-d the stairs leading to our floor, instantly dragging me away from my thoughts,
“I seriously don’t know dear, life itself is a mystery” I calmly replied.
Even though i was shocked when i heard David’s revelation on Timi’s involvement in cultism, i wasn’t entirely surprised because i really never liked him for once but just tolerated him because of my friend, perhaps that was why i easily believed David’s revelation even though i clearly hid my feelings from her, because i really didn’t have the strength to take on another scene…
“I will confront him tonight” she muttered quietly,
“Good but be di-plomatic when doing that” i advised. She said no other word and left for her room….
I ba-rely had settled in my room, when Samuel’s knock shook and woke me from my thoughts,
“plea-se dear i’ll like to be left alone” i pleaded when i opened my door. He stared at me with surprise but i looked away and avoided his gaze.
“Hope you are okay?” he asked,
“Yea but plea-se let me be for now, i’ll come over to your room later” i pleaded. He stared at me for a while, shrugged and left without further questions, even though i knew his mind must be filled with questions that very moment.
I really couldn’t help but wonder what was in Samuel’s mind that fateful evening, but my heart soon leapt when i heard someone knock on my door with (David’s usual way of knocking) which left me stunned, speechless and indecisive as i contemplated whether to answer or not……..
“What is it again?” i coldly asked David when i finally opened my door. I never really planned to answer his knock that fateful evening, but i was f0rç£d to do so when it [email protected]£ obvious he wasn’t re-ady to give up knocking on my door.
In order to st©p him from disturbing my neighbours whom i knew were alre-ady peeping from their respective door “keyholes” to ascertain where the persistent knock disturbing them was coming from, and Samuel whom I also knew heard the noise, i really had no choice than to open my door and face the devil.
“What took you so long?” he asked with a smile, expertly avoiding the question i asked him.
“What is it that you want?” i coldly asked again, while my right hand strongly held my door knob, for easy closing of my door incase he tried anything si.ll.y.
“C’mon baby why the angry look?” he asked with a composed smile. I boiled inside as i stared at him with hatred,
“How can he appear, so calm, well composed and lively after all he just did?” i wondered angrily.
“Anyway since you don’t want to talk to me, let me go ahead and say what brou-ght me to your room” he added calmly.
“I [email protected]£ to apologize because of what happened this evening in Linda’s room, and i truly did what i did just to prove to you that there is nothing going on between Linda and i anymore even though i do regret hitting her so ha-rd ” he tried to explain, but his explanation and apology only got on my nerves and infuriated me more.
“You didn’t just hit the poor girl ha-rd , you also tried to kill her, and never you say that you did such a stupid thing to prove your nons-en-se love to me, i never s£nt you on such errand, so just leave me alone plea-se” i [email protected] barked at him. His eyes instantly lit up in anger for a while before dying down again.
“So i lost Linda for nothing?” he asked,
“If you know what’s good for you better go and apologize to her and pray she forgives you” i answered bitterly.
“Mary plea-se don’t turn me into a wretch because you won’t like it” he muttered with a dirty smile, which really shook my poor legs and frightened me.
“Are you threatening me??” i asked nervously. He just smiled and walked away, leaving me in great fear, suspense and wonder. Truly David knows how to leave a lasting impression on anyone he targets and as he walked away that fateful evening i was left in de-ep thought as i tried to figure out what he meant by being left a wretch….
I locked my door showered and rushed into Samuel’s room, de-eply shaken and scared to my bones.
“baby hope you are alright?” he asked with concern,
I only [email protected]£ to his room that night to loose sight of David and whatever plan he has. And one thing i love about Samuel; he never complains but always there for me when i nee-d him most.

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