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Just two months batch 5

🌼Just Two Months 🌼
Chapter 23
😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
It’s been a month and a week and Chantel has been trying everything possible to get Kylie to leave but all her plans seem to go down the drain.
Everyone was at the living room because Daniel’s parents had something to say.
“So what did you want to tell us,mom?”Paris said. “Well,we wanted to tell you all that we will br having a [email protected] here, it’s a business [email protected] so you have to dress your best”Mrs Mendes.
“And you have to behave well,no getting drun!kespecially Mason and Daniel and no fights”Mr Mendes said.
“If it’s about fight,you should talk to Chantel”Paris said giving Chantel deadly glares while Chantel scoffed.
“I want all of you to look stunning tomorrow night, okay?”Mrs Mendes said smiling.
“Yes,mom”Mason said,Mrs Mendes and her husband stood up and left.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
The [email protected] is gonna be amazing,i don’t even know the dress am going to wear.
“Kylie,we have to go shopping for the most amazing dresses ever”Paris said jumping on me ma-king me giggle.
“I want us to be the most beautiful girls at the [email protected]”She said smiling. “How are you so sure you two will be the most beautiful, Kylie over here doesn’t even know how to act like an ideal lady”Chantel said and rolled her eyes.
“I may not be able to act like a lady but am so able to rip your hair off your scalp”I said and walked away.
Now I seriously have to learn how to walk in heels and learn how to be comfortable wearing ti-ght go-wns.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
“Bro,do you think Kylie will be able to pu-ll off wearing a go-wn and heels?”Mason asked. “Well,i think so, Kylie’s one of a kind”i said and smiled.
“So when are you telling her?”He asked nudging me with his elbow. “Tell her what?”i asked confused.
“That you love her and that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with her”He said and i chuckled. “I don’t know”I said scratching my n£¢k.
“Tell her Tomorrow night at the [email protected],it will be so nice “He said excitedly. “You really want Kylie to be [email protected] of our family permanently?”I asked.
“Yes, she’s a great person”Mason said, then we laughed.
👹 Chantel’s P.o.v👹
I eavesdropped on Mason and Daniel,i can’t believe he wants to tell Kylie how he feels, Unbelievable. I can’t let that happen,i must do something that will tear them [email protected]
I just got the perfect plan and am definitely sure it will work.
😉 Paris P.o.v😉
I and Kylie were at the boutique trying out different dresses, Kylie asked me to teach her how to walk in heels.
Tell me something,Ky,Are you doing all these for Daniel?”i asked sm-irking at her while she [email protected]£ shy. “No,am doing this for myself, that’s all”She said defending herself.
“Okay,but i want you to know that i really want you for my brother”I said and she smiled.
“Come on, let’s try on more dresses”Se said excitedly.
😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
The night finally [email protected]£,Guests were alre-ady filling the place,the house was decorated beautifully and maids were moving around to get the place in order.
Mr and Mrs Mendes were alre-ady dressed and were downstairs attending to the guests,Mason and Daniel [email protected]£ downstairs together.
“Ohh,my two Princes,you two look so handsome”Mrs Mendes said pinching their cheeks. “Mom,you are hurting us”Mason whinned.
“Where’s Paris and Kylie?”Mr Mendes asked. “They are still dressing up,girls never get re-ady on time”Daniel said.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
The make up artist was still working on my face,i was alre-ady getting tired of sitting down.
“Am done”She said and i sighed in relief. “You look amazing”She said starring at me.
“Thanks”i smiled.
I went in to wear the go-wn i chose,it was a de-ep red go-wn with slit at the front showing my legs and it was ti-ght and had an opening at the front showing my cl£@[email protected]£, I just hope i don’t fall down in this heels.
“Kylie,come on, everyone is around”Paris said walking into my room. “Am coming”I said and walked out of the bathroom,i looked at Paris and her face was blank.
“What?is it ugly?Oh,i knew the dress wasn’t okay”I said nervously. “Shut up,Ky,you look amazing, gorgeous,breath taking,Am sure every guy downstairs will drool over you”She said admiring.
“Oh,now,you are ma-king me more nervous”i said while she held my hands. “Let’s go,i will go before you because i want you to steal the show”She said and giggled. Here goes.
Paris went downstairs before and i was so nervous but i had to keep calm.I stepped out and started descending the stairs, the music st©pped pla-ying immediately and everyone looked at me as i [email protected]£ down,oh,i wished the ground could just swallow me.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
I was busy talking to some business as-sociates when one of them looked up and [email protected],i also looked up and [email protected]£ awestruck,Kylie looked like a Beauty Goddess as she walked down,i didn’t know i was drooling until Mason tapped me. Kylie is the most beautiful woman i have ever set my eyes on.
“Come on,bro, go help her come down”Mason said and i nodded. I went closer to her and helped her down the stairs.
“You look amazingly gorgeous”I said looking at her. “Thanks but am so nervous”She said looking around.
“Don’t worry,just stay close to me”I said and she nodded.
No one could get their eyes off her including me,she caught me starring at me many times.You can’t blame me, She’s a Goddess.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
I felt less nervous when i was Daniel but he kept staring at me like he wanted to eat me, although i wouldn’t mind him eating me up..Shut up, Kylie.
“Um..Daniel, would you st©p staring at me?i feel like am n*ked”I said. “Now seeing you n*ked would be a beautiful sight to see”he said and i hit his arm which made him laugh.
Am not the only one looking at you,almost everyone is,you can’t blame them,you are extremely beautiful” he said and i started blu-shing.
We were still talking when a random guy [email protected]£ towards us. “Hey,am Ryan”He said bringing out his hand for a shake.
“Am Kylie” I said and I shaked his hands. “You are extremely beautiful”Ryan said trying to k!ssmy hands but Daniel [email protected]£d my hands away.
“She’s taken,Ryan so beat it”Daniel said in anger and Ryan rolled his eyes. “If you nee-d help with anything Kylie,am at your service”He said and walked away.
“j£rkface”Daniel said and i giggled. “Someone is jealous”I said and laughed.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
Now, it’s time to tell Kylie how i really feel. “Um.. Kylie?”i called. ‘Yeah”She said batting her eyelashes. “I wanna show you something and also tell you something”I said nervously.
“Okay,what is it?”She asked. “Not here,go wait for me at the balcony”i said. “Okay”She said
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
At the balcony?Why?. Maybe he wants to tell me he loves me,no,i doubt it. Let me just wait and see.
I waited for so long but he hasn’t shown up,is he pla-ying around with me? Let me go check his room.
I walked down to his room,it was slightly open so I tried to walk in but i started hearing faint sounds,it sounds like [email protected] s.
I peeped into his room and what i saw tore my heart into a thousand pieces,Daniel and Chantel were completely n-ked … having S-x
✨Just Two months ✨
Chapter 24
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
I just stood there watching them and my heart kept breaking into pieces,the guy that i loved with all my heart was slee-ping with another woman. The [email protected] s were getting louder so i had to run out.
I ran straight to my room and locked the door,i fell on the door and started crying,it was so painful, I hate him,i hate him so much,i wish I never accepted this job,now look at the mess i put myself into..I hate you Daniel Mendes,i hate you so much.
😁 Author’s P.omv😁
Daniel woke up with an extremely painful headache,he tries to sit up properly but someone seems to be resting on him,he looks and sees Chantel laying beside,he raises the sheets and sees that they are n-ked,he pushes Chantel off his b©dy immediately,he gets up and wears his trou-sers.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
Oh God,what did I do? What have i done? No,no,it can’t be. “Hey,baby”Chantel said ru-bbing her eyes. “Last night was amazing”She said smiling.
“What happened?What did you do to me?”i said clearly angry. “We sle-pt together and it was wild”She said sm-irking.
“What? How? When?..i..i don’t even remember anything,What did you do to me?”I asked and [email protected]£d her hands aggressively.
“You are hurting me,You were drun!klast night”She said and i let go of her arm immediately.
“drun!k? that’s not possible,Dad specifically warned me not to get drun!kand i didn’t have any drink,all i remembered was that i [email protected]£ to my room to bring something for Kylie..Oh,no, Kylie,she will so angry at me”I said running my hands throu-gh my hair.
“Why are you so worked up about Kylie, she’s just your pretend Girlfriend”Chantel said rolling her eyes. “She’s more than that,you hear me,am in love with her”I said and Chantel started laughing.
“In love with someone who doesn’t love you, that’s not very smart”She said. “How sure are you that Kylie doesn’t love me?”i asked.
“You will find out yourself”She said amd started laughing. “Get your clothes and yourself out of my room and make sure no one finds out about this,okay?”i said sternly.
“Okay,baby”She said while i walked into the bathroom.
👹 Chantel’s P.o.v👹
My plan worked,i knew it would work. I knew when Kylie walked in and saw us,i knew when she left.I also have a recording of Daniel saying some hurtful things about Kylie,Let me get re-ady to destroy her,but first let me call my sister
I picked up my phone and dialed her number. “Heyyy, sis”I screamed. “What’s with all the shouting,did the plan work?”She asked.
“Yes,Sis,it worked perfectly,i also got the recording of him saying so many hurtful things about that bit-ch”i said and laughed. “That’s my girl, Show that low life who is boss”She said and we both started laughing.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
I was wearing my clothes when i saw the n£¢klace i was supposed to give Kylie yesterday,i messed up so bad and now am sure Kylie is angry at me,but thank goodness she doesn’t know what happened between i and Chantel. I don’t know how i got drun!k,i was inly drinking fruit jui-ce all throu-gh that night. Chantel is definitely leaving this house, I only let hee stay because she said her house was being refurbished.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
I was heading out to my mom’s place when i heard a knock on my door. “Come in” I said and the door opened, Chantel walked in and my anger rose. “What the hell do you want?” I said with my fists clenched.
“Easy,i come here in peace, it’s about Daniel”She said and i [email protected]£ more angry. “Do you wanna tell me how your night with him was,you Sl*t”I said and she laughed.
“Now that you talk about that,it was amazing but i didn’t come here for that,i [email protected]£ to show you something”She said and brou-ght out her phone.
“No,i have something you think you must want to hear”She said and pressed something on her phone and Daniel’s voice [email protected]£ up.
“Kylie’s nothing but a contract, she’s not my type and she’s so clas-sless,i am just enduring her because my parents love her, that’s all,after two months,she’s out of here. Kylie has the b©dy of a goddess so i could just have a taste of her,but a relationsh!p,no,she will just disgrace me”Daniel’s voice st©pped and last night pain [email protected]£ back with full f0rç£
“Kylie, Daniel doesn’t love you,he just wants to sleep with you,all those ro-mantic words and gestures was just to get in between your legs,who should have seen the way he [email protected]£d me,he was so se-x starved and…”
“Enough”I said cutting her off. “I don’t want to hear anymore,leave me”I said trying to suppress the tears. “Okay,bye”Chantel said and walked away.
🌼 Mason’s P.o.v🌼
Something doesn’t feel right today, Chantel’s extremely happy, Daniel looks troubled and Kylie left the house without telling anyone. Something happened last night and I have to find out.
“Breakfast is awfully quiet”My mom said. “It’s because Kylie’s isn’t here”Paris said. “Speaking of Kylie,where did you two disappear to last night?”My dad said and my mom smiled.
“Oh, honey, don’t ask him or he will become shy”My mom said smiling wi-dely while Daniel f0rç£d a smile.
“Last night was amazing..i mean the [email protected]ty”She said and Paris rolled her eyes. “Why are you so happy today?”Paris.
“Because..”. “Because she is leaving today,ger house has alre-ady been refurbished, right chantel?Daniel said cutting her off.
“”Chantel said nervously glaring at Daniel.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
I [email protected]£ back so late because i didn’t want to talk to anyone,i went straight to my room and saw Daniel laying on my be-d with a box in his hand,he got up the minute I entered.
“Ky,hey,you are back,i have been waiting for you”He said ru-bbing his eyes. “What were you doing in my room?”i said sternly.
“I know i wanted to apologise for last night,i know i ditched you and am so sorry, that’s why i got you this”He said and opened the box,it was a golden n£¢klace.
“You like it?”he asked smiling, Gosh he’s so stupid.I looked at the n£¢klace and threw it off his hand
🌼Just Two Months 🌼
Chapter 25
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
“Why did you throw it like that, don’t you like it?”I asked surprised by her actions. “I don’t want it,what i want is for you to get the hell out of my room”She said with so much anger.
“Look,Ky, I know you are angry at me but plea-se don’t push me away,you can call me a j£rkface all you want but don’t push me away”I said sincerely.
“Get out, Daniel,now,it won’t work this time”She said looking away. “Okay,i will leave”I said and walked away.
She’s so angry or does she know what happened between i and Chantel?No,she can’t know.
I walk back to my room and i see Chantel on my be-d. “What the fv¢k are you doing here?”i asked angrily.
“Chill,i [email protected]£ to tell you something before i leave the house since you kicked me out”She said smiling.
“Say whatever you want to say and get the hell out”I said. “It’s about Kylie,she doesn’t love you, she’s using this fake relationsh!pyou two have for her best interest”She said
“What’s that supposed to mean?”i said confused. “I heard your parents discussing on how they want to get a job for Kylie at one of their companies”She said sm-irking.
“That’s not possible, Kylie didn’t finish college”I said glaring at her. “Danny,just watch how everything will [email protected], Kylie is gaining too much of your parents love so that she have everything she dreamt of having, she’s using you,she doesn’t love you”She said and started laughing.
“Chantel,get out right now,out”I yelled and she walked away.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
I have to get rid of any stupid feeling i have for that idiot called Daniel,he thinks he can act so sweet and ro-mantic so that he can sleep with me..Hell,no
I went to have breakfast at the table,Mr and Mrs Mendes weren’t around,it was just Daniel,Paris and Mason at the table.
“Morning, Kylie”Paris said smiling. “Morning Paris, Morning Mason”I said smiling at them,I could feel Daniel starring at me
“Am so happy that witch called Chantel is finally out of this house”Paris said happily and i giggled. “Yeah,me too”Daniel said and i scoffed.
“Are you really sure you are happy?”I said taking a bite from my food. “Of course,i am,i hated her too”He said
“Yeah,you hated her so much that you scre-wed the life out of her”I said and walked away.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
Gosh,she knows about that night,no wonder she’s angry at me. “What was Kylie just saying”Paris asked confused.
“Daniel, something happened that night,right?”Mason asked but i sighed in frustration.
“Guys,i will be right back”i said and walked away.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
I couldn’t stand sitting next to him,he was so annoying behaving all nice,so stupid. Am going over to my mom’s place,i can’t stay here.
I opened the door to see Daniel standing at my doorstep. “We nee-d to talk,can i come in?” He said starring at me.
“Sure,whatever”i said and he entered,i closer the door. “I know Chantel told you what happened between us, I swear to you,i didn’t…”
“I don’t care about your explanations and Chantel didn’t tell me anything,i saw it for myself”I said cutting him off.
“Ky,i didn’t know how i …”. “i said i don’t care, why are you explaining to me,am not your girlfriend or your wife.we are just two people abiding to a contract, that’s all” i said and he sighed.
“I don’t know about you but you mean alot to me, Kylie,am damn serious,i care alot about you and what i wanted to tell you that night was..”.
“I don’t want to hear your lies anymore,you and i know that you s£nt Chantel away so that you could feel good about yourself, enough of the lies,Daniel, enough. You and i are not friends,we are just co-workers, st©p pretending because it won’t work on me again,all those sweet words and gestures,st©p it”I said with so much anger.
“They were not lies, Kylie,i love you,i have fallen in love with you,i swear and i know you love me too”He said trying to t©uçh but i moved away.
“And who told you that i loved you, I don’t,Daniel,i don’t and will never love someone like you,now get out” i said and pushed him out of my room.
Chantel has manipulated their relationsh!p😪

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