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Just two months batch 2

🌸Just Two Months 🌸
Chapter 8
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
Mom,Dad, Let me introduce you to my lovely Girlfriend,Kylie; the j£rk said
“Good morning ma’am and sir,” I smiled at them; suddenly his mom hvgged me so ti-ght,i couldn’t breathe
“Honey,you are hvgging her too ti-ght”; Daniel’s dad said,she let go of me and smiled so wi-de, she ca-ressed my face. “You look so beautiful,my dear”; Daniel’s mom told me
His Dad [email protected]£ closer to me and also hvgged me but slightly,it felt nice receiving a hvg from a father, something i never got
“My dear,welcome to the family”;He smiled at me; “Thanks,sir”; “How did my son get you?” He asked; “i ask myself everyday”; i whispered to myself but that j£rk face called Daniel heard and he gave me a deadly glare
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
Thank goodness,my parents actually like the crazy girl,am so saved.
“Mom,dad,why don’t you go upstairs and freshen up so that we can have breakfast together” Paris asked
“Okay, dear, honey, let’s go” my mom said. They went upstairs to their rooms
“That was awesome,guys”; Mason said smiling sheepishly. “Yeah, Kylie,our parents love you so much” Paris said
“I have my way with parents” The crazy girl said.
🌼 Mason’s P.o.v🌼
We are having breakfast and Kylie is ma-king all of us laugh so ha-rd ,she is really a funny person
“Kylie,you are so funny”; My dad said.”Yeah,no wonder,my son fell for you”;My mom said with so much smiles
“Am really happy to finally meet you two”; Kylie said
“So tell me Daniel,Where did you and Kylie meet,was it love at first sight?”My mom asked and suddenly all of us [email protected]£ nervous
🌼Just Two Months 🌼
Chapter 9
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
“So tell me, where did you two meet,was it love at first sight?” Mrs Mendes asked Daniel
“ see”.Daniel stammered.”Don’t tell us,you don’t remember”Mr Mendes asked
“We meet at the park near the mall” I said in a rush.”The park near the mall”Mrs Mendes asked in confusion
😉Paris P.o.v😉
Oh,God,i can’t believe we didn’t think of this before,now our lie will be expo-sed
“The park near the mall?”My mom asked in confusion.Oh,God,we are so dead
“Yes,i was coming out the mall when i saw my sweet Daniel over here being robbe-d by a group of guys”Kylie said smiling and tou-ching Daniel’s shoulder
“Robbe-d by a group of guys?”My mom asked in shock
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
“Robbe-d by a group of guy?”My mom asked. This crazy girl has completely gone nuts,i just hope my parents believe her if not she’s so dead and why is she tou-ching my shoulder?
“Yes,but i saved him,i took a long stick and chased them away,he looked into my eyes and it was love at first sight for him”
“Really?”Mr Mendes. “Yes,sir, Daniel couldn’t stay away from me,he even begged me to become his girlfriend”
Oh my God,I can’t believe she is saying this, she’s so dead
“Aww,he must have been captivated by your beauty”My mom said smiling so wi-de
Kylie looked at me and started smiling at me,i alre-ady know the smile is fake
“Although, Daniel is sometimes stupid but i adore him anyway”Kylie said. “Aww,you two are the sweetest thing ever”My mom said
🌼 Mason’s P.o.v🌼
Breakfast was over and my parents went up to their room while we went to the garden to talk
“Oh, Kylie,you were so amazing,our parents love you”Paris said. “Yeah, Kylie,you are a good actress” I said in admiration
“Good my foot,What were those things you said in there?,Robbe-d by a group of guys?”Daniel said
“What did you want me to say?”Kylie said..”You could say we meet at a coffee shop” Daniel argued
“Why didn’t you say that,you were busy stammering like a stuttering fool”Kylie said in anger. I and Paris couldn’t help but bur-st out laughing but Daniel gave us a glarr so we st©pped
“Okay, enough fighting, plea-se”I suggested. “Yeah, let’s just keep acting till it’s over” Paris joined in.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
That Daniel is a j£rk,a fool,he couldn’t even be grateful that i saved his sorry a*s,no wonder why he can’t a girlfriend,he’s so annoying and he thinks he’s handsome.. pfft.. Handsome my foot, there is no difference between him and a goblin.
😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
2 weeks later,Kylie and Daniel have been pretending to their parents very well, although they still fighg alot
✨ Saturday morning ✨
Kylie and Daniel are about to enter the kitchen together
“Get away,i want to enter first”Kylie said. “This is my house,so i am supposed to enter first”Daniel argued. “You are such a mannerless freak”Kylie said as she hits him on the che-st,Daniel doesn’t move an inch. “Your punches are like soft pillows”Daniel mocked. “Oh, really, then how does this hurt?”Kylie said and kicks him in the groin,Daniel kneels to the ground and rolls in pain. “You will pay for this,you psycho”Daniel said in pain, Kylie walks away laughing
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
That psycho thinks she can hit me and go scot-free,not in my house. She’s gonna get the surprise of her life when my plan works.
Am gonna put glue on her favorite fl!pflops,She will get stuck to the ground,that will keep her quiet
😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
Kylie is about to enter a her room when she sees Daniel sitting on a bench smiling stupidly
“Why are you smiling like an idiot?”Kylie asked. “This is my house so i will smile how i want”Daniel said. “This is my house so i will smile how i want”Kylie mimicks him. “You know what,am leaving,you disgust me” Daniel said and walks away
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
In no time,she will start screaming,let me just go and see her
I peep into her room,she is combing her hair,she gets up and wears her fl!pflops,she wanted to move but she couldn’t,she tries again but she failed,then she tried to re-move her legs,they also couldn’t re-move,i couldn’t help but laugh..”DANIEL!!” She screams
✨Just Two Months ✨
Chapter 10
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
“Daniel’s such an annoying freak” Paris said while helping me re-move the glue. “You can say that again” i said. “Are you gonna get back at him?” Paris asked. “Your parents will be around throu-gh out this week so i can’t but i know what to do” i said grinning
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
“You should have seen her face,it was priceless” i said laughing. Kylie thinks she is the only one with pranks up all her sleeves
“”But you know that she’s gonna get back at you so ha-rd “Mason said. I rolled my eyes
“She won’t,mom and dad will be around this week so she can’t do anything to spoil our acting and besides she deserves it,she keeps insulting and running her mouth at me, she’s such a talkative” I said in satisfaction while Mason was sm-irking at me
“Why are you smiling like that?”I asked. “I just like seeing you this happy,you are getting back to your old self, the always happy and goofy Daniel” Mason said smiling happily
“Don’t over exaggerate, Mason, this is just a deal, nothing else”I said. Can’t believe Mason actually thinks they can be something between i and Kylie. Impossible 🙄
😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
Later that day,Daniel was in his room watching a movie when someone knocks.
“Come in” he said. The door opens and Kylie enters,on seeing Kylie,Daniel jumps up and walks towards her. “I know you want to get back at me for what i did bit am re-ady for you”Daniel said with confidence.
Kylie giggles and places her hands on her h!ps. “Am not going to get back at you,i knoe what i did is wrong,i have been insulting you and being so rude to you,am sorry”Kylie said apologetically.
Daniel was beyond shocked and confused. “Huh?” He asked
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
Am i dreaming or is Kylie just apologising to me? Kylie? Apologise?to me? Impossible
“So will you forgive me?”She asked giving me the cute doggy face. “Um.sure,yeah,i forgive you” I said and she started beaming with happiness. “Thanks” she said and left my room happily
What just happened?
⏱️Two weeks later⏱️
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
For this past weeks, Kylie has been so nice and am so scared because Kylie’s never so nice, she’s rude and sas-sy,am so scared to be honest
I wear my baggy sweat shi-t and joggers,take my phone and run downstairs,everyone was alre-ady downstairs having breakfast.
“Good morning,mom,dad”I said as i sat down.
“Good morning,son”My mom said. “Morning,son”My dad said. “Where’s my food?”i asked looking round the table,just then Kylie arrives with a tray full of food,she places the tray of food in front of me.
“My sweet daniel,i made your own food myself”She said smiling at me. Oh God,what if she has poisoned me,oh Lord,i don’t want to die
“Eat it,your sweet Girlfriend made it for you”My mom said. “Honey, plea-se eat it”Kylie said pouting herl-ips. I swallowed ha-rd
“Okay”i said
🌼Just Two Months 🌼
Chapter 11
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
Daniel thinks i did something to the food,i didn’t even do anything,but just seeing the fear on his face is so funny, am sure he is scared to death
“Honey,eat it before it gets cold”his mom said. “Okay but i want Kylie to eat with me”He said. “Oh,no,i can’t,i have alre-ady eaten” i said pouting myl-ips cutely.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
Oh,Lord,is this how am gonna die? I haven’t even done alot of things in my life.
“Come on,baby,eat it” Kylie said in a sweet way while Paris and Mason have been trying to control their laughter. Okay,here goes.
I take a bite out of the food and eat it,hmmm, it’s actually delicious,very delicious infact
“Do you like it?”Kylie asked. “Yeah, it’s delicious”I said. “Thanks” Kylie said
😉Paris P.o.v😉
After that funny breakfast, My parents went out to the park, while my brothers were preparing to go to work,i was with Kylie in her room
“You should have seen his face,he was so scared,he thought you poisoned him”I said laughing so ha-rd .
“Daniel thinks he can go scot-free with what he did to me,he’s mistaken”Kylie said sm-irking. “Honestly, Kylie,you really bring life to this house,i have never had so much for so long”I said smiling wi-dely
“Aww, thanks, it’s time for Daniel’s real payback, follow me”Kylie said and stands up to leave
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
Time for that j£rk face payback,i overheard him telling Mason that the suit he is wearing is his favorite suit,am going to ruin it for him.Next time he won’t mess with Kylie Blair.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
Maybe Kylie was really sorry about what she has been doing to me. I was still waiting for my car when i suddenly felt a warm liquid pour all over me staining my hair and my favorite suit,i t©uçh my hair and i found out that it was Paint,only one person could have done this.
“How do you like this for a payback?”Kylie asked as she was coming towards me. “You psycho,you ruined my favorite suit”i said in anger. “I know, that’s what you get for messing with me, my sweet Daniel”She said sm-irking.
“You Know what,i give up,you are clearly stronger than me,so let me give you a hvg” I said coming towards her
“Don’t come near me with that paint,i just washed my hair”She said moving backwards.
😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
Kylie runs away fast but Daniel starts to chase her, they keep running around the compound.
“Stay away from me,j£rk” Kylie yells. “I just want to give my lovely Girlfriend a hvg, that’s all” Daniel said laughing.
Daniel catches up to Kylie,he drags her closer by her [email protected]!st and pushes her against the wall,they stare at each other for a while before Daniel ru-bs his face against Kylie’s face staining her with paint, Kylie tries to get away but Daniel was too strong.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
I pushed him away f0rç£fully,he sm-irks at him. “You per-vert,you t©uçhed me so inappropriately and ruined my hair” i said in anger. “Now,we are even,bye, girlfriend” He Chuckles and walks away. Idiot.
😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
It was dinner time, Kylie and Daniel started to pretend in front of Daniel’s parents,feeding each other but using any small opportunity to give each other deadly glares.
“So i have an announcement” Mirabel said excitedly. “What’s the announcement,mom?Paris asked.
“All of us are going on a vacation to Hawaii”David/Mr mendes said. “Nice”Mason said happily.
“I don’t feel like going” Daniel said non-chalantly. “Honey,you and Kylie have to go unless i won’t get what i want” Mirabel said
“What do you want, mom? Paris asked. “Well, during this trip i want Kylie and Daniel to start ma-king babies, I want grandchildren” Mirabel said,then suddenly Kylie and Daniel start coughing immediately
🌼Just Two Months 🌼
Chapter 12
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
“I want my Grandchildren” Daniel’s mom said and i couldn’t help but to start coughing,Daniel also started coughing. I don’t want to have kids for this goblin sitting next to me.
“Mom, don’t you think that it’s too early for that”Mason said. “Oh, nons-en-se, it’s not early,i want little Kylie and Daniel running round the whole house,i will shower them with love,gifts and so many k!sses”Daniel’s mom said
“Mom,we are not re-ady to have kids”Daniel said. “Yes,mom,we are not re-ady”I said smiling at her and hoping she would agree.
“Darling, leave them alone if they are not re-ady,you know kids of today”Mr mendes said.
“Okay,fine but that doesn’t mean i have forgotten about this issue, i want Kylie to Carry my future grandchildren”Mrs Mendes said.
🌼 Mason’s P.o.v🌼
After dinner,Mom and dad went to be-d while we stayed in the living room.
“Grandchildren?That wasn’t [email protected] of the deal”Kylie said anxiously.
“Yeah,mom can be annoying sometimes, I mean how can Kylie get pregnant?”Paris asked while hvgging Kylie. “No one is pregnant,mom will forget about this issue, let’s just be the acting thing going”Daniel said
“Easy for you to say,am definitely not getting pregnant or letting you t©uçh me”Kylie said while Daniel rolls his eyes at her.
“What if mom says you two should stay in one room?” I said looking at Daniel.
“She won’t,and Kylie, don’t act like you wouldn’t love me to t©uçh you, don’t even use this vacation as an advantage to throw yourself at me” Daniel said sm-irking
“Throw myself at you?..i rather throw myself at a wall or off a cliff,you are so ugly and disgusting”Kylie said and walked away.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
We finally arrived at Hawaii, the last time i [email protected]£ here i had so much fun with so many ladies but now i can’t do that because mom and dad thinks i and Kylie are de-eply in love. Pathetic.
We arrived at a beautiful h0tel and went straight to the receptionist,she was so h0t, her cle-avagewas in full view,i just wanted to gr-ab her right there but i can’t,this is gonna be the worst vacation for me.
Not long after,we were alre-ady in our rooms. Paris and Kylie took one room,i and Mason took one while my parents shared one.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
Hawaii is amazing and beautiful,i can’t believe am here, this vacation is gonna be amazing. I alre-ady told Nina where am going because she’s the only one who knows that am pretending to be Someone’s girlfriend. I don’t want to bother my mom with it.
Daniel’s parents went out to the beach while we stayed to have lunch.
“Hmm,this food is delicious”Mason said while eating his food. “Yeah, it’s amazing”Paris said while Daniel walked in and sat beside Paris.
“Bro,you have to try Kylie’s food, it’s amazing”Mason said smiling. “No, thanks,i don’t want to die young” Daniel said glaring at me. “Mr mendes,if i wanted to kill you i would have done that on the first day we meet”i said sm-irking at me.
“Come on,taste it, don’t be a spoilt sp©t”Paris said while giving him a plate.
“Okay,fine”Daniel collects it and taste one spoon,he looks at me weirdly. “What?” I asked in confusion.
“There is too much salt but i will manage it” he said. I gr-ab the plate away from him.
“Hey,why did you take it?” He asked clearly angry. “You said there was too much salt so don’t eat it”i said and startee eating. He rolled his eyes and brou-ght out his phone.
“Suit yourself”He said still looking at his phone.
“Bro, Mr Bennett wants to re-move his shares from the company” Mason said.
“I know and i don’t know what to do to st©p him,he claims that the stocks are going down”Daniel said clearly frustrated.
“What do we do,he’s right about the stocks”Mason said.
“Why don’t you reduce the price of some the goods you are advertising so that a larger market can purchase it” i said and everyone looks at me surprised. “What?,did i say something wrong?” “No, you actually [email protected]£ up with a brilliant idea” Mason said clearly impressed
“How do you know about business stuff?”Paris asked. “i was studying Business administration at Cambridge on a scholarsh!p.
“That’s hvge, Cambridge only gives the most intelligent student scholarsh!p, but why aren’t you working in a big company” Mason asked
“I..i dropped out of college” i said sadly. “Oh,why?” Paris asked in worrisome manner. “Are you asking,she probably misbehaved or got into a fight, Typical Kylie,always causing problems” Daniel said ma-king fun of me.
“No,i gave up my scholarsh!pbecause my mom was sick and my sister’s school fees was due and i nee-ded to help them” i said almost in tears.
“Kylie,am so..”Paris said but i cut her off. “It’s okay, it’s my fate,i just wished people won’t make fun of me because their life is perfect” i said looking at Daniel. I stood up and walked away,i didn’t want them to see me cry.
🌼 Just Two Months 🌼
Chapter 13
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
I saw the tears in Kylie’s eyes,i have never seen her so weak, she’s always so strong,i think i hurt her feelings.
“Do you always have to be a j£rk?”Mason asked clearly angry with me. “Thanks to you,lunch is alre-ady a disaster”Paris said and walked away.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
His words really hurt me, this is the first time Someone’s words is really getting to me,Daniel is such an arrogant idiot,i hate him so much.
After few minutes of staying in my room,i decided to go out to the pool,i wore a short floral go-wn,i got to the pool and put my legs into the water.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
I went out to the pool to have a swim when i saw Kylie putting my legs into it,she didn’t see me but she looked really beautiful as the sun was shining on her skin,it made her skin glow .
I went over to her but she still didn’t notice me.
“Hey” i said nervously,gosh i have never been nervous to talk to a girl. “What do you want,David Mendes”She said not looking at me and did she just call me David Mendes
“Um.. Kylie,you wanna go for a swim with me?”I said smiling at her. “No, thanks,i don’t even know how to swim”She said coldly.
“I can teach you” I suggested. “Thanks but no thanks, now if would excuse me,am going over to meet Mason and Paris at least they don’t hurt my feeling” She said snd walked away angrily. She’s so angry at me,but am sure she will get over it,she always does, she’s gonna come back calling me a j£rk face in no time.
😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
During the whole day, Kylie completely ignored Daniel and he completely hated it,he missed their little argument.
Kylie was talking to Paris when Daniel comes towards them
“Hey, Kylie,do you wanna go for a ride on the motorbike out there” Daniel said smiling at Kylie. “Paris,am going over to get a drink,you want some?”Kylie asked Paris totally ignoring me.
“Yeah,sure”Paris said while Kylie walked away, Daniel sighed in frustration.
“You nee-d to apologise to her,you really hurt her feelings”Paris said holding Daniel’s hands. “I thought she would be over it by now” Daniel said running his hand throu-gh his hair.
“Apologise to her,go now”Paris said, daniel nodded in affirmation and walked away.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
I walked over to where the drinks were,i saw Kylie carrying two drinks in her hand.
“Let me help you with that”I said smiling at her. “Am not sick so don’t bother”She said trying to walk away but i held her back.
” What do you want?”She saif trying to re-lease herself from my grip. “Am sorry,i said those horrible things to you i shouldn’t have said it”I said starring into her beautiful eyes. Gosh,did i just say that? What’s going on with me?
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
He held my hands and i loved it and he also apologised to me. Daniel has the most beautiful eyes ever. “Okay,i forgive you”i said and he beamed with happiness’
“Thanks,so you wanna go on that ride with me?”He asked smiling at me. “Yes, plea-se”I said as we walked outside.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
It’s another day and i can’t wait to hang out with Kylie,we had so much fun yesterday, Kylie’s the best Vacation [email protected] ever.
I was still looking for her when i see something that made me so angry.
Kylie was laughing and l!çk!ng Ice cream with a guy..Wait,i know that guy.. isn’t that Austin?
🌼Just Two Months 🌼
Chapter 14
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
I was about to go meet Daniel oustside when i mistakenly bu-mped into the most handsome guy ever,he had grey eyes and cute dimples,his handsomeness was wow
‘Am so sorry’I said apologetically. “It’s nothing,a beautiful woman like you shouldn’t be apologizing”the handsome guy said
“Am Kylie’i said while bringing out my hands for a shake. “Am Austin,nice to meet you”He said taking my hands anf k!ss!ngit,i couldn’t help but smile.
“Do you mind joining me for Ice cream?”Austin asked. “Nope, let’s go”i said as we walked holding hands.
After getting ice cream, we talked about alot of things, Austin is really funny,he was ma-king me laugh so ha-rd
“So do you have a b©yfri£nd?” He asked. “Well, actually,i…”I was about to say something when Daniel cut me off.
“Yes,she does and it’s me, Austin’Daniel said giving Austin Glares. ‘Daniel Mendes,Long time no see” Austin said sm-irking. Wait, they know each other

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