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Just two months batch 14

🌹 Just Two Months 🌹
Chapter 53
3 weeks later,
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
I have been so busy with work and I haven’t had time for Kylie,so am ma-king it up to her by taking her out to dinner.
I was waiting for her by the car,she stepped out looking so beautiful as always.
“You look gorgeous”
“Thanks” She said blu-shing.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
After that wonderful dinner, we [email protected]£ back to his house, it was so late.
We went to his room and immediately Daniel [email protected]£d by the [email protected]!st.
“I have missed you so much” i said se-ductively.
“Me too,you have no idea the things am going to do to you tonight”
“Then i can’t wait”
“Let’s take a trip to heaven”
We fell on the be-d taking our clothes off and k!ss!ngso intensely when suddenly Daniel pu-ll-ed away and started tou-ching his head.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
“My head hurts so much,babe”
I [email protected]£ closer to him and helped me ru-b his head.
“I kept a balm in my wardrobe,let me get it and help you mas-sage your head”.
I helped him mas-sage his head till he fell asleep in my arms.
2 weeks later
These two weeks have been so confusing,Daniel seems to be so forgetful about somethings and he has been complaining about constant headache.
“Babe,where are you going?” I asked as i saw him dressing up.
“To work”
“Work? But today’s Saturday and you told me that you weren’t going to the office today”
“Did i say that?”
“Yeah,this morning,like 20 minutes ago”
“I guess i forgot”
How can he forget? We discussed it like 20 mins ago.
“Are you okay,danny?”
“Yes,i just have this never ending headache but i will take care of it”
“Forgetful?” My mom asked after i told her about Daniel
“Yeah,like he forgets way too much and that never happens”
“Forget things like what?”
“ anything we discuss like an hour ago or 10 minutes ago,he gets constant headache and one time he kinda forgot my name”
“Your name?” My mom asked so shocked.
“Yeah and am getting worried”
“Don’t worry,maybe it’s work stress”
I went over to Daniel’s house because he said he wanted to see me.
“What are you looking for?” I asked when i saw him looking for something.
“My phone,i can’t find it” he said frustrated.
I looked around and saw it beside his be-d,it was so obvious anyone could find it.
“See it here” i said handing him the phone.
“No problem”
“So i thought you were staying at your mom’s place”
“You texted me to come over”
“I did?..yeah,i did. I must have forgotten”
“Danny,you are forgetting stuffs and it’s scaring me,you look pale and weak”
“I know,am going to see my doctor tomorrow”
“Okay,i would have followed you but am going out with my mom”
“It’s okay, it’s probably something minor”
2 days later
I was at my house when Mrs mendes told me to come over to the hospital.
I got there and saw her waiting at the reception.
“Mom, what’s wrong?”
“It’s nothing,our family doctor called me and asked me to come,he has something important to tell me so i decided to inform you”
“Okay, then, let’s go see him”
We went over to his office and he welcomed us in.
“Good morning,Mrs Mendes” the doctor said as we all sat down.
“Good morning, Doctor,how are you?” Mrs mendes asked.
“Good and you must be Kylie, Daniel’s Girlfriend”
“Yes, Doctor,nice to meet you”
“Well,Doc,what do you wanna tell me?”
“It’s about Daniel,he [email protected]£ here to complain about his health so we ran some test”
“Yeah,he told me he was having constant headache” Mrs mendes said.
“Yes,we didn’t find anything wrong with me so we did a MRI scan”
The doctor was looking so nervous.
“Doctor, what’s the result?” I asked.
“I didn’t want to tell Daniel because his health is critical right now”
“Doc, what’s wrong with my son?”
“Daniel has a [email protected] tumor and it’s in the last stage”
Chapter 54
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
“Daniel has a [email protected] tumor and it’s in the last stage”
I heard a loud ban-g when i heard what the doctor said.
“What? How?” Mrs mendes asked alre-ady in tears.
“We don’t really know the cause of the tumor”
“So what should we do now?” I asked nervously.
“Am afraid that there’s nothing to be done, Daniel’s case is in the last stage..he has little time to live”
“Goodness,no,no..not my son,not son.. doctor,you have to do something” Mrs Mendes said.
She fell on me and started crying,i started crying too because I couldn’t believe that my daniel had little time to live.
“Doctor,how long does he have?”
“Six months, that’s how long it takes for the tumor to shut down his [email protected]
“So you are telling me thay there is nothing you can do” i asked
“Am so sorry,Miss Kylie but there is nothing”
“How do we tell him,how,just tell me how?”
“My advice is not to tell him,i have prescribe-d some medicines for him,it will st©p the constant headache,you have to give it to him secretly”
My Daniel, the love of my life is gonna die,he’s gonna leave me.
I can’t believe this,i can’t,i don’t want to believe this.
After we left the doctor’s office,we went home but Mrs Mendes refused to go in
“I can’t face him,i will start crying when i see him”
“Mom,you just have to be strong for him,i know it’s ha-rd ,i also can’t believe this is happening but we just have to be strong”
“My Son is gonna leave me in the next six months,how do i cope with that? How do i cope with not hearing him laugh or talk anymore,i will die without him”
“Honestly,i don’t know what i will do,i have never loved anyone the way i love Daniel,i don’t think i will”
“So when are we telling him?”
“Definitely not now but soon, let’s just go in and about the medicine,i will handle that”
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
I was still trying to get over my headache when Kylie and my mom walked into the living room.
“Hey,mom..did you and Kylie spend time together?”
“,we did”
Why’s she so nervous?
“I’ll be in my room” She said leaving i amd Kylie alone.
Suddenly Kylie hvgged me so ti-ght like i was going to disappear.
“Um.. Babe,are you okay?”
“Yeah,i just want to hvg you,what about you,are you okay?”
“Just the headache,can you mas-sage my head like the last time?”
“Yeah,i will but let me first make you lunch,okay?”
“Yeah,sure..have you been crying?”
“,no.. something just got stuck in my eyes”
“Okay, let’s head to the kitchen so that you can cook”.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
After getting Daniel to sleep,i went back home,i couldn’t stay there because if i do,i will start crying and Daniel will find out.
All my emotions were all stuffed up amd i nee-ded to re-lease it.
I st©pped by a bridge and got down from my car.
I looked up to the sky and started crying.
The pains was too much,i went back to my car and sat down, crying, crying because am about to lose the love of my life, crying because every bit of happiness has been su-cked away.
Daniel is dying and i can’t tell him,this is not how I planned my future, I wanted to get married to Daniel and have kids,grow old with him but it seems destiny has other plans.
I kept on crying till i fell asleep in my car.
🌹Just Two Months 🌹
Chapter 55
🌸 Nina’s P.o.v🌸
I was getting re-ady for work when the front door swung open, Kylie walked in looking so messy,her eyes were swollen an red.
“Kylie,what Happened?”
She slumped to the ground and started crying.
“Kylie, what’s wrong? You are scaring me,tell me what’s wrong”
“It’s.. it’s Daniel”
“What happened to him?”
“He has six months to live”
I was utterly surprised when she said that. No, that’s impossible.
“No, that’s not possible,it can’t be”
“It’s true,He has a [email protected] tumor”
“Goodness, how,why?”
“I don’t know,Nina,i don’t know”
“How is he feeling?”
“He doesn’t know yet”
“He doesn’t know?… Kylie,am so sorry”
“Am so heartbroken, just wheni thought we could be happy together,this [email protected]£ along..this is the greatest challenge that lady was talking about”
“Greatest challenge? What lady?”
Kylie told me everything about that lady outside the mall.
“If that’s the case,you nee-d to pack your stuff to Daniel’s house and stay with him”
“Yes,You said Daniel has six months to live and you are here.. Kylie, every second, minute that you are not with him is a can do anything to reverse his health then stay by his side”
“You are right,i have to be strong and go stay with him”
“Good,go now and freshen up”
“Thanks,Nina,you are the best”
“No problem”.
I watched her walk to her room and closed the door.
Why must bad things happen to good people?
Kylie’s a good person,she has suffered alot.
First from her dad, then chantel,then Jamil,now this.
What more does destiny have for her?
I just hope God gives her strength for this.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
I was about to go to Kylie’s house when i saw her car enter our compound.
I went over and opened the door for her.
“Thanks” she said smiling.
“No problem, babe..i was about to Come over to your place”
“ staying here for a while,my luggage is alre-ady in the car”
“Yeah,i want to stay with you..go to be-d with you,wake up next to you”
“Kylie,you seems so clingy”
“I just love you so much,is that bad?”
“No, it’s not..okay, let’s go in,the maids will bring your things in”
“Why don’t you welcome me by carrying me to your room?”
I rolled my eyes and carried her bridal style.
“You are such a drama queen”
“And you love me like that” she said ma-king both of us laugh.
3 weeks later,
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
It’s been 3 weeks now and i and Daniel spend so much time together.
The entire family knows about his health and are also spending time with him.
I feel so bad not telling him but i can’t look him in the eye and tell him.
We are having breakfast together and it was fun.
“You know..all of you have become so clingy” Daniel said.
“Why did you say that?” Mrs mendes asked
“You always want us to be together,it wasn’t like this before”
“Well,we just want to change”
Oh,Danny,if only you knew about your health.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
After that amazing breakfast,we decided to watch a movie but my mind was on my gorgeous Girlfriend,she was wearing a ti-ght crop t©p that showed her cle-avageand a bu-m short showing her smooth [email protected] wanted her but my mom won’t let me leave.
“Let me go get the popcorn” Kylie said.
She stood up to leave and i kept looking at her a*s as it jiggled when she walked.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
I was about getting the popcorn re-ady when a pair of arms hvgged me from the back.
“Babe,i want you so bad” Daniel said and started k!ss!ngmy n£¢k.
“Danny..the movie?”
“The only movie i want to watch your n”ked b©dy”
He turned me to face him then he started k!ss!ngme.
“Babe,for some reasons my n”pples hurt” I said as i pu-ll-ed away from the k!ss.
“Then let me make them feel better”
He started k!ss!ngmy cle-avagethen he brou-ght out of my b*obs and started su-cking it,i couldn’t help but [email protected] .
Hisl-ips made my b©dy crave for him, suddenly someone made a sound ma-king us st©p and turn.
It was paris,she stood there sm-irking at us.
“You could go use the room”
“Oh, Paris,you scared me,i thought it was mom”
“You two should go upstairs,i will make an excuse for you”
We were going to our room,Daniel kept on k!ss!ngme as we walked.
“Danny,easy,you are gonna undress me before we get to the room”
“It’s not my fault”
We got to his room,he locked the door and pinned me to the door.
We started k!ss!ngagain,his hands went un-der my t©p,then he [email protected]£d one of my b*obs ma-king me [email protected] .
We were almost n-ked as we headed to the be-d.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
After that amazing sessions of love ma-king,we fell asleep, Kylie was very tired.
I kept staring at her while she sle-pt, she looked so beautiful.
“Hey” She said as she opened her eyes.
“Hey, how are you feeling?”
“Good, really good” she said ma-king me laugh.
“Were you watching me?”
“Maybe,i like to watch beautiful things”
She placed her head on my che-st and hvgged me so ti-ght.
“You always hvg me like it’s our last hvg”
“I just love you and i don’t want you to leave me”
“Am not going away,i will stay here with you, let’s go take a shower together”
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
After showering with Daniel,i went over to talk to Daniel’s parents.
“So how is he?” Mr mendes asked.
“He’s fine” i said.
“I wonder when we will get to tell him he has a [email protected] tumor,how do i tell my son that he has limited time?”
I felt so helpless and i hate it. I wish it was me not him.
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
After i dressed up, I wanted to go over to talk to mom.
I st©pped at the entrance when i heard voices,it was Kylie talking to my parents,i [email protected]£ closer to hear what they were saying.
“Have you been giving him gis medicine?”
“Yeah,i put it inside his food so that he doesn’t notice, Daniel has no idea”
“Okay, keep giving him the medicine”
What medicine are they talking about?
I went back to my room, I opened Kylie’s wardrobe and saw a bunch of medicine.
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
I [email protected]£ into Daniel’s room with a tray of food.
I saw him looking at some medicines..wait,how did he find out?
“Um..Danny,i brou-ght your food”
“What’s this?” He asked and raised up the medicine.
“I..i cam explain” i said and he [email protected]£ closer to me.
“Start explaining because i have no idea why you would hide it from me” he said looking so angry.
“Just calm down and eat your food”
“I don’t want your fv¢king food”
He threw the tray on the floor ma-king the plates crash to the floor.
He was so angry, the whole family entered when they heard the news.
“What’s going on here?” Mr mendes asked.
“Kylie,tell me the truth, what’s happening to me?”
I kept quiet, tears were streaming down my face.
“TELL ME NOW” He yelled ma-king us flin-ch back in fear.
“Son, have a [email protected] tumor and it’s in the last stage,the doctor said you have six months left”
I saw the pain and fear in his eyes.
“And none of you told me about it,i was dying and no one told me.. that’s why you always insisted on ma-king my food,so that you could add the medicine”
“The doctor prescribe-d it for you to st©p the constant headache.. Danny,am sorry i didn’t tell you”
“Kylie,you betrayed me..i was dying and you didn’t tell me that’s why you all [email protected]£ so clingy and close..i trusted you Kylie”
“Am sorry,am so sorry” i said.
I tried coming closer to him but he went back.
“Don’t come close to me… I can’t believe am gonna die,am gonna die”
“Bro, plea-se don’t say that” Mason said
“You can overcome this,son”Mrs Mendes said.
“No,no… Everyone,out..i want to be alone..out”
“Danny,you can’t s£nd us nee-d to…”
“I said out..even you, Kylie..get out of my room”
He pushed us out and locked the door,he started smashing things in his room.
“Danny, open the door, plea-se.. don’t do this to yourself”
We kept knocking but he wouldn’t open.

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