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Just two months Batch 1

Just Two Months
Chapter 1…
The alarm rings out loud,a girl switch off the alarm,she rolls of her be-d and arranges it,the girl’s name is Kylie Blair,she cleans the whole house,heads to the bathroom and in no time,she gets on her bicycle and rides away… Kylie’s p.o.v:My name is Kylie Blair,a college drop out,it wasn’t my fault,ny family is so poor and my dad is not helping,he comes home everyday from work drun!k,he beats i and my sister up and he S-xually m©l£stmy mom..Now,my mom is diagnosed for Kidney Failure and i nee-d money… Kylie gets to the hospital,she enters her mom’s room and sees her sister slee-ping on the chair..Kylie:Kris?Kris:Kylie, you [email protected]£.. Kylie:Yeah, how is mom? Kris:She fell asleep, Kylie, Mom is in so much pain, what are we going to do? Kylie:I will find a solution,Kris,Why aren’t you in school?Kris:Did you forget?I was thrown out because i haven’t paid my school fees.. Kylie: Don’t worry,i will get it fixed.. Kris:And our rent?Kylie:I alre-ady paid that.. Kris:How?Kylie:I sold some of my clothes.. Kris:What?you have alre-ady sold your phone and now your clothes,you hawk around our street,let me help you..Kylie:No,Am your elder,am supposed to take care of you,okay? Kris:Okay.. The doctor arrives… Doctor:Kylie,can i see you outside? Kylie:Okay,sir.. Kylie and the doctor step outside.. Kylie:So what’s my mom results? Doctor: She nee-ds to un-dergo a kidney transplant immediately.. Kylie:how much will that cost? Doctor:$100,000.. Kylie:What?!!$100,000.. That’s too much.. Doctor: That’s the amount,if your mom doesn’t do this surgery,she will die..Kylie:I will find the money.. Doctor: okay.. Doctor walks away, Kylie walks back into the hospital and her mom is alre-ady awake.. Cecilia:Kylie? Kylie:mom, how are you feeling? Cecilia:Weak.. Kris:Sis,what did the doctor say? Kylie:Well,he said mom nee-ds to un-dergo surgery and it will cost $100,000..Kris:What?!! That’s too much.. Cecilia:You two should just let me die.. Kylie: Don’t say that,mom,you won’t die
Chapter 2
Daniel Mendes was on the road in his latest Range Rover,he was heading to the office for an important meeting..he was still on the road when he almost ran over an old woman, he st©ps his car and gets down to confront the woman.. Daniel: What is wrong with you? Are you blind? Old woman:Am sorry,my son… Daniel: Don’t call me your son,i can never be a son to a wretched hag like you…As Daniel kept insulting the old woman,Kylie sees them from afar,she rides her bicycle to go meet them.. Kylie:Why are you yelling at her? Don’t you Know that she’s an elderly woman.. Daniel:And who are you?Kylie: The person that is trying to put some s-en-se into your head.. Daniel:I don’t have time for poor people like you..Kylie:Ma’am, plea-se go..Old woman:Thank you,my dear…The old woman walks away.. Kylie:And you,you are such an arrogant idiot.. Daniel:Do you know who you are talking about?Kylie:Yes,am talking to a complete idiot,you are such a proud peac0ck… Daniel:You know what?you are such a bit-ch,a crazy one,am leaving.. Daniel enters his car and drives off..Daniel drives into his company,he enters in a hurry to see his brother pacing back and forth…Mason: Where have you been? Daniel:I got stuck up with some irritating people.How was the meeting with Power corporation? Mason:It went well,they agreed to the deal.. Daniel:Oh, thank goodness, thanks bro..Mason:No problem, it’s our company..30 minutes later,Daniel’s phone rings..🚫 Phone convo 🚫. Daniel: Hey,mom.. Mirabel: Hey,my hunnie bunnie,how are you? Daniel:Am good,what of you and dad? Mirabel:Fine, son,i have good news for you.. Daniel:What is it? Mirabel:Your father and I are coming to spend time with you.. Daniel: Really? Mirabel:Yes,dear..Two months.. Daniel: That’s a long time.. Mirabel:We would have time to get to know your girlfriend.. Daniel:My girlfriend?What girlfriend? Mirabel:Yes,the girlfriend you told us about.. Daniel:Oh,yes,my girlfriend.. Mirabel:Did you forget about your girlfriend? Daniel:No,mom,you would see her.. Mirabel: Okay,bye.. Mirabel hangs up..Mason:Is that mom? Daniel:yes, she and dad are coming to stay two months..Mason:Great, why are you scared? Daniel:She wants to see my girlfriend.. Mason:What?!But you don’t have one
Chapter 3
Kylie arrives home to see her best friend Nina cooking.. Kylie:Babe,you are back?Nina:Yeah but I still couldn’t find a job.. Kylie:You will get one,you actually graduated from college with good grades so you will get a job..Nina:What about mom? Kylie: Doctor said she nee-ds a surgery and it will cost $100,000..Nina: That’s too much.. Kylie:I know,and i don’t have any idea on how to get the money..Nina:Maybe i can sell my old clothes.. Kylie:No,you have done enough..Nina: Kylie, she’s my mom too,we are family..Kylie:I will get 3 more jobs more..Nina:That will make it 10 jobs in a day,do you wanna die? Kylie:What should I do?Nina:We will figure out something..
✨ Meanwhile,Mason:What are we gonna do? Daniel:i don’t know,i just lied to them because they were on my n£¢k for a girlfriend..Mason:And if mom finds out it’s a lie,she will be so sad.. Daniel:I know..Mason: Let’s just go home and devise a plan.. They leave the company,in less than 30 minutes,they arrive home,they enter and see their sister.. Paris:Heyy..Mason:Paris..Paris hvgs them..Paris:You two miss me? Daniel:Yeah but i thought you had ph0toshoots throu-gh out this year..Paris:Yeah but mom and dad told me that they will be coming here so i cancelled all my modelling plans..Mason:Well,sis,we have a problem..Paris:What?..Daniel explains the whole issue,Paris starts laughing..Mason: It’s not funny.. Paris:Okay,am sorry,so what’s your plan? Daniel:we don’t have one..Paris:Well,i have one.. Mason: which is? Paris:We will hire a girlfriend for Daniel..Mason:Hire a girlfriend? Paris:Yeah,she will be here for two months till Mom and Dad leave.. Daniel:When they ask of her again? Paris:You will tell them that she cheated on you and then you left her..Mason:Wow, that’s a nice plan, good one,sis.. Daniel:Am not really sure about that? Paris: Don’t be a show spoiler,it will work,i and Mason will help you look for the perfect girl but until then,i am going to the new club..Mason:Club 57? Paris:Yeah. .Mason:Am in with you.. Daniel:Am not going.. Paris: Don’t worry, Danny,we will get you the perfect girl
Chapter 4
At Club 57,Mason and Paris arrive, they are some people smoking, drinking,k!ss!ng, they find a seat and settle down
Paris: This club is amazing
Mason:You can say that again, let’s get some drinks
They had fun for so long,it was 3 in the morning so they had to leave,they were at Mason’s car
Mason:Oh,sh*t, I forgot my car keys inside,let me go get it
Paris:Okay…(Mason walks away)
As Paris waits for Mason,a drun!kman comes behind Paris and hvgs her,she pushes him away
Paris:Get off me,you drun!kard
??:You look so S-xy,can i have a taste of that as-s?
He hvgs Paris so ti-ght, she struggles with him, Fortunately, Kylie sees them from afar and hurries to save Paris,She pushes the drun!kguy away
??:Hey,bit-ch, what’s your problem?
Kylie:Get away from here, Franklin,you are always drun!k
Franklin:And if i don’t go?
Kylie: I will reshape your leave
Franklin: Whatever…
Franklin walks away
Paris: Thanks so much
Kylie:No problem
Mason arrives and Paris hvgs him ti-ght
Mason:What Happened?
Paris:A guy tried to [email protected]£ me but she saved me
Mason:Miss, thanks so much
Kylie: It’s okay,but a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be here, it’s dangerous
Mason:Same goes for you
Kylie: Well,i work here
Kylie: It’s a long story
Paris:Can i ask you something?
Kylie:Yeah,what is….(Kylie phone rings)
🚫Phone Convo🚫
Kylie:Kris, what happened?Why are you crying?
Kris:Dad,beat me up really bad
Kylie:What?!!Am coming over, don’t worry
🚫Phone convo ended🚫
Kylie:I have to go,bye
Kylie leaves in a hurry
Mason:We don’t even know her name
Paris:But she is really beautiful
Kylie hurries back home,she sees hee dad smoking
Kylie: How dare you?
Patrick: What do you want?
Kylie:How dare you beat my sister?
Patrick:You call that thing your sister?
Kylie:Dad,why are you like this?Why are you so wicked to us?
Patrick: I hate you, your sister and your useless mother
Kylie:You can beat me up but don’t t©uçh my sister
Kylie walks away,she enters her sister room,sees her crying,she hvgs her
Kris:He beat me up
Kylie: It’s okay,he won’t try it again
Kris:Why does dad hate us?
Kylie:I wish i knew the answer
Kris:You didn’t finish your shift,now you will get fired because of me
Kylie: Don’t worry,i will find another job
The next day,At the Mendes mansion
Daniel:So you two are telling me that you saw a girl from the club and you think she’s the perfect person for the job
Daniel: What’s her name?
Paris:We don’t actually know
Daniel:You don’t even her name,How are you sure she isn’t a slut?
Mason: She’s not,she looked quite decent and Bro, she’s gorgeous
Daniel:I just want someone that we will abide by my rules
Paris:We must find that girl and hire her
Chapter 5
Two days later,Paris and Mason searched for Kylie everywhere but couldn’t find her,they were in the car in front of a coffee shop
Mason:Am starting to think that girl we saw at the club was not human,she was an angel,i mean look at her hair,it was long and she had the b©dy of a goddess
Paris: She’s real
Mason:We have searched everywhere
Paris: Let’s just go get a cu-p of coffee
Paris and Mason enter the coffee shop, they sit down and a waitress approaches them
Waitress:What kind of coffee can i get you?
Paris:Two cu-ps of Expresso coffee
Waitress: Coming right up
Waitress walks away,in less than ten minutes, another waitress brings the coffee
??: Here is your coffee,enjoy
Paris: Thanks
Mason looks up and becomes shocked
Kylie: It’s you two from that club
Paris:We have been looking for you,we went back to that club but you weren’t there
Kylie:I got fired because i left without finishing my shift
Mason:Oh,so sorry
Paris:But we nee-d your help?
Kylie:What is it?
Mason:You might want to sit down for this
Kylie:Okay..(She sits)So tell me
Mason: This might weird but we want to hire you
Kylie: There is nothing weird about hiring me
Paris:We want to hire you to be a pretend girlfriend
Kylie:(Confused) Pretend girlfriend?i don’t un-derstand
Mason: We want to pose as Someone’s girlfriend for two months
Kylie:Is it you? You are so handsome,you don’t nee-d to hire a girlfriend
Paris: It’s our brother..,by the way,we don’t even know your name
Kylie:Am Kylie Blair
Mason:Am Mason, she’s Paris
Kylie:Okay, explain this stuff again
Paris:Our brother,Daniel lied to our parents that he has a girlfriend,now our parents are coming next Wednesday to see his girlfriend
Kylie:Why can’t he get a real Girlfriend?
Mason:He’s not really good with words
Paris:So are you in?
Kylie:Am not sure about…
Mason:We will be paying you $250,000 every two weeks
Kylie:(shocked)$250,000 every two weeks for two months,am going be a millionaire before two months,oh,am going to faint
Mason: Are you in?
Kylie:Just give me time to think
Mason: Here is my card,my number is there, plea-se we nee-d your help
Nina:$250,000? That’s hvge,Kylie
Kylie:I know but what if they are kidnappers
Nina: They can’t be, Kylie,you can pay for your mom’s surgery
Kylie: It’s true,okay,i will do it
The next day,At the Mendes mansion
Mason:Danny, Paris, guess who called?
Paris: Kylie?
Mason:Yeah,she agreed,am going to pick her up
Paris:oh, thank goodness
Daniel:I hope she’s as amazing as you two are saying
Paris:Mason, hurry
Kylie:Wow,your house is hvge
Mason: Thanks
Paris comes downstairs
Paris: Kylie:You [email protected]£, thanks
Kylie:No problem,i couldn’t resist your brother’s cute eyes..(Mason chuckles)
Paris:My bro is on his way down
Daniel comes down,he is starring at his phone
Daniel:So kylie,My siblings told me about you,i have many rules,Rule number one, don’t…
Kylie:You j£rk!!
Daniel looks up and becomes shocked
Daniel: What’s this bit-ch doing here?
Chapter 6
Daniel: What’s this bit-ch doing here?
Kylie:Am not a bit-ch,you moron
Mason:You two know each other, Great,it will make our work easy
Daniel:No,it won’t work,guys,when I asked for a girl,i didn’t say i wanted a clas-sless,poor girl
Kylie: Shut up,you are the most arrogant person i have ever met,Mason,Paris,is he your brother?
Kylie: Then i can’t do this job because this fool over is so annoying
Daniel:I don’t want her,go get another person
Kylie:For your information,i would rather shave my head than pretend to be your girlfriend,no wonder you don’t have a girlfriend,no one likes a clueless fool as a b©yfri£nd
Daniel:Say one more word and I will..
Kylie:Will what? Don’t try me,am not like other girls,i will kill you if you mess with me..Mason,Paris,Am sorry, I can’t work with this mad dog,bye
Kylie walks away
Paris: What just happened?
Daniel:What happened is that you brou-ght that poor bit-ch here and she disrespected us
Mason:Bro,she didn’t disrespect anyb©dy
Paris:Where did you guys meet?
Daniel:On my way to work,she insulted me when i was shouting at an old lady
Mason:You shouted at an old lady,Bro, you should knoe that everyone deserves respect,no matter their financial status
Paris:She was the perfect person
Daniel:Find another and plea-se let her have clas-s
Daniel walks away, Mason sighs in frustration
Kylie:He was so stupid,he is an idiot
Nina:Who is this guy?
Kylie:He goes by the Daniel..Daniel Mendes
Nina:(Shocked) Daniel Mendes?!!
Nina: Hold up
Nina brings out a magazine from her bag
Nina:is this him?
Kylie: Yeah and why is he on the cover of a magazine?
Nina: Don’t you know who Daniel Mendes is?
Kylie:I know him to be a complete idiot
Nina:He’s a rich business man, the best in the whole country and he is soo handsome
Kylie:His brother is more handsome than him
Nina:You have met Mason Mendes?
Kylie:Yeah and Paris
Kylie:Nina, st©p yelling
Nina: Paris is the number one model, Kylie,have you been living un-der a rock not to know these people?
Kylie:I have been taking care of my family
Nina:Babe, you have to take this offer,you nee-d the money
Kylie:i know but I don’t want to work for that arrogant fool, I will figure out something
🌼A week later,Paris and Mason are still searching for the right girl
Mason:Am tired of searching
Paris:Me too,if only Danny would agree to hire Kylie
Mason: Let’s go to the coffee shop to talk to her
Nina:Are you sure about this?
Kylie:i just have to try
Nina:But you knoe how your dad is?
Kylie: Let’s just go
Kylie and Nina enter a bar, they see Patrick drinking as usual
Patrick:Urrgh, misfortune is here, what do you want?
Kylie:Mom is sick and she nee-ds money
Patrick:So how does that concern me?
Kylie: She’s also your wife?
Patrick:She st©pped being my wife the day she gave birth to useless girls like you and your sister
Nina: Don’t say that to her
Patrick:You, shut the hell up and you..(he drags Kylie’s hand and pushes her to the ground, her hand gets a scratch)
Nina: Kylie, let’s just leave,he won’t help us
🌼 Tuesday morning 🌼
Paris:Bro,what are we going to do?
Mason: Yeah,every girl we ask has one condition or the other..Some wants bigger money and some just want to sleep with you
Daniel:What are we going to do?
Paris:I don’t know and mom and dad are coming tomorrow
Daniel: Okay,fine, let’s hire Kylie
Mason: We don’t even know where she is?
Paris:We are so dead
⏱️At the hospital ⏱️
Doctor: Your mom is in critical condition, we nee-d to do the surgery
Kylie:I know but i don’t have the money
Doctor:Your mom doesn’t have much time
The doctor leaves
Kris:Ky,mom is going to die
Kylie: No,she won’t,i will bring that money
Kylie: Just trust me, Nina, follow me
Nina and Kylie are outside,Kylie brings out a card
Kylie:Nina,your phone?
Nina gives her the phone,she starts to dial the number
Nina:Who are you calling?
Kylie: Watch
🚫Phone convo 🚫
Mason:Hello,who is this?
Kylie: It’s Kylie
Mason: Kylie, thank goodness,we have been trying to reach you
Kylie:Am re-ady
Kylie:Am re-ady to be Daniel’s pretend girlfriend
Chapter 7
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
I can’t believe I will have to work with that crazy lady,oh God,am just doing this not to make my parents sad,if not she won’t have the guts to talk to me like that,i will so teach her a lesson
Mason is on the phone with the psycho,just pray she agrees,Mason is off the phone,Paris hurries towards him
Paris:What did she say?
Mason:Well,she agreed
Paris jumps up and giggles
Daniel:Thank Goodness
Mason:But on one condition which is that she gets her first pay now
Daniel: What? That’s not possible
Mason:I have alre-ady s£nt it, Bro,we nee-d her
Paris: Yeah
Daniel:Fine, whatever
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
Thank goodness,they agreed,now i can pay for my mom’s surgery and as for that j£rk called Daniel,i will handle him,just because he is rich doesn’t mean he can walk all over me,i will frustrate his miserable life
Nina and i have alre-ady cash the money and paid for my mom’s surgery,she is currently un-dergoing and i pray everything comes out fine
The Doctor comes out of the surgery room
Kris:Doc, how’s my mom?
Doctor: She’s okay, the surgery went well
Kylie:Can we see her?
Doctor:Not yet but in the next hour,she will be awake so you can see her
Nina: Thanks, doctor
As the doctor walks away,Nina, Kris and i hvg each other and start giggling,Not long after,my mom woke up and she was looking so healthy as before
Cecilia: Kylie,how did you get the money?
Kylie:I got a job and asked for my salary in advance
Cecilia: Thank you,my dear
Kylie:No problem but i have to go
Kris:Where are you going?
Kylie:To work,am gonna be there for awhile
Kris looks at me suspiciously
Nina:Kylie,you should go now,i will take care of everyone
Kylie:And watch out for my dad
Kris:You will br back,right?
Kylie: Absolutely
Kylie hvgs her family, then leaves
😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍
Crazy girl is on her way, time to show her who is boss
Mason enters with the crazy girl,Paris goes over to hvg her
Paris: Thanks so much
Kylie: Don’t mention it
Mason:You and Daniel will pretend to be madly in love with each other for the next two months, then after that Daniel will tell our parents that you cheated
Kylie:Fine with me
Daniel:I hope they like you
Kylie: I hope i don’t kill you before they come
Daniel:How are we gonna turn this to a modern girl?
Paris: Simple ,with make up but Kylie doesn’t nee-d too much work, she’s naturally gorgeous
Daniel:Tell her to re-move the fake long hair
Kylie:j£rk,i will have you know that my hair is real but you are too much of an idiot to know that
Paris: Enough argument, let’s get into action
🚫 Wednesday morning 🚫
😉Paris P.o.v😉
Mason has gone to pick up our parents, I hope everything works out perfectly, Honestly i want Kylie to be with my brother forever, I hope they fall in love
Oh, Mason is back, Kylie and Daniel come downstairs giving deadly glares at each other
Paris:Focus,Mom and Dad are they come.. Action
❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️
Woah, This j£rk’s parents are so good together and they look so young
Paris goes to hvg them and to collect their luggage, their mom is so beautiful
Mirabel:My baby
Mirabel hvgs Daniel so ti-ght..
Daniel:Mom,you are pressing me
Mirabel: Sorry
David:Am so happy to see my children
Daniel:Dad, mom,i want to introduce you to my lovely Girlfriend, Kylie

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