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If loving you is wrong Episode 5 & 6

If Loving You is Wrong😥
After the crazy dance, Jay helped Jessie back to their table , they had several drinks and talked a whole lot, Jessie was a really interesting woman, she told him about her past life with her past husbands, the crazy divorces, and so on.
He was really amazed, especially by the fact that she was still a young woman, he was just three years older than her.
The night was going so smooth until the security man [email protected]£ to inform them that it was closing hour. That was when Jay picked out his phone and discovered that it was almost 12am , he also had several missed calls from Juliet, he was somewhat bothered, he wanted to call her back but decided to wait until he got home since she was supposed to spend the night at her mum’s.
Jay paid the bills although Jessie didn’t pretty much fancy it, she had wanted to pay for her own bills.
They said goodbye with a k!ss, he let her go home since she had called her driver over.
Jay drove back home happily with Jessie still in his mind.
Even though he knew what he was doing was wrong, he didn’t care much, after all they were just having fun, even though de-ep down, Jessie was more than a casual [email protected]£, she was a woman he wanted to love
Jay’s Duplex
Jay was in outmost shock when he opened the door to his house and found Juliet seated in the sitting room, it was like she was crying or something like that, his heart began to beat fas-ter, what if she found out or something !! He gathered some courage and took a few steps closer to her but she st©pped him with a mini scream.
Juliet ” don’t you dare move an inch closer to me ”
Now he was scared
Jay ” honey are you okay??”
Juliet got up ” I hate you so much!”
Jay’s voice was getting fainter ”
Juliet raised her voice ” so you skipped dinner with me and my mum! Just because you wanted to be in a, club with a bit-ch! “.
Jay’s head began to spin, he had been caught
Jay stammered ” wh–what are you saying ??”.
Juliet brou-ght out her phone and quic-kly showed him a picture, a picture of him and Jessie dancing at the club , he was so shocked
Juliet ” some unknown number s£nt me this $h!t!!” With that, she hit the phone in the floor and shattered it.
He wanted to get close to her and start apologizing but that seemed like a risky move as she threw the flower vase at him, he dodged and it landed in the TV giving it a hvge scratch.
He got scared whenever she got this
Angry, he rushed upstairs and locked himself in his room. She ran after him and ban-ged in the door crying heavily but he never opened the door scared for his life., Juliet had to cry herself to sleep in the children’s room.
Jessie’s house , Victoria island Lagos
Jessie sighed heavily as she got down from her car , she saw her mum’s car and was sure she was inside waiting for her.
” what are you doing here ??” She said as soon as she got into the House
Lavina looked up and eyed her. Lavina was wearing a red long weave, fair in. Complexion with a small stature.
Lavina ” where are you coming back from and why the hell did you miss the dinner ??”
Jessie hissed ” I guess I forgot about your little charade, and plea-se st©p acting like my mother, it’s useless now, just leave ”
Lavina was getting emotional ” you don’t have to push me away all the time my child, all i did was for you !”.
Jessie ” awww that’s so sweet of you! Thanks mommy for abandoning me when I war just two! Now go back to your golden daughter! ”
Lavina ” your sister was disappointed, she really wanted to meet you ”
Jessie hissed and left .
The next morning, Jessie woke up with a slight headache, she turned and saw Lavina slee-ping right beside her, she kept staring at that beautiful woman, the woman she had loved and hated all her life, she soon started to let the tears flow and didn’t realize when she opened her mouth to say ” mummy ”
Lavinia’s ringtone echoed the room, she got up and picked it quic-kly thinking that Jessie was still asleep, it was Juliet, and she was. Crying like hell, Lavina couldn’t hear a thing she said .
Lavina ” honey, plea-se just calm down I’ll be there “.
Then the call ended.
Jessie was alre-ady angry that she was leaving , she got up angrily and said ” its fine you can go, I don’t nee-d you anyway ” then she got up and left angrily.
Jay’s house
Juliet sat down crying in her be-d , the wardrobe was empty, Jay had packed some things and left , maybe because he was scared that she was going to hurt him, the children weren’t even going to school that day .
As soon as Lavina got into the house, she rushed to her and hvgged her ti-ght, Lavina sighed and hvgged her, if only she was like this with her other daughter Jessie . she made Juliet calm down and she explained all that happened to her.
Later that afternoon, Juliet got a text from the unknown number that had s£nt her the picture in the first place.
Her name is Jessica Donalds , your husband’s new designer
She sighed de-eply, she didn’t un-derstand what was going but all she knew was that she was going to make the other woman’s life hell
If Loving You is Wrong 😥
ιммedιaтely jυlιeт dropped нer phone, she ran upstairs and took her car keys. then she headed downstairs, the kids had gone shopping with their grandma to ease the tension of last night as Juliet felt that they must have noticed , especially her five year old son Joshua.
Juliet stood for a while still thinking of where to go, she finally decided to go to Jay’s office hoping she might find him there
Jessie’s house
Jessie was alre-ady dressed for work, she was wearing a black low cut t©p and white palazzo trou-sers, she parked her hair and wore light makeup with a pinkl-ipstick matching the pink designs in her black heels She was about to enter her white Porsche when her phone bleeped . she sighed as she re-moved it from her purse, she was surprised when she saw that it was a message from Jay which re-ad
Hey plea-se can we meet, it’s really urgent , Fiestas h0tel I’ll be waiting, plea-se I’m counting on
Jessica laughed, she was flir-ty , but she was not stupid , she couldn’t risk going to a h0tel to meet a guy alone, she liked him ,but she didn’t know him so much, she decided to go with her driver, make him hang around , just in case
J and J fashion
Juliet slammed the door ha-rd when she got down from her range Rover sports car 2017 model.
She walked straight into the building ,then to Jay’s office, gossips around the building greeted hypocritically, and jeered at her as she went up, Juliet never [email protected]£ to the company unless something was wrong, most of the times, her husband was caught cheating, and it was usually a disaster , so the gossips and drama seekers clamored for that.
Mary was having a day that was almost perfect until Juliet walked up on her desk. She cleared her throat and managed to greet.
Mary ” Good morning Mrs Olaitan ”
Juliet “morning ”
Mary ” how do I help you ma??”
Juliet ” you can start by letting me see my husband ”
Mary was puzzled ” I don’t un-derstand ma, Mr jay hasn’t been to work Today ”
Juliet was confused, she eyed her “you not lying to me ”
Mary got up and opened the door to Mr Jay’s office
Mary ” go see,for yourself ”
Juliet sighed, the young lady was surely not lying ” thanks ” she muttered and left while Mary sighed and rolled her eyes in relief
Just as Juliet was about to enter he car, a petite sized lady ran towards her, she turned very surprised, he face was so unfamiliar
Juliet frowned ” how may I help you??”
The girl blu-shed “my name is Monica, I was employed newly as a Secretary although it am a real fan of yours, i love your magazine PURΣ βΣΔTTΨ and I’ve always longed to model for it, I guess the opportunity is here! ”
Juliet raised her brows ” Thanks but what do you mean?? ”
Monica cleared her throat ” I was the one who s£nt you those pictures, my boss who is the company’s new designer is your husband’s mistress and they are seriously going out! “.
Juliet was seriously feeling h0t ” wait what are you saying and how did you find out ??”.
Monica ” well, almost everyone in the office knows , and the pictures, well my b©yfri£ndworks as a waiter in the club the went to, I went to see him that Tuesday night and he told me that my boss was in there, it was a VIP section so i couldn’t see them, he went in to take in some bottles and took pictures of them as proof to me, I was shocked and decided to s£nd them to you , because I like you ”
Juliet still couldn’t believe her ears, her mouth was wi-de open until she finally managed to shut it.
Juliet stammered ” OK , thanks ” , she catches her breath and continued ” I’d nee-d you not to mention this to anyone else, and you can delete the ph0tos now, s£nd me your account number, I’ll think about the modelling issue ”
She got into the car and said finally “s£nd me every single detail about that woman, like now!”
then she drove off
fiestas h0tel
Jessie walked straight to the reception as she got to the h0tel which was quite close to the company. She asked of jay and the receptionist told her he was expecting her and gave her a key to the room he had lodged .
As soon as Jessica got into the room, Jay rushed to her and hvgged her like a baby, she smiled feeling very important. After a while, he finally let go and she settled down
After explaining all that transpired between him and Juliet, she sighed and mattered ” I’m really sorry Jay, its my fault, I’ll just talk to her myself ”
Jay held her hand ” No nee-d for that, it’s not your fault at all. I guess i just got careless ”
Jessie sighed, she wasn’t sorry at all in fact Juliet was just ma-king things easy for her .
She t©uçhed Jay’s head ” you must be hungry ”
” yea ” Jay muttered ”
She got up ” how about we go shopping, I’m sure what you nee-d now is some homemade food ”
Jay scoffed ” do you know how to cook?”
Jessie frowned ” why??”
Jay ” you grew up abroad !”
Jessie ” so?? I’m still a Nigerian boo, I’d kill you with my delicacies ”
They both laughed, he got up and they went out , they decided to go to a nearby shopping centre with her Porsche , her driver drove them there
Juliet walked out of the shopping complex with two shopping bags in handy and a cu-p of cold give away beer on the other hand.
She dropped the bags in shock when she saw Jay and a woman holding hands and approaching the supermarket, she was sure that was the bit-ch jay had been flir-ting with! The one Monica had told her about!,the one she was about to beat up right now!!
It was too late before Jay could turn to notice his angry wife approaching, before he could, she had alre-ady emptied the cu-p of cold beer on Jessie and landed her a h0t [email protected] in her left cheek ” You cheap bit-ch!!” She cursed at Jessie
Even though Jessie was shocked, she didn’t relax for a second, she returned the favour and buried her f!ngersin Juliet’s right eye
………………………To be continued

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