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If loving you is wrong Episode 3 & 4

After ғιnalιzιng, тнe deal, Jay waѕ leғт тo do ѕoмe ѕιgnιng, wнιle jeѕѕιca kept ѕтarιng aт нιм lυѕтғυlly, he sighed and handed the papers back to her, he couldn’t resist the urge of shaking hands with her again.
Jay made a cute face, ” so, would you like to hang out some time??’
Jessica smiled ” of, course, why not??”
Jay ” forgive my manners , you’re looking gorgeous miss Jessie ”
Jessica blu-shed ” o come on, you can call me Jessie “.
Jay smiled ” I’d be glad , about our [email protected]£??”
Jessie ” well, Tuesday evening sounds just great ”
Jay smiled a little but frowned when he remembered that he had dinner with Juliet, the kids, and his mother in-law .
Jay ” uhm, I’m sorry but I’ve got some lil plans that day , could you move a little ??”
Jessie pouted ” too bad, I can’t ”
then she eyed him in a flir-ty way.
Suddenly, the door, opened and Jay’s personal as-sistant Mary Jane [email protected]£ in, light skinned, beautiful. And decently dressed. , she was wearing [email protected] and smiled on seeing Jessie.
Jay ” uhm, hey, this is Mary. She’s my personal as-sistant. She’ll show you around and to your office., she’ll also introduce you to your secretary ”
Jessie smiled ” Hi ”
Mary smiled back and shook her hands ” hey Jessie. It’s really nice to meet you, I’d be glad to show you around ”
Mary headed out Immediately while Jessie turned back at Jay and win-ked. Then she said ” my regards to your wife and kids” then she left. Leaving him startled.
Mary and Jessie got along really well, Mary was the kind of girl that Jessie really liked. Mary was a 27 year old single mum. After introducing her to her workaholic of a secretary Monica, Jessie gathered the courage to ask Mary.
Jessie ” uhm. What about Jay’s kids ”
Mary ” oh they’re wonderful angels! Especially his daughter pat!! ”
Jessie ” hmm. And what about his wife?? ”
Mary hissed ” hmm, at least she’s manageable. Although. She’s so boring and paranoid., runs a boring fashion magazine, blah blah blah, in fact, lemme show you a picture of J
her ” .
Mary brou-ght out her phone and showed her a picture of Juliet.
. Juliet looked kind of familiar to Jessie. She smiled ” she’s not so boring after all ”
The both of them bur-st into laughter after which Mary went back to her office. Jessie smiled. She really liked Mary. Especially since she would serve as a shortcut to Jay’s heart
The next day .
Jessie smiled as she got down from her white Porsche , she was wearing a white shi-t which expo-sed [email protected] of her curvy b©©b s.,black [email protected] , and a pair of brown and black polka dotted heels which matched her purse, she still left the dark long weave falling to her [email protected]!st and applied nûd£ makeup.
She walked to the administrative section like a boss and signed in.
Two staffs of the admin block popularly known as Kate and Jane for gossiping, were busy doing what they knew best.
Kate ” look at that one walking like queen of England, she’s the new designer ”
Jane laughed ” jeez, look at her brea-sts , they’re not even fresh, see how she’s ex-posing them, I’m sure she’s trying to s£dûç£Jay ”
Kate eyed her “and we all know Jay is,a typical wom-anizer, I just hope his crazy wife doesn’t come unnoticed and catch them one day, this office will surely scatter , I can’t wait!!”
They both bur-st into laughter
unknown to them. Jessica had,st©pped to listen to their conversation and they were,a little too loud.
She turned back and approached them violently, then she folded her ams , they were both alre-ady trembling
Jessica ” why did you st©p?? Your story was so interesting ”
They both stammered and she continued
Jessie ” anyways, I can’t also wait, to see you guys pack all your trash, and evacuate this building , you’re both fired!! I can’t work with such nonentities!!” Then she whispered
” I’m sure you wish you had my b©©b s ” eyed them, and left..
Jessica was done with designing later that afternoon and decided to show some samples of her designs,to Jay so shootings and mas-s production could begin.
Monica walked to her table
Monica ” ma’am, would you like me to deliver the samples to Mr Jay ??”
Jessie smiled ” no thanks Monica, I’d delver them myself, I have some things to tell him too ”
Monica nodded and went back to her desk.
Jay’s office
When Jessie got to Jay’s office, she was shocked when she met a long legged ebony dark girl looking more like a pr©st!tût£leaving his office and chewing gum. She eyed the girl and went into the office. She settled down in Jay’s CEO chair and sighed, she was directly facing the mirror, looking like a queen, the room had just been sprayed, jay was surely a wom-anizer, pla-yboy, and bad bad boy!!
The bathroom door suddenly opened and he [email protected]£ out looking all freshened up. He was shocked when he saw Jessie waiting, she must have seen Gina ( the pr©st!tût£)
She smiled and sat down on the glas-s desk closer to her, then they began to flir-t with each other.
Jessie gave a dirty smile and held his tie ” you’re such a dirty man you know”
He blu-shed and pla-yed with her hands ” you know, I get lonely sometimes, so how was your day ”
Jessie sighed “well, I’m here if you get bored or lonely , anyways great except that , you’ve got gossips in here, I fired two of em today ”
Jay laughed ” well, isn’t that good news ”
She showed him the samples and positioned herself in such a way that he had to t©uçh her br£@st each time he fli-pped the sketch pad..
When he was done he nodded and k!$$£d her hands ” those are really great , lunch?? ”
Jessie ” of course ” they held hands and went to the eatery, she and Mary exchanged wi-nks
After a,great lunch together, Jay didn’t feel like returning to the office so they went straight to watch a movie , by the time they were done, it was alre-ady 6pm. They went to a nearby bar Jessie discovered and had a couple of drinks until Jessie was fully drun!kand couldn’t move an inch , jay had no other choice than to drive her home.
It was really ha-rd for jay to resist her as, Jessica s£dûç£d him on and on as he drove her home. When they got to her house, he helped her in with her direction. He took her up to her room and carefully dropped her on the be-d, he tried to let go but she held him back, she tea-sed him and laughed
Jessie ” the game is on ”
He let go and sighed ” goodnight”
Jessica laughed ” Tuesday night, 9pm, we,both know you won’t dare miss it ” he smiled and left, while she kept laughing hysterically
Julιeт [email protected] on the couch waiting for Jay to arrive from work , she was so worried, it was almost past 11pm and he still wasn’t back. She got up and paced worriedly around the house , what if he had an accident?? She kept panicking and decided to call her mum when suddenly, she heard the gate man open the gate. She rushed to the window and sighed in relief when jay’s black Benz drove in.
Now , what she felt was not worry but anger, she felt he purposely kept late but still sat still to hear his excuse.
Jay opened the door and sighed when he saw that Juliet was wi-de awake waiting for him, he knew a tug of war waited for him .😟
Thinking of what to do to subside her anger, he walked to her and, pressed a k!ssin her cheeks, 😘 . unfortunately, that didn’t work as she pushed him away coldly .
He frowned ” now what’s the problem with you. After a long and hectic day at work. I come home to you to get this ??”
Juliet’s eyes were red with anger, she got up and raised he voice ” Oh Jay plea-se don’t gimme that $h!t! don’t even dare! you come home smelling of alcohol and female perfume and you call that ha-rd work huh?? ”
Jay sighed ” you know what, the kids are asleep and I don’t want to wake them up , I am going to get some sleep, you should do the same ”
He headed upstairs but Juliet called him back admist tears
Juliet ” Jay! ”
he turned back and stared at he feeling somewhat guilty
Juliet continued ” what do I gotta do!!,what do I nee-d to do to keep you away from those other women! You’re killing me! You got me looking in the mirror, thinking I’m flawed because of your inconsistence , Jay why do you keep doing this to me??”
Jay rolled his eyes obviously frustrated, he walked back to he and held her hands ” look there is no other woman! a Friend of mine was just out drinking with his girlfriend, they got so drun!kthat they couldn’t move, he called me over and begged , I literally had to carry them to their flat!”
Juliet believed Jay’s tale and sighed feeling guilty for suspecting him over nothing while Jay smiled inwardly, now he had turned tables around and made her feel guilty.
Juliet ” I’m sorry ”
Jay smiled ” next time ask me what .happened before you start nagging on me ” then he yawned ” I’m feeling really sleepy, I’ll go shower, you can join me in the room ”
them he hurried upstairs in triumph with crazy Jessie still in his mind 😛😂
🌼Sunday afternoon, Jessie’s
duplex 🌼
Laughter echoed Jessie’s large living room, she was having a little get together with her old friend Chloe and she also invited Mary who delighted in telling then how boring and annoying Jay’s wife was and her numerous encounter with his side chicks .
Chloe was choking to death as she laughed on a glas-s of orange jui-ce and a,plate of barbecued chicken🍗.
Chloe “,I can’t believe that!!”
Jessie cleared her throat ” you won’t believe what happened between us on Friday night, like he didn’t want to let go, we nearly made out!! ”
Chloe ‘ Awww, he,sure missed out, you’re such a bad girl ”
The trio bur-st into laughter and Mary continued
Mary ” yeah, I’m sure he wishes he met you earlier, too bad you were abroad doing what??”
Jessie ” naa its not too bad, I was ma-king my Doe! ”
Chloe cleared her throat ” now, speaking of money, I was wondering, I nee-d a solid business where I can invest before I dash it all out on cars, and weaves ”
Jessie chuckled ” why not invest in Jay’s company, I can vouch that you won’t regret it, ”
Mary ” yeah, so you’d know it’s one of the biggest fashion company in the country ”
Chloe ,sipped ” hmm , I love the sound of that, I’d like to meet your Jay “.
Mary ” hmm, That’s easy, I could set a meeting since I’m his PA ”
Jessie smiled ” No dear, leave that to me , I know what to do ”
Then win-ked and Mary and they all bur-st into laughter 😂 😂😂
🌼Monday morning , J & J fashion head quarters Victoria island Lagos🌼
Jay had concluded a board meeting that morning and walked back to his office to proceed the day’s work.
The door suddenly opened and Jessica [email protected]£ in. She had change her weave into a short black Bob which was [email protected] at the middle and reached her shoulder.
She was wearing a low cut V n£¢ked swede red dress with sleeves, it st©pped right above her knees , the dress was highly fitted and enhanced her figure 8, her cle-avagewas also expo-sed and she wore heavy makeup redl-ipstick 💄, heel 👠and purse 👛.
Jay looked up and smiled ” Hey pretty ”
Jessie blu-shed ” Hi ”
She smiled and sat done right opposite him then she sighed .
Jessie ” uhmm, I’m sorry about the other night, I was surely a mess ”
Jay chuckled ” it’s OK damsel, it happens ”
Jessie ” I hope I didn’t cause any trouble ”
Jay ” hmm, not really ”
Jessie tapped her red gelled nails on the table.
Jessie ” a friend of my proposed an offer, she wants to invest , and requests an official meeting, trust me she’s got more than enough. to boost this company throu-gh this season ”
Jay sighed de-eply ” it’s a crucial matter, I’ll think about it and get back to you “.
Jessie smiled, she got up and went to pe-ck him, then she walked to the door ” don’t forget tomorrow 9pm ” , she gave him a S-xy look and left .💃💃💃
🌼Tuesday night, Jay’s house. 🌼..
Juliet was preparing the kids for dinner with her mum when Jay rushed downstairs wearing a,white suit with his car keys handy, Juliet was startled .
Juliet ” Hey, are you wearing that?? ”
Jay sighed ” I’m sorry Honey but I won’t be able to make it tonight “.
Juliet was disappointed “what!!,why??”
Jay ” I’m so sorry honey, remember my [email protected] from Dubai?? they called an emergency meeting that I can’t afford to miss, plea-se tell mum to un-derstand, I promise to make it up to her ”
Juliet sighed and k!$$£d him ” take care of yourself ”
With that, he rushed out of the house.
.🌼 Clas-sic club Lekki Lagos 🌼
.Jay smiled as he walked into the VIP
Section of the club where he was supposed to meet to with Jessica.
His face lightened when he saw Jessica waiting Alone. She was wearing a pink short armless dress, made up like a diva and her cl£@[email protected]£s were surely enticing.
he settled down opposite her, she had alre-ady started sipping her drink
Jessica ” you’re late “.
Jay sighed ” yeah I’m sorry, I was caught up in traffic ”
She gave him a charming smile , her phone kept buzzing but she refused to pick, it was her mum calling to remind her of the dinner.
Jessica suddenly got up and held his hands ” let’s dance ”
Jay was not reluctant since it was just the two of them there.
He got up and they went to the middle of the dance floor, the DJ pla-yed 🎵 Work 🎵 by Rhianna featuring drake.
Soon, she was tweaking on him like Rhianna did and he was just standing there startled like Drake.😂😂😜😉😘💕💟💞
👍……………………….To be continued

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