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If loving you is wrong Episode 13 & 14

If Loving You is wron
one week later
Lavina parked carefully in front Juliet’s house and got down from her car. She was wearing a blue, skin ti-ght long dress and applied heavy makeup , she was holding a grocery bag and wearing sunglas-ses, she locked her car and walked into the house.
Lavina,smiled as Patrica and Joshua rushed to hvg her .
” granny ” they chorused
She k!$$£d them and looked around , the kids were in their swim clothes , and were pla-ying with their toys, she admired pat’s doll and said ” its pretty honey , so where’s your mummy ”
Joshua ” she’s upstairs in her room ”
Pat ” mommy doesn’t want to [email protected] me anymore ”
Joshua ” and I miss my daddy, I don’t see him anymore ”
Lavina smiled and hvgged the kids again then she said ” don’t worry my darlings , everything is going to be alright okay ??”.
They nodded and went back to pla-ying while she walked upstairs
Lavina sighed as she opened the door to Juliet and Jay’s master be-droom.
Juliet sat quietly on the be-d wearing a black dress like she was morning, and her hair loose and packed to her back .
Juliet ” hi mum ”
Lavina sat down beside her ” don’t tell me you’ve been crying ”
Juliet sighed ” I couldn’t st©p myself , I felt like I failed my children ”
Lavina ” well, you didn’t, Jay did , but if you follow his footsteps and ignore the children, you’ll be doing just that ”
Juliet ” it’s really ha-rd ”
Lavina ” is that why you are dressed like a widow , what if jay walked in and met you like this ”
Juliet win-ked ” so??”
Lavina ” he would feel pity for you ”
Juliet sighed ” well, at least that’ll make him come back ”
Lavina ” no, there’s two things in life, pity and envy , which do you choose for people to feel towards u ”
Juliet ” envy”
Lavina ” now how’s that gonna happen ??”
Juliet got up and looked at the mirror ” maybe you’re right , maybe I got to go ahead with my life , freshen up t©uçh up etc etc, fv¢k jay and my who-re of a sister ”
Lavina sighed ” you know, it hurts me that it has to be her ”
Juliet ” so, what about the divorce ”
Lavina ” forget about it , its not happening ”
Juliet hvgged her ” thank you mum, I couldn’t do anything without you ”
Lavina held her hand ” you sure know this is a real war put up by the devil against your marriage right ??”
Juliet pouted ” maybe ?? ”
Lavinia ” do you ever pray ??”
Juliet ” yea ”
Lavina ” like really really pray ”
Juliet ” Nope ”
Lavina sighed , “we’ll start from there, I nee-d you to get your bible , find a quiet place , go on your knees, pour your heart to him , that’s all, after that, we’ll go for a makeover and have fun with the kids.
Juliet smiled, picked a bible and went into her dressing room.
Jessie’s house banana island Lagos
Jay walked into the house happily and dropped his suit on the chair. Then he walked to Jessie’s side who was fast asleep on the couch , he leaned over and k!$$£d her.
She smiled and woke up. You’re home finally, what kept you?? ”
Jay smiled ” it’s a surprise ”
Jessie ” well , I have a surprise too ”
Then she brou-ght out her phone and showed him a ph0to of Juliet, she had uploaded it on Instagram early that day. She was looking extremely beautiful and different and Jay couldn’t help but admit it, she also seemed happy with the kids
Jessie ” I guess she’s moving on fine” then she frowned ” don’t tell me you’re suddenly attra-cted to her ”
Jay scoffed ” of course not, she still can’t be compared to you “.
Jessie smiled ” now, back to your surprise ”
Jay smiled and brou-ght out a golden ring., then he went on his knees to Jessie’s delight and said ” would you marry me ??”
Jessie screamed ” yes!!” he hvgged her and they k!$$£d then carried her upstairs
one month later
Juliet finally decided to move on with her life happily with her kids although she still spent odd hours of the night praying for jay, praying for her marriage. She had learnt to work as a single mum and still satisfy her children, she went to work daily, beautified herself on weekends and spent time with the kids ,. Lavina had ensured that jay was only allowed to see the kids on weekends.
They would go out together as a family, they were times when jay didn’t want to leave, and she didn’t want him to , but he had to, Jessie still had a strong influence on him
de-ep down, he still wanted that happy family , he still wanted his wife back, but he couldn’t easily let go of Jessica.
Jessie’s house
Jessie and jay were dressed up and re-ady to go out together to check out one of the houses he found. Jessie was dressed in an orange skimpy dress which expo-sed her cl£@[email protected]£s, she had fixed a white coloured wave that enhanced her fair skin while Jay was dressed in a cream suit .
They locked the door and head to her newly acquired SUV.
As she was about to open the door , Jay’s phone suddenly rang, next thing she heard was ” pat!! Leukaemia!! What are you saying?? ”
Jessie sighed and closed the door as Jay left, it was an emergency. Jay’s daughter Patricia had [email protected] and was rushed to the hospital, only for the doctor to diagnose Leukaemia .. She sat down in the house feeling a little lonely.
Angel hospital Ikeja Lagos,
Jay rushed to the place where he had been directed to. He found Juliet crying and [email protected] around the waiting room, he rushed to her side and hvgged her . She Was sweating and crying heavily, it took a while before she calmed down, now he was feeling guilty , maybe if he had been around it wouldn’t have happened.
He was showed to Patricia’s room. He couldn’t help but cry beside his little angel, after that. He met with the doctor and he briefed Jay on how the operation Was going to take place
And he signed, Patricia was scheduled for operation the next day.
Jessie’s house
The night was really lonely for Jessie and she didn’t like it. As soon as it was morning, she got dressed and decided to visit jay at the hospital. She knew that Juliet would be there but she didn’t care, she just wanted to see him..
She got dressed into a short green v n£¢ked dress and took a basket full of fruits . she also bought some sweets and dolls on her way
Angel hospital
Jessie ti-p toed into Patricia’s room and placed the basket carefully on the table beside her and sat beside slee-ping pat.
The girl was really beautiful and looks a lot like jay, she couldn’t help but wish she was her daughter.
Patricia suddenly opened her eyes in more like a painful way then she whispered ” mummy ”
Jessie opened her mouth to say something but the door suddenly opened and Juliet [email protected]£ in , she was damn furious when she found Jessie there. She pushed her away immediately
Juliet ” get away from my daughter! don’t you dare t©uçh her with your filthy bit-chy hands!!”
Jessie got up in shock and just then, Jay walked in. He was not quite happy to see Jessica.
He esc-rted her outside the building while she apologized , she said she just missed him and meant no harm, he promised to come back ” home:” as soon as possible .
Jay walked back inside and as she was about to get into her car , she heard someone call her name , it was Juliet.
Juliet returned her basket and said “thanks honey but, I don’t nee-d your charity ”
Jessie ” i brou-ght it for her not you ”
Juliet turned to leave but Jessie called back.
Jessie ” have you seen this ?”
Juliet turned and saw the engagement ring on Jessie’s f!nger
Juliet was upset,,but controlled herself by smiling
Juliet ” well, that’s good for you, but a little secret ” then she got closer to Jessie and whispered ” when Jay asked me to marry him, he gave me a diamond ring , I hope you know what that means ” then she,walked away.
Jessie’s house
Jessie slammed the door angrily as soon as she got into her house, she was so mad at jay for ma-king her leave and the things Juliet said to her. She was surprised to find Lavina sitting down in her couch waiting for her
Lavina ” where are you coming from?? ”
Jessie hissed ” from the hospital, heard what happened to your grandchild ??”
Lavina sighed ” yeah it’s quite unfortunate, your sister is going throu-gh hell and you’re [email protected] of the pain”
Jessie scoffed ” its not my fault she pas-sed Leukaemia to her daughter “.
Lavina got up ” you didn’t have to be her husband’s who-re ”
Jessie, ” Well I guess I take after you a lot. We’re both who-res! ”
Lavina angrily gave Jessie a dirty [email protected] She was shocked to death when Jessie raised her hands and [email protected] her own mother!!! ”
Lavina was mad and by now, Juliet regretted her actions, but it was too late. the deed had been done
Lavina quic-kly brou-ght out her pen and marked the [email protected]£ on Jessie’s calendar .
Lavina and Jessie were alre-ady sobbing.
Lavina ” look at today’s [email protected]£! Today Wednesday 25th November 2018. You st©pped being my daughter!! My daughter Jessica, she’s dead! She died today!! ” then she left the house angrily.
Jessie slumped herself on the couch crying, she suddenly got a urge to puke. She was feeling really nauseous. She rushed up to the bathroom and made away with her breakfast, she flu-shed it and washed her face, then something hit her ha-rd ” what if she was pregnant?? ”
Angel hospital Ikeja Lagos
Later that day.
The room was intensely quiet, all that made sounds, was Patricia’s life aiding machine. The operation had been successful all thanks to God , but Patricia was yet to wake up, she was still unconscious.
Juliet sighed, she was seating right opposite Jay
Juliet ” do you know, it hurts me to see her suffering like that ”
Jay ” yea, it kills me too ”
Juliet ” did you know, the kids missed you a lot, especially Joshua ”
Jay sighed ” I missed them too ”
Juliet wiped a loose tear from her eyes ” I missed you ”
Jay got up and went to hvg her , she was at the brink of crying , he felt overprotective of her
Jay ” I missed you too ”
Juliet “, you know, it really hurts to see my baby suffering like that ”
Jay sighed ” I guess there’s nothing we can do than wait ”
Juliet cleared her eyes ” of,course there’s something we,can do, we can pray ”
Jay smiled and held her hands , ” well then, let’s pray ”
Jessie’s house banana island Lagos
Jessie sang joyfully as she prepared dinner of rice, pepper soup and as-sorted beef. She sang happily and anxiously waited for Jay to arrive back home, she couldn’t wait to tell him the good news!
” No, I shouldn’t tell him now. I’ll wait till the problem is over ” she said, then she smiled and happily continued her cooking.
She heard Jay drive in and heard the door open, she was expecting him to walk into the kitchen any minute and hvg her from behind of tickle her [email protected]!st but he didn’t , instead. He went straight upstairs.
When Jessie was done with the food. She walked upstairs and was shocked when she saw Jay with a little briefcase packing some of his things
Jessie frowned ” what’s going on?? ”
Jay smiled and walked towards her, then he held her Shoulders
Jay ” I’m sorry honey, but my daughter really nee-ds me by her side at all times ”
Jessie sighed ” so how’s she doing ”
Jay ” well, the operation was successful, but she’s yet to gain consciousnesses “.
Jessie sighed ” I just hope she gets well really soon, so would you like to eat dinner before you leave?? ”
Jay ” I’m sorry honey but I’m a little late, I have to beat traffic ”
Then he walked towards Jessie and k!$$£d her, then he hvgged her and left.
Jessie sighed and la-id on the be-d, she couldn’t believe she Was going to eat and sleep alone one more night, now she got a strong urge to cry
Angel hospital
When jay got to the hospital, he met Patricia still asleep and Joshua was asleep. Beside Patricia, Jay shook his head, Joshua must’ve really missed his little sister .
Juliet sat beside the be-d with a food flask close to her.
Jay ” Hey ”
Juliet ” Hey ”
Jay ” have you eaten ??”
Juliet ” yeah, a little, are you hungry, I made yam and egg sauce ”
Jay smiled, ” that sounds interesting ”
Juliet dished the food and served him, then she watched him eat hungrily.
Jay ” wow! It’s been a really Long time, I miss this ”
Juliet sighed and yawned
Jay ” you must be feeling sleepy ”
Juliet smiled, got up and la-id beside Patricia , it was a really Large king sized be-d that could take the four of them and even an additional person
Juliet covered herself and said ” you can join us if you want to, Goodnight ”
Jay smiled ‘ Goodnight ”
The next day
Jay woke up with a smile on his face, Juliet and the kids were still fast asleep and they were at the hospital.
Suddenly, Patricia’s eyes opened and she smiled as soon as she saw Jay.
” daddy!!!” she screamed and woke the rest up. Jay smiled and poked her nose
Jay ” how are you doing my tiny little princess,?? ”
Patricia ” I’m feeling so good, because you’re here!!”
Juliet smiled and hvgged her and Joshua, her beautiful kids. Jay smiled and pla-yed with Juliet’s hair, forgetting that they were supposed to be separated
Patricia suddenly let out ” but I’m fine. I don’t want to be in a hospital, don’t like it here!!”.
Juliet ” honey!!”
Patricia ” no¡”
Jay ” perhaps she could continue treatment at home, I mean I can afford that, I’ll just speak to the doctor ”
Then he got up and left the room.
Jay went up to the doctor’s office
and had a chat with him, since the operation was successful, Patricia was allowed to go home but on a condition that she would be placed on be-d rest for like a week, not be stressed in any way , and the nurse had to visit her everyday.
They agreed and she was discharged, and they all went home .
Later in the evening
Laughter echoed around the garden in backyard. They were having a little [email protected] for Patricia’s recovery and Juliet had prepared lots of delicacies.
The kids pla-yed until it was be-d time, Juliet made the kids go to be-d.
Jay sat quietly in the garden, sipping wine, and so was Juliet it was obvious that both of them were getting drun!k. jay couldn’t st©p but keep staring at this damsel in front of him, he couldn’t believe it was his wife. She was wearing a V n£¢ked blue and black dress , she wore no makeup but was looking like an angel, like she had changed or maybe it was the wine deceiving him she had stretched her natural long dark hair into a Bob [email protected] at the middle, in fact she was looking like Rhianna in ” work ” video. His inner conscience blamed him for ever thinking of divorcing her .
Juliet snapped him off his thoughts and got up
Juliet stretched ” I’m sorry but I’m feeling really sleepy, I’ll be in our room if you nee-d anything ” then she left
Juliet smiled as she brushed her hair in the mirror, she had had a shower and wore a pink transparent night dress. The door suddenly opened and Juliet smiled when Jay walked in, with no shi-t. Just his trou-sers. God those che-sts were killing Juliet, it had been a really Long time, she was feeling h0t
Juliet smiled like she had been expecting him
Juliet ” what do you want?? ”
Jay closed the door and walked closer to her, then he t©uçhed her face
Jay ” I want you, ”
Juliet laughed and gave a dirty smile ” but you left me ”
Jay ” I’m sorry ”
Juliet ” what do you want?? “.
Jay ” let’s [email protected] and daddy ‘
Juliet laughed ” it was obvious he was drun!k, but his eyes meant what they were saying ”
Juliet k!$$£d his ears ro-mantically ” what do you want?? “.
Jay ” I love you “..
She t©uçhed his che-st and tea-sed him ” who do you love?? ”
Jay ” you “.
She k!$$£d him.
Juliet ” say my name ”
Jay ” Juliet May Olaitan, my wife, mother of my two kids ”
” Damn ” Juliet heard herself say. She was turned on like hell
She pushed him to the be-d and switched off the lights, then she ban-ged him like hell
……….To be continued


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