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If loving you is wrong Episode 11 & 12

If Loving You is wrong
jeѕѕιe’ѕ нoυѕe вanana ιѕland Lagos
ιт waѕ alмoѕт мιdnιgнт and jeѕѕιca waѕ ѕтιll υnaвle тo ѕleep. ѕнe goт υp and тιgнтened υp тнe rope oғ нer nιgнтy, тнen ѕнe walked steadily downstairs.
After sitting in front of the TV for a long time and still being bored to death and unable to at least fall asleep, she,walked around the house and the light In her mother’s room
Caught her attention, Lavinia had forgotten to switch off the lights .
She went into the room and was about to switch off the lights when she saw a ph0to albu-m on the floor that caught her attention. She walked to it and picked it up , sat on the be-d,then she began to go throu-gh it.
There were pictures of Lavinia, mostly Juliet’s, happy pictures of Lavinia and Juliet together
She scoffed in jealousy , Lavina told her that there,was never a day that she didn’t think of her but here she was, looking so happy.
The one that offended Jessica more was a picture of Lavinia, Juliet, and her father, Henry , the picture was taken on the 18th of September, 2001
, the exact night her father had an accident that nearly took his life!
Lavina was here in Nigeria, happy with her other family!! .
Jessie angrily threw the ph0to albu-m and got up , she switched off the lights and headed upstairs.
She slumped herself in be-d and brou-ght out her phone, she thought of calling Jay but decided not to, she was going to wait for him to make up his mind and do the divorce , and she didn’t give a damn about Juliet.
J & J fashion show federal palace h0tel Lagos ”
Jay got down from his black Benz abruptly and walked to the other side of the front seat to open the door for Juliet. The [email protected]£ra began to flash at them as soon as they got down and walked on the Red carpet down to the place where they would be interviewed and take special pictures. Juliet was wearing a navy blue knee length off shoulder [email protected] , a silver purse and silver heels, very light makeup and long [email protected] weave which Jay had f0rç£d and convinced her to wear. They had left the kids with their nanny at home..
After a never ending interview, Juliet and Jay settled in the VIP section of the event. Everything was going smoothly, the fashion show was going well sales were rising steadily, Juliet couldn’t help but admit Jessica was a really good designer.
Juliet and Jay were having a little chat with some of their investor friends when Jessica walked up to them, she was looking glamorous and gorgeous in a lovely and expensive red dress.
They greeted each other and she asked after the kids , then she left looking at Jay In a way that Juliet wasn’t quite comfortable with.
They sat together for a while and suddenly, jay’s phone bleeped, he was re-ading a text and she pretended like she didn’t see.
Not quite long after , A fan had called on Jay to plea-se take pictures and he left.
Juliet quic-kly switched both their phone, it was the same [email protected], Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. , they had bough both phones on the same day. She changed the wallpaper of her phone to his and dropped hers in his seat.
She picked up his own and quic-kly went to the message box, it was a text from Jessie! It re-ad
hey there! I nee-d yah to meet me in the men’s room, I’m feeling [email protected]ûghty don’t keep me waiting
Juliet [email protected] for air trying not to start crying again, it was like
It [email protected]£ difficult for her, she was shaking, she wanted to quic-kly call her mum but she was out of the country.
He [email protected]£ back and picked up the phone horridly and said ” honey, I’m nee-ded in the power house, I’ll be right back ” she smiled and he k!$$£d her on her cheeks and left.
As soon as he was gone , she got up and followed him
Jessie and Jay were pinned to the wall of the men’s room, k!ss!ngand [email protected]£ss!ngeach other when they suddenly heard footsteps approaching , it was like a nightmare when Juliet started ban-ging the door and screaming on t©p of her voice
Juliet ” you’re a useless man!!! Shameless people!!! Come out if you have some nerves!! Come out!!! ”
Jay rushed out and Jessie did not.
Luckily for them, the security personnel were highly at alert, and the hall was sound proofed, the event wasn’t ruined but the restroom area was on fire, Juliet rushed to Jessie’s side and gave her a [email protected] which Jessie retaliated, they were about to start a fight but the security blocked them, Juliet left the event angrily and had to go throu-gh the back door.
Jay followed her and called her but but she didn’t answer, she snatched his car keys, got into you Benz, and zoomed off.
Jay was obviously confused. he turned and saw a group of reporters approaching him ” no. Not now ” he said to himself. Jessie’s Porsche drove past and st©pped in front of him ” Let’s go ” she heard him say , he didn’t realize when he got into the car and she zoomed off
Jessie’s house banana island Lagos
Jay paced around Jessie’s guest room sweating all over and confused .Jessie stood behind him and sighed “you gotta calm down you’re ma-king me dizzy ”
” shut up!!” Jay screamed .
Jessica frowned and walked towards him ” don’t you dare say that to me, we both know that if you had simply said your mind to her and get a divorce, things wouldn’t have turned out like this ”
Jay sighed ” I’m sorry but it’ not that easy, what about my kids ”
Jessica t©uçhed his face affectionately ” what about them?? We both know they love me and I love them too, we could have a little beautiful family, with a child of our own too ” then she k!$$£d him
Jessie ” rest now love ” then she patted on his shoulder,and left.
The next morning
A k!sson hisl-ips from Jessie woke Jay up on the right side of the be-d.
Jessica ” Good morning baby “.
Jay smiled ” Good morning ”
She was wearing a black bu-m sh0t and a white see throu-gh vest without no [email protected] He li-cked hisl-ips and she smiled.
Jessie ” there’s h0t water for you , you should freshen up ” then she went downstairs.
Jay was dressed in a black suit she had ordered for him earlier that morning via Jumia .
They were having breakfast together ,Jessie had prepared tea, fried eggs, and bre-ad. Jessie was a really good cook, jay ate so much and Jessica was happy.
Then they decided to drive over to his house, he wanted to see his children, pick up his car, and some of his things especially his phone which he discovered that Juliet had switched.
Jay’s house lekki Lagos
Jay walled into His House anxiously , it was unusually very quiet, the children must have gone to school.
He walked straight upstairs to his room and sighed In relief, Juliet was not there. He picked up his car keys which was on the table, saw his phone and quic-kly exchanged it back. he brou-ght out his spare box from the wardrobe and began to pack his clothes, when he was done. He turned to leave, he was shocked when he saw Juliet standing by the door folding her arms. She must’ve been standing there for a long time.
Jay sighed and dropped the bag he was holding.
Juliet ” no, I didn’t st©p you, go ahead , behave like the coward you are and leave. Go ahead!!! Shameless man!! ”
Jay frowned ” don’t you talk to me that way ”
Juliet ” the truth is bitter. You’re nothing but a shameless flir-t!!’
Jay ” how are my kids ”
Juliet shook her head ” oops. They’re so sad that their daddy is a failure, you’re a failure!! ” she screamed violently.
Jay pushed her off the way and went downstairs shouting back at her ” you should better go see your doctor. You’re going crazy ”
Juliet pu-ll-ed off her sli-ppers and threw them angrily at him which he dodged.
Juliet followed him angrily only to meet Jessie standing by the door, Jay had drove off with his car.
Juliet folded her arms and smiled viciously Jessie smiled too sweetly and that annoyed Juliet , She raised up her hand to [email protected] Jessie but Jessie quic-kly st©pped her.
Jessie scoffed ” Awww , don’t even dare, the outcome might not be good. You don’t want us pu-lling our hairs and rolling all over the street, and I didn’t come here to apologize ” then she laughed ” girl plea-se ”
Juliet [email protected]£ closer ” what do you want ??”
Jessie ” give it up, all you nee-d is a divorce, don’t try to fight it, trust Me it wouldn’t be easy ” then she threw Juliet’s sli-ppers into the house
Juliet smiled and laughed ” well then, the battle line is drawn, you had three divorces but just remember, I’m not you I’ll never get one my marriage with Jay is till death do us [email protected]
Then she shut the door at Jesse’s face.
……………..To be continue

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