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If loving you is wrongEpisode 15 & 16

ιғ lovιng yoυ ιѕ wrong
Jay’s house Lekki Lagos
The next morning, Jay woke up when he turned and noticed that the be-d was empty , then he realized what had happened, he had made love to his wife, ” damn ” he heard himself say, he wondered where she was and how she was feeling, what if she was feeling used??,but his feelings were geniue , he realised that he never really st©pped lovιng her, it was just like when they met in a seminar in London 7 years ago. Jay got up and went into the bathroom to freshen up, he got dressed and walked downstairs ,. Joshua was dressed for school while Patricia was still asleep, Joshua was set to have breakfast.
Jay walked to the kitchen, Juliet was serving breakfast
Jay sighed ” good morning ”
Juliet greeted him back without ma-king eye contact .
Jay ” are you alright?? ”
Juliet sighed ” yea, I guess ”
Jay sighed de-eply ” about last night ”
Juliet cleared her throat ” what about it ??”
Jay ” I know how you feel , I’m so..”
Jessie. Cut him ” No plea-se don’t say you know how I feel, or you’re sorry because you’re not , you left me! do you know how that felt??, do you know how many nights I cried, after last night, when i woke up, I felt worthless!”
Jay was sad seeing her sad, she opened her mouth to say something but jay st©pped her by k!ss!ngher, the k!ss, was long and profound and didn’t end until Patricia woke up and walked downstairs to the kitchen yelling ” mummy! daddy!! ”
After breakfast, Juliet took Joshua to the bus and jay was left alone with his Patricia . suddenly, Patricia looked at him with in eyes
Patricia ” daddy, are you going to go again??”
Jay looked her in the eyes ” No, daddy’s going to be here with you all the time ”
Patricia smiled and hvgged him, Juliet [email protected]£ back. Jay thanked her for the meal and picked up his suit and his briefcase . he perked Patricia and walked to the door, then Juliet whispered to him ” I hope you’re not going to let her down ”
Jay smiled and k!$$£d her, then he left.
Jessie’s house banana island
Jay used his spare key and got into Jessie’s house. It was later in the evening , he had intentionally ignored her and left the office before her, he couldn’t bear the sight of packing out all his things out of the house in front of Jessie., she might go crazy. He felt guilty In a way ” you are such a ruthless pla-yboy ” he said to himself. But he Was not too remorseful , after all she knew what she was In for, she knew he was married , to her sister! Yet she still went ahead, even engineered a divorce!!! . There was nothing he could do but plea-se both his queens : Juliet and Patricia
He hurried upstairs with his big box and emptied the wardrobe he kept all his clothes.
After that, he brou-ght out a pen and paper and wrote out a note explaining things and apologizing for leaving.
He was alre-ady downstairs when the door opened., he was surprised to find Mary his PA . He wondered was she was doing in Jessie’s house , but Mary was not quite surprised
Mary ” Hi, good evening sir ”
Jay ” good evening , so what are you doing here?? ”
Mary ” Uhm , Miss Jessica begged me to get some things for her ”
Jay scoffed ” what about Monica “Mary ” she’s off today, fever “.
Jay sighed and picked up his bag then he gave her the spare keys
Jay ” when you get to the office. , give this to her and I also nee-d you to prepare a memo for the upcoming share holders meeting, I also nee-d you you to book a flight for me, Juliet and the kids, to Barbados first thing tomorrow morning, , I’ll be off for the weekend till Monday”
Mary ” yes sir ”
then he left.
Later in the evening
Jessie walked into the house and rushed upstairs abruptly, she couldn’t bring herself to believe what Mary had told her in the office, No! It wasn’t true, Jay hadn’t. Left. her.
She [email protected] In shock when she opened the wardrobe , he was gone!!
She sat on the be-d In a quest to cry, she ran downstairs and found a piece of paper on the table, she re-ad what he wrote and tore it into shreds, then
She threw the flower vase on the floor and screamed her heart out !!!
Jay’s house
Jay stretched as he finished arranging all his clothes and shoes in their right positions, regretting why he had ever re-moved them in the first place.
He la-id on the be-d and soon, Juliet [email protected]£ In and joined him, she had tucked the kids to be-d.
Jay ” wow! You look great in bu-m shorts, turn around lemme see your fresh [email protected]
Juliet turned around In a pla-yful way and they both laughed, she pla-yfully threw a pillow at him and soon. They began a pillow fight which ended with loads of laughter, suddenly Juliet let out
Juliet ” so how are you going to break up with her?? ”
Jay sighed, ashamed of himself ” I’ll do it ” then he held her hands ” I’m sorry for putting us throu-gh this, I promise to make it up to us ”
Juliet smiled ” how?? ”
Jay ” first thing tomorrow morning, we’re flying with the kids to Barbados”
Juliet was wi-de eyed ” you’re lying ”
Jay smiled and brou-ght out the flight tickets Mary had just s£nt to him
Juliet screamed in happiness then he hvgged her. From there he started to k!ssher, when he st©pped. She giggled and he k!$$£d her n£¢k
Juliet ” Jay. Don’t be a dirty boy ”
Jay smiled ” I want a third baby, another Beautiful girl like you, I’ll call her queen ” then he k!$$£d her wedding ring ” this is the only thing you’ll be wearing tonight ”
Juliet laughed ha-rd
Juliet ” wait lemme switch off the lights ”
Jay ” no, I wanna see your S-xy b©dy”
Juliet laughed even ha-rder, he [email protected]£d her [email protected]!st and pu-ll-ed her close, she screamed in excitement
Four days later
Jay and his family had a successful trip to Barbados and [email protected]£ back on Sunday, jay set out to work on Monday, which was two days before the quarterly shareholders meeting .
Jay had settled down in his office to start the day’s work when Mary informed him that Jessie wanted to see him. Before he could say anything, Jessie walked in . she was wearing a white suit dress and looking a little different.
Jessie folded her arms ” hi jay, it’s been a long time “.
Jay sighed ” Hi ”
Jessie laughed ” hi, OK, so why haven’t you been taking my call or even bother to call me ?”
Jay ” I’m sorry I was busy ”
Jessie laughed in anger , then she brou-ght out her phone and showed him a picture Juliet had posted on Instagram of them going out on a vacation ” is this what you mean by busy??”.
Jay sighed ” it was ess£ntial ”
Jessica scoffed and pointed to her ring ” does this even mean anything to you ??”
Jay was silent, that obviously meant no, she sighed and pu-ll-ed it off , then she dropped it on his table
Jessie ” you can’t leave me like this ”
Jay ” what do you mean ??”
Jessie rolled her eyes ” I’m pregnant!”
That sounded like atomic bomb to jay.
Jay ” what how?? ”
Jessie ” what do you mean how?? We had S-x! How else?? ”
Now jay was sweating ” No, that can’t happen, I’m still married, can’t you just get rid to it ??”.
Now Jessie was furious ” don’t you dare say that! Do you know the major cause of my first two divorces?? Childlessness!!! do you know how ha-rd I tried, how frequently I visited the doctor’s office??, how much I spent?? now finally I get this one, you want me to throw it away because of your selfishness?? Never!!”
Jay sighed and muttered ” whatever ”
Jessica eyed him and dropped a file on his desk
Jay sighed and looked it over, he was shocked! Jessie’s friend Chloe had transfered 25% of her shares to Jessica, now that meant trouble to him since Jessie was now a major share holder in the company, he shook his head, no wonder he never trusted that Chloe
Jessie smiled when she saw the scared look on Jay’s face , then she leaned over and t©uçhed his che-st
Jessie ” the shareholders meeting is in two days and I can’t wait, you know what I think , we nee-d a new CEO, and a lot of people think same ”
Jay laughed ” I have 51%, shares of this company you can’t do anything ”
Jessie laughed ” you never know, I could be dirty ”
Jay gave a coy smile ” are you threatening me?? ”
Jessie ” no sweetheart, I’m just warning you not to mess with me ”
Then she left the office.
Jay laughed in a dirty manner and said ” OK then let’s [email protected]
ιғ lovιng yoυ ιѕ wrong
Episode 16
Jay’s house Lekki Lagos
Jay smiled as soon as he opened the door, and his face met the beautiful smiles of his beautiful wife and children , they were having a little makeover. Juliet told the kids to go wash their faces and they Left, then she got up and went to hvg him
It was like she had an habit of wearing shorts
Juliet ” welcome home Honey ”
Jay k!$$£d her ” how was your day sweet ??”
She collected his suitcase and made him seat on the chair, then she mas-saged his,shoulders
Jay sighed ” thanks honey ”
Juliet ” so, how was your day ”
Jay sighed ” it was a little hectic ”
Juliet pouted ” OK , go upstairs, have a shower, and come down for dinner, I’ll handle the rest ” then she got up and headed to the kitchen, jay pla-yfully sma-cked her as-s and she laughed , then he went upstairs with the kids.
After dinner, jay and Juliet tucked the kids to be-d together , then they went upstairs.
Juliet got into the hvge be-d and covered herself with a duvet and sat up, Jay brou-ght out a small jewelry box and gave them to Juliet
Juliet screamed when she saw it and hvgged him , he shook his head , she was acting like such an high school teenager.
Jay cleared his throat, ” honey, I’d like you to do something for me ”
Juliet win-ked ” so this is a bribe ”
Jay “,come close lemme tell you something ”
Juliet leaned closer and he whispered some this to her, she smiled and also said some things then they hi five and settled down to sleep
J & J fashion headquarters Victoria island Lagos ,
They next day, Jessie was trying ha-rd to occu-py herself with work and not think of the fact that Jay dumped her hmm. That sounded harsh.
The models in the room noticed the change in Jessie, she shouted at them at random and fired people on set.
The door suddenly opened and everyone st©pped moving and greeted. She turned and saw Jay. A spring of light rushed into her soul .
The girls excused them and they were left alone, Jessie folded her arms
Jessie ” what do you want?? ”
Jay sighed ” I was wondering if you would like to have lunch together ”
Jessie ” what If i say no ”
Jay sighed “,would you ??”
Of course he knew she wouldn’t!!
She went to her office to gr-ab her purse and they went over to the eatery.
Few minutes into lunch, Jessie had forgotten that Jay had just dumped her. She was all over him, talking dirty, talking about how she Missed him, and how she couldn’t wait to have his baby, and he had to [email protected], all he wanted was for her to not do anything crazy in the upcoming shareholders meeting.
After lunch, they went to watch a movie. , then they went to have a drink in a bar.
Jessie sighed ” so. Would you tell me why you left the house, that really hurt me ”
Jay sighed and held her hands ” my daughter really nee-ded me, I didn’t want to fail her ”
Jessie sighed ” so how’s she doing??”
Jay ” great I guess ”
Jessica suddenly smiled and stood up ” I think my son nee-ds something too ”
Jay laughed ” what?? ”
Jessie k!$$£d him and made him get up ” come on, let’s go to a nice place and have some fun together, I know you can’t wait to have me un-der you, then she k!$$£d him again and [email protected] ed, Jay rolled his eyes, he wondered how he got himself into this situation. Jay looked at his wrist watch and sat down ” honey, let’s wait I little more, I want to finish my drink “.
She pouted and sat down, Jay waited For like ten minutes until they left the place and headed to an h0tel downtown.
Starlight h0tel
As soon as they got into the room , Jessie threw herself on Jay and started k!ss!nghim, he was a little uncomfortable, she was about to loose his belts when Jay’s phone suddenly rang . He sighed and picked it
Jay ” What?? She’s running temperature!! Call the doctor I’ll be there right now!!” then he ended the call
Jessie ” what!!”
Jay ” I’m so sorry but I have to go, it’s an emergency, my daughter ”
Jessie sighed obviously disappointed
” it’s okay. You obviously love her so much ”
Jay signed as he picked up his bag and suit, then he perked her.
Jay ” yeah, don’t worry I’ll make it up to you ” then he left.
Jessie slumped herself on the be-d and sighed, then she ru-bbe-d her stomach , she was going to be slee-ping alone that night .
Jay’s house Lekki Lagos
As jay drove into the compound, he smiled when she,saw Juliet standing outside wearing floral shorts and a white camisole.. He closed the car and they rushed to hvg each other, then he carried her like a baby swirled her around and suddenly dropped her, then he k!$$£d her.
Juliet ” so, how did I do ”
Jay ” just great!,you’re such a good girl, you called just the time I nee-ded , something realty bad was about to go down ”
Juliet suddenly frowned ” but you know this isn’t right, you have to end things with her once and for all ”
Jay smoothed her hair ” I promise, I will as soon as the shareholders meeting is over tomorrow ”
Juliet k!$$£d him happily , jay t©uçhed her [email protected]!st and his hands lowered down to her bu-tt
Jay ” damn , are the kids asleep??”
Juliet smiled ” yes, why?? ”
Jay ” because, I’m turned on right now ”
then he carried her all the way inside and she laughed excitedly
The next morning
Jay and Juliet started their day by praying together in her dressing room, then she went ahead to prepared the kids for school and make breakfast.
After breakfast, the kids went to school, Jay took one last look at himself. He Was looking smart In a fitted black suit .
Juliet esc-rted him to the car and k!$$£d him when they got there, then she wished him good luck , he got into the car, they waved each other goodbye and he drove off
J & J fashion headquarters
The general meeting with all the shareholders was more successful than Jay had imagined, Jessie had also been very supportive and Jay appreciated that, the meeting ended with majority still voting Jay as the CEO for the next year.
After the meeting, Jay decided it was time to officially end things with Jessica.
Jay ” Hey “.
Jessica smiled back at him happily “Hi Mr CEO ”
Jay ” would you like to have lunch together “.
Jessica ” yeah sure, I’m starving ”
The walked to the eatery together and finally settled down.
Jessie searched throu-gh the menu and finally ordered for spaghetti and meatba-lls while Jay went for rice and chicken nuggets .
When they were done , Jay paid the bills cleared his throat, it was time to drop the bombshell.
Jay ” Jess, there’s something important I’d like to tell you “.
Jessie sighed ” go ahead “..
Jay ” look, this is kinda ha-rd to say, I mean we both know we’ve done some things that are not to be heard of, and I’m really sorry ”
Jessica ” don’t say that, I love you , that’s it, you love me too right ”
Jay sighed ” Jessie, I love my wife ”
Jessie ban-ged the table drawing attention and raised her voice in tears ” Don’t you dare say that!! What have I not done for you! What have I not given to you!! Why are you hurting me?? ”
Jay made her sit down and tried to calm her down ” I’m sorry but I can’t continue like this, you nee-d someone better, you deserve someone better ”
Jessie tried to calm down ” okay, so what about my baby ”
Jay sighed ” I would never f0rç£ you to get rid of it, if you insist, keep it when he or she is born, I’ll be a father, but plea-se don’t say anything to my wife, I’ll tell her myself, I don’t want to hurt her ”
Jessie suddenly held his hands and whispered ” don’t leave me ”
Jay got up and gently re-moved her hands ” plea-se take care of yourself ”
He turned to leave but she called him back
Jessie ” No you take care of yourself and watch your back , especially your daughter who just got well ”
Jay walked back to her in anger
” don’t you dare threaten my daughter, I could be a good friend, but I’m a really deadly enemy “then he walked out on her , leaving her numb , trust me, the look on his eyes Were deadly
………..To be continued

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