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He’s my mate Episode 21

💯❤💉 #HE_IS_MY_MATE 💉❤💯
As Produced by Rachel Romo
THEME: Secrets & Betrayal
Today’s our mastery exam and I’m so wh!pped! I forgot to freaking study! I should’ve stayed all night studying but instead, Adrian stayed me up all night. Argh.
” Hey, you look like you’re carrying the world in your hands. Are you okay? ” Shawn appeared out of nowhere and ruffled my hair which frustrated me more.
” I’m dead. ” was all I said.
” How come you’re still breathing? And oh, I am still talking to you. Does that mean I am talking to a ghost? ” He asked, reluctantly. I rolled my eyes and gave him the middle f!nger. Do I look like I am in the mood to laugh? Gaah, someone help me!
” Geez. You are really in a bad mood. Anyways, you wanna come with us tonight? Me and some of my friends are going to the club. Maybe it can help you ease up a bit, ” he said and gave me a pat on my head, I quic-kly gr-ab his arm and twist it as he yelped in pain.
” Oww! Okay, okay! Geez. ” he kept on saying and I let go of his hand. Pain was apparent in his face and I don’t know whether I should laugh or remain poker-faced.
” Damn. Remind me not to pat a wolf’s head next time, ” I heard him mutter. I can’t help but to let out a small chuckle.
Exams started and I was so damn clueless! You guys probably know I don’t listen to my professors when they’re discussing and here I am, freaking out!
Thankfully, I did a quic-k scan of my notes but still I am not sure. I wish I had those powers like, you re-ad something once and then you can memorize everything after. That’d be so helpful especially in exams.

Finally! The exam has ended! FREEDOM~ I managed to survive the torture inside and I can’t help but to feel relieved.
” Saph, wait up! ” Kayla [email protected]£ running towards me and asked me to go to Burger King which I agreed. We ordered our favorites and chatted while eating.
I suddenly missed Rachel. How is she? Is she still mad about me? Is she doing well?
I heaved out a heavy sigh. I’ll probably ask Adrian to let me visit my old pack. It may be absurd but it’s the only way for me to see Rachel. I don’t want our friendsh!pto end just like that.
” Hey, you okay? ” Kayla asked which brou-ght me back to my s-en-ses. I nodded and we continued eating our meal and went home afterwards.
Kayla went to her house while I went to the pack house to look for Adrian but I didn’t. Where could that guy be?
” Hey, Jane ” I called one of the pack members who happened to be pas-sing by. She st©pped and nodded at me as a greeting.
” What can I do for you, Luna? ” She asked in a very polite way. I can’t help but to feel a bit weird at being called ‘Luna’. I just couldn’t imagine myself leading one of the largest packs in the country.
” Have you seen Alpha Adrian? ” I asked her.
” Alpha is currently doing patrol. I heard they found a rogue entering the territory and Alpha directly called for a search, ” she replied, fully detailed.
As Produced By Rachel Romo
A rogue? That’s unusual.
” Thank you, Jane. You may go now, ” I said and she nodded and walked away.
I decided to just stay in my room and have a leisure time alone. I gr-ab some bag of ch!ps and some sodas, along with candies and chocolates and head to my room. I turned on my air-conditioner and [email protected]£d the story book I was re-ading before I left for school.
‘A Pure Vampire’
I can’t help but admire Annalise Walker’s [email protected], she was damn strong, having to cope with three mates and all, And I was literally screaming my lungs out when I found out she eventually chose Sebastian to be her mate.
Ow, don’t let me get started on their mating session, it’s…
” Saph? Are you in there? ” someone [email protected]£ knocking on my door and I alre-ady know who it was based on his scent.
I reluctantly closed the book and stood up to open the door. Sky was wearing a pair of blue washed jeans and a maroon tee to pair with it and his hair was in a mess but he still managed to look very handsome. He really looks like dad.
” Hey, how are you? ” he asked as he wra-pped an arm around my [email protected]!st and gave me a k!sson the side of my forehead.
” Good. How about you? ” I asked and he answered the same as mine.
“What are you doing” He asked.
“re-ading the story book you gave me”
“Wow, ‘A Pure Vampire'”
” Yup” I replied popping the ‘P’ “it’s so intriguing”
He smiled at me and sat down beside me, we talked about the story plot as we ate together. This is surely something I’ll treasure. I mean, me and Sky don’t usually hang out like this.
I know he hasn’t been the perfect brother. Yes, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. I badly wanted to [email protected] his face or hit him in the ba-lls the day I saw him but my longing and yearning for him is what mattered the most. I guess that’s what they say that blood is thicker than water. Sky left me not because he wanted to but he nee-ded to. He didn’t tell me his exact reasons but I know it’s not irrational.
” Saph, I nee-d to tell you something. I know this is going to be shocking but always remember that I love you…” he suddenly said. I turned my head to him and I can’t help but to feel a bit nervous. What does he mean? Is he dying or something?
I didn’t respond instead I just stared at him waiting for his answer. He heaved out a heavy sigh and I can see the sadness and pain in his eyes. What is wrong with him? Is he going to leave me again? My heart started to beat fast. I feel so uneasy, dammit!
” Saph, you’re— ” he was cut off when the door bust open. We turned our heads to Adrian who looked so exhausted and in a hurry. What happened to him?
” Saph, pack your bags. We nee-d to leave immediately before he even arrives, ” he said and head to my closet and gr-ab a duffle bag on t©p of it. My brows crea-sed at his action while Sky looked so calm at the same time worried.
What the hell is happening?
” Adrian, what are you doing?! And who the hell is ‘He’ you’re talking about? You and Sky are both acting so weird today! What’s wrong with you people? ” I asked in annoyance as I looked at the both of them.
” You were going to tell her?! What the actual fu-ck, Sky! We alre-ady talked about this! ” Adrian suddenly yelled at Sky and even wrung him! Sky started to turn pale but he didn’t even fight back or talk at all! I rushed to them and hit Adrian’s arm several times telling him to put my brother down.
” Adrian! Put him down! And what the hell were you going to tell me, Sky?! This is bullsh*t! ” I can’t help but to cuss in irritation. I feel so stupid at this point. I feel so clueless and helpless. Tears started to form in the corner of my eyes and I know any minute now, they’re gonna fall.
Reluctantly, he re-leased Sky and I saw his face soften as he looked at me.
” Sapphire, I know this is really confusing but I nee-d you to trust me. I’m going to tell you soon just plea-se, do everything I say, ” he said as he held my hand and k!$$£d the back of it. I didn’t even know I was crying until he wiped a tear that rolled down on my cheek.
Hall Of Supernatural Stories
Sapphire, just do what he says. We’re doing this to protect you. Someone is after us and we have to be careful, we just want to ensure your safety ” Sky approached and hvgged me which I gave in return. He then re-leased me afterwards and I started stuffing my bag with my clothes and other necessary stuff.
” Sky, go guard the entrances. Take all warriors with you, don’t let anyone sl!pon your hands. I’ll take care of Sapphire, just mind link me if anything happens. ” I heard Adrian tell Sky. Sky nodded and looked at me, pain, worry, sadness and fright was apparent in his eyes. He walked towards me and enveloped me in his arms, it was as if he was going to loose me. I felt him k!ssmy hair and I feel something we-t on my shoulder. Is he crying?!
” Sky… ” I choked a sob. I tried my best not to cry but I just can’t hold them. I don’t want to see anyone I love hurting and crying, I’d rather be the one who gets hurt than see them like this.
” Saph, I will always love you. No matter what happens I will always be here for you. I will always be your big brother. I’m really sorry for leaving you, I promise you, I will never do that again. And I as-sure you we will never [email protected] again. Remember when we were kids? I used to hold your hand when you get scared or you’re crying, always keep in mind that I will always hold your hand and I will never loose you, I love you so much ” he said as tears streamed down on his face. I don’t know why he’s saying this but all I know is that he’s sincere. I saw from the corner of my eyes Adrian trying to hold his tears.
” I love you too, Sky. ” was all I could say and I felt hisl-ips land on my forehead.
” Alpha, they’re here ” Jonathan, one of the pack warriors arrived. Sky re-leased from our hvg and ca-ressed my face before rushing outside. Oh, moon goddess plea-se watch over my brother. He’s the only family I have left.
” Saph, let’s go. Let’s not waste any time ” Adrian held my hand while he held my bag at the other hand. We went out and head to the back of the pack house. People were busy running with weapons and other stuff, I don’t know what’s happening all I know is that someone is after us. And I don’t know who are they.
As soon as we stepped out of the pack house, an unfamiliar place surrounded me. I’ve never been at the back are of the pack. Thirst Blood’s territory was enormous and I don’t even go out that much. Adrian’s hold in my hand ti-ght£ñed and I can’t help but to feel nervous. I looked at him and found him staring right back at me, he gave me a faint smile which I gave back in return.
And then, we ran.
We ran into the woods. Into the de-ep forests. Even though I’m a wolf, I still get scared in the forests. It’s like everything is dangerous and harmful. Adrian didn’t let go of my hand and I smiled to myself. I thought I was never going to be happy with him but here I am, wishing that we’re going to last forever.
” ADRIAN!!! ” I exclaimed when he suddenly fell to the ground and let go of my hand. I rushed towards him who was lying on the ground with an arrow on his right che-st, blood gushed out from it and I can’t help but to cry. Who the fu-ck did this to him?!
” A-Adrian, love. Stay a-awake, don’t c-close your eyes.. ” my voice was hoarse as I held his hand and brou-ght it to my face. I don’t care if my hands are covered with blood, all I know is I should keep him conscious or else he’ll fall into a comma.
” A-Adrian.. ” I cried as I ca-ressed his face. His eyes was still open but I know anytime soon that they’re gonna close, his mouth was slightly opened and his breathing ragged. He looked so helpless.
” Saph… S-sapphire.. R-run. G-go back to your o-old pack… I p-promise I’ll… come back to g-get y-you, ” he managed to say, his hand was [email protected]£ss!ngmy cheeks as I continued crying. I know crying won’t do anything to help him but I am really an emotional person plus it hurts seeing him in this state. I feel like I’m gonna loose him anytime soon.
” N-no, Adrian. I won’t leave you, n-not like t-this, ” I cried as I held his face. He reached for my hand and slightly ca-ressed it as tears streamed down from his face which made me cry even more. Then we heard running footsteps coming in our way and voices shouting which made me tremble in fear. No, I won’t leave him. I can’t.
” RUN, Sapphire! Just do as I say! I’ll be back for you, don’t worry. I love you, don’t forget that ” though he was having a ha-rd time breathing, he managed to say those words to me and held my face. Sky’s right, I should trust them. This is all for the pack.
” Adrian, I love you. I’ll hold on to your promise, I’ll wait for you ” I said as I placed a soft and pas-sionate k!sson hisl-ips which he responded. I directly stood up and turned my heel to walk away. I took one final glance at him who was giving me a faint smile before I ran. I don’t know were I’m headed to but all I know is I should run away.
How I badly want to rush back to Adrian but I know he’ll get mad knowing I [email protected]£ back for him. I should trust him, that’s all I know. Sky, Adrian, Alice, Kayla, everyone, I just hope they’re all going to be fine. They’re one of the most [email protected] and most strongest wolves I’ve known and I should hold on to that.
” Not so fast, sweetheart ” I heard a voice say.
I shouted in pain when someone suddenly pu-ll-ed my hair which caused me to fall on the ground. I slowly stood up and looked at her, let me rephrase that, as I scowled at her while she just gave me a sm-irk in return. This bit-ch!
” You fu-cking traitor! How could you do this to your own pack?! ” I yelled at her as I gave her a very ha-rd [email protected] I heard her scoff but she didn’t budge or even move at all, instead she gave me a punch in the guts. A very strong one which made me curl-up like a ball on the ground, clutching my stomach in pain.
” Trust me, Sapphire. This is all happening because of you, ” she said with a sm-irk as she approached me. I got myself re-ady as I posed, prepared to fight.
“You think you can fight me?” She said amidst laughter.
Then i thought about it, there’s no way I have a chance against this bit-ch! She’s trained!
I suddenly wish I had the powers of Annalise Walker, Oh how beautiful would that be.
In case you haven’t re-ad the story ‘a pure vampire’ Annalise Walker is the main character and very powerful lady. If she’s in my shoes, trust me there’ll be nothing to write about. Would have killed all my enemies with just a snap of two f!ngers.
She draws close to me, walking daringly and majestically I bu-mped my fist and tried to hit her but she caught my hand mid-air and before I knew it, she injected something in my n£¢k which made me feel dizzy and my vision started to blur.
” Damn you, Alice ” I managed to say before everything turned black.

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