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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 99

He’s A Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide Your Wives!
Episode 99
Semi finale
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss
Time: 4 month Later.
Author’s POV
Mr and Mrs Lee had finally come back from their long vacation rest so the Lee’s family was finally complete.
Lee Chun’s parents were quite surprised by the changes they observed in their son, Lee Chun. It was as if he is now a totally new person from the son they gave birth to. No more strange ladies visiting the glas-s house each and everyday as it has become almost the custom they were familiar with – the numerous ladies Lee Chun has se-x with.
They were quite plea-sed with this, that their son finally has grown up, and has st©p his promiscuous behavior, however though Lee Chun’s parents especially his father Mr Lee Tan wasn’t too plea-se when he met the lady his son Lee Chun choose to finally settle down with as a girlfriend. Talking about Ji-a.
She is not the type of girl he wants his only son and heir to the Lee’s wealth to have as a girlfriend. She is a nob©dy, not only that she is very poor but she is also an orphan. That’s like the lowest people one could think of.
Mr Lee wants his son to [email protected]£ someone as wealthy and powerful as they are or at least someone that has a high clas-s name, not the daughter of a nob©dy and definitely not an orphan. He see no point in that as the relationsh!pcan never grow to the point of marriage, it’s just a waste of time.
At first Lee Chun’s parents didn’t let their disapproval of Lee Chun’s relationsh!pwith Ji-a obvious, they didn’t want to upset their son as they feel what he feels for Ji-a, the orphan girl is only a fling and he would soon get tired of her and breakup with her by himself without them getting involved.
Also they were honestly enjoying the new Lee Chun, he has become more responsible. No more women and [email protected] – coming home dead drun!kat night.
Lee Chun is even putting on an effort to be useful in the family business. He has become a son every father would be proud of and even though Lee Chun’s parents won’t admit it openly in their hearts they know the reasons for their son new change of character and behavior is because of the poor orphan girl. That is aother reason why they still choose to let their son continue [email protected]!ngher.
But something would happened that will make them want to do everything and anything fast to break Lee Chun’s relationsh!pwith this orphan girl, Ji-a….
Location: Lee’s Mansion.
Lee Chun had told his parents he wants to speak with them pri-vately. In his own words.
“ Father, I have something important I will like to discuss with you, and you too mother.. ”
He had said in the pres£nce of both his parents ma-king his parents wonder what was so important their son wants to discuss with them pri-vately.
On getting to the master be-droom, Lee Chun bowed respectfully to them.
” Father, Mother, I want to ask for your permission. ”
He said still in a bow.
“ Permission? Regarding what? ”
His mother said, a bit confused.
“ Go on. ” His father simply said.
” Father, I have found the one that completes me. I have found the one I want to spend my whole life with and I have decided I don’t want to wait anymore. Father, Mother, I want to ask for your permission and blessings to take Ji-a as my wife. ”
Lee Chun said.
“ What? You want to get married? To her! ”
His mother had said, looking really shocked but Mr Lee Tan, remained calm.
“ Are you not to young to speak of marriage? You are just 18 and you have two older siblings, ladies for that matter that haven’t yet married. Don’t you think you are rushing into this? ” Mr Lee said, trying to reason with his son.
“ Father, I love her so much. I can’t comment on my two sisters, Mia and Kia. I can’t detect to them when to settle down or not. Maybe they haven’t found the right one yet or perhaps they don’t even want to get married.
I can’t live my life with my sisters as the measuring tape. We all have our separate lives to live. I love Ji-a, why should I nee-d to wait to stay with the one I love when I know in my heart and soul she is the ONE. That lady has completely changed me and I know I am ma-king the right decision by wanting to marry her father. ”
Lee Chun said, still with a respectful tone and in his bowed position.
Mr Lee sighed, staring intently at his son for a while before finally speaking.
“ You know the NAME you ba-re? The FAMILY you are son to? Who is she? Whose family is she daughter to? Is a daughter of a nob©dy, an orphan. People like her are what we call pest, gold digger_ ”
“ Father! St©p!!! ” Lee Chun almost lost his temper completely, raising his voice at his father whist standing up as if to challenge him.
His actions really startled his parents, it startled Lee Chun himself. He had never yelled at his parents before especially his dad. He respected him so much but he just can’t do nothing while his father say such mean and untrue things about Ji-a. He just can’t…
“ What has gotten into you. How dare you raise your voice at your father? Are you running mad. ”
His mother scolded him while his father remained quiet and calm he was still thrown aback by his son’s behavior.
When did he [email protected]£ this bold to disrespect him? That was the moment he knew there was no point trying to reason with him. He is going to it his way, the ha-rd way, the only way.
“ Forgive me mother, forgive me father. I didn’t mean to raise my voice, I sincerely apologise.. just that what you are saying about Ji-a is not true Father. She isn’t a pest and most definitely not a gold digger. True she [email protected]£ from a humble home and Yes she is an orphan but that doesn’t make her a bad person. I love her dad, plea-se allow me marry her. ”
Lee Chun said pleadingly.
“ Have you lost it son. What are you saying? You know your father can’t grant you that request. You can’t marry that girl. ” His mother had said.
“ Why? Why can’t I marry her? ”
Lee Chun said with a hurt, burning heart.
“ Because she isn’t good for you. She isn’t right for you. ”
Mrs Lee said and Lee Chun wanted to argue before his father stepped in.
“ Its alright. You have my permission, you can marry her. You can marry the orphan girl. ”
Mr Lee said and both Lee Chun and his mother had a surprise look.
Lee Chun’s own was out of joy while his Mom’s was because she can’t believe those words [email protected]£ out from her husband’s mouth.
How can he give their son permission to marry that very poor girl???
“ Thank you father, thank you so much. ”
Lee Chun said with a heart full of joy bowing down to his Dad.
“ It’s alright but you have to do this one thing for me, I want you to make this promise to me. ”
Mr Lee said and Lee Chun raised his head up.
“ I will do anything you ask of me father. Anything! ”
“ Good, you will have to go to business college before you wed her, course I want you to be able to manage all the family businesses when I finally decide to retire. It’s very necessary you know how to run a business. You are my only heir afterall. Can you do this? ”
He said.and Lee Chun was left thinking ha-rd .
Business college would take close to 2 years. It means he won’t be able to get married to Ji-a until 2 years time. Can he do this? Can he stay without having S-x for 2 years because he had made a promise to himself not to make love with Ji-a until they get married. He wants it to be perfect and that’s the only way he thinks it can be perfect. That’s one of the reasons he wants to get married to her as quic-kly as possible because he doesn’t know how long he can control himself…
“ Can you do this little thing I ask of you? Do you accept my condition. ”
His father said bringing him out of his thoughts.
“ I…I..I can. I accept father. ”
“ Very good. Get yourself re-ady, in 2 months time you will be leaving for America. ” His dad said.
” What? America?? Why??? ”
“ Yes, America. That’s where I want you to attend your business college. ” His father said.
” Why? Why not here in South Korea. ” Lee Chun asked and his father smiled slightly.
“ Because you are my son and I want the best for you. The best is in America and I want you to school there or can’t you keep to your word anymore? ”
“ I can b..but Ji-a. I can’t_ ”
“ Come on it’s just 2 years and you will be back then you can spend your entire life with her and don’t worry about her. I promise to take very good care of her until you return. ” Mr Lee said reas-suringly.
Lee Chun didn’t like the idea one bit, how can he stay away from Ji-a that long. He doesn’t think he could do it..but he had to. That’s the only way he can be with her and he knows he can trust his father. He never lies, he always keep true to his words.
It would be ha-rd to stay away from Ji-a but it’s something he has to do and when he comes back in two years time he is going to make her his wife…
“ Okay, I will do it father. ”
2 months time
It was the night before Lee Chun would travel to America and Lee Chun wanted to make it a special one for Ji-a.
He had alre-ady told Ji-a he would be leaving for America but promised her he would be traveling back to South Korea to see her as many times as possible. However he didn’t tell her about his plan of ma-king her his wife once he was over with school. He wants that to be a surprise. He only told her he will surely come back for her.
Ji-a was very sad about this, about the fact that Lee Chun would be leaving her to a far place for that long time, she even gave way to tears, however she un-derstood it was something he had to do, but it’s still hurts…
It was their last night, till he returns and Lee Chun wanted to make sure the memories of this night last de-ep into her head so she never forgets him until he comes back and make her, his forever..
“ Where are we going to? ”
Ji-a had asked when Lee Chun told her to follow him in the middle of the night.
He smiled softly at her ” You ask too many questions. I won’t eat you, or can I? ” He tea-sed and she just rolled her eyes.
“ Just come with me okay. plea-se. “He said stretching a hand to her…she took his hand and Lee Chun took her to his Red Ferrari.
Together both of them drove off into the night…
“ We are here. ”
Lee Chun said, killing the engine after some minutes in the road.
“ Where is here? ”
Ji-a asked, as she couldn’t see anything except darkness.
Lee Chun just smiled at her, then [email protected]£ out.of the vehicle and helped her down also.
Ji-a was scared of the night and it was quite windy here, so she hold on to his arm ti-ghtly which Lee Chun loved. As they walked together – Lee Chun directed their steps suddenly the whole place [email protected]£ to live.
Bright colourful lights that led the way to a big beautiful yacht at the bay. On the floor they were stepping on was covered with beautiful red roses.
“ Wow! ”
Ji-a [email protected] She thought the sight breathtaking.
“ You like it? ” Lee Chun asked but she only nodded like a baby, she was still taking in the beautiful environment she was in.
” Come with me. ” He said then entwined his f!ngersino her’s – walking her slowly to the yacht…
Inside the yacht, there were there men on black suits pla-ying cool, sweet music with their guiters as soon as Lee Chun and Ji-a stepped foot in the deck of the yacht, another man sat pla-ying the piano, welcoming them with sweet music.
Just right there at the center of the deck, close to the open sea was a table for two.
A truly beautiful sight. It has four long colourful candles burning on a fanciful candle stand at the middle of the table with large and small wine beautiful glas-ses. A closed bowl with plates made of gold and two small but fat blue burning candles [email protected] the table.
The white silk table cloth extended beautifully downwards, almost sweeping the floor and on the floor close to the table [email protected] fanciful burning golden candles.
The candles went round the table, but not completely, it formed a road path which one can pas-s to the table.
Ji-a was just left awe at the sight. Everything was just beautiful and ro-mantic, the kind of thing one sees in the movies.
She was so busy admiring the whole thing Lee Chun had planned out just for them.
From the shinning beautiful lights, to the pretty rose flowers on the floor, then the big, awesome sh!p, with the ro-mantic table and candles. Not forgetting the night ocean and sweet music that was pla-ying in the background.
She was enjoying it all that for a moment there she forgot about Lee Chun and when she finally took notice of him…she couldn’t find him by her side.
Huh? Where is he?
She turned around, only to see him down on one knee with an open ring box with a hvg diamond ring. Ji-a [email protected] as she realized what was happening.
He is proposing to her. Although she is seeing it, she still can’t believe it. He is actually proposing to her????
She really can’t explain what she was feeling at that moment. Lots of emotions just bubblling it’s way in her stomach and her heart were singing joyfully. She is more than overjoyed. She is floating in the river of joy and happiness right now.
And her heart started racing as he spoke softly to her.
“ Ji-a, I..I really don’t know what to say. I have many things I feel in my heart but I don’t know the right words to use to express these feelings, maybe words ain’t enough and I hope by my actions I have been able to show to you just how much you mean to me.
I love you Ji-a, I love you with all my existence. I want to wake up by your side always. I want to k!ssyourl-ips in the morning and night, also in the afternoon and if possible every second of my life.
I want to hvg you ti-ght until our hearts beats as one and even at that I don’t want to let go.
Ji-a, I will be gone for awhile but I will be back, I will be back course no matter where I go, even if I am sh0t out of space or thrown into the de-epest ocean I will always find my way back to you.
I love you Ji-a and I want no one else but you. plea-se will you make me the luckiest man and happiness soul by being my wife? ”
As Lee Chun spoke, pouring his heart out, Ji-a was alre-ady in tears and when he was done speaking.
“ Yes! Yes I will. ”
She accepted in a state of joy and Lee Chun happily slot the diamond ring into her ring f!nger.
“ Thank you. ” He said standing up.
With his hands firmly but gently holding her [email protected]!st he slowly lean his face towards her’s and they k!$$£d….

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