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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 95 & 96

He’s A Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 95
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Unknown.
Author’s POV
Ji-a could still feel the stinging effect of the ha-rd [email protected] given to her earlier on by one of the boss thvg on her left cheek as she was being carried up the stairs.
It was as if her cheek had [email protected]£ into contact with fire as it has that burning feeling and Ji-a was sure it most have become so-re and swollen but that was least of her concern or worries.
She doesn’t even care about the pain she was feeling on her cheek because her thinking was far ahead.
These men wants to hurt her in the most evilest and devilishly way she could think of, they want to take her innocency in a crawl manner and completely humiliate her to the point of nothing.
No, she can’t live throu-gh this, she won’t be able to survive the experience of getting [email protected]£, not just [email protected]£, gang [email protected]£d!
It was better they kill her, cut her throat and let her bleed to death than do to her what they planned on doing.
The warm tears that kept rolling down her eyes to her cheeks were not because of the pain she was feeling from the [email protected]
They are future tears for the despicable things that was yet to happen to her but was sure to happen if no one comes to her rescue.
But who? Who will save her? She doubts anyone can, but she still prays someone does even though it’s looks mostly likely not.
As they carried up the stairs to the boss’s quarters Min-seo was slowly walking behind, her with the boss and his friend Hun-do.
The three of them where conversing and ahe had a sick smug on her face, clearly plea-sed with what was happening so far.
“ …It’s true what your friend said, you are as good in your job as you are good in fv¢king. I never thought it would be so easy in abducting her, course she is always hiding inside the protec-tion of the mansion walls like a scared puppy.
I honestly thought it would very difficult to get her kidnapped since the first attempt was a hvg fail and I know Lee Chun would have been very alert not wanting anything of such to happen to his dear toy, cripple, ugly girlfriend, but you did pu-ll it off neatly without any hiccu-ps. You truly are good. ”
Min-seo said and Hun-do smiled prideful to her flatters.
“ Yes I did told you he is the best in his job. My friend here has never disappoint me, he is as clever as a fox and as dangerous as a viper. No matter the job or risk. He always gets it done. ”
The boss said heaping more praises on his friend and Hun-do had never felt so prideful like how he was feeling now.
His level of self importance has skyrocketed to Mars.
“ Thank you, thank you. When my friend told inform me about the target that nee-ded to be kidnapped, I did my little research.
She seemed an ease target on her own but when I saw that Lee Chun, the billionaire son was actually in love with her to the extent he was re-ady to take their relationsh!pto the public I knew this mission might not be so easy afterall and as you said also about the fail kidnapped attempt. Lee Chun would be on the look out
And my thoughts where proved right when my men that I placed to spy on the going in and coming out of the Glas-s House inform me that Lee Chun went out to the orphanage home yesterday and that he went with fleets of esc-rt vehicles.
He even s£nt me some pictures and short videos of them leaving the mansion. I was left amazed at the number of protec-tions Lee Chun took with him. It was as if the president of the United States was visiting South Korea.
The Lee Chun I know, from all his wild [email protected] and outings never took any single guard with him when he goes out. he always move around without any protec-tion.
It was then I knew the protec-tion was not for him but because of his girlfriend Ji-a, it was as if he knew someone was planning something to harm her.
It was then I realized I can’t go head on with my plans of kidnapping the girl, I would definitely have failed if I did and would probably be arrested or even worse, lose my life.
I knew I had to come up with something, a plan that would allow me get the girl without losing my n£¢k and i thought of the perfect plan. A very simple but yet very delicate one.
I know I can’t get to Ji-a or Lee Chun or even any of Lee family but I can get to the servants that works for them.
I thought of bribing one of the servants that works in the house but what amouth can I possibly use to bribe a person that works for a billionaire, whose father is very powerful and feared?
If I had tried to bribe any of the servants I am sure they would have gone and report to their master Lee Chun of my plans to gain favor and a reward and my plans would be ruined.
My best and only bet was fear. Which is what I used. I have gathered much information about them, I know there is one servant they trust much, he is a head servant. What’s that his name again…Kyun-du? No Kyung.. Kyung-gu. Yes Kyung-gu. ”
Hun-do said.
“ Yes, I know him, it’s true they do trust him a lot, the idiot is even friends of that cripple. ”
Min-seo said.
“ Yeah, he is. I went and captured his family and held them hostage. I threatened him with them and I knew he would do whatever I asked of him.
With his help I was able to poison all of them with a very powerful slee-ping portion and the rest they say is history. ”
He said with a smug.
” You are really clever and devious ain’t you? And because of your ingeniousness and the fact that I am extremely happy that, thar cripple monkey is finally out of my way I will let you have my as-s-hole again.
Yes, I am willingly giving you and of course the boss my @$$ to fv¢k as you guys plea-se since today is my final payment. ”
“ I love the sound of that. ” Hun-do said ton-gue l!çk!ng.
“ You can say that again. ”
His friend the boss added and Min-seo just smiled.
“ Great but first, you guys have to take that girl, Ji-a and I want that now, course I so want to watch her cry and beg for mercy. ” She said.
“ So what are we still waiting for? Let’s get going. ”
The boss said and with that the three of them head to the boss pri-vate quarters where Ji-a has alre-ady been taken to…
Ji-a’s POV
“ Ahhh! ”
I cried as the boss thvg flung me recklessly from his shoulder down to the floor.
It hurts bad as I landed ha-rd on my tummy and arm. But it seemed like my pains was given them joy as they had that sick smile on their faces.
“ I can’t wait to drill that @$$ ” One of the thvg said staring lvstfully at my lower [email protected]
I was still in my nighty so [email protected] of my b©dy that shouldn’t be seen were revea-ling. Like my th!ghs.
“ It’s her pvzzy I want, ah! Can’t wait to pounce on it all night long ”
The other thvg said, l!çk!ng hisl-ips and I felt like throwing up.
“ Fool! What pvzzy? Her pvzzy would have been wi-de and damaged by the time the boss and his friends plus the s£nior gang members are done with her.
Even her @$$hole would have wi-de-ned to some extent course you know the boss so much love ban-ging the @$$. ” Thvg 1 said.
” Yeah that’s true. But they should try not to ruin everything so we too can enjoy something. I don’t want to swim ..Well I guess I will have to scre-w her mouth. ”
Thvg 2 replied, looking kinda sad and upset.
While I was left disgusted as they discussed my b©dy [email protected]….
I [email protected] there on the folded together wishing this was a terrible nightmare and I should wake up anytime soon.
“ What’s delaying the boss from coming? He should come and fv¢k this bit-ch so we can have our turns. ” Thvg 2 said.
“ Well since he isn’t here yet, what’s st©pping us from having our fun with her. ” Thvg 1 said.
“ But you know we can’t scre-w her. The boss goes first. ” Thvg 2 reminded.
“ I know, but we can see her n-kedness and svçkand squee-ze some bøøbs. ”
Thvg 1 said arching his eyebrows and thvg 2 liked the sound of that.
“ I love that, let’s do that. ”
He said and both of them started walking towards me.
“ plea-se don’t! Stay back! plea-se don’t come any closer.. ”
I pleaded whilst crawling away, my heart beating as fast as it has never beat before..
But I felt a hand gr-abbing hold of my legs, thereby preventing me from moving further.
I tried kicking and freely my legs.. I couldn’t and then thvg 1 [email protected]£ holding me in my arms bringing his ugly disgusting face up close to mine.
“ You very beautiful bitçh. Don’t cry, I only want to svçkyour bøøbs. I am sure the S-x god does it all the time to you ”
He spoke in the most disgusting tone ever then I felt his hands moving it’s way to my che-st.
Oh God! plea-se No!
“ St©ppp… plea-se st©p! ” I screamed loudly.
“ Shut up bitçh! ” That [email protected]£ with yet another stinging [email protected], but it didn’t st©p me from screaming.
I just kept screaming.
“ plea-se St©ppp plea-sesssss. ”
“ What are you guys doing? ”
A voice said coming from the door.
it was the boss and Min-seo was with him alongside the other man. As soon as the two thvgs saw him they let go of me looking scared.
” We are so sorry boss. plea-se forgive…”
Both of them pleaded.
“ Get out of my sight! ”
He yelled and they scrambled out. Then he took his eyes to me.
“ plea-se let me go… Min-seo plea-se.. ” I was just begging both of them course they were the only ones who could spear me, but both of them including the other man find it amusing.
“ Let the show beginning. ”
Min-seo said then took a seat that was facing the be-d directly.
Then few seconds later the boss started approaching me. Oh God! Help me plea-se.
I stood up from the floor and ran ( limping ) to the direction of the window, my intention was to just jump out of it.
I don’t care if I survive or die, I just want to escaped being [email protected]£d. It’s worse a fate than death to me….
But he caught hold of me by the hair of my head before I could get to the window.
“ Ahhhhhh! ”
I screamed as it was very painful.
He dragged me by my hair and throw me on the be-d. “ There is no escaping this. ”
He said and started unbuckling his belt, removing his trou-sers.
I tried to use that slight [email protected] of concentration from him to make a run for the door but his friend re-ad my mind and blocked the way even before I can make a move.
“ No, no, no ”
He gestured waving a f!nger at me.
“ Come here! ”
The boss who was now only on his bo-xer, caught hold of me and fall me down on the be-d with his weight.
He was now lying on t©p of me, k!ss!ngmy n£¢k while his hands pathed my legs open.
“ St©pp! plea-sessss! ” I kept screaming and struggling to break free.
But he was too strong and as I struggled much he then [email protected]£d hold of my n£¢k with one hand pinning me to the be-d while his other hand reached for my [email protected], to pu-ll it off.
He was choking me, I couldn’t breathe, neither could I scream or utter a sound.
“…… ” Just empty air [email protected]£ out my mouth with tears.
I felt his f!ngerspu-lling my [email protected] away from my [email protected]!st. Oh God! I am about to get [email protected]£d. I can see Min-seo smiling happily.
But then the door went opening up by f0rç£ that made a very loud ban-g!
“ What the fv¢k! ”
The boss yelled, letting go of my n£¢k.
“ Ahh ”
I [email protected] for air, whilst taking my eyes to the door’s direction.
I couldn’t believe my eyes
“ Lee Chun ”
Episode 96
18+ rated contents
Written by Author Wizk!ss
Location: Unknown
Ji-a’s POV
When I had lost all hope, when it seemed like my whole existence, joy, happiness, pride and dreams were about to be stolen by this beast and his hungry dogs.
Then wanted to take it away from me and throw it into a burning fire where it would get completely burnt and would forever be destroyed with no chance or hope of having it back again..
But there he was, my Lee Chun. Standing like a strong, handsome [email protected] knight to save the day.
With fiery fire in his eyes and an anger on his face that could melt even the ha-rd est steel and iron.
Yes he [email protected]£!
My hero, my b©yfri£nd, my love! My life. He found me and [email protected]£.
And instantly there was a bur-st of bright sparkles of hope inside my heart and it reflected out on my eyes.
As my eyes glowed with hope and relief and my face, on sighting him [email protected]£ anew with happiness. The sadness and fear disappearing completely.
Yes, there was no atom of fear in my face anymore. I knew no harm can befall me now he was here, now that my Lee Chun has arrived.
I was certain he would rescue me from the hands of these wicked men and make them suffer for laying their hands on me.
I could see the shock on all their faces especially Min-seo, she was so terrified at the sight of him…
Author’s POV
The boss friend Hun-do quic-kly got up to attack Lee Chun, as soon as Lee Chun broke the door open but Lee was quic-k to act.
Swinging his folded fist with all his strength, aimed at Hun-do’s right chin. A loud noise erupt from Lee Chun’s fist coming in contact with Hun-do’s face that Ji-a heard the painful sound all the way in the be-d where she lay
The impact s£nt Hun-do [email protected] to the floor flat, half unconscious and in lots of pains.
Min-seo winched up from from the wooden portable chair where she sat looking terrified like a rat who just got caught in a cage tra-p.
Lee Chun only glanced at her but the few seconds his eyes rest on her, it felt like hell to her.
She could feel the great and intense hatred in his eyes and it burns her to her very soul.
Lee Chun quic-kly took his attention to the man who was half n-ked, holding down his precious Ji-a, his love, his life, f0rç£fully on the be-d, Lee Chun went wild.
The thought of other man loving, k!ss!ngand tou-ching Ji-,a by her own cons£nt is enough reason for him to go mad with jealousy and anger to the point of commiting murder.
But the thought of a man forcing himself on Ji-a and hurting her?
Oh my!
Anger is not the right word to use to describe what Lee Chun was feeling right now.
His soul and spirit where on fire with an explosive emotion he couldn’t un-derstand. And when he saw the bruise on her left cheek, his whole b©dy shook with great rage that he could feel the h0ttest of his own sweat, especially his forehead, the heat was burning his skin.
He was red h0t angry!
They had audacity to t©uçh_hurt his Ji-a? He would kill all of them, starting from the man in front of him.
The boss was pretty much frightened when he saw Lee Chun. How did he get here? How did he pas-sed all his men? He thought.
He didn’t know, but he knew if he didn’t do something he would be dead soon, course the look in Lee Chun’s eyes were that of anger and death! He has never seen anyone this angry before.
He quic-kly reached for the drawer close to the be-d. He has a small pistol gun there…but before he could get to the drawer he felt a strong arm gr-ab and pu-ll him by his left arm. A ha-rd punched followed next.
It was a nas-ty painful punch aimed at the month, it sliced open his lowerl-ips, taking two of his front tooth along.
The boss fell to the ground [email protected] ing in great pains but his pain was just beginning.
“ Argggg! ”
Lee Chun then cast his eyes on Ji-a and if what Min-seo saw in his eyes when he looked at her, was pure hatred and anger then what Ji-a was seeing in his eyes was the complete opposite.
She could see nothing but love, a love so strong he could kill and die for her. A love so pure, her happiness was his happiness and her sadness_ he never wants to see her sad nor in pain.
He rather be in pains than see her sad and this, what Ji-a saw in his eyes made her give way to tears.
Why does he love her this much? She doesn’t deserve this kind of love. She wasn’t that special to be loved in this kind of way.
Juliet would be jealous, she would wish Romeo loved her one quarter the amount Lee Chun loves her.
Ji-a couldn’t control her emotions she just let the tears rolled down her cheeks but seeing her tears something sparked inside of Lee Chun’s head and heart.
He never wants her feeling sad and in pain yet here she was crying. He couldn’t protect her from the evil men on time.
They had hurt her, they had made her sad and pas-sed her throu-gh pains that she is weeping. He thought.
Ji-a tears was not because of she was in pains. It was because of Lee Chun’s love and also because she was happy she is now save from the hands of the evil men but Lee Chun was not to know that.
To him her tears was because she is hurting and in pains and that realization only increa-sed the anger he was feeling. His blood boiled with pure rage.
They hurt her! They made her cry!
The thought tore him [email protected] from inside, outside and he didn’t no when he picked up the wooden chair Min-seo was sitting down on before and broke it into two on the boss back.
“ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ”
The boss screams was loud, long and painful, but he didn’t scream loud enough for Lee Chun’s liking
So Lee Chun kept hitting and hitting him on his back with the remnant of what was left of the chair then kicked him some few times when there was nothing left of the chair.
He broke his back for sure and if he survives this, there was no way he would be able to walk in his life again with the damage Lee Chun had done on him.
After Lee Chun was done with the boss, he turned his attention to Min-seo, she knew she was a standing corpse with the way he stared at her.
What he did to the boss was little compared to what he would do to her, and as he slowly walked to her all she could do was beg and plead for her life.
She dared not run. She did thought about running but somehow she knew if she runs her punishment will be double.
“ plea-se Lee Chun, plea-se don’t hurt me… ”
She pleaded, stepping backwards as Lee Chun approaches.
“ But you hurt her, you hurt Ji-a, you made her cry. You planned for these men to violate her..”
He said and as he spoke about how Min-seo had hurt Ji-a, his anger grow more stronger that little tears [email protected]£ dropping down his eyes.
“ plea-se forgive me.. I.. I never meant for them to harm her ..I. I just wanted to make her scared. I promise I never wanted for them to do anything to her ”
She said, lying obviously which only added fuel to Lee Chun’s rage
“ Liarrrrrr! ”
He screamed with a roar and with that he swung his hand at her.
Connecting the back of his palm on her right cheek.
“ Ahhhhh! ”
The [email protected] s£nt her crashing to the floor.
It was indeed a thun-derous [email protected] and Lee Chun wasn’t done with her.
He really isn’t a woman beater. Neither has he beaten any lady before but Min-seo is no lady or woman. She is a witch, a very cruel one at that.
Lee Chun wanted to make her suffer like hell but then he heard his name.
“ Lee Chun. ” Ji-a called softly getting his attention.
He turned around to see Ji-a standing close to the be-d with a sad look.
“ Lee Chun. ”
She called his name again and like magnet Lee Chun ran to meet her enveloping her in a very, ti-ght hvg.
“ Ji-aaa ”
He called softly weeping on her n£¢k as thought of what could have happened to her if he didn’t come on time.
“ I am here now, no one will ever hurt you again. I am sorry I delayed. I am so sorry they hurt you. I am so sorry my love. plea-se forgive me”
He said stro-king her back and the back of her hair while Ji-a wept softly onto his che-st….
They stayed in that position, in each other’s [email protected], both of them happy but weeping softly…
“ Take me home Lee Chun. ”
Ji-a said.
“ Alright my love. Let’s go home. ”
Lee Chun said and with that they [email protected]
Lee Chun took his eyes to Min-seo who was still lying on the floor looking terrified.
” The cops are alre-ady here, you will face what is coming to you. I will make sure you spend the rest of your life behind bars. This is my promise to you. ”
Lee Chun said and Min-seo made a sad remorseful face but he wasn’t buying it.
“ You are really evil but I forgive you. Hope you can learn to forgive yourself. ”
Ji-a said looking at her.
“ Let’s go. ”
Lee Chun said then entwined his f!ngerstogether with that of Ji- a’s and both of them started to the direction of the door, thereby backing Min-seo and as soon as they were ahead of her Min-seo
Her remorseful and regret look changed into one of hate and jealousy.
She quic-kly stood up and ran in light steps to the drawer close to the be-d, same drawer the boss wanted to take his pistol.
Opening the drawer Min-seo took the pistol. ” Ji-aaaa! ” She screamed like the Devil.
Ji-a and Lee Chun turned around.
” If I can’t have him neither will you bitçh. I will be waiting for you in hell! ” She yelled with an evil smile before pu-lling the trigger.
“ No Ji-a!!! ”
Lee Chun screamed pushing Ji-a out of the way but the bullet hit him in the process and he fell slowly to the floor.
“ Lee Chun! ”
Ji-a screamed from the floor she was now on. Min-seo had a sad face for some time.
She had no intention of killing Lee Chun, it was Ji-a she was after.
Ji-a crawled to meet Lee Chun, in tears.
“ Lee Chun! Lee Chun! ” She wept.
“ You did this! ” Min-seo accused Ji-a
“ Time to die! ” She spat as she re-ady to fire.
“ This is the police put your gun down! ”
The investigator, Mr Kan shout as he [email protected]£ into the room with four other men but Min-seo was determined to kill Ji-a so she didn’t listen and wanted to pu-ll the trigger.
ban-g! ban-g! ban-g! ban-g!
Four bullets went into her b©dy before she could pu-ll the trigger and she fell to the floor dead.
” Lee Chun! Lee Chun! .. ”
Ji-a called in tears shaking Lee Chun’s b©dy but there was no response only silence and blood, lots of blood.
What will happen next?
Watch out for the next episode

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