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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 89 & 90

He’s A Ko-rean se-x gid 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 89
18+ rated contents
Written by Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Unknown
🛍️ Min-seo’s POV 🛍️
What the hell!
A strange, scary looking man just [email protected]£ out of the bathroom half n-ked and he is standing staring at my n-ked b©dy lvstfully, the worse [email protected] was that the stupid boss wasn’t even bother about this strange man pres£nce, he kept su-cking, squee-zing and f!ngering my bøøbs and pvzzy respectively
“ Who are you? Who is he? ”
I asked, trying to hide my n-kedness away from him as I felt embarras-sed, ashamed.
The strange man just gave me a lopsided smile, with his eyes still fixed on my n-kedness, while the idiot boss was still giving me pains with his f!ngering and stuff.
“ Hey, I asked a question. Who is he?
” I said pushing his mouth away from my n!pp!e.
“ What the hell! Why did you do that? ” He said in a vexed tone as I had interrupted him from what he was doing but I didn’t care if he is angry or not.
“ Who is he, and what is he doing here? ” I asked again and he turned his eyes to the man standing for some seconds.
“ That’s my friend Hun-do, he wants to watch the show ”
He said, giving out a nas-ty smile at the end and his friend Hun-do also smiled nastily.
” Show? What show? ”
I asked alre-ady feeling scared and anxious.
“ Come on st©p acting like you don’t know what my friend is talking about ” The Hun-do guy said and I took my eyes to him
“ My friend has told me how good you are in be-d and I [email protected]£ to see it first hand for myself, so you guys can carry on with what you are doing, I will just be here watching ”
He said and his words disgusted me and made me feel worthless.
What! He has turned me into a live p©rn show or what?! Hell No! I can’t take this…
But before I could say anything the boss inser-ted his useless f!ngersback into my pvzzy.
“ Ahhhhhh ”
I [email protected] ed out as he resumed f!ngering me ha-rd and rou-gh.
I didn’t feel like continuing with this deal anymore, I wanted to scream a loud St©p as I didn’t like it one bit the way his friend was staring at him, he kept l!çk!ng hisl-ips in a sick, retarded manner.
However I didn’t scream nor tell the boss to st©p, I just let him continue doing what he was doing with me and after a while…
“ svçkmy cøck now ”
He ordered like I was some slüt and I slowly got off his [email protected] then crouched down to the floor with both knees tou-ching the cold, ha-rd floor while he relaxed back on the be-d.
I unZi-pped his trou-sers and [email protected]£d hold of his d!¢k, swallowing it in my mouth.
“ Arrgg…Arrgg… ”
He started gro-an ing as I su-cked his d!¢k while his friend was just watching – still l!çk!ng hisl-ips.
After awhile his friend Hun-do took of his towel and was standing completely n-ked and he [email protected]£d hold of his own cøck and started stro-king it while staring at me.
What the hell!
His d!¢k were quite large and long, longer than that of the boss but not as long and thick like that of Lee Chun’s.
“ Do carry on with what you are doing, don’t mind me ”
He said as he saw I was staring at him disgustedly.
“ Argggg… fas-ter… dee-per, svçkmy d!¢k dee-per bitçh! ”
The boss [email protected] ed and ordered.
So I swallowed his d!¢k down. His d!¢k isn’t that long and large so it wasn’t really that ha-rd or choking.
I su-cked and su-cked on his d!¢k till he was at the point of having an [email protected]….but then he pushed my head away.
“ Bitçh do you want to make me ¢v-m quic-kly? ”
He asked, like it’s my fault he couldn’t control his sperm bur-st.
“ Climb on the be-d ”
He said and I stood up and climbe-d on the be-d, at this time his friend has st©pped stro-king on his cook but was watching.
As I got on the be-d, he [email protected]£d hold of me and started k!ss!ngme, f!ngering my pvzzy and squee-zing my bøøbs as he [email protected] down flat on my back.
After which he spre-ad my legs [email protected] and took position inbetween them.
He inser-ted his d!¢k in my pvzzy and started thrû-sting r0ûghly.
It hurts but I couldn’t scream out as my eyes were now on his friend who has resumed stro-king on his cøck while watching me get fv¢ked.
It felt as weird as hell, I didn’t like it one bit but thankfully it’s best he stro-ke his d!¢k himself than bringing it anywhere near me….
” Ahhh….Ahhh… ”
I started [email protected] ing out not minding the retard Hun-do that was stro-king his cøck as the boss increa-sed the pace at which he fv¢ked me.
He was now bouncing ha-rd on me and his constant collision on my th!gh and groin and his d!¢k pene-tration was becoming more and more painful…
“ Arg..Arg.. ”
he was gro-an ing out plea-surable..and then the scariest thing happened
His friend Hun-do started walking to the be-d, even got on the be-d.
“ What are you doing? ”
I asked, looking scared.
“ To have fun with you of course ”
He said with a smile that I find evil.
” No! St©p!.. ”
I objected…but I just knew they won’t listen to me and they didn’t.
The boss fli-pped me over, setting me up for a doggy style position and his friend [email protected]£ to join him.
He took my pvzzy while his friend f0rç£d his d!¢k in my alre-ady hurting @$$hole.
“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh.. pleas-sssee!… ” I screamed out in much pains as both of them started destroying me.
It hurts like hell!
Having two pene-tration in the @$$ and pvzzy at the same time felt like death. I could feel my pri-vates tearing and burning up.
It felt like it has been set ablazed.
My screams were loud and far as I constantly struggled to break free from them but to no avail.
They were too strong and they used their d!¢ks to destroy me completely
“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh ”
Location: Lee’s Mansion
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
“ when exactly did you start developing feelings for Lee Chun, like when did you fall in love with him? course I honestly thought you hated him ”
Mia said and I felt really shy in answering that.
“ Yes go on tell us, I am also very curious to know ”
Her sister Kia added…
It is actually the weekend, Sunday to be more precise so everyone were home even the much busy Mia.
We were all together including some of the house servants, like my good friend Kyung-gu and a female servant who were serving drinks – orange and pineapple jui-ce in the garden.
It was actually fun having the two sisters around, never knew how funny they are especially Kia, she is really funny.
Lee Chun wasn’t pres£nt, he said he has something really important to do, so he left like 3 hours ago.
There is something strange going on with Lee Chun though, course he has been going out an awful lot of times this week and whenever I ask, he will say.
“ Something important just [email protected]£ up ”
I wonder what this something important that is always coming up is, he never tells me, hope whatever he is doing isn’t something that will make me break his head open.
Back to the question Mia asked, I really don’t know the answer
When exactly did I fall in love with Lee Chun? Course actually at one point I did hate him….
” So go on, tell us alre-ady ”
Kia said pushing me on.
“ Well yeah, I did hate him at one point, for a long time actually. I mean the guy made me a cripple ”
I said and the two of them bur-st out laughing even Kyung-gu couldn’t help himself, he chuckled.
“ Then what changed. Tell us ”
Kia said paying keen attention.
“ W..ell, I don’t really know. We fought a lot, I guess unknowingly I was starting to enjoy his company and developing some feelings for him and before I knew it I was madly in love with him. Plus your brother is actually a very nice and sweet person ”
I said ma-king it as brief as possible.
“ Awwww that’s so sweet ” Kia said.
“ Really, Lee Chun a sweet person? Truly love is blind ”
Mia said and I smiled.
“ Since you and Lee Chun loves each other that’s makes you [email protected] of our family. You will never have to go back to the orphanage home again or the street this is officially your house” Mia said.
“ Yes, I have always wanted a younger sister ”
Kia said, I smiled but I felt a little bit sad.
“ Thank you but I still nee-d to go back to the orphanage home, their are some people I nee-d to see, I have missed them alot.
My friend Gira, my Nana. They most be worried sick about me, I nee-d to see them, I nee-d to let them know I am alright ”
I said and I heard a male’s voice from behind
“ Then I will take you to see them ”
I turned around and saw it was Byung-ho and Lee Chun was standing next to him smiling
Episode 90
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
I was stunned really, seeing Byung-ho and Lee Chun together and they weren’t fighting but actually smiling.
“ Huh, Byung-ho?.. Lee Chun?.. you two?? ”
I said in a surprised tone, staring at them as I was still processing my thoughts.
“ Will you just be looking at us all day? ” Lee Chun tea-sed and Byung-ho smiled.
“ She looks really surprised seeing us together, I wonder why? ” Byung-ho also tea-sed and Lee Chun smiled.
” I can’t say ” He said
And then I felt a great joy fill me as I realized both friends have made up.
“ Byung-ho! ”
I excliamed and ran to him, giving him a ti-ght hvg when I got close.
“Ji-a ” He cooed, patting the back of my head.
“ Is this real. Are you two back together now? ” I asked and he smiled.
“ No, the three of us are back together ” He said and my happiness grew.
I took my gaze to Lee Chun, who was standing smiling warmly at me and after I was done hvgging Byung-ho I walked to meet Lee Chun.
“ You did this? Your brou-ght Byung-ho’s back? ”
I asked and I wi-der smile formed on his cheeks.
“ You made me see how much I nee-ded him. He is my brother.
So you are the one that actually brou-ght us back together ”
He said and I hvgged him ti-ghtly.
“ No more fighting, promise? ”
I said still in the hvg and both boys looked at themselves.
“ Promise.. ”
They chorused together.
And the three of us [email protected]£ together in a group hvg.
“ Awwww this is so sweet, the two friends are back together”
Kia said, laughing and smiling happily.
“ I am lost here, were Lee Chun and Byung-ho fighting before? ” Mia asked, looking lost.
“ How will you know, you always at work or with your actor b©yfri£nd”
Kia tea-sed and Mia rolled her eyes.
I chuckled alittle
“ Everyone, bring it in for a group hvg ”
Lee Chun said, directing to his sister’s Mia and Kia.
“ Yeah! I love hvgs ”
Kia excliamed jumping off her chair and joining the hvg.
Mia also join but she didn’t jump up oil her sister did, and the five of us hvgged.
“ This is so sweet ”
I heard the female servant said blu-shing and Kyung-gu was also smiling.
“ You guys should join too ”
I said and they looked shocked.
“ Yeah, you two should, there is free hvgs going around this evening”
Lee Chun said and Kyung-gu and the female servant also joined the hvg
It was a happy moment and I am really happy seeing all of us back together…
🛍️ Min-seo’s POV 🛍️
I [email protected], folded at one corner of the be-d with my eyes red from the tears I have been crying and a million pains down my pri-vates.
It was very much still hurting, especially my @$$hole. It felt like it has been torn [email protected]
I felt used and worthless really, course these two monsters really had their way with me, they used me to their satisfaction like I was some piece of rag.
” Wow, you are really one sweet lady, my friend told me no lie ”
Hun-do cooed as he dressed up after I he had ¢v-mmed into my @$$hole and some semen on my face.
“ I never tell lies my friend ”
The boss said ma-king to t©uçh my leg but I retracted it away from his reach, he sm-irked then stood up from the be-d were he sat.
“ I won’t be coming here tomorrow ”
I said in a low voice, but it was filled with pain and anger.
“ It’s alright darling, I will give you one day off, you deserve it, but you better be here the day after tomorrow unless the deal is off ”
He said and I took my eyes to him, staring at him with hate.
“ When will you get the girl or are you just concerned about fv¢king me! ”
I half yelled and he smiled.
“ Course you plea-sed me and my friend so well today, I have decided to move up the plan.
We will be going after the girl tomorrow, by tomorrow the girl will be in our custody. How does that sound? ” He said and in my pains, I find something to smile about, although it was an inward smile.
“ Just get the job done, I don’t want any excuses like the last time ”
I said and he smiled.
“ Don’t worry there won’t be any mistake of sort this time, course my friend here, will be the one leading the operation and he is very good in his job, just as good as he fv¢ks, even better ”
He said….
Location: Road leading to the orphanage home
😍 Lee Chun’s POV 😍
I could see the excitement all over Ji-a’s face as we got close to the orphanage home
She was just looking out the window of the Range Rover sport in a state of excitement.
The three of us, I, Ji-a and Byung-ho are [email protected] in this journey to the orphanage home.
I and Ji-a were at the back sit, with Byung-ho and the driver occu-pying the two front seats.
“ Oh my God! Everything is still the same, nothing has changed..” Ji-a was saying while still looking out the window.
The place, truth be told is actually a dump, the whole neighborhood is dirty and unkept it’s ha-rd to believe here is actually [email protected] of South Korean, it’s ha-rd to imagine people live here really and very, very ha-rd to believe that someone as beautiful and pretty as Ji-a [email protected]£ from here.
Anyways I am glad she is mine now, she won’t ever have to suffer in her life again, she won’t have to live in a place like this.
“ Are you sure we are at the right place? ”
I asked, of course I know we are at the right place but I just wanted to get her attention to myself for just a minute.
“ Yeah, we will soon be there ” She replied then turned around to face me
“ But is it really necessary to come with all the esc-rt, the children and people here might get scared abd frightened when they see men with guns ”
She said not looking really plea-sed.
Yeah, did I forget to mention accompanying us was five esc-rt vehicles, all each containing 4 armed guards
I am not taking any risk with Ji-a’s safety this time, [email protected] from the esc-rts, I had also informed the pri-vate investigator Mr Kan of my plans of going out with Ji-a, so he should get his men re-ady in case of any development – Byung-ho and Ji-a were not aware of this [email protected] though.
” Yeah she is right Lee Chun, I don’t think bringing armed men to an orphanage home is necessary neither is it appropriate ”
Byung-ho said.
“ You two don’t worry, the guards won’t be coming with us into the orphanage home, they will only stand guard outside.
They are only here to make sure we feel safe and have a good time time inside.
They ain’t here for these people and the lovely orphan kids but those bad men and anyone who would course you trouble.
But don’t worry, I have instructed them not to show their guns so they don’t scare the children unless they see any danger” I said.
“ Okay ”
She simply replied and started looking out the window again..
“ What bad men? ”
Byung-ho asked looking confused. I hadn’t told him yet that some men were after Ji-a.
“ Don’t worry, I will tell you about that later ” I said.
” Okay ”
he muttered then faced forward….
“ Nana…st©p here!..Nana! St©p the car! ”
Ji-a excliamed as we got close to a tattered shop close to the road, were a woman was selling rice cakes.
The driver stepped on the [email protected] and Ji-a quic-kly opened the door and jumped out.
“ Ji-a! ”
I called loudly and quic-kly got out of the vehicle too.
But I [email protected]£ calm but surprised when I saw Ji-a in the [email protected] of the woman, having a closer look at her, I think she is probably in her late 40s by her look.
” Ji-a! Oh my God! It is you Ji-a, my child.. I have been so worried. What happened to you? Where have you been?…”
She kept asking Ji-a a million and one question while Ji-a was smiling and laughing – looking all happy.
“ I am fine Nana, sorry I made you worried. I have really missed you a lot and your sweet, delicious rice cakes ”
Ji-a said and the woman gave a smiling laugh before hvgging Ji-a again.
“ Oh my child, I feared something terrible had happened to you. I even went to the cops to file a missing person report but you know no one cares to listen to the voice of the poor.
I have been really sad thinking about were you are my poor child ” She said, cu-pping Ji-a’s face
” I am sorry Nana, I was involved in an accident, but I am alright now.
I should have reached out to you, course I know you will be worried about me. can you plea-se forgive me for that ”
Ji-a said drawing both her ears as a sign of remorsefulness and both of them were alre-ady getting emotional….
This woman she calls Nana most really mean something to her, clearly Ji-a loves her a lot, like the way a child loves his/her parent and I am alre-ady getting nervous.
What if she doesn’t like me?
Suddenly the woman looked at my direction.
“ And who is this fine looking man? ” She asked and my eyes went straight to Ji-a, she had this shy smile on her face.
“ That’s Lee Chun, the boy that ran me over with his car ”
she said and my heart cut. She has killed me!
“ What?! He is the one that ran you over with his car?” the woman said and I could see she was alre-ady getting angry.
“ Yeah he is, but I am glad he did ” Ji-a said and I and the woman had a confused look.
“ Really? You glad you got knocked down by him? ”
Her Nana asked, looking shocked.
“ Yes course if not, I wouldn’t have met him, fall in love and he wouldn’t be standing here as my b©yfri£nd, so yes, I am glad him knocked me down with his car that day ”
She said and I smiled silly even though I was still nervous about her Nana liking me or not.
“ Come here young man ”
Her Nana said to me, pointing to a sp©t close to where she stood.
I slowly walked to meet her, and when I got to the sp©t she pointed to she…
” Ouchh ”
I excliamed softly as she [email protected] me in the arm.
“ That’s for knocking my child down with your car ” She said
“ Sorry ”
I muttered, alre-ady thinking she hates me until…
She [email protected] me and I had this surprised face
“ This, is for taking good care of my girl ”
She said afterwards smiling warmly at me and I smiled back.
She turned facing Ji-a “ He is really handsome, very handsome ”
She said and I actually was blu-shing…

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