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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 100 & 101

He’s A Ko-rean se-x god 😋
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Episode 100-101
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Author’s POV
It was a beautiful night, Lee Chun made it so special for Ji-a and she loves him with all her heart and soul and mind but Lee Chun loves her more.
He loves her with all his existence and emotions, his love for her is unlike anything of this world and that love was about to be tested greatly…
The next day
Lee Chun was re-ady to leave for America for his schooling but he never imagined it will be so ha-rd to say goodbye to Ji-a. At first he was the one consoling her and reas-suring her that it won’t take long before he gets back as she was in tears as he was about to board the pri-vate jet.
He held her ti-ght in a hvg, telling her how much he loves her and how they would still be contact even though they are far away.
“ I will always call you each day. Even better we will video chat every single day, so I will get to see your pretty face. ”
He had said, patting her hair gently.
Ji-a had smiled but still the tears were very much in her eyes so Lee Chun k!$$£d her, maybe that will help her st©p crying but the k!ssonly made him sad as he realized this would be the last time he will be k!ss!nguntill 2 years time. So he k!$$£d her even more pas-sionately….
After the long k!sshe dried her face clean of her tears with k!sses.
“ I love you Ji-a, plea-se don’t cry. I will be back for you. I promise.. ”
He was telling her goodbye yet he still held her firm in the hvg. He really didn’t want to let go. The feeling of her b©dy that close to his, that he could feel her tender heart beat. That feeling is priceless…
“ Master Lee, we have to go now. ”
Mr Kuo-hon, his new personal as-sistant, specially hand picked by his father Mr Lee to accompany him in the trip and will stay with him in America until he graduates from business school. [email protected]£ to inform him.
And that’s when it dawn on Lee Chun that he really can’t say goodbye. He isn’t really that strong to let go of Ji-a. He had only been pretending to be strong so as to console Ji-a but in true fact he was the one that nee-ds consoling.
His whole b©dy was crying out to stay with Ji-a and never leave her side. He wants to hold her ti-ght in his arms and never let go forever. The emotions was too much for him and he was sure he couldn’t hold it in any longer so he hastily let go of her and walked fast, even run to the plane.
He doesn’t want her to see him cry, to see how vulnerable he is. How will she be able to be strong and believe everything will be fine if she sees him crying and looking weak? So he waited until he was in the plane and away from her before he gave way to tears, letting it all out.
He wept and wept until he fell asleep and in his sleep he dreamt of the time he will finally be reunited with his love and would never be [email protected] from her anymore. But what Lee Chun didn’t know is that time may never come.
He thought he was traveling to America to school and gain knowledge that will help him run a multi billion dollar company. True that was one reason why he is going to America to school, but there is another reason the main reason, which is.
His father is s£nding him to America to separate him from Ji-a. What Lee Chun doesn’t know is that he was flying to his prison and he has been s£ntence to 2 years in it. Yes, the whole of America is now his prison cell and Lee Chun won’t be able to come back to South Korea even if he wanted to, his father has made sure of that.
As soon as Lee Chun’s plane t©uçh the soul of America his father froze all his bank accounts and E as-serts. He left him completely broke in a foreign land, the only way Lee Chun will be able to get money to feed was from the personal as-sistant Mr Kuo-hon.
Mr Lee made sure to instruct Mr Kuo-hon only to give Lee Chun the amount of money he nee-ds not want. Infact he told him to buy the things Lee Chun nee-ds himself just so Lee Chun would be starved of cash in his hands.
Mr Lee was very smart and devious in his plan, he knows without money Lee Chun would not be able to board a plane that will take him back to South Korea to see his orphan girlfriend, but he even went a step higher.
Lee Chun’s father, Mr Lee made Lee Chun and Ji-a sim inactive, he disabled their sims so they would have no means to me communicate with each other and just 2 days after Lee Chun was gone Mr and Mrs Lee called Ji-a over for a discussion….
There, Mr and Mrs sat giving Ji-a, who stood a mean, belittling stare before Mrs Lee finally started her address.
“ I know you and my son had something, but I want to be plane with you. Whatever thing you think you have with my son has ended. It ended the first day I leant who you were. The daughter of a nob©dy, a dirty orphan. You have no future with my son and once he gets back from the States I will get him marry to a good girl who is in his clas-s not a, nob©dy, gold digger of a daughter. ”
Her words were like dagger in Ji-a’s heart.
She felt like she was being stabbe-d nonst©p she wish they st©p saying such mean words to her but they didn’t they kept tearing her [email protected] with their words that her che-st hurts so bad it felt like she wanted to have an heart attack
She was beginning to find it difficult to breath, talk more of speak. Her eyes had become we-t even though she was fighting herself ha-rd not to cry but how possible is it to keep the tears away when they want to take everything away from her? Her joy and her hopes. And now it was Lee Chun’s father turn to hurt her with his ton-gue. Maybe this time he will stab her with a long sword and put her to death.
“ I know this might be ha-rd for you, telling you to stay away from my son, Lee Chun. I can un-derstand, he is good looking and most importantly he is my heir, he will inherit all my wealth. I am talking about money your kinds, poor foes like yoi can only dream of seeing. So I un-derstand it will be ha-rd letting go of him that’s why I want to offer you this deal… ”
As Mr Lee spoke, Ji-a could no longer control the tears any longer. It just flow freely from her eyes.
It hurts her so much that they think she is with their son because of his money. That’s a big lie! She loves him, for him and would still love him if he was a nob©dy.
Mr Lee continued ” this is my offer to you. I million dollars, 1 million dollars every year you live. I will be paying you 1 million dollars every year for you till you die but you will never set your eyes on my son, Lee Chun again and will never seek to come in contact with him. Also you can’t live here in South Korea anymore.
I will let you pick any country of your choice [email protected] from South Korea and America. Pick any country and city you want to live in. Paris, Italy, London. Anywhere you have dreamt to visit. I will fly you there at no expanse and that will be your new home but you will never return to Korea. What do you want to do here anyways, it’s not like you have a family here waiting for you. So if I were you I will jump at this offer. Course if you work the whole seconds of your life you won’t be able to have a quarter of a million dollars but I will be paying you that amount annually for doing nothing whatsoever. ”
Mr Lee’s voice was that of a proud man and there was a mocking tone to it as he spoke to Ji-a.
Ji-a was just in tears and constantly ru-bbing the beautiful engagement ring Lee Chun gave to her, wishing Lee Chun was here to save her from his parents….
“ I don’t care about the money, I don’t want any money. I love Lee Chun and he loves me. Why can’t we be together? Do you have anything against love? ”
She said in a low, tearier voice but Mrs Lee just scoffed at her while Mr Lee grew angry.
” Listen young lady, I do not waste my time dealing with insignificant people. You and Lee Chun can never be together. I can never accept you as my daughter in law. Never!
So take my offer unless I will make you disappear for good. ”
He said the last words threateningly ma-king Ji-a scared as she wondered what he meant by ma-king her ‘disappear for good ‘
Will they kill me? Would they really kill me because I am in love with their son??? She thought.
They are the parents of the man she is in love with but at that moment, what Ji-a was seeing where two monsters and she was terrified.
“ You will not believe what one can do with money, both Good and Evil things. Trust me you won’t want me to show you these things. You won’t like it one bit. So I will give you the last chance pick a country of your choice. ” He said, calm but his voice made Ji-a tremble at the feet. How could she not.
He is a very powerful and wealthy man while she is a nob©dy.
“ C..China. I choose China. ”
Ji-a finally said with a crushed soul.
There was no point fighting, she can’t win when there was nob©dy on her side. Lee Chun is far away now, she is all alone.
A soft smile t©uçhed Mr Lee’s l!pwhile his wife, Mrs Lee was full of ridicule laughter.
“ I know you will make the right decision at the end. Money solves all problem. You will be leaving to China in a months time. In the meantime enjoy your stay in my house.
I will also move to open a pri-vate account for you where I will be paying your annual wages as promise. A million dollars. ”
He spoke, ma-king it seem as if Ji-a was agreeing to his proposal because of the money.
Ji-a shook her head “ I don’t want the money. ” She said with tears in her eyes and Mr Lee raised a brow at her.
“ Are you changing your mind or is the money not big enough for you? I can add more if you want. ”
Ji-a wipe the tears off her eyes ” I will move to China and never come back to South Korea again. I won’t also try to look or contact your son, Lee Chun but I don’t want your money. I can take care of myself. ”
“ Very well then, as you plea-se. ”
Mr Lee said staring intently at her wondering why she would reject such an offer.
That’s what she wants anyways. Why is she pretending not to want the money. He thought.
” I will also like to spend my last month with my Nana. I don’t want to stay here. ”
She requested, Mr Lee didn’t want to grant her request at first because he thought maybe Ji-a wanted to run away but later he accepted and Ji-a went to stay with her Nana.
Mia and Kia didn’t like what their parents did to Ji-a but they were helpless and when Mia tried to convinced her father he was ma-king the wrong discussion by separating Lee Chun and Ji-a his father got so angry that he nearly disown her that very day.
So since that day, both sisters kept quiet.
1 month [email protected]£ and just as she had promised Ji-a agreed to relocate to China. Mr Lee paid for the plane ticket, a one way ticket to Wuhan China.
That was the only money Ji-a accepted for Mr Lee to pay as the plane ticket was very expansive and she had no money, even though Mr Lee kept insisting Ji-a receive some form of compensation Ji-a refused.
She will not give them the satisfaction to say. “ Oh yes, she is a gold digger. She collected money from us when Lee Chun comes back. ”
But how will she survive in a foreign land? She is no fool neither is she lazy. One reason she picked China especially the city of Wuhan is because of the jobs opportunity. Lots of industries in this city, she is sure to get a job or rather she hopes to get a job…
It didn’t take long before Lee Chun to realize something was wrong. As Soon as his plane t©uçhed down in America his sim even his phone st©pped working. All his bank account froze and the most fishy thing was as soon as he complained that his phone wasn’t coming up his strange new personal as-sistant Mr Kuo-hon just brou-ght out a new phone with an alre-ady registered sim from his pocket and handed it over to him like he knew something like this will happen before hand. And what’s even more strange was the fact that when Lee Chun tried to get in t©uçh with Ji-a since he knows her phone number off hand, the phone kept saying this user does not exist.
How come? That’s Ji-a’s number. He was sure with his life.
But what made Lee Chun really convinced that something was definitely not right is when he complained about all his bank accounts being frozen but Mr Kuo-hon remained calm and simple said.
“ Don’t worry. My account isn’t frozen. I will give you whatever you nee-d. ”
Lee Chun [email protected]£ very fearful and worried about Ji-a as he knew his father was the one responsible for this and might have done something to harm Ji-a.
So Lee Chun seek to return back to South Korea only a week in America but that proved mission impossible. He had no money for plane ticket and his personal as-sistant won’t give him any money.
However Lee Chun was determined to get back to Ji-a so he seek to get a job any job to earn some money that he will use to buy plane ticket. You can imagine the son of a billionaire washing people’s toilet and dishes even at that he gets fired less than 3 days in a job. Any job he finds he gets fired regardless of his performance, Lee Chun knew this was the hand work of his father.
His father was ma-king it ha-rd and impossible for him to come back to Ko-rean and when Lee Chun finally confirmed he was in a prison and tra-pped was when he managed to raise the money for a plane ticket back to South Korea by becoming a male str!p dancer and amateur, secret modelling..
He had bought a ticket doing these things but wasn’t allowed to board the plane by the airport authorities, infact he was arrested and sle-pt inside the cell for 3 days.
So he had no choice than to wait for 2 years until he graduates from business school before he could come back home to South Korea….
On getting home he asked of Ji-a but everyone seemed to have gone mute and when they did finally speak, after Lee Chun constant disturbance, Lee Chun nearly ran mad from what he heard.
“ Forget about that orphan girl, because you will never see her again. ” His Father simply said.
“ I will find her father, even if it means searching the whole universe. I will definitely find her. ”
Lee Chun had said with much determination and hope.
And oh boy did he searched?! For months Lee Chun searched and looked for Ji-a, there was no where he didn’t search for her in South Korea….
But it was a lost cause, she was done. She couldn’t be found and Lee Chun gave up the search after a year of searching.
Finally, Mr and Mrs Lee thought they had won and that Lee Chun was re-ady to move on with his life but they thought wrong as Lee Chun st©pped eating, nor drinking. Not even water.
He only mentions Ji-a’s name even when he sleeps her name never leaves hisl-ips.
For days he went without food until he fell seriously ill to the point of death still he refused to eat anything. Mr and Mrs Lee feared for the life of their child, their only son.
“ He will die. My son can’t die! plea-se don’t let my son die! plea-se!….”
Mrs Lee swept bitterly to her husband.
Mr Lee was also in a state of confusion and anguish. His only son, the heir to his wealth and name is seeking to end his own life by starving himself of food and water.
The only words he utters are the name of that orphan girl he despise. Ji-a. What kind of spell has he cast on his son, Mr Lee wondered but then he wondered why he hate her so?
Is it because she is poor? Or an orphan? She really hasn’t done anything bad or wrong to him nor his family. Infact she has made their son a better person. He is now a change man, a good man yet he treated the poor, innocent girl like a criminal. Maybe this is God’s punishment for him for treating that innocent girl in such a terrible manner.
God wants to punish him by taking the life of his only son. He has learnt his lessons now and he prays God gives him a second chance to do the right thing and not punish him this severely.
As Mr Lee stood by the be-d of his almost lifeless son’s b©dy he made a promise to him.
“ plea-se don’t die my son, plea-se don’t live me and your mother. plea-se we love you so much. I will bring her back. That orphan girl, Ji-a. I will bring her back and you two can get married. You have my full permission and blessings. plea-se just don’t die. ”
He said and the powerful and Wealthy Mr Lee gave way to tears.
All what Lee Chun said was “ Ji-a. ”
Immediately Mr Lee used his contacts to bring Ji-a back to South Korea. Ji-a didn’t want to come at first but when they told her about the condition of Lee Chun, she almost couldn’t control herself. She wanted to see him, to take care of she followed the men Mr Lee had s£nt – traveling back to South Korea….
On getting to South Korea, Ji-a didn’t had the time to see if anything had changed or not. It’s close to four years now she has been away. Life had been ha-rd for her living in a foreign land. Fending for herself and learning a new language, she had managed to have a like in China but never, not once did she forgot about Lee Chun. She till has the engagement ring he gave her even though at one point she thought she would never see his beautiful face again….
“ Lee Chun. ”
She [email protected] and the tears [email protected]£ pouring down her eyes as she saw the terrible state him was now. He looked so lean and pale, he couldn’t even open his eyes.
Ji-a quic-kly went and sat on the side of the be-d he lay, taking one of his. She spoke to him.
“ Lee Chun, what has happened to you. What’s has happened to my beautiful Lee Chun.. ” she spoke tenderly but with lots of emotions and Lee Chun’s family stood watching.
“ Ji-a
” Lee Chun said softly eyes till closed.
“ Yes, it’s me Ji-a. plea-se open your eyes Lee Chun. It’s me your Ji-a. plea-se open your eyes Lee Chun. ” She cooed and Lee Chun slowly opened his eyes to the amazement of everyone there, Lee Chun’s family and his best friend Byung-ho.
“ Ji-a, is this really you my Ji-a? ” He spoke weakly. Ji-a nodded with a eyes full of tears.
“ It’s me Lee Chun. It’s me. ”
She said but he wanted to confirm if she was really the one or maybe he is hallucinating, so he slowly moved his right hand up to her face – placing it gently on her cheek and after awhile a smile form on his face.
“ It’s really you. It’s really you my Ji-a. I have missed you. I am sorry.. I failed you. I let them take you away from me_ ” Ji-a cut him short.
” Hush, let’s not talk about the past now All that matters is that I am here now. I am here and I am not going anywhere. ”
She said brushing his hair gently, while he swept softly even she was still in tears…
After awhile.
“ I heard you haven’t been eating, you have been a really [email protected]ûghty boy. I will punish you for that but first I will feed you. You will eat right? ” She said and he nodded.
“ Bring me his food Let me feed him. ” Ji-a said and Lee Chun’s Mom hurriedly ordered the maid to bring something for him to eat….
Sitting him up, Ji-a slowly spoon feed Lee Chun and for the first time since over a week Lee Chun was eating again. His mother couldn’t hold her emotions, she was just crying happily and thanking Ji-a, same with the rest of the family.
Mr Lee, with Mia, Kia. and Byung-ho.
For the next 7 days, Ji-a took care of Lee Chun like a little baby. She feed him and bath him and gradually he regained his strength and he looked more like his beautiful self once more.
Another week pas-sed, now Lee was fully recovered and arrangements for his wedding with Ji-a commenced. Everyone were invited to his wedding both the rich and poor.
Finally the day [email protected]£. The day when he would make Ji-a his wife.
Watch out for the final, final episode 🤣
One last episode to go. I couldn’t summary it all in one episode. Next episode will be h0t.
You know. Wedding night 😋😋😋😋😋

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