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He is my mate Episode 20

💯❤💉 #HE_IS_MY_MATE 💉❤💯
As Produced by Rachel Romo
THEME: In The Past
” Here, ” Sky [email protected]£ into my balcony and handed me a cu-p of h0t choco which I gladly accepted.
It’s cold today but I had the urge to go stargazing. I just wanted to think of everything that happened to me since I [email protected]£ here and I can’t help but to smile at the thoughts.
” You okay, ‘lil sis? ” Sky asked as he gave me a pat on my head and then took a sip from his h0t choco.
” Never been better ” I answered. I’ve never felt so happy in my life, I found my brother, me and Adrian are now okay, I found a friend- Shawn. Everything is going fine except for Rachel. I wonder how she’s doing…
” Sapph.. ” Sky called which made me look at him. he was only looking at the stars while drinking.
” Hmm? ” I hummed and looked up to the sky too. There are a lot of stars tonight, and lucky me, I found Orion’s Belt. It was shining so brightly and it was absolutely beautiful.
” About mom and dad. Do you miss them? ” he asked out of the blue. My brows slightly furrowed at his question.
” Of course. Who wouldn’t miss their parents? ” I asked in return. Don’t be stupid, Sky … I wanted to say but refused to do so.
” I know. Remember the time I told you that our house was set on fire intentionally? ” he asked. I don’t get why he’s bringing this up but I decided to just get along.
” Yeah, what about it? ” I asked as I took a sip from my h0t choco. I don’t know if it’s because of the drink but I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen.
” Saph, I alre-ady found out who’s behind the incident ” he said, his voice filled with anger and hatred. Me, on the other hand remained speechless. My feelings are mixed with too many emotions— anger, hatred, annoyance, sadness, loneliness. Everything!
” Who? ” I asked as I looked straight into his eyes. Rage was apparent on them and I don’t blame him.
” Alpha Lawrence from the Midnight Pack ” he said as his eyes started to turn black.
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” You know, I’m starting to get dizzy looking at you, pacing back and forth. What’s wrong, love? ” I got back into my s-en-ses when Adrian suddenly spoke.
” Huh? ” I looked at him and he was eating my can of Pringles. He was sitting on the couch looking at me.
” Are you okay? ” he asked as he munch onto the Pringles. I heave out a heavy sigh and stared at him. Sure, I’m bothered about that Alpha Lawrence, Sky is talking about and I guess I nee-d to talk about it with Adrian. I sat beside him and he directly wra-p an arm around me as I cu-mddled into his side and rest my head on his shoulder.
” I’m fine. It’s just that… I can’t believe all of this is happening. It feels like a dream to me. We started off like cats and dogs fighting and now, look at us. And Sky.. I finally found him after 10 years. I don’t know… everything feels so unreal but real. Do you get me? ” I said as I remembered everything since we first met which was in a terrible moment. He attacked our school at that time, not a good way of meeting each other for the first time.
He didn’t respond to me so I turned my head to his direction just to see him busy munching the Pringles. I scoffed and rolled my eyes heavenwards.
” Tch. I’m gonna go find someone who is more willing to listen to me, ” I said and was about to stand up when he gr-ab my hand and pu-ll-ed me back down.
” What the— what’s your deal?! ” I hissed at him. I saw him set aside the can and wiped his hands with a handkerchief.
” We may have started in a terrible way but that doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that we both love each other and we care for each other. We’re mates and I was an as-s to feel hate towards you before. You know why I do, but you changed me. You changed me into someone I didn’t thought I can be. You’ve shown me how to appreciate things and how to value life. And I know, we both love each other de-ep in our hearts even though we’ve never said it to each other before. Actions speaks more than words right? That’s why, I’m going to show you how much I love you, every single day. And I’m never going to st©p doing that ” he said as he lean his forehead into mine as we both closed our eyes feeling the moment.
Yes. What matters the most is that we are now in good terms and loving each other. The past is in the past, it doesn’t matter anymore. I alre-ady know who Adrian truly is and I love him despite of his flaws. He may not be the best mate but I don’t want to ask for more.
” I love you, Adrian ” I suddenly said. I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me with so much de-sire. It took him a couple of seconds before he finally spoke up.
” I love you more than anything else, Sapphire. You’re my life and I can’t live without you, ” he said and I slowly felt his softl-ips on mine.
He then, [email protected] hisl-ips from mine and we hvgged each other, feeling one’s [email protected]
” I nee-d to tell you something, ” I said while my head is buried in his che-st. He smells so manly. Damn it, I bet when the gods was giving h0tness and handsomeness, he was the first in line.
“Are you pregnant? ” he asked out of the blue. I directly pu-ll-ed away from the hvg and hit his che-st, ha-rd . That won’t hurt him, anyways.
” NO! Of course not! ” I hissed. He just laughed and I’m starting to get annoyed. Argh!
” ADRIAN CLARK! Shut the fck up! ” I exclaimed but the j£rk laughed even more. Idiot.
” You do know, pregnant women easily get mad and is very s-en-sitive. By the actions you did, I think you’re preg— ” I directly pinched him on the side before he could even finish his s£ntence. Dammit! I’m not freaking pregnant! There’s a big difference between pregnant and being defensive! Ugh.
” Okay, okay. I’ll st©p. ” he said and k!$$£d the temples on my forehead. I just scoffed and crossed my arms.
” So, what is it you want to tell me? ” He asked, trying to get back to the t©pic. I instantly calmed and faced him.
” Adrian, you know what happened to our parents, right? I as-sume he alre-ady told you, ” I said as I looked at him. He just gave me a nod so I continued.
” Sky told me who’s behind the incident. Do you happen to know the alpha from Midnight pack? ” I asked. He didn’t answer but instead, looked at me straight into my eyes.
” Why? Is he the one who killed your parents? ” He asked as he ca-ressed my cheeks. I nodded at his question.
” Do you know where he is? I want to talk to him ” I said, rage started to build up inside me by the thought of my parent’s death. Whoever that Lawrence is, I’m not afraid of talking to him much rather killing him.
” Love, he’s a very dangerous man. I don’t know much about him but enough to know that he is strong and powerful than me. His pack invaded 27 other packs and he was feared among all. I remembered my stepfather— ” I cut him off when he mentioned, ‘stepfather’. I don’t remember him telling me he has one.
” Stepfather? I thought Alpa Phili-pps is your father? You told me so! ” I said. He [email protected]£d my hand and k!$$£d the back of it.
” He is my stepfather. He was my father’s beta. Mateless and childless. When my father died, he [email protected]£ the Alpha since I was incapable of leading the pack at that time. He adopted me and raised me like his own son and he died 4 years ago. I never saw him as a stepfather because he treated me like his own son, you can say, I lost two fathers ” he said, I can feel the sadness and loneliness he is feeling by the tone of his voice. I can’t imagine him feeling all alone, with no one guiding him to lead an enormous pack. We’re pretty much alike, after all.
” I’m sorry to hear that, Adrian. ” I said and gave him a pe-ck on thel-ips. He just hvgged me otherwise.
” Let’s go to sleep, shall we? ” He said and stood up first. He helped me up and we both went to sleep and this time, in my room.
The next happen drops 2night.
You sure do not wanna miss it.
#Theme: Secrets & Betrayal
The story will be wearing a new attire starting from the next happen.
And of cos,
We’ll finally be getting some action scenes….. 😉

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