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Ethereal beauty Episode 33 & 34

Episode thirty three
(Kidnap Kimberly kim)
Seokmi pov
Father should have waken up now, the doctors said he is recovering fast.
He should cause I nee-d him, I nee-d his advice.
I haven’t seen kimkim and its eating me up but I can’t see her, not now. I might decide not to go ahead in killing the Lee’s remaining family. But I have to-do it, her life will be in danger if I don’t.
Am so frustrated right now.
Father plea-se wake up soon and tell me what to do. Your son is confuse and frustrated. I nee-d you now. I really do.
The doctor walked in.
“Hello Mr. Kim.”
“Doctor why isn’t my father responding, what’s happening to him? plea-se do all you can to make him wake up soon. We have something to do and can’t be done if his like this. plea-se save my father.” I said.
He stirred at me for a while, there was an expression in his eyes that I couldn’t re-ad.
He walked over to father and checked him. He did some check up before he left.
No pov
“This is ha-rd , I decided to help the daughter and now the father is begging me to do the opposite thing? This family is complicated. What am I going to do now? Who will I help? This is getting out of place.”
No pov
Carter dropped the cigarette on his hand back to a plate. He picked up his phone which was ringing and placed it on his ear.
“Hello Jeff. About time you called back.”
“Sorry boss, I was handling some issues.”
“Have you s£nt the parcel to Maya?”
“Yes boss.”
I smiled, “I wish I can see her expression right now.” I said.
“I gave it to her and did not wait a bit for her to see what was inside.”
“Well you did a good job delivering it. That is why you are my most trusted worker.”
“I will never betray you boss.”
I s£nt those pictures di-pped In blood to Maya so she will be aware of what is coming her way and she will be scared and restless. She wouldn’t know peace knowing something is about to happen. This is awesome. Good carter, good. She will be locked even without knowing who lucked her.
“Hello boss, are you still there?” Jeff asked.
“Well, yes.” I sat down well. Time for the main business. “I have a job for you.”
“A job? Go ahead boss, what is it about?”
“Seokmi daughter. Kimberly kim.”
“What should I do to her?”
“Since she is the most precious daughter of Seokmi. Then kidnap her, seokmi will have to do all I tell him to get her re-leased. He will do everything for his daughter. Go to Daegu and kidnap her. Threatened him with her life.” He said.
“Ok boss. Consider it done.”
“I will pay you after the job is done.”
“Trust you boss.” Jeff said.
Carter disconnected the call smiling broadly.
Jeff pov
Haha haha.
This is fun.
He don’t know Maya knows about him and that he is the one who s£nt to kill her husband.
Now let me tell my other boss about this.
I picked up my phone and called Madam Maya.
“Mr. Man, do you have anything for me again?” She asked rudely.
“You don’t have to sound this rude.”
“What do you want to say?”
I sighed, crazy woman. “Well it about Carter’s new plan.”
“Go ahead.”
“My informant there just told me that carter is planning to s£nd some men to Daegu and do you know what?”
“St©p wasting time and tell me.”
“I will madam. Its to kill your son.”
“What? My son? That bastard.”
“You have to act fast.” I said and disconnected the call.. Gosh am having some fun here.
Maya will definitely go there to Daegu. There will be a clash between her and seokmi. Its gonna be a show to watch and I won’t miss it for any reason.
Maya pov
If he harms my son then I will kill him. I don’t know why I allowed my son to go to that village.
He went to the lion’s den. I wishes I knew about kimkim been the daughter of a killer.
$h!t, here I was happy that my son have found love but no, he is with the enemy.
And that foolish carter, am going to make him pay. I will kill him and his family, even seokmi won’t be spared, I will kill him too and his family.
The lion king is here.
I picked up my phone and dialled mark’s number.
“Hello mark, s£nd some men to me now. Have got a business I nee-d to deal with.” I said.
“Always at your service little sis.” He said.
Kimkim pov
I went over to the hospital to check on grandfather. I just hope the doctor did what he promised.
I was about opening the door when a hand t©uçhed my shoulder, I quic-kly tired and found out that it was the doctor looking worried.
“Come with me.” He said.
I quic-kly followed him to his office. Why is he worried? Did something bad happened?”
“What’s wrong doctor?”
“Young lady, am sorry but I can’t do this again.”
“What? Why? Why are you not doing it again?”
“Its affecting his health. If u continue giving him the drugs to [email protected] treatment, he will get an heart attack. So I will have to st©p if not he will die.”
Oh no, why now?
“Isn’t there another way? Can’t you give him another drug or something else?”
“No miss. I am risking his life if I give him any other drugs. So no matter what you say, I will still treat him. Treating a patient is my first priority not killing them.”
I sighed, this is ha-rder than I though. “Go ahead. Treat him. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. He is my grandfather and I can’t lose him.” I said.
He nodded and left.
I slowly sat down frustrated. What am I going to do now?
Lord, plea-se help me. Am in so much confusion right now. plea-se help me.
Maya pov
As mark promised, he s£nt some men to me.
Mother travelled and will be back tomorrow so I have to do all I want to do before she gets back.
The men mark s£nt where seven in numbers, this seven will be enough for me.
I gave them two cars. Three will be in one, three In another one. Then I will use another car , and one of them will go with me, he will be the one to drive the car.
“You all should get inside the car and let’s go. We are going to Daegu to kill.” I said.
They bowed and we all left.
Tanya pov
I don’t know why but I keep having this bad feeling, where is kimkim? I am worried something bad is about to happen.
plea-se be safe kimkim.
Rose walked into the room, “Tyson lunch is re-ady.”
“Hmmmm, Rose do you know where Kimkim went to?”
“Missing her alre-ady?”
I smiled.
“He is smiling. Well she told me she was going to the hospital. Don’t really know why she isn’t back yet.”
“Hospital?” I asked.
I haven’t gotten to her, “I will be going out for a while. I will eat when I get back.”
I said carrying my jacket.
“Ok lover boy.” I smiled at her and left.
Kimkim pov
I left the hospital after spending hours there. Am so tired and confused and frustrated.
If grandpa gain consciousness then he will harm tyson and his family. And now, the doctor have continue his treatment and that means he is waking up anytime soon.
What am I going to do? Was I born for this?
Am going crazy.
The honk of a car brou-ght me back to my s-en-ses.
I then realized that I was walking in the middle of the road.
Now am insane.
Suddenly some goons blocked me. They where five in numbers.
What the heck? This crazy men.
“What’s this? Get out of my way.” I said. They should just do as I said cause am not in the mood for long talks.
They keep coming closer. “You guys should leave my way.” I said but there wasn’t paying attention to what I said.
I turned to leave not wanting any more problem but five again blocked my way. They surrounded me.
“What is the meaning o this? Are you guys trying to as-sault me? I won’t take it easy on you so just back off.” I said getting angry.
Ok on of them t©uçhed my shoulder, I held his hand and pushed him over to the front.
I am so mad right now.
They all rushed to me but with the frustration and anger in me and i [email protected] each of them.. They tried holding me but I beat them up. My father taught me how to fight so no one should un-derestimate me.
One of them stood up, I went to him and began to beat him with a stick I picked on the floor. I then heard a loud thud beside me.
One of the men was lying down close to me not moving.. I turned and saw tyson.
“Tyson.” I called and immediately my anger was subsided.
I ran to him nd hvgged him ti-ght.
“Hurry up let’s leave before they get up to attack us.” He said and held my hand.
We both ran leaving the men behind.
Episode thirty four
(I hate you………)
Kimkim and Tyson both ran back getting to the house they st©pped looking shocked the both of them were trying to catch there breath after being exusted from running. Standing right in front of them is Maya Lee
“Mom” Tyson called.
Maya turned and looked at them
“Son” she called
She looked at kimkim and begun to smile mischievously
“Hello Kim Kimberly “she said
“Mom when did u get here”Tyson asked
She looked at him still smiling
‘I just got here”she replied
She looked at kimkim
“Kimkim where is your father?”
“Yes. Your father Kim Seokmi.”
“You know my father?” Kimkim asked while she looked at the other cars with men in black standing close to the cars.
“Mother who are they?” Tyson asked.
“Oh son. Thy are your uncle’s men and they are here to help me.”
“Help you? With what?”
“You will know soon. I s£nt a message to seokmi to get back here immediately, so kimkim where is he?”
“He is at the hospital.”
Kimkim pov
I was feeling uneasy seeing Tyson mom. Have she find out the truth? Why are this men with her?
“Seokmi? That name sounds familiar, where did I hear it from?” Tyson asked.
Mrs. Lee was smiling and stirring at me.
She must have find out.
This will be a disaster.
“But mother, you said you s£nt a message to seokmi to get here immediately. You know him so well that you have his phone number?” Tyson asked.
“Yes son. I know him more than you think.” She replied.
“Maya?” I heard father voice behind me.
I turned to look at him and he was as shock as hell.
The smile on Mrs. Lee face disappeared and was replaced with anger and hatred.
“Kim seokmi we meet again.” She said.
Father was so shocked that he lost his words.
“What is going on here?” Tyson asked seeing the expressions on their faces.
“Well Tyson son.”
“Son?” Father asked interrupting her. The shock on his face was so evident. Well he have to be. He thought he killed all of them, he don’t know Maya made her son a girl all thanks to him.
“Yes, my son. Surprised?” She asked but father did not say a word again.
Grandmother, Jessica, Lisa and Rose all [email protected]£ out.
“Wow the whole family is here.” Mrs. Lee said.
“What is happening here? Seokmi what is going on here and who are this men?” Grandma asked.
This will be so terrible for all of them if they find out the truth.
“Well since the whole family is here let me do a proper introduction.”
“Maya.” Father called not wanting her to say anything.
“What? They should know about me.”
“Maya? Maya Lee? Maya Lee my son first fiance? Its you. I remember you. Maya.” Grandmother said shocked.
“Yes you got it right.”
“You have…..” Grandma said putting her hands on her mouth.
“Mrs. Kim, its been a while.”
“What’s going on here?” Lisa asked.
“Seokmi? Mother your ex? No wonder his name sounded familiar. He is the Seokmi am looking for.”
“Yes son. Infact I got something important to tell you all.”
“Maya you must be tired, why don’t we all go inside and talk about what you want to say.” Dad asked. I know he is trying to keep her shut.
“Don’t worry, am not tired.” She said. She then faced her son. “Son not only is he my ex, but, the killer we have been searching for all this while.” She said.
“Killer? Mom what are you saying? Why and how is he the killer?” Tyson asked.
“Yes ma’am, my father isn’t a killer. What the hell is wrong with you?”
“Two people here know that am telling the truth.” She said.
She then pointed at me and father, “ask them.” She said.
They all looked at me.
“Kimkim can you tell me what she is saying cause am confused. Why will she call father a killer?” A tear dropped from my eyes. This is so ha-rd for me.
“Kimkim, what is my mom saying? Its not true is it?” he asked.
I looked at father, he was quiet and I could feel sadness in his eyes.
I looked at grandma and my sisters. Then I looked at Tyson. This people will be hurt if i let out the truth.
“I don’t know what she is talking about. Father is not a killer.” I replied.
It is better for one to get hurt than a thousand.
Mrs. Lee smiled, “wow, you just made things ha-rd for yourself sweetheart.” She said and brou-ght out a tape. “I will be so glad to [email protected] recorded conversation in it.
Oh my goodness.
Maya pov
I gave the tape to Tyson.
Earlier on, before I [email protected]£ to this house, I went to the hospital. There are just few hospitals here in Daegu, I went to the popular one and there the kim’s where. I saw kimkim entering the doctor office after been called by a doctor.
I went closer and eavesdropped. Kimkim was talking about delaying her grandfather’s treatment, while the doctor said he can’t. I becane suspicious and s£nt some men to search the CCTV last recorded camares for anything. They did and saw the video of when kimkim talked to her father.
In the video, kimkim sounded so hurt but I want my son to hate her and her family so we can avenge the death of my father and son. I edited the [email protected] where she was emotional.
I watched as Tyson mouth dropped. He just finished listening to it. Even the rest of the kim’s family where shocked.
Tyson looked at seokmi in pain and anger, “you killed my father and brother and every male in my family?” He asked.
“Seokmi.” Grandma called shocked.
The three sisters where all shocked.
“Tyson calm down.” Kimkim said.
He looked at her in anger, “you lied to me. I asked for the truth but you told me you know nothing about it.”
“No Tyson, I didn’t mean to, I just……”
“You just what?” He asked. “Just what?” He raised his voice.
“Tyson plea-se I didn’t mean to lie just now.”
“You knew everything from the start and made me suffer, you knew who killed my family, you knew all this while and still made me fall for you. Why?” He asked, “I think I got it, you where just trying to get close to me so that you can easily harm me.”
“No, I did not fall in love with you for that. I love you.” She replied crying.
“Tyson.” Seokmi called coming close, “I am the killer, I kills every male of your family, I would have killed you but I never knew you where a boy, I thought your mother gave birth to a girl. And do you know what? Am also coming for you all now so be careful with what you say to my daughter.”
“Father.” Kimkim called.
“You are so shameless. You are inhumane. I never knew all this while that my girlfriend is a killer’s daughter. I am going to make sure I kill everyone of you like you killed all the males in my family.” Tyson said.
He was so angry, have never seen him this angry before.
He looked at kimkim, “you daughter of a murderer, you knew all this and hid it from me when you know what I was going throu-gh cause of it.”
“Tyson plea-se am sorry.” She said crying.
Tyson left in tears and anger.
“Mom let’s go.” He said.
I wiped the tears on my face and left with him.
Kimkim pov
I knelt down crying.
This can’t happen.
“Tyson.” I called out.
He is gone, he left.
I felt a hand on my shoulder. Then a hvg from behind.
It was Jessica.
“Father you are a killer? My father is a killer? How? Why did you do all that? Why did you do it? You are heartless and wicked.” Lisa said.
I slowly stood up and went to stand in front of father.
Grandmother was crying bitterly, rose too was crying.
I looked at father and I saw a glimpse of sadness in his eyes. His eyes showed guilt but his face was emotionless, he is trying to hide the guilt.
“You are guilty and I know that. Father, you are not heartless, you where hurt after everything that happened to you, you gave them the revenge they deserve, you did all this for your children happiness, for my happiness, for grandma’s happiness, yes you did all of it for us, you should be awarded cause you are the best, you think about your family before you do anything, you can go any length for them. You are the best.” I said and wiped my tears. “But father, look at all of us and tell me what you see.” He raised his head and looked at grandma, then rose, Lisa, and Jessica before he looked at me. “You see pain right, you see broken hearted right? Did you see happiness? No. All you see is tears. That is what you have done to us, that is what your decision have caused for us. You where trying to do the best for your family happiness but instead you did the best tor their sadness. And if you where hurt in the past can’t you forgive? You told me then when I was young that forgiveness should always be the first thing In my mind, well look at you my teacher, that wasn’t in your mind. All your family members are heartbroken. Just look.” I said and bur-sted into tears.
I felt a hand push me and what I heard next was a [email protected]
It was grandma who [email protected] father.
“I am so ashamed to call you my son. You are a disgrace and a useless son. So what you said that I tried to ignore was true? Your father and you are all involved in this together? You are so heartless. You are a murderer. I gave birth to a murderer. I curse the day I gave birth to you. I wish I never gave birth to you. I wish I never knew your father. You have made me unhappy. You have made a lot of people unhappy. You killed a whole family and made them widows and fatherless. I curse the day I gave birth to you. You will never be happy in your life for this. I curse you, happiness will be far away from you.” Mother said crying.
Jessica rushed to her, grandma let’s go inside.” She said. She glared at father with hatred before she left with grandma.
“I hate you.” Rose said in tears and left with them.
Lisa also glared at her father and left leaving just me and him.
“I never know a day like this will come when I will have to say this.” I said and sniffed, “I hate you from the bo-ttomof my heart, I hate you more than I ever loved you father.” I said and left leaving him all alone.
Tyson pov
I couldn’t st©p crying in the car, mother tried all she could to st©p me but I just can’t st©p.
Am so hurt right now.
How could kimkim do this to me? I love her so much but she went ahead doing this? Her father is the damn fv¢king killer and she knew all along.
“Son you should st©p your tears, those family are all losers. Kimkim knew about this all along but still made you love her. Am sure she don’t love you. And her father said he want to kill every last of this family so am sure she was s£nt as a spy. She was s£nt to spy on us and now you ended up loving her. She used you. They are all worthless.” Mother said.
“St©p the car.” I commanded the driver and he did at once.
I [email protected]£ out and ran close to the beach close by.
How could kimkim do this to me? She made me love her for her own selfish interest.
How could she?
Maya pov
I hate the fate that my son is going throu-gh a tough time all because of these worthless people.
But am going to make him strong, he will hate those family more, both of us will take our revenge on them. They will pay for all they did, carter and Seokmi, you two are going to pay. You are both going to see what I will do to you and your families.
Kimkik pov
We where all seated in the living room. At least everyone have st©pped crying but the pain was still visible.
“Kimkim since when did you find out?” Jessica asked.
“Since I was ten.” I replied.
“You kept it all with you over this past years? You must have gone throu-gh a lot with it in your mind.” Lisa said.
Grandma looked at me, “can you ever forgive me? You went throu-gh a lot. You have kept this big secret since you where little, it must have been ha-rd for you, and I ended up maltreating you adding more pains to you. Am so sorry. Am really sorry.” She said crying.
“No grandma, don’t be. You don’t have to be sorry.” I said.
I pity grandma more, her husband who she love and her son who she cherish are both involved in this.
“Maybe mother died because of father. Maybe she found out too and died.” Lisa said.
I can’t tell them that too, they will hate father for the rest of their lives.
“Father did not kill her.” I said.
“Are you still defending him? In the tape he said that himself so don’t say that.” Lisa said.
They heard that too.
“He said so?” Rose asked.
“Yes he did.”
“Why didn’t I hear that? That man is wicked.” She said.
I stood up, “am going to my room, I nee-d to rest.” I said and headed for my room.
“She have suffered so much.” I heard Jessica said before I entered my room.
No pov
Carter slowly dropped his phone, he was just informed that kimkim escaped and Maya visited Daegu. His men who happen to go there to kidnap kimkim saw all what happened.
When kimkim and Tyson escaped and ran away, he was the only one who manage to follow them.
Carter was so mad, how did Maya find out about all of this? This will be a problem to him. His plan have been ruined now.

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