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Ethereal beauty Episode 27 & 28

Episode twenty seven
(Kim seokmi)
Minho pov
Tanya and kimkim told me that they want to see me.
I went over to where they where seated. On a bench close to a river.
“Hello people.” I said cheerfully.
They don’t look happy at all.
“Did someone die? Did something happened?” I asked concerned.
“No.” Kimkim replied.
“So tell me, what’s wrong?” I asked.
“Actually Minho, what we want to say might hurt you.” Tanta said.
“Hurt me? Is it that bad?”
“Not really. Its…… Its about…… Relationsh!psh!p.”
“Tell me, kimkim has a b©yfri£ndnow?” I asked.
“Well Minho. Kimkimdo have a b©yfri£nd, and.. …… and……… And that……. b©yfri£nd……… And that b©yfri£ndis…… Me.” Tanya said.
I stirred at them with shock on my face.
Kimkim pov
He stirred at us shocked, he must be really shocked to hear this.
“Minho, we are really sorry but you know, its not easy to ignore your feelings.”
“Are you two serious?” He asked.
“Am really sorry minho, we don’t really mean to hurt you.” I said.
“Hurt me? Are you kidding me? Am happy for the both of you.” He said.
We both looked at him and happiness was written all over his face. ” my plan worked.” He said.
“What do you mean by that?” I asked.
“Well, as you know, when I traveled, I wasn’t picking any of your calls, or even chatting or s£nding text messages, I jut wanted you two to forget about me and focus on yourself.”
“You mean, you did all that purposely? And here we thought it was because You dont want to get distracted from taking care of uncle. But how did you know that it will work? I mean, we both weren’t close.”
“The day I told you to take care of Tanya, I knew what I said. You are the type of person that will do anything to make someone happy, and you knew taking care of Tanya will make me happy, so you did it. I did that cause I want you two to be together.” He replied.
“You wanted us together when you two where still in love?” I asked.
“Well yes. I knew Tanya and I don’t have a future together and besides I was alre-ady falling for a girl. I don’t want to hurt Tanya, so I [email protected]£ up with that plan. And besides, one could easily tell, you two where made for each other.”
“And like you planned no one was hurt.” I said and looked at Tanya who seem lost.
“Tanya.” I called and he looked at me.
“Am coming guys, nee-d to check on something. Don’t go anywhere cause am coming back.” Minho said and left.
“Tanya are you okay?” i asked him.
Tanya pov
“Tanya are you okay?” Kimkim asked.
Am not okay, but how am I going to tell her that? She will just worry herself cause of me.
I looked at her with a fake smile, “am fine.” I replied.
“You don’t look fine to me.” She said.
“Am just tired that’s all, am fine.” I said but de-ep down I want to tell her everything, I want to explain everything to her from the beginning, but I can’t do that.
“Aren’t you surprise at what Minho said?” She asked.
“I am, I really am surprise.”
“That guy, am gonna deal with him. He wanted us to fall in love with each other, and his plan worked.”
“Yes, he is such a good planner.” I said.
“You told me your sisters are here in Korea, You haven’t introduced them to me yet.”
“When do you want to meet them?”
“Anytime, any day, ,am re-ady to meet them.”
“Don’t worry, I will set a dinner for the five of us including minho.”
“It will be fun then.” She said with a smile.
“I nee-d a hvg.” I said.
She smiled and hvgged me, “you can always get a hvg anytime, anywhere, anyplace. You don’t have to ask me, am your girlfriend remember. My hvgs is always free for you, my arms are always open for you.” She said.
I really love this girl a lot.
My life is so complicated and I don’t want her to get involved.
I closed my eyes relaxing on her shoulder, while she kept tou-ching my hair. I might sleep soon if she continues.
“You really want me to sleep.” I asked.
“Yes. You are tired remember, you nee-d some rest. To sleep now is what you nee-d.” She replied.
I smiled, my sweet girlfriend.
Kimkim pov
I knew Tanya lied when he said he was fine.
He is not fine, something bothers him but I wish he open up to me.
We might have just started [email protected]!ngbut I nee-d to know what’s on his mind so I can help him.
I know he don’t want me to get worried that is why he won’t tell me, I pray what ever is bothering him gets settled soon.
He sat up and yawned.
“Gosh am hungry.” He said.
“There is a smoothie stand close by, let me get some for us.” I said standing up.
He gave me his credit card.
“I will use my money.”
“No you should save.” He said.
I smiled at him and left.
Tanya pov
Kimkim went to get smoothies for us.
Am really anxious to know the name of that killer.
I re-move my phone from my pocket and placed a call to uncle.
He picked immediately, “Tanya.” He called.
“Your sisters told me the shocking news about your transformation, they must be joking right? I haven’t called cause I was busy.”
“Uncle good afternoon.”
“Good afternoon, now tell me, they where joking right?”
“No uncle. All what they told you is true.” I replied.
“What?” He asked. “Tanya you are a boy. Oh my goodness, how? When? Why wasn’t I informed? What’s going on?” He asked all at once.
“Uncle I promuse to explain everything, plea-se answer my question first.”
He sighed, “am all ears.”
“Uncle, I was able to find out that three people where involved in this killing. Now can you ease tell me the name of l mom ex lover?”
“OK.” He said and told me the name.
I must find that man and if he is one of the killer, I will kill him myself and this time, his family members are all going to pay.
Kimkim pov
Tanya seems angry about something. I went close to him.
“Tanya.” I called but he did not reply. He looks really angry.
I placed my hand on his shoulder, “Tanya why are you angry? Tell me what is going on?” I asked getting worried.
“I finally know his name, am gonna kill him if he so happens to be the one connected to the killing.”
“What are you talking about?” I asked. He looked at me.
Tanya pov
She is my girlfriend so it wouldn’t hurt if I tell her.
“Well before I was born, there was killings going in in my family. Someone was killing all the men of the Lee’s family. Including my father and elder brother. They where all killed serially, with their heart re-moved and man-hood cut off. My mom was pregnant then with shock she fell unconscious. In that process, she gave birth to me. I was born a boy but mother was scared that killer might kill me so she made me a girl. She was revengeful. We stayed in America for eighteen years. We [email protected]£ back to korea for revenge, but my mother was doing it in an awful way, that was why I was so mad at her. My uncle told me about my mom last life and her lover. He promise to tell me the name later after i find a very useful information. I found out that it wasn’t just one person involved but three. They killed fourteen people in my family. Now the main suspect is my mother ex lover.” I said. I couldn’t re-ad the expression on her face. “I found out his name. His name is KIM SEOKMI.” I said and her mouth went wi-de open and shock was written all over her face.
Episode twenty eight.
(My secret.)
No pov
Kimkim closed the door behind her slowly. Her hands where still on the doorknob when she bur-sted into tears.
It can’t be happening now, not when she have finally begin to forget about all of it. All her secret.
This is the first time she is crying in so many years now.
She slowly went down until she sat on the floor her hand slowly left the knob.
It was too painful for her.
Her secret is finally ex-posing itself.
On one hand is her father whom she loves so much and on the other is her b©yfri£ndwho she also loves so much.
Her life is a messed now.
When tanya called her father name, she had to excuse herself and leave, cause she couldn’t hold it any longer.
I remember how I found out about the truth, years ago.
Kimkim was pla-ying alone outside their house in daegu when two cars pu-ll-ed over. They where so flashy.
The first car doors where opened and three men in black [email protected]£ out. They where looking all meany and scary.
Kimkim kept wondering what they where doing there.
“Who are these people?” She asked curiously.
Been a smart girl, she knew that this bad guys are here for a bad business.
One of them walked to her. Kimkim stood still not moving an inch, she was a tough girl right from childhood.
The hvge man bent down to her height level.
“Young beautiful girl.” He called.
“How can I help you Mr?”
“We are looking for Mr. Seokmi, do you know who he is?”
“Why are you looking for him?” She asked, the man couldn’t help but look at her in shock, he never expected that question from a little girl.
“We’ve got something to give him.”
“Something like what?” She asked putting on a mean face too.
“Who is he to you?”
“He is my father. So tell me mr, why do you want to see him or you are getting no information about his whereabout from me.”
The man chuckled, never expecting her to ask this questions. “Let’s meet my boss first.” He said pointing at the other car.
Kimkim looked at the car and looked back at him, “why should I go to him, he should come to me. He nee-ds the information right? Then let him come get it.”
“Sweetheart, am not here to [email protected], just tell me what I nee-d to hear.”
“Ok.” She said. The man heaved a sigh of relieve. “Come closer.” Kimkim said.
He [email protected]£ closer to her. Kimkim brou-ght her mouth to his ear and did the unexpected. She screamed.
The man pushed her slightly and placed his hand on his ear, “geez what was that for.”
“Mr. Am not a fool. You men are looking all meany and scary and you want me to come with you to see your boss, do you want to kidnap me?” She asked.
“What’s going on here?” A man asked from behind them.
The guard stood up and bowed for the man. “Boss.” He said.
They both looked at kimkim who want back to pla-ying her games not minding whether they are still there or not.
“Who is she?” The boss asked.
“Boss that is Seokmi daughter.”
“He has a daughter?”
“I just found out now too. She is a stubborn one, and smart too. I tried asking her about him but she surprised me.”
The boss sighed and looked at kimkim. “Go back to the car.” He commanded and bent down.
“Little one.” He called.
Kimkim looked at him, “now another man. Did he report you to me?” She asked.
The boss smiled, “no sweetheart.”
“What do you men want? I want to [email protected] games in peace.” She said.
“Yes you will [email protected] in peace. Do you mind if I join you?” He asked.
Kimkim was shocked and surprise. Even her family have never asked to join her except her gr-abdmother who drowned her.
“No thank you.” She replied politely.
“I have two girls. One your age, the other two years younger.”
“Yes and they are just as beautiful as you.”
“Where are they now?”
“At my house.”
“What are their names?”
“Nana and zizi.”
“What is your name?”
“Kimkim? Woah!! It seems your family love the name Kim. So your full name is Kim kimkim.”
“No, it doesn’t make s-en-se. I am Kim Kimberly but I prefer been called kimkim.” She said.
“Woah, nice.” The boss said.
“So what is your name?” She asked.
“The boss.”
“Is that a name?”
“Yes, that is my name.”
“What relationsh!pdo you have with my father?”
“Well he is my friend.”
“I see.”
“He is my best friend, we last saw each other in college. I really want to meet him.”
“Ok. He is at the fields now.” Kimkim said.
“Wow, you are such a smart girl.”
“Yes I was born with it. And plea-se tell your meany guards to always smile.” She said.
The boss laugh, “I will sweet girl. I will come back later. Just tell your dad I dropped by.”
“I will let my daughters meet you, you are so sweet.” He said ma-king her blush. He stood up and left.
Immediately he did, her father walk up to her with a hoe which he held on his shoulder.
“Kimkim who are those people?”
“He said he is the boss, that his name is the boss. Those men are his b©dyguards.” She replied.
Seokmi stood up with shock written on his face, “how did he find me? He asked.
Kimkim looked at him confused on why his face was sad. That man told her that the two of them where friends and now that she told her dad about him, he suddenly [email protected]£ shocked and worried.
She knew at that moment that something was definitely wrong.
The next day.
Kimkim [email protected]£ home early which was unusual. Even thought she wasn’t bright, she never skip clas-s.
She went home singing happily. She [email protected]£ to an halt some distance from her house when she saw those same cars and the b©dyguards.
“Dad was worried yesterday, and now they are here again? What is going on?” She asked.
Instead of following the front door, she took a turn for the road leading to the back door.
She dropped her bag in front of the door and slowly went in. She ti-ptoed to the living room door and stood close to it eavesdropping on her father.
“I have told you countless tines, am not doing your dirty job again. I have given Maya my revenge and now am done killing.”
“Seokmi. This deal will worth a lot of money.” Her grandfather who was seated close to the boss said.
“Father. I said am not killing anyone again. I feel guilty for what I did to Maya alre-ady.”
“Feeling guilty? They deserve it. And besides, the heart we reaped out from those Lee men worth a fortune. And their groins worth a paradise. Maya betrayed you so she deserve it.” The boss said.
“She did wrong to me before but l this wasn’t how I should have paid her back. Am done killing. Hire someone else.” Seokmi said.
“Is it because of your daughter?” The boss asked.
“Don’t bring my daughter into this.”
“Seokmi, since you had that cursed girl, you have change completely.” Mr. Kim said.
“Father don’t you dare insult my child again. Have made my desicion and that is final.” Seokmi said.
Kimkim did not nee-d the most smartest person on earth to tell her the meaning of what she just heard, her dad killed people.
She heard about the killings that went on in a very rich family, the Lee family before she was born, but she never knew it was all her dad’s.
She slowly left the door and ran out of the house crying her eyes out. Her sweet father is a killer.
Kimkim pov
That is how I found out about my father been a killer.
As I grew, it [email protected]£ more clearer to me.
My father is heartless.
Tanya don’t know that it was my father who killed his family, he only know that he is his mother ex girlfriend.
This is just too much.
Minho pov
When kimkim entered the house, she wasn’t happy at all. She look like she have been crying.
I hope tanya did not do anything bad to her.
My phone rang, it was uncle calling. Am sure he want to speak to kimkim.
Its time I get that girl a phone.
I went up to her room but st©pped half way when I heard someone sobbing.
It can’t be kimkim right, she don’t cry. She haven’t cried for years.
I tried pushing the door but something was holding it from behind.
“Kimkim.” I called.
The sobbing st©pped. Everywhere [email protected]£ quiet for a while before the door was opened.
“Minho.” Kimkim said smiling, that smile looks so fake.
“Kimkim are you alright?” I asked concerned.
“Yes of course, I am fine. What’s up?” She asked.
“Your dad have been calling, he want to speak to you.” I said.
Kimkim pov
He is been calling?
I don’t want to speak to him. But if I don’t collect the phone from minho, minho will get suspicious that something is wrong and might tell this to Tanya. Tanya will just end up worried. He is going throu-gh a lot for now.
I will just collect the phone and keep it aside.
But dad will keep on calling. And I will also love to speak to him to get the whole truth.
“Kimkim.” Minho called.
I looked at him.
“You seem off, you where thinking too much.” He said.
“Am fine.” I said and collected the phone going back to my room. Minho followed me.
I picked the call with heaviness in my heart.
“Hello father.”
“Kimkim, thank goodness. Have been trying to speak with you. There is a bad news at home.” He said ma-king my heart to skip a beat.
“What’s is it?”
“Your grandfather had an heart attack and he’s been in the hospital. He might not make it.” Father said.
My heart st©pped beating. I slowly brou-ght the phone down.
This can’t be.
“Kimkim.” Minho called holding me cause I was losing balance. “What’s wrong, talk to me.”
“Gra…… grandfather.” I said and swallowed nothing.
“What happened to him?”
“Ha……. Heart attack…. H……. He might not……. Make…… It.” I said.

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