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Ethereal beauty Episode 25 & 26

Episode twenty five
No pov
Tanya kept tossing, kimkim kept on appearing on his mind. He tossed his blanket aside and went to take his long coat and left the house.
He drove to minho house not minding that the time was eleven pm. He nee-d to solve all this, he nee-d to make his mind relaxed.
He parked his car and knocked on the gate , the gateman was surprised to see him but opened the door for him cause he is like [email protected] of the family.
Tanya rushed in. He rang the door bell severally times until it was opened.
Standing in front of him was Kimkim who was just waking up from sleep thanks to Tanya constant ringing of the door bell.
Kimkim should have said a word, tea-sed him or insult him for waking her but that was different, she stood still stirring at him. Their emotions both taking the best [email protected] of them.
“Tanya.” Kimkim called after finding her voice.
What Tanya did next was unexpected, he held her n£¢k and drew her to him then he placed hisl-ips on hers.
Kimkim was taken aback, she was too shock to reciprocate. Her yes was wi-de open cause of the shock she felt.
Tanya stirred at her beautiful face. He re-moved his hand from her n£¢k and placed it on her cheek.
“Why……. Why did you…….. k!ss…… Me?” Kimkim asked.
“I love you.” Tanya replied. “I so much love you kimkim.” he said stirring de-ep. Into her eyes.
He k!$$£d her again and this time, she k!$$£d him back. The two of them both swimming in their emotions.
Kimkim pov
I placed my both hands on his n£¢k crossing my f!ngerstogether as we k!sseach other pas-sionately.
I so much love him too. This feels right, it feels our love for each other is the right things. Nothing can go wrong I guess.
“Kimkim.” We heard a voice and we both turned to see rose stirring at us.
“what are you both doing?” She asked.
We both sat down with rose who sat opposite us. She was stirring at us not saying anything.
“Unnue.” I called. “I know you where surprise but we love each other so its right.”
“I guess this is Tanya as a boy right?” She asked.
“I don’t have any problem with the both of you loving each other cause kimkim if you could remember I talked to you recently, but have you two thought about what you will tell minho?” She said.
I almost forgot about him. He will surely be hurt.
“No.” I replied.
“Well Noona, for now let’s just be happy for our love then we will think about what to tell him.” Tanya said.
“I know you two love each other. Am in support of your love, I even planned on helping you two when I saw how kimkim was recently, but I don’t know why I keep having this feeling that this is not right. Am so sorry for having that feeling. You guys fell in love with each other too quic-k, like just in a week or two, but that isn’t an issue cause some people fall in love In just days not even up to a week and their love becomes so sweet. But don’t worry, I will support you and st©p this feeling, I support your relationsh!pfully.” She said.
Tanya pov
“Rose you shouldn’t worry, if it don’t feel right, we will make it right.” I said.
“Ok. Am so happy for you but you two should go to be-d don’t forget, you have to go to school tomorrow.” Rose said and stood. “Good night.” She said and left.
I looked at kimkim who was stirring at the floor. ” are you okay?” I asked.
“No.” She replied.
“What’s wrong?”
“Minho. How will he feel, he will be heartbroken.” She replied.
“I know. I will try talking to him besides the both of us won’t end up together at the end .” I said.
“I just feel bad.” She said.
I haven’t officially asked her to be my girlfriend yet. Her thinking about minho might make her not to accept my proposal. How am I going to make him un-derstand now?
Maya pov
Tanya haven’t forgiven me yet and that hurt alot.
I really regret my actions, I killed a lot of people and I admit am a terrible person.
I should have brou-ght the police into this.
I really miss been with my son. He looks so handsome. I can’t believe have been hiding that handsome face for eighteen years. Am such a wicked mother.
I hope Tanya will forgive me.
He [email protected]£ back home late last night, I don’t know where he went to but he looks happy. I pray that happiness remains In hims.
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Tanya pov
I [email protected]£ back home late last night and went straight to be-d, really nee-d some rest.
Immediately I lie down, I sle-pt off dreaming about what happened that night.
I woke up the next day, took my bath, got dressed and went downstairs. My sisters, grandma and mother where all at the dinning table eating except mother who was just seating with her food still covered.
“Tanya eat quic-kly before your food gets cold.” Tina said.
“Good morning grandma.” I said giving her a k!sson her cheeks.” She smiled at me.
I also greeted my sisters and went to seat opposite.
“What took you so long, mother haven’t t©uçhed her meal cause she was waiting for You. ” Janet said.
I looked at mother who smiled at me.
“I made your favorite food.” She said.
“You telling me might make me loss my appetite.” I said with my eyes on the food.
I ate just a little and left for school cause I was late alre-ady. The first clas-s will be over soon.
I drove to school and when i got there, the first clas-s was over.
“Late.” Kimkim said looking as beautiful as ever.
“Am always late.” I said seating beside her.
Kimkim pov
There is this feeling that comes to you when someone propose to you or you just started [email protected]!ng. Not seeing that person makes you feel bored even when you are with your friends. And when that person comes to you, you will start feeling goosebu-mps in your stomach. That is how I feel.
He wasn’t in clas-s and I felt so bored and now, my stomach is exploding, fireworks are exploding in my stomach. Crazy me.
Well that is me, in love.
Tanya placed his hand on my shoulder and pushed me closer to him that I had no choice but to place my head on his che-st.
Gosh, he scent so good.
Stupid 18+ rated scene began to appear in my mind. Gosh am alre-ady shy, stupid me.
“During lunch time , let’s go outside to get some snacks.” He whispered to me.
“Ok.” I said.
The students in the clas-s where stirring at us gossiping to each other.
Maya pov
Tanya ate a little today and its all my fault. I shouldn’t have tell him that i cooked the food.
I feel really bad for hurting him.
i Iooked at my phone when it [email protected] It was a message.
I lucked it up.
I almost forgot, I have a meeting with a client. $h!t.
I quic-kly got re-ady and left.
We are having the meeting close to kimbok, my son school. But I can’t visit him cause he wouldn’t want to see me.
I drove to the address. When I got there , I [email protected]£ out of the car and my phone [email protected]
I tap on the new message and it so happens that the client canceled the meeting.
Why waste my time? Who do he think he is? He is really important if not I wouldn’t bother.
I turned to leave but sighted Tanya with a girl at the restaurant. They look like they where on a [email protected]£.
The girl turned to look at me and I recognized her to be that girl who called me before I left for America.
She smiled at me.
Kimkim pov
I sighed Tanya’s mother and smiled at her.
“Tan, your mother.” I said to him.
He also looked at her. “Let’s call her over.” I said and stood up tanya was saying something which I did not her him clearly.
“Good day ma’am.”
She smiled at me.
“Ma’am why standing here, come and join us.” I said.
She stirred at Tanya then looked at me.
“I don’t think that is a good idea, you both should enjoy yourself.”
“No ma’am we won’t mind. Do you want to leave without saying hi to your son?” I asked.
“No. Fine I will seat with you.” She said.
Something seems off, she don’t look happy and why will she leave without saying hello to her son?
I smiled at her and we both went to seat down.
Tanya pov
Mother sat with us and I had to pretend that everything was okay cause I don’t want kimkim to know about our fight.
Mother and kimkim where really bonding well.
Hmmm, have mother really change? She once pretended to have change but she never did, and now I don’t want to make another mistake of believing that she have change completely.
But she looks so sad this days. Maybe she have really change.
Am really confuse now
Episode twenty six
(Minho is back)
Maya POV
I have to talk to Tanya today and clear the misun-derstanding we have with each other . I can’t bear to see my son not talking to me, it hurt so much.
I knocked at his door and he said the door was opened.
I opened the door and went in.
“What do You want?” I asked.
“We nee-d to talk.” I said.
“Talk about what? There is nothing for us to talk about.” He replied.
I sighed and went to seat close to him on the be-d.
“Son i know you are really angry with me. I deserve your anger, I killed a lot of people. I destroyed properties. I killed innocent children. I separated families. Am such a bad person. I don’t deserve anyone mercy, i deserve punishment. I really regret my actions, i was only blinded by revenge. The death of your father and brother really caused me a heartbreak. I love them so much. I wanted to find and kill that killer so he wont come close to you , Tina or Janet but I instead turned into a murderer. I deserve punishment.”
“You now regret what you did . In just some weeks?”
“Yes son. Am re-ady to face any punishment, All i just nee-d now is your forgiveness.”
“My forgiveness won’t come that easily you know.”
“Then tell me what to do to earn that forgiveness.”
“Confess your crime to the police.” He said.
Tanya pov
I know she won’t do it.
She killed all those people so she won’t go to jail, so why will She go now?
“I know you wont do it. ” I said.
She looked up to me in tears, “I will do it. I will not only surrender myself to the police but I will also go to the media and confess my crime to the whole world. I deserve to die In shame, I don’t deserve happiness.” She said and left
My mom is in so much pain, her tears said it all.
What did I say to her?
I have hurt her a lot.
I ran out to her room.
She placed her phone to her ear ma-king a call when I entered her room.
“Hello is this, KBN new station.” She asked. She wasn’t aware that I was there.
I quic-kly collected the phone from her. She won’t have to go to hail now, not when that killer is still roaming about. I hang up.
“Mom you don’t have to do this.”
I said and hvgged her. She is so this now. “Am so sorry for giving you a ha-rd time. Am such a bad son. You are so thin now all because of me. Sorry mother.” I said as tears fell from my eyes. Our lives will become normal again.
Tanya POV
I [email protected]£ out of the bathroom wearing a towel jacket, my hair dripping we-t. My phone rang. I picked it up from the be-d and smiled when I saw who was calling, my sweetheart.
I picked the call.
“Hello babe.”
“Tan there is a problem.”
“Problem? What happened?”
“Minho is back.”
“He [email protected]£ back today.” She said.
“What are we going to do?” She asked worried.
“Dont worry I will think of something . Just stay calm okay?”
“Think of a solution as fast as possible.” She said.
“Ok, call you later.” I said and disconnected the call.
What am 1 going to do now?
Kimkim pov
I followed Rose to the bus station, she is leaving now. Her break time is over now, she nee-d to start immediately.
Am so gonna miss her.
She hvgged me ti-ght, “I will miss you so much Kimberly.”she said.
“Am gonna miss you too.” I said.
“plea-se take good care of yourself and come visit okay?”
okay.” She waved at me and left.
Am really gonna miss her.
No pov
Kimkim grandfather, Mr. Kim, sat on his favorite chair sipping from his tea his wife made for him with a book on his hand. He was going throu-gh it, it contains the family finances.
His wife, Mrs Kim [email protected]£ to him.
“You lazy man, I went to the farm all alone. You and that your son are lazy. Wish that Kim girl was here, j shouldn’t have been bothered.”
Mr. Kim looked at his wife, “if you are that bothered, call her. She will come to you.” He said and sipped from His tea.
“Who said I nee-d her here?”
“Then plea-se, go and continue your work and st©p your disturbance.”
“Aish, lazy.” She said and left.
“Always complaining.” He said.
A call [email protected]£ into his phone. He adjusted his glas-ses to see clearly. An unknown number.
He answered the call and placed it on his ear. “Hello.” He said.
What the person said made him stand up.
He slowly re-move the phone from his ear in shock.
Kimkim father, seok mi, [email protected]£ to the room and was surprise to his his father shaking.
Mr. Kim placed his hand on his ches and fell down.
“Father.” Seokmi called and ran to him.
“We…….. Are……. N…… not……. Safe……. Anymore.” Mr. Kim said and lost consciousness.
“Mother.” Seokmi called.
What happened to his father?
Tanya pov
Jeff called me to come to his casino, he got something important to tell me.
I got dressed and left for his casino.
He was surprised to see me as a boy.
“Why are you dressed as a boy?” He asked.
“Long story but this is who I really am. Now back to the issue, what do you say you have for me?”
“Well about the killing.”
“What about it?”
“It wasn’t just one person involved but three.”. He dropped the bombshell.
Three people? And here we thought it was just one.
Why the fv¢k did we ever do to those three people.
“Where you able to track them?”
“Not yet. But we are almost done tracking one of them.” He said.
Did we ever offend those three people?
“But Tanya, this is still crazy, you are a boy.” He said.
“Yes. plea-se take care of it, I will see you later.” I said and left.
I nee-d to tell uncle mark so he can give me the name of mother ex. I think he is one of them.

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