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Empty promises finale

EMPTY PROMISES (By Amah’s Heart)
I woke up in the pu-ll of my own blood.
I looked rounds to remember where exactly I was.
A sitting room with no television.
The whole place looks empty.
When the realization hit me I screamed out in terror.
I was sitting right where Halima and Tony Left me to die.
They did not even find the nee-d to dump me in The nearest hospital instead of leaving me in my own blood to die.
They carried my 82 inches plasma television and some of my expensive home appliances ma-king my sitting room to look empty.
I looked around me and held my stomach in terror as I thought of my unborn child.
“Dear lord plea-se don’t let anything happen to my child… plea-se…save my unborn baby… plea-se.
I prayed out loud for the first time in many months.
I can’t remember when last I talked to God but right now, i nee-ded all the prayers I can get.
I nee-ded to rush to the hospital before something happens to my unborn child.
I quic-kly changed out of my blood stained go-wn and rushed out.
I got to the hospital with a taxi in no time.
After the doctor was done examining me he shakes his head sadly and said.
“You suffered another miscarriage madam… I’m very sorry…
I held the be-d spreed ti-ght trying to hold back my self from screaming down the hospital.
I cried bitterly into the pillow wishing everything that has ever happened to me was all a bad night mare.
I took a cab home in tears.
As I got in I sat beside the thick blood that I left unt©uçhed.
I wish I can gather it all back into me because it was everything I holds dearly.
I wanted the baby but there it was on the ground in a thick blood.
I won’t let Tony go free, I will make sure that he suffers and pay for the pains he caused me.
I couldn’t get myself to clean up the blood but with the pain and anger in my heart I stood up and cleaned off the mess on the ground
I know within days my company will come for their loan.
I decided to withdraw the little money in my account out first before my bank will freeze it at my boss command.
I marked out my plans on how to get to Tony.
And within the week i began my search to know where he reside.
A week later there was a knock on my door and out stood a police man in uniform, my general manager and two other high ranking staffs from my company.
They stood at my door.
My hand began to shake on the door knob as I let them in.
Fear gr!pp£dme as I saw the police man with them
The general manager handed me an envelope which contains my sack letter. He said the reason why I’m not being arrested is due to the long years that I spent in the company.
My years of service was my only saving grace and that is why they won’t lock me behind bars.
I was asked to evacuate the company’s residential building with immediate effect and hand over all the company properties at my possession.
I was a bit relieved because it sound better than being arrested and locked behind bars.
After they left I began to pack my useful things.
I called a cab who carried me to less expensive h0tel.
I checked in and continued my trailing from there.
I got to know where Tony and Halima reside and I draw out my full plans on what to do.
The money I had was going down. I was grateful for the h0tel I’m in which does not eat de-ep into my pocket.
Is being two months Tony left me in my own pu-ll of blood to die. I knew it was time for my actions.
I nee-ded to move on with my life again.
I met some hoodlums, and acted friendly with them. I gave them ti-ps and told them I nee-ded a silent gun and within few days I got the gun without much stress.
The next evening I left to pay Tony a visit.
I wore my rugged black jeans and a hood cardigan.
I carried my backpack and left. I took a cab to the down hill.
It was after two hours before I got to where I was going.
After paying the cab man off I walked to the gate and the aboki guarding the gate opened up.
He asked who I was searching for and i told him that I was coming from my village, I [email protected]£ to pay my sister Halima a visit.
The aboki apologise to me for the stress and showed me their [email protected]
I was grateful for the thick darkness crowding up.
I walked down to Tony’s [email protected] like a village girl since the aboki was standing and watching me.
I was a good actress.
I got to where Tony parked his car, I slowed down and began to [email protected]ç£the b©dy with a smile.
I walked to the [email protected] and knocked.
The gun was right on my Jean belt holder and I have been thought how to use it.
On the second knock Halima [email protected]£ to open up.
I quic-kly re-moved the gun and pointed at her. I told her if she screams I will b!ow her up and kill The child forming in her wo-mb.
She began to shake in fear as she led me inside.
I saw my big plasma television pla-ying in their sitting room.
I also saw some other things including my home speaker and a glas-s center table.
I brou-ght out a tape and placed firmly on Halima’s mouth and hands.
asked her to lie facedown and she obeyed.
And just then Tony [email protected]£ out and was shocked to see me.
He wanted to run but I pointed the gun at him, telling him if he runs or try anything stupid I will make sure I b!ow off his [email protected]
“Avala plea-se… plea-se keep the gun away. Take anything you want but plea-se don’t hurt us. That very day, I wanted to take you to the hospital but Halima wouldn’t let me. She was the one that suggested we carry off some of your things… Ava… plea-se forgive me… put away the gun plea-se..
I didn’t go there for petty talk, negotiation or to remind him what he did, not at all. I was not there to threaten him with words and gun. I [email protected]£ for action.
There was no time to waste on Tony.
I asked him to remain shut but he kept talking. I fired a sh0t on the television screen and it [email protected]£ shattering to the ground.
I asked him to bring out his car key and the car papers and he quic-kly did.
He was acting like a child, following my every instruction.
I asked him to tape up his mouth and leg, he obeyed
I sh0t at his knees cap, he tries to scream out in pain but the tape held back the noise.
I asked him not to make any noise or the next bullet will be to his heart.
I looked over at Halima she was lying with one side of her b©dy due to her protruding stomach.
Halima urinated on herself out of fear. She was seriously shaking while holding her belle.
I saw the way she held her stomach as if she was trying to protect her unborn child.
she made me to miscarried my own precious seed, not once but twice.
Halima caused my first and second miscarriage but here she was protecting her own.
I looked over at Tony, a thief, a liar and a scammer.
He deceived me, lied to my face for years.
He scammed me off my ha-rd earned money throu-gh different means.
And not only that Tony made me loose my job. Tony made me lose Israel, the only man that loved me sincerely.
Tony beat my two unborn children out of me. I suffered two heavy miscarriage because of Tony and Halima.
All I really wanted to do was to put an end to his miserable Life and that of his [email protected] in crime and girlfriend.
The anger burn throu-gh me. I pointed a gun at him and fired a sh0t straight to the same leg that I shoot before.
He was wallowing in pain and in his own blood.
I wanted to crippled one of his leg so that in his next Life or in his dreams when he sees a woman he will pick a race.
I know with two bullet on his right knee which I know perfectly well that his knees cap is damage, I felt satisfied that he will never be able to use same leg again.
It may even be cut off entirely.
I wasn’t there to kill him but to make him suffer.
I want him to have a good taste of what real pain feels like.
I looked over at Halima, she deserves to die but I spared her life for the sake of the innocent child forming in her wo-mb.
I punched Tony twice on his eyes as I try to calm myself down from Killing the idiot who thought he was smart.
I picked up the car key and papers and Left with my back pack.
I went into Tony’s car and drove to the gate.
I asked the aboki to open the gate he tries to hesitate, I quic-kly pointed a gun at him and he obeyed while shaking in fear.
I drove off that night to my h0tel, I packed all my things into the car trunk before checking out.
I drove off again until I got to a river bank.
I parked and threw the weapons into the river.
I watched as it sink below the water. I breathed de-eply, went back into the car and drove off again.
I have lost everything in Jalingo, now I’m going back to Lagos as empty as a Church rat.
I got to a police check point that night as I was driving and they st©pped me.
EMPTY PROMISES. (By Amah’s Heart)
They asked me why I was driving so late and all alone.
I began to sob while explaining to them that my husband was involved in an accident and I Just got the call that night.
I have to ask our maid to look after the kids while I hurry down to the next state where my husband works to see him in the said hospital.
And the car I’m using is also his own car since mine was faulty.
I showed them my fake wedding certificate and the car papers.
My cry turned into mourning, as pretentious tears run down my face.
The officer began to pity me. They wanted to give me an esc-rt to follow me down but I told them that I will be alright, I don’t nee-d esc-rt.
They bid me farewell and I drove off.
Throu-gh out the night till the following day I was driving.
I got to Lagos towards the evening the following day and went straight to the [email protected] I use to occu-py before but it was taken.
The owner gave it out and packed up my things into a store.
I searched for a very cheap h0tel checked in.
I know is matter of days and I will be running low on cash.
I took the car to a dealer and within few days he sold it off and paid me my own percentage.
I rented a house, a room and parlour self contain in the main land and moved in.
I’m going to start my life all over again, although it will be ha-rd but I’m willing to try.
There is something I have in mind to do and that is paying Israel a visit to let him know that I’m back to Lagos.
Three days later, I thought of calling Israel but it will be better I pay him a surprise visit.
I quic-kly got dressed and left to his place but I was informed that he has relocated to another area.
I asked if they have an idea of his new address but most of them don’t except the care taker who remembered me and was also Israel’s friend.
He gave me the address, I thanked him before leaving.
It was another long ride, going from bus to bus before I finally arrived at the place.
The house was a big flat and it’s environment was clean.
I knocked on the door twice after re-adjusting my cloth, my hair and I made sure my makeup was still sparkling.
I practiced a smile while waiting for Israel to open up.
After sometime the door swing open, my well plastered smile turned into a frown.
It wasn’t Israel that opened but Diane. She was carrying a baby on her shoulder.
My stomach ti-ght£ñs and I lost words to say.
She seems cheerful on seeing me and ushered me in.
I quietly followed her to the sitting room and sat down before my shaking legs will give way to a fall.
I looked round and saw her wedding pictures with Israel. I also saw some of the baby’s picture hanging on the wall.
My hand began to sweat.
So Israel is married to Diane and they alre-ady has a baby.
I remembered my own lose pregnancy, I could have being a mother too but Tony beat the babies out of me.
I had two miscarriage and lost everything I ever worked ha-rd for. I went to Jalingo with high hopes and with plenty but I left with nothing, no job, no husband or baby and no money, as poor as a church rat.
When I thought I will start all over again with Israel another disappointment kicks in, dashing all my tiny remaining hope to the ground.
How do I cope with this shock and how do I tell Diane that my supposed handsome, PhD and Harvard business school husband was all a scam.
Tony was a perfect pretender filled with empty promises which he never kept even one.
Tony was a good liar, he was violent and hit me until I loose my unborn child, Tony was a cheat and was slee-ping with Halima who was supposed to be my maid. They make out even in my matrimonial be-d and I never knew that they were [email protected] in crime who were planning how to drain me off and destroy me.
They finally succeeded, leaving me to li-ck my wound.
I wasn’t going to let them go free with that, my only consolation is that either Tony’s leg is amputated or he will never be able to walk normal ever again.
I gave him something to remember me for. An everlasting mark that he will never forget in a hurry and Halima could have gotten her own share out of it but I spared her because of her unborn child who is innocent of all their crimes.
Tony and Halima will have alot of regrets coming for them in the future.
My only pain now is that Israel is married to Diane who was supposed to be my friend.
Everyone keeps disappointing me, everyb©dy I trust kept on disappointing and destroying my high hopes.
It was Tony and Halima and now is Isreal and Diane.
The baby in Diane’s arms was supposed to be mine and not hers.
The wedding pictures which hung on the wall was supposed to be me and Israel and not Diane.
Why is my life so unfortunate.
“Is being ages Avala, how are you doing and what brou-ght you to Lagos?
Diane asked me re-adjusting the slee-ping baby in her arms and bringing me back to reality.
She try to [email protected] baby on a couch but he awaken again.
I watched silently as she began to gently tap the child until he was stable.
Diane quietly got up from the baby couch which was in the center of the living room.
She went to the fridge and [email protected]£ back with fruit jui-ce and a glas-s cu-p. She brou-ght a small table and placed the drink.
She left again and [email protected]£ back with Peanuts in a saucer. She placed it beside the jui-ce before taking her seat opposite me.
I was supposed to be the one married to Israel and serving her as a visitor whenever she visits us, It wasn’t supposed to be the other way round.
Diane asked me the same question again of what brou-ght me to Lagos.
I stammered as I try to lie but the lie did not come out smooth.
“Is work that brou-ght company transfered me back again. My job in Jalingo is over.
“What of your husband? I mean is he joining you here in Lagos or you will be traveling down to see him in Jalingo?
Diane asked ma-king me speechless. I breathed in and try to change the question.
“Your baby is quiet cute? What of Israel?
“Thanks! baby Timo is just nine months and act so much like his father. My husband is not back from work yet but will soon be home.
I ti-ght£ñed my fist as she mentioned her husband instead of addressing him by his name and why is she giving me details about her baby Timo, I never asked her his name or how many months he was.
Maybe she was using it to spite me. That is what people do, they spite me with every giving opportunity they get.
I wasn’t going to pretend and hide the way I feel about she and Israel, I will tell her exactly how it is.
“I never knew you were alre-ady married to Israel and had a baby for him. Israel supposed to be my man and you were supposed to be my best friend. How can you betray me like this? How could you go ahead and marry my man, that is the highest betrayal Diane. I never expected such thing from you…
I raged like a jealous housewife.
Diane gave a sarcastic laughter before saying.
I wasn’t going to pretend and hide the way I feel about she and Israel, I will tell her exactly how it is.
“I never knew you were alre-ady married to Israel and had a baby for him. Israel supposed to be my man and you were supposed to be my best friend. How can you betray me like this? How could you go ahead and marry my man, that is the highest betrayal Diane. I never expected such thing from you…
I raged like a jealous housewife.
Diane gave a sarcastic laughter before saying.
“Is this a kind of joke or what Avala? Maybe I should remind you that you dumped Israel and moved on with Tony because he was of a higher clas-s, he had PhD which Israel did not have and studied in Harvard. You got married to Tony so why are you still calling Israel your man or did you intend to marry two husbands? I told you about my feeling for Israel and you Avala warned me not to end up with him because Israel was a nob©dy and does not fit into our clas-s or Calibre you asked me to return to my abusive ex b©yfri£ndbecause he was famous and rich. That was the worst advice a friend can give. Israel was a good man with a golden heart and he likes me which was all that matters. We started a relationsh!pand it ended in marriage because we un-derstand and love each other. I wasn’t after his clas-s and he wasn’t after beauty or what I got to offer. Israel is ha-rd working and has being a great husband and father. So what exactly are you saying again Ava? Aren’t you supposed to be married to Tony? What kind of betrayal are you talking about when you supposed to be the one that betrayed Israel. You insulted him, called him names, you treated him like a house boy because he was not up to your league. I saw what you couldn’t see in him Ava. At least you are married to your dream man and I’m married to mine. Let’s not make fuss out of it. I’m happy to be called Israel’s wife and I guess you are too with your Tony.
Even though I hate to admit it but Diane was right. I treated Israel like trash and was never proud to show him off.
I dumped him and ignored his plea. I moved on with Tony thinking I had it all. I never knew Tony was a nob©dy, Tony was a low life scammer but I fell for his charms anyway.
I used him to boast to Diane and anyone that cares to listen.
Now, how do i open up and tell people that Tony was faking it all throu-gh and even the so called marriage was all a scam.
I bent over and picked at the peanut without lifting it to my mouth.
I nee-ded something to distract my hurting heart.
I sat up again with some peanut in my hand as I began to throw it one after the other into my mouth.
“Me and Tony are no more together. is a long story Diane and I hate to go in details. But is all over now. I also lost my job in the process which made me to return back to Lagos.
I summoned courage and told Diane while still concentrating on the peanut.
” I’m sorry to hear that Avala. Is quiet sad but is never late to start all over again.
I nodded quietly without a word.
A car horned outside and Diane quic-kly turned to the window.
“My husband is back…
She said with excitement in her voice.
I knew it was time to leave, I have rediculed myself enough by coming here I won’t give another room for pity.
Diane was at the door in no time, she opened up and I watch as Israel gave her a k!sson thel-ips before saying.
“Hope Timo did not trouble you today…is he slee-ping?
Diane collected the bags in his hand and Israel lifted his head.
That was when he saw me.
His face straightened as he walked down.
I was alre-ady on my feet.
“Hello Ava. What a surprise to see you again. How are you and your family? To what do we owe this visit?
Israel said dropping his car key on the table.
I try to wear a f0rç£ful smile.
” I was back to Lagos and decided to check up. I have spent enough time and was about to Leave when you [email protected]£ in. Is good to see you and Diane are happy together.
I said still maintaining my fake smile.
He looked over at Diane who was coming out from a room and said with a smile
“Yeah, my wife is a God s£nt to me. By the way how is your husband? How did you get to know our new location…ooh you met with my former caretaker I guess. Is good to see you again Ava.
Diane [email protected]£ closer and he gently draw her into his arm.
I began to wish I was in Diane’s shoe, married to a man like Israel.
Israel has really added, he looked good and even have a car.
Marriage is looking good on both of them.
Why do I still feel a pang of jealous watching them glow together.
I took a step and started walking away
When I got to the door they followed behind and paused at the door too.
“It was nice seeing you two happily married and alre-ady with a child. I have to run now. Diane, thanks for the entertainment.
I smile and they both returned the smile.
Israel held the door as I walked out and he closed it behind me.
I took different buses and return back to my house.
It was quiet obvious that Israel will never look at me the way he does for Diane.
I have losed him to my friend, I really feel very bad knowing Israel will never be mine again.
I was supposed to be his wife with baby Timo not Diane.
Life is really unfair. Why am I so unlucky?
Now Israel has sli-pped away from my f!nger.
Tony deceived me. I’m Left with no husband, no children and nothing tangible to hold onto.
Life favoured some people like Diane and unfavored me.
The jealousy, hate, bitterness surge throu-gh me as I [email protected] be-d thinking about my life.
I know de-ep down Diane is not to be blamed. Initially, I never wanted Israel and I did not hide my feeling on that.
But when I finally nee-ded him it was too late, Israel was alre-ady married.
I cried into my pillow most night wishing to get back my life again.
After two weeks of self pity I got up and started searching for jobs.
I applied to different company and attended different interviews.
Within a month I was able to secure one.
The pay wasn’t much but it was better off than nothing.
And after a year I got another one with reasonable salary.
After two years going to three I had a fine single man asking me out.
He was on my n£¢k.
Dave do not even have a car, I learnt his salary was almost equivalent to mine.
He was jovial and appears real yet I wish he was more than what he appears to be.
I knew I got served with Tony fake lifestyle, thinking of league and clas-s I losed Israel in the process.
Maybe is time to drop league and high Calibre and give Dave a chance who knows something good and real may come out of it.
I later agreed to [email protected]£ Dave, even though sometimes I wish he has a car or live in a mansion I still have to remind myself about the past and refocused.
I’m no more afraid of whatever the future brings, I started all over from nothing and I’m living my life again.
I’m not focusing so much on this relationsh!pbecause I don’t want to be disappointed.
Dave maybe nice and different and we can build alot together just as Diane and Israel but my past still scares me of how much a human being can pretend.
David promised to always be there for me. He said he loves me and wish to spend the rest of his life with me.
I was thri-lled but I hope this is not another EMPTY PROMISES again.
I’m keeping my f!ngerscrossed and hoping this time it will be different.
Well, despite he’s not in my league but I will not allow that to matter anymore in my life.
Once beaten twice shy.
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