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Empty promises batch 6

I s£nt several messages but Israel did not reply. After three days I decided to call him.
“Hello Israel.
“Ava, how are you?
“I’m not fine. I have been wondering if you got all the messages I s£nt to you. Because I know if you received them you would have replied me. Israel, I miss you and I’m serious. I wish I can fly down to Lagos to see you. I miss everything about you…don’t you miss you?
He was quiet for sometimes as I waited for his answer unashamed.
“Ava, you are a married woman. I’m surprise to get all those love messages from you and hearing you say you miss me. The last time I checked I wasn’t in your league. I was just some common guy that you were managing to put up with. I was a nob©dy with only HND holder that cannot relate to your high status. You took me as a houseboy that does your laundry, cooking and run errands for you. I’m only allowed to t©uçh you at your request, I dare not get you angry or talk more than I’m allowed to. I heard you over the phone talking to your husband about me…have you forgotten so soon? You told him that I was a pest, a guy with no name. Even after hearing all that I still want you due to the kind of love I had for you but you blocked my every means of reaching you. Is been over three years, suddenly you resurfaced out again. Calling me sweet names and acting all nice. I don’t un-derstand neither do I know how to reply to your love messages or what to say right now to you…
I couldn’t utter a word. Israel was right, I never regards him in the past and I’m only doing so now because of Tony, who was annoying me and getting on my nerve. But Israel loves me and it will be ha-rd for him to move on and forget me.
Tony is still higher in everything. Israel do not have much to offer except his HND but Tony has PHD, Tony schooled at Harvard business school. Tony is well to do and he is building his own business.
But Tony does things that hurt me de-eply, maybe that is the reward of being with a great man like him.
I can use Israel now and spite back at Tony and make him jealous.
“Israel, I’m sorry about everything. Is all in the past now.
“Ava, I know is in the past but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still not in your league. You married the man of your dream, the exact type you have always wanted. Is all good and I will continue to wish you the very best of life. I’m also getting married in few weeks from now….so I’m channeling all my energy in planning my wedding and living with the woman who accepted the little I can offer and never failed to love and support me. I’m working ha-rd to give her everything that she deserve…my wife to be is a rare gem and her type is ha-rd to find. I may not have PHD or school in Harvard but I have peace of mind with my little qualification and loving the woman God brou-ght my way. This alone is more important than anything”.
I felt a pang of jealousy with the way Israel praise his supposed wife to be. I wish I’m the one he was showering with so much praises.
I wanted to know who this lucky woman was. I was angry that Israel was getting married so fast. He was moving on with life. I thought he will hang around and wait maybe I will come back to him since he claims to love me.
Why was he moving on so fast just within a space of three years? Maybe he is just pu-lling my legs. He can’t be serious because I nee-d him now that Tony was causing me harm.
“You are getting married…are you for real? Isn’t it so soon to start thinking of marriage? I have only be gone for three years and some months, why so much in a haste and who are you getting married to?
I asked boiling inside for an unknown reason.
His answer [email protected]£ like a time bomb.
“Diane. I’m getting married to Diane…you former friend. I’m not sure you two are still friend because I wouldn’t want my wife to be in a toxic relationsh!pwith a mediocre. Someb©dy with your kind of negative mind set. Diane is the woman for me and I love her with my life. I can boldly say she loves me too and our wedding plan is alre-ady ongoing. You are invited. If you happen to be in Lagos by then you are cordially invited to witness our union….”
“You mean Diane…whaat…i..s..t…
I stammered. I was dumb founded and quic-kly end the call.
I was angry and began to think maybe Israel is trying to spite me. Diane cannot have my man. Israel was supposed to be my man and all that praises he showered on her was meant to be mine.
Diane will not even agree to marry Israel, they are not in the same caliber.
Calling Israel was because I miss the love he used to show to me back then which Tony cannot even compete with but I end up getting insulted. He even called me a “Mediocre” a whole me Avala.
Both Israel and Diane and very stupid.
I angrily concluded and kept fuming.
I sigh sadly. My phone was ringing again and the caller was Tony.
For few days now I have been ignoring both his messages and call. But after Israel disappointed me or hurt me with his word I saw a nee-d to speak to Tony.
But I wasn’t going to make it easy for him.
“Yes, what do you want Tony? Why are you disturbing my phone with your calls and messages…?
“Baby, plea-se where are you? I’m dying…I nee-d you home. You drove off with my car for over four days now and left no trace. I checked you at your work place and you are not there. I don’t know where to look for you. plea-se come home darling. I’m sorry. I miss you so much. I love you darling. I don’t know what [email protected]£ over me that made me to act the way I did. I promise it won’t happen again. I have turn a new leaf and will be the man you have always wanted. I’m dying here…plea-se come back…plea-se baby. Come home so that we can talk about it. My world is empty without you in it. I know I have h0t temper but I will work on my anger and I will never raise a hand on you again. But baby you also nee-d to work on your own anger. You almost killed me with your high heel shoe. If I die will you be happy? I know you won’t. I have not been myself ever since you disappeared…
He kept talking and pleading for me to come home. I was alre-ady planning to go home because I also miss him.
The plan with Israel did not work out, I’m left with no choice than to go home so that I can also go back to work.
Been away from work for almost a week when I’m not on a casual leave can attra-ct punishment from my boss if he hears of it.
I picked up my few things that evening and checked out of the h0tel.
I drove back to the house and make amend with Tony.
He gave me another promises that may not be fulfilled but I hope this time it will be different.
I even apologies for smashing his head with my shoe.
I gave him back his car key and resumed work the following week.
He saw the messages I s£nt to Israel which I forgot to delete and asked me about it but I told him it was not important anymore and I apologized. Tony did not make any further comment concerning that.
It looks like Tony was determined to keep his promises this time because after three months went by he was still very nice.
Five months [email protected]£ then a year moved. I [email protected]£ pregnant again and I was very happy.
We talked about the loan and Tony said I should give him time. He was gathering up the money and will start paying soon.
Despite my company were alre-ady on my n£¢k about the loan but I as-sured them that my husband was capable and there was nothing to worry about.
My happiness right now is I’m going to be a mother in 8 months time. I can’t wait to welcome my child.
The first one was miscarried and it took me so long to conceive again and this time around, I will protect this one with everything in me. Tony has changed and wasn’t violent anymore.
I forgot about Israel and Diane and focused on my family.
I hope things remain this way.
EMPTY PROMISES. (By Amah’s heart)
We have had this same conversation uncountable times, my company was alre-ady on my n£¢k concerning the loan but anytime I raise the t©pic with Tony he will dismiss it with the excuse that he was not running away and he will pay up.
Today again, I took the t©pic to him.
“Everyday I’m getting emails concerning the loan. I’m being reminded everyday in the office that my days are counting. Honey, plea-se you nee-d to start paying up. You sold my car because you wanted to support your business and pay up the loan but here you are giving me excuses everyday. This business of yours that has refused to mature or grow for over two years now what is going on and what kind of business is it?
I asked Tony impatiently. I was getting fed up with the so called business that I’m yet to see a turn up.
“Is a road construction, building materials and textile. I’m dealing in different thing so that it will yield plenty profits. The truth is I had a sh!pwreck. My ten containers went into the sea. Darling…I couldn’t even tell you about it. I know you believed so much in me and had shown a great support to me and my business, I wanted to have only good news for you baby. It was after selling your car I try to start all over again. I bore the lost and pain alone and it was that period I [email protected]£ very violent too. But now, things are turning up and all I asked is time. Time for my business to mature and I will pay off every debt. I will pay the loan and surprise you with the car of your dream. plea-se darling, I promise.
I [email protected] out and nodded silently
Few days later I started getting several debit from my account.
I ran to my bag to check for my bank ATM but it wasn’t there.
Another debit follows then another and it kept coming.
I [email protected]£d my phone, I try to call my account officer to block the card.
Every second that pas-ses I was getting a debit alert.
The person was determined in withdrawing all my money in my bank account.
I succeeded in reaching my account officer.
I told him to block the card that someone stole it and has been ma-king withdrawer.
He quic-kly did that but by the time the account officer will be done with blocking the card the thief has withdrawed almost half of the money in my account.
My heart was beating, I was panicking as I pace up and down the room.
I have never misplaced my bank card before, how did the thief had access to both my card and my pin number.
I had two bank card, one was my salary account which had enough money and that was the exact card that was stolen from my bag.
The card was in my hand bag who could have re-moved it.
I had so many questions crowding me up.
I decided to call Tony and told him what was going on.
” Oh my God. Are you sure? Did you misplaced your card? Have you called your bank? Oh baby I’m sorry. This is bad. How could you be so careless with such? The card probably fell off from you without you knowing. I was at work when you called but I’m driving home right away. Sorry darling… don’t be sad over that. I’m working ha-rd to give you the very best. Let the person take the money all that matters is that I got you and you got me. I’m coming home to you baby….
Tony was very helpful and made me feel relieved.
I was sure that the card did not fell off, it was secured right in my purse which was in my hand bag. How did it disappear into a thief hand and how did the person get to know my pin number.
But as Tony said I should let it go. The money is gone and can’t be retrieved. He asked me to focus on the joy in my wo-mb and forget about the lost money.
I did, although it wasn’t easy. As I try to crack the puzzle. Only Tony had access to my hand bag and bank cards but he is my husband and can’t possibly do such.
I have to let it go and requested for another bank card from my bank.
I was at work one day and my boss called me. He was not sounding happy with the [email protected] paying back the loan.
I signed an agreement but time to start paying has gone by and nothing was done.
He said if after a month and there is no sign of payment he will ask them to freeze my two accounts and so many other things will be carried out because the loan was in my name and it was over due.
He said that I have to find a way to pay the loan or face the consequences.
It was a threat he was determined to carry out.
My job that put food on the table was also in the line.
What I’m I supposed to do? I cried within me.
I begged my boss for more time but he said he has given me enough and can only give a grace of another month but after that I should start up with the payment or face the law.
I alre-ady knew what Tony will say if I tell him. It will be another bunch of business excuse.
After the encounter with the thief that stole my card and made a hvge withdrawer I don’t have enough money again to start paying up the loan.
The time was going and it was almost another month and no good news from Tony.
He goes for shopping and buy expensive things for himself and few for me.
I asked him to gather up all the money he was spending unnecessarily and start the loan payment but Tony has a mind of his own.
A week to the month my boss gave me for the loan payment, I withdraw enough money to buy things for the house and also medicine for my condition because there was no more foodstuffs and Tony is mostly away.
I returned back and I was in the kitchen when Tony [email protected]£ in with another designer bag which has men’s shoes and perfume.
I was too tired to talk.
Since shopping is more important than the debt we had at hand then
whatever happens, me and him will have to suffer for it.
I have talked and alre-ady gotten tired. I wish I can start paying up because I don’t want to lose my job but I don’t even have enough money and if my car was available I could have plan of selling it to pay some of the loan but Tony sold it off for his business.
I don’t even know where to get money or what to do.
While I was worried sick and panicking Tony did not show any signs of worry at all.
I even suggest we sell off his car to pay [email protected] of the money but he got angry with me for throwing such suggestion and expensive jokes at him.
Tony will be ma-king business calls all the time in the house and yet I’m not seeing the result of the calls.
My pregnancy was forming but I don’t want to have my child in poverty which is what will happen if the loan is not paid soon.
I have fears, doubt and worries yet I feel helpless.
I was sitting with Tony in the sitting room one Saturday watching TV when the door was suddenly kicked open.
I was startled and turned to see who barged into the house and there stood Halima.
Yes, it was Halima, my former maid. She was obviously angry over something.
Halima dressed in a denim blue Jean trou-ser which has alot if rou-gh tear on it.
She was wearing expensive shoe and carrying a very expensive designer hand bag.
The [email protected] human hair on her head was worth overe a hundred thousand naira and her t©p and wrist watch was not left out in a great fashion s-en-se.
I was busy costing her attire and wondering were she got all the money.
Tony stood and gave her a pleading look which I un-derstand clearly but Halima has a business for the day and wasn’t going to change her mind Just like that.
I was shocked yet I try to maintain a calm posture.
I remained seated and wait for whatever drama she [email protected]£ in with to start.
I wanted Tony to do something or ask her what she was doing in our house after the last war she caused that made me to suffer a miscarriage but Tony did nothing.
I did not expect her near my house ever again but here she was catwalking as if she was the main madam of the house who is on a mission.
I’m pretending to be calm but I’m really boiling inside if me.
Instead of Tony to do something and push her out, he was speechless and giving her a pleading look.
What sort nons-en-se is this?
Despite how angry and confused I was, all I did is to watch and wait.
Let the drama begin.
I want to know what Halima was up to and why Tony was acting like a coward.
EMPTY PROMISES (By Amah’s heart)
I watched in silence as Halima walked all round the house.
“You thought I was joking with you right? I told you what I’m capable off and you took it like a pinch of salt. I’m here now Tony and I’m not going back.
“We can go outside and talk plea-se.
Tony said taking few steps towards her.
“Ooh you want to talk now right? Because you don’t want your so called wife to know. I’m done talking to you Tony.
I was not going to sit and pretend anymore.
I spoke up.
“What is the meaning of this nons-en-se. Tony what is she doing here? What is all this ru-bbish?
I asked boiling angrily.
Tony turned to me and gave me a pleading look to calm down but I was curious to know what is really going on and why Halima was un-der my roof.
Halima [email protected]£ closer to me and said.
“You have to be quiet and calm down because I’m not leaving soon until what I [email protected]£ for is done. I will start with the good news of being pregnant for your supposed husband who is my fiance, [email protected] in crime and lover even before he met you….yes, I am also pregnant for him. Tony belongs to me and not you and is time to take back my man. Funny enough his name is not Tony, his real name is Murphy. But is a good thing that I also got used to calling him Tony.
I gave a sarcastic laughter at what I just heard. It was impossible and I know Halima was just blabling. She was talking thrash.
I turned and looked at Tony but he remain standing looking at Halima.
Halima walked to a sit and sat down with her legs crossed. She turned to Tony and began to talk again.
“Tony, I told you that if I don’t get that money I will come out clean, I warned you not to mess with me. I told you if I don’t get the required amount I demanded hell will break loose. You thought is a joke. I nee-ded your pres£nce, your care especially now that I’m carrying your child but you will rather be with your foolish wife. Well, no more games. I’m done pla-ying. You have enough money to take care of me and our baby. Get your things let’s Leave right now and don’t try my patience otherwise I will spill more out.
Tony [email protected]£ confuse. He walks up and down the house.
He suddenly turned to Halima.
” I give you everything you nee-d. The things you asked for and even more than you asked. I don’t expect all this betrayal from you. We had a plan….so why are you here doing this to me?
I clabbe-d my hands and exclaim in shock.
“Is this a drama or for real? Hope I’m not day dreaming…?
None of them even acted as if I existed.
Doctor had warned me to be careful because of my condition.
I try to pretend I’m Calm but de-ep down the h0t spirit in me wanted to explode.
“You bridged the plan by getting her pregnant again. You bridged the plan we had by spending more time with her and less with me. Time was ruining out and all you want me to do is to wait like a cat. No I’m done waiting. I requested for a certain amount recently and you did nothing about it. You took me for granted and thought I’m a fool like Avala. No Tony, you can’t ride someb©dy like me. You can deceive her all you want but I can never be deceived.
Tony stood watching her with confusion I’m his eyes.
Halima turned to me and said
” I thought you are a Lagos babe but you are not wise at all. You deserve whatever you got. I have never seen someb©dy as dumb as you are madam Avala. You wanted Tony because you thought he has all you required in a man. You wanted him because he told you he graduated from Havard business school and had PhD… you thought you have caught your prince charming. I’m doing this because I nee-d my Murphy back, my child nee-ds a father and I can’t bear him staying with you anymore. The game is up my dear and I will spill the truth so that we can all rest in peace. Tony was only a common driver when you met him. The house he once took you to back then was his boss house who traveled to London with his family. Your Tony resigned from his driver job after meeting you and decided to marry you for your money. There was never any robbery attack or accident of any sort it was all [email protected] of the game. Your Tony is a hustling man who has not even cross the border before. No PhD, never a graduate of Havard or has anything to his name. Your Tony is smart in his tricks. The registrar he used for your wedding is also not the real wedding registrar. He coned you and I am not Sorry because we joined hands in achieving that. You asked for whatever you got Avala. You are supposed to be smart as a Lagos girl and search out who Tony really is but instead you take in everything he said and swallowed it down like water, all in the name of some stupid love. Hahahaha…is a pity but is time to get back to my Murphy and I don’t nee-d you or anyb©dy to stand on my way. You can’t hold him down with your stupid pregnancy anymore because I’m equally pregnant for him and…
I turned to Tony expecting him to deny all Halima’s accusations but he stood, relaxing with his head bent and did not say a word.
I screamed so loud, the whole house began to turn upside down
I rushed to Halima like a breeze and landed her a h0t [email protected] on her face.
She retaliated and [email protected] me back.
A fight broke out and I fought like a tiger.
I forgot that I was pregnant and started fighting like a mad woman.
Tony did not seperated us.
He went inside the room while me and Halima fight. Tony was busy packing out his things to the car.
I pinned Halima to the ground, pounced on her and start punching her with all my might.
She was trying to get free but I sat on her, beating her without care.
She gave me a serious bite and pushed me over.
We fought and even broke the television and the house was turned upside down still Tony did not bother to seperate us.
He was busy with whatever he was doing.
Halima hit me ha-rd with a bottle from the table.
I fell to the ground and try to get back at her but Tony suddenly appeared and gave me a ha-rd push
I was bleeding and later pas-sed out on the ground.
Let’s have pity for Ava for once now

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