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Emma’s secret Episode 7 & 8

(Living the life of a lie)
episode 9
By: kebby NG
“Wait till you see my daughter, You would certainly like her” Dora father [email protected] as we all sat in the room waiting for Dora to come down stairs
I stood by the window starring at my phone for any message from Nina
Ever since we spoke in the restaurant today , She has been doing her best to avoid me
Each time I call her,She won’t pick and neither would she reply my texts
Doesn’t she know that she is driving me mad without her answering at all.
“Why don’t you go and get Dora”My dad said suddenly
“Do I really have to”I asked starring at all of them
“Yes Brian, We aren’t the one getting married here”He said and having no choice I got up and went in search of Dora.
I was still starring at my phone, Expecting Nina reply when I got to the stairs
“Are you okay sir”I heard her say to the old Mr Jones who have been working for them for the past fifteen years
I watched him begged Dora not to fire him and what she did next surprised me
She took hold of his hands and as-sured him that he wouldn’t be fired
This certainly can’t be the Dora I know, I thought still starring at her as she kept on as-suring the old man that he wouldn’t be fired.
“You stupid old oaf……The man is so dumb and there are times that I want to fire him…….just get out of my sight you make me sick” Those were the things she said to the poor man in the past
Back then I always got mad at her for saying such thing but she was too proud to admit that she was wrong.
And seeing the way she behaved with him today made me wonder if this is the Dora I know.
She [email protected]£ down stairs and told one of the maid to keep an eye on the Man
I hid behind a wall while she pas-sed me, I don’t know why but ever since she woke up at the hospital have been wondering if she is still the same Dora.
I was still thinking about what I saw earlier when my phone beeped with a message
Knowing it was from Nina,I quic-kly re-ad what she s£nt
“It’s no use trying to convince me Brian, My mind has been made up and it will be best if you respect it, St©p trying to get in t©uçh with me or I swear, I will leave and will never return”
On re-ading the text I felt sad and hurt, Why is Nina ma-king things ha-rd for us, I thought as I re-ad the message again
Doesn’t she know that I love her and am willing to do anything to make her return to me.
Just then another message from her entered
“Just get married and be happy, I will also try to be happy without you” I re-ad the content again and I felt like hitting some thing or some one
Yes all this is happening because of the darn marriage
How much I loathe the marriage and also Dora Baxter
Putting my phone in my pocket, I went after Dora
Intent on telling her that the wedding was over but when I got there and saw her standing by the door hesitating, I st©pped myself
Marrying isn’t a choice,It’s a duty that I must carry out for the well being of our people
Feeling so very angry I asked “won’t you be going in”
Judging by her reaction,I had caught her off guard
Well she better starts to get use to it because if she does marry me, Her life with me wouldn’t be love and [email protected]ç£, I intend on ma-king her pay for each tears Nina cried.
I went in and after much talk,They finally decide on having the wedding on the 15th
I didn’t expect it to be that early but what can I expect from them all, I thought angrily.
Just then my phone rang and when I saw the caller,I quic-kly left the room heading for the garden……
“What do you say, Are you re-ady to do it?”Michael asked me
“Am… not Michael, It’s still too early and I……..”I st©pped when I saw the look of anger on his face
“I knew you would say that but you have no option Emma, Your going to start today”He said moving to the table
He carried a glas-s of champagne and stretched it to me
“What should I do with this?”I asked
“Drink it”He replied and when I didn’t he smiled
“You have enough s-en-se not to drink it but I doubt if Brian would notice a thing”
“Why? What’s in this ?”I asked
“Let’s say a sickening pill,Don’t worry,He wouldn’t die, At least not yet, I still nee-d him to sign all his money to you before I kill him “He said
“So your saying there is some thing in the drink right”
“Yes, just want him to feel sick for a while and you will be the one giving him that drink,I want to test you now, so take this to him and make sure he drinks it”
“If I fail in persuading him to take this drink, What will you do?”I asked
“Then You have failed your first test and your father will pay the price”He replied
“Dont you dare hurt my dad,Am here Doing everything you are telling me to do,So plea-se leave him alone”
“You have no right to demand anything from me, if you succeed in this first task, I will not t©uçh a single strand of your father’s hair but if you fail,I just can’t guarantee that I would do nothing “He said smiling evily
I left the room angrily and went in search of Brian with the drink,I only hope that he accepts it.
I got to the garden and saw him talking on the phone
I couldn’t really hear what he was saying and when I called his name a while ago,He didn’t even answer
Seems like the person he is talking to is someone very important
But I can’t st©p now, If I want my dad to be saved then I have to give Brian the drink
I took a step towards him only to st©p when I heard what he was saying
“I do love you and am not re-ady to lose you”
“You know this marriage has to take place”
“Don’t break up with me Nina, Don’t”
[email protected] from hating this marriage,He is in love with someone and judging from his reaction,It seems like she is breaking up with him
“No don’t hang up Nina,Don’t!!!”he yelled and stared at the phone
When he saw that she had cut the call, He threw the phone away angrily
I stood behind him looking at him, He hadn’t even notice my pres£nce,I thought still clutching the tray in my hand.
He turned and when he saw me standing there,His anger resurrected
“I…..I [email protected]£ to give you this”I said
“Do you think I really want that now!”he asked giving me an angry look
“I don’t know but it might help”I said and he stared at me before staring at the drink in my hand
“You really want me to drink this?”He asked again
“Its like a peace offering”I replied and gave him a smile
I think the peace offering thing did it or the smile, I just don’t know but he got so furious that he hit the tray from my hand ma-king all the content in it to spill
“Peace offering! You must be kidding me right!!! “He yelled angrily
“I have no option than to marry you,I have to do it because it’s a duty expected from a future king,A duty that is keeping me away from the woman I love,Get this into your head Dora as long as you will be my wife, There will never be peace between us because I hate you, I hate and loathe you”He told me angrily and then he stormed off.
I stood there for a while, Thinking about what he just said to me
He must really hate me? I thought as I bent to pick up the broken glas-s
He didn’t even drink it? Michael will surely put his threat in action.
I was still picking up the broken glas-s when My phone.
I answered before the third ring ” Hello”
“Its a pity our Brian didn’t have a go at the champagne”
“If you had witness what happened now, Then you should know that it is not my fault, I tried my best but he got so furious and threw the drink away”I explained
“You must have said some thing that got him angry”
“I didn’t Michael and I did exactly as you’ve instruct me,plea-se leave my father alone”I whispered gently
“I will think about it”He replied and cut the call.
I wasn’t reas-sured by his words and I know that Michael would certainly do some thing
Why didn’t he just drink it, I thought as I step on the remaining piece angrily.
I haven’t even started a thing and am alre-ady feeling tired, I wish I could be some where else, Some far place where Michael wouldnt be able to use me for his evil plans.
I walked out of the Baxter mansion, Heading to my next appointment
I kept thinking about Nina and what she said to me on the phone.
While the guards guided me towards my car, I saw Michael at the back entrance
“What’s he doing here”I whispered to myself
He wasn’t alone though, He was talking to someone, The person was hidden by the statue which had been placed in the Baxter mansion And no matter how I tried I couldn’t see him.p
Its odd though, Michael doesn’t know any one from the Baxter mansion, So who could he be talking to………
episode 10
“You coming outside to talk to me is some thing you shouldn’t even dream of doing, No one must know that we know each other but since you are here, Tell me what you want to tell me and you must hurry”Micheal said starring at his watch
“I wouldn’t have come after you if only you had given me your word about my father”
“You failed okay, He didn’t drink it”
“I did as you told me, What more could I have done?”
He moved towards me and held my chin “You should have tried to persuade him, In the future you will be doing a lot of persuasion when it comes to Brian stone,This is a test meant for you but you failed it woefully” He let go of my chin and was about to walk off but I held his hand
“What about my father? “I asked
He j£rked off suddenly and I almost fell “Your father fate is in your hands Emma,If you fail He dies and if you don’t he lives, Think about that “He replied and began to walk off
Some one called his name and he st©pped. Michael had walked out of the flowers that had been covering us from any one seeing us and on hearing some one call him, I hid behind some of them,Not wanting the intruder to see me.
One of Michael warning was that no one must know that we know each other and now out of his stupidity, Some one has seen us,I thought as I looked for a way to get out of the garden unseen
“Your Highness”I heard him call, Brian was the one who almost caught us,I thought as began to move into the thick flower for more coverage.
“I knew it was you, Who were you talking to? You know no one from the Baxter mansion”Brian asked him
“I just [email protected]£ to say hello”
“To who exactly?”Brian asked
“To some one I know”He replied evading Brian question
” Who Michael, That person must have a name”Brian asked with that authoritative voice of his
“Why do I feel like you are spying on me Your Highness, The last time we spoke, You made it clear that I better not mess with you or in intrude in your life and so now am asking you, Why bother messing with mine? “Micheal asked with so much venom in his voice
If only Brian knew how much Micheal hated and wanted him dead, He wouldn’t even be talking to him, I thought as I did my best not to make any one notice that I was hiding here
“Fine, Don’t think your now important because I mess with your life, My sister should have never married a loser like you and don’t worry, I will make sure Natasha see you for the real loser you are ” I heard him say to Micheal before walking off
“That would be too late for you cause I promise you, You will be six feet un-der before you get to do anything” Micheal said and on hearing his evil and malicious words, I ran off quic-kly ma-king sure that no one saw me………
“You look lovely Dora, Now get over here, It’s time for the ph0to session “Dora mother said as she did the collar of my t©p properly
“Do we really have to do this”I asked starring at the ph0togra-phers who were miling in and out of the house
“Yes you have to and put a smile on your face, The ph0togra-phers might think that your being f0rç£d into this marriage” she said to me and I had to fake a false smile
Marrying the prince is a really big deal, For the past one week have been busy with the wedding preparation.
Some of it had been quite stressing and some I had smiled a little but today had to be worst of them all
Brian would be here to take pictures for the wedding with me
Its been a week since I last saw him and just the thought of seeing him again made me feel scared and angry.
“Get this into your head Dora ,As long as you will be my wife, There will never be any peace between us because I hate you!”
Remembering the last words he said to me made me feel shivery
“His Highness is here!”one of the ph0togra-phing member said to us all
I sighed sadly, Wanting to leave than to take pictures with the man that hate and loathe me
I never told Micheal that The prince alre-ady hates me,If I did He was sure to get angry and when never he is angry, My poor dad has to pay for it
“What the hell are you still doing here”Hearing Dora mother angry voice, I went out of the room .
He was the first person I saw amongst every other person there.
As always he was dressed perfectly and he exuded a certain kind of charisma and charm in the clothes he was putting on
He smiled and cheered the ph0togra-phing crew but when he saw me from a distance, His smile disappeared and changed to an angry look
Its been a week alre-ady, We havent seen each other for a week and still he hates the sight of me , I thought as I st©pped starring at him and tried to get my attention on the lady that was applying the make up for me
If it hadn’t been for the ph0to session, We wouldn’t be seeing each other until the engagement [email protected] which will be taking place tomorrow
I can’t wait for this ph0to ru-bbish to end so I can get out his malicious looks
“Go and say hello to his Highness”Dora mother said giving me a gentle push
“No, I ……I can’t”I replied
“What do you mean by……oh there he comes”She said and I stared up to find him coming towards us
“Good evening lady Baxter”He greeted Dora mom cooly and she responded
“Evening Dora”He greeted me now and when I look up to stare at him, I wasnt surprised to see the look of hate there, I think am alre-ady getting used to it……..
“Your Highness, It’s time we start taking the pictures” Some one from the ph0togra-phing crew said to us, Saving me from answering his Highness malicious greeting.
Together we went into the room where the ph0to session will take place and with the ph0togra-pher telling us how to pose, I began to give out some few good posses
Having to work different kind of job landed me into modelling for a while and so doing this is a piece of cake but the only thing that troubled me now was the person I was taking the picture with.
The prince wasn’t bad though, He kept on striking different pose without looking worried or disturbe-d, Whereas I felt so uncomfortable
The ph0to session was going smoothly until the ph0togra-pher announced that we will be taking the inti-mate [email protected] of the session now
I stared at the prince and saw that he was starring at me too and judging from the look on his face he wasn’t as plea-sed as I was
“This picture will be the theme picture for the wedding,So let’s do our best to make it look good” he told us
“Now His Highness and his bride to be should move together and when I say together, Be very close to each other”
This is definitely bad, I thought as I moved towards The prince
“Closer,Closer”He kept on saying and I kept on moving until I felt him beside me
I dare not look at him, I wouldn’t want to see the hateful look there.
“Now smile for the [email protected]£ra”He said taking a lot of sh0t
As soon as he st©pped, I began to walk away only to find myself tripping over something, I would have fall if someone hadn’t held me by the [email protected]!st
The strong pair of arms drew me into the warmth of his b©dy.
I knew who it was even before I turned to stare at the person.
I looked up and saw him starring at me, He didn’t have the look of hatred there again but there was some thing else there, Some thing I couldn’t figure out
“Perfect sh0t, Nice sh0t”The ph0togra-pher said as he kept on taking pictures of us starring at each other
I tried to pu-ll away but he held me back and I stared up at him, wanting to know why he wouldn’t let me go.
“We wouldn’t want to disappoint the ph0togra-pher right?”He asked
“Just follow my lead so I can get out of here as soon as possible”He said haughtily and then he k!$$£d my forehead and that scene didn’t go without the ph0togra-pher taking the sh0t
He turned me around and held me close, Putting his head on my shoulder
While he did everything, I kept on wondering why he began to comply easily? Why the sudden change?
He didn’t want this wedding as much as I do, So why is he trying to make the pictures look good.
“Focus “He said and I stared up at him.
He bent towards me and for a while I thought he was going to k!ssme but he gently placed a k!sson my throat and as soon as the sh0t was taken, He thrû-st me away from him, Wiping his hands like I was some sort of dirt.
“Have done my best as it is, So now excuse me, I have things to do”He said and walked off.
“Those sh0t were perfect Dora”Dora mother said as she walked towards me
I kept on starring at him until he walked out of my sight
Why did he bother taking the picture if he knew that he didn’t want the wedding, I kept on thinking
He is unpredictable and some one like him can’t be manipulated or killed easily
I doubt if Michael plan will succeed………….
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