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Emma’s secret Episode 44 & 45

(Living the life of a lie)
Episode 44
He began to move towards me and quic-kly I moved away from the door and took the iron rod that had been placed on the table
“Don’t you dare come near me!”I yelled at him and he st©pped
“Why do you want to make this difficult, It’s just me and you,Why don’t you admit it that you have always felt the same way, That was why we could never get along when we were kids because we were S-xually attra-cted to each other” He said
“S-xually what? Ever since we were kids have always hated you with pas-sion, Have never felt attra-cted to you at all”I said angrily
His face darken with anger but it was easily covered with one of his malicious smile
“Hate is a really strong word my darling”
“Am not your darling, I hate you Micheal,You have no idea how much I hate you”I yelled at him
“That can easily be rectified,Once you have me in your arms,You will know what a real man feels like and you won’t be able to resist me ” He said moving towards me
“I mean it Micheal,Don’t come close to me,I will hit you with it”I said
“Have waited for you for years Emma,Even while I was away,I kept on watching over you,I waited for you to grow up to be this and now that you are what have been dreaming for for years, You are refusing me?”
“You think a measly iron rod will prevent me from having you tonight,Then you must be stupid” He said and before I could st©p him,He took the rod from me and threw it away and then he pu-ll-ed me into his arms
“Let me go,let me go!” I yelled hitting him
“Disappointed that it’s not Brian holding you! When I heard from Nina that you loved that bastard,I was so furious and when I saw the picture of you two k!ssing,I felt like killing the both of you”
“Tell me has he made love to you,Has he taken you to his be-d?”He asked shaking me
“If he has I will kill him,I don’t care if I dont get the money but i will kill him “He yelled angryily
“He hasn’t t©uçhed me Micheal”I said quic-kly
No matter what,I had to protect Brian from this psycho
“I hope it’s not a lie,Well sooner or later,I will find out the truth”He said and he pushed me on the be-d r0ûghly
I layed on the be-d and began to scramble back
“No Micheal don’t do this! You really don’t want to!”I said as I watched him take off his shi-t.
“Have dreamt of you looking like this,Of you being like this,I always knew that that day will surely come and that’s what’s happening today”He said l!çk!ng hisl-ips
I tried to stand up but he drew me by my legs and layed on me.
He tried to k!ssme but I moved myl-ips and no matter how he tried,I kept on moving myl-ips.
He sighed and starred down at me “Is my k!ssthat disgusting !”
Feeling so very angry I retorted “yes, Your k!sses disgust me, You have no idea how much I want to puke right now”I said and was rewarded with a [email protected]
“Is his k!sses that good?”He asked now looking very angry
I couldn’t reply because I was scared with him looking like that.
“No answer right! Well I will make sure that my k!sses will be the only thing you remember starting from tonight and every other night”He said and he took the collar of my shi-t and tore it open
“Let go of me”I said trying to cover my b©dy but he drew me by my hair,k!ss!ngme r0ûghly
Just then his phone began to ring and he stood up to pick up the call
“Guess who is calling? “He asked
“Its your darling Brian, Should I pick or should I not”
I kept on starring at him not knowing what to say.
He answered on the second ring “Hello”He said
“Oh Emma! She is here with me,Oh I can’t put her on the phone”
“Why? It’s because we are both having fun,You want to know the kind of fun we are having?”He asked starring at me
“Well I can show it to you, Why don’t we video call”He said
“No Micheal”I said but he only gave me a mean look
“Sure,Just call me”He said and turned off the phone
“Why did you want him to see us “I said
“So that he will know that you belong to me and only me”
“plea-se Micheal,Am willing to do any thing,just don’t answer that call”I said
“What? Are you shy that he will be watching us ma-king out”He said and just then his phone began to ring.
Not only was it disgusting to be k!$$£d by this psycho but to be watched by Brian will certainly make me go crazy,I thought as I watched him answer the call,quic-kly I hid un-der the sheets.
“Hello Brian” He said
“Where is Emma?”I heard Brian voice
“Oh Emma,She is on the be-d,say hi my sweet”He said turning the phone towards me.
I didn’t dare look at it, Have never been more embarras-sed
“Emma! Are you okay!’ He asked but I couldn’t answer, A tear sli-pped down my face then
“She is too emotional to speak,why don’t you watch us having fun”Micheal said
“Don’t t©uçh her! Let her be!”Brian yelled at him
“Or what? What are you going to do?” Michealasked
“Am begging you Micheal don’t t©uçh her”
“Wow this is the first time am hearing you beg,Beg me again,I might just let her go for tonight”He said
“plea-se Micheal leave my wife alone”
“Your wife? Don’t forget that I made her your wife,She belongs to me,So don’t you ever address her as your wife”He yelled
“Okay,Fine, tell me what you want,Any thing Micheal and I will give it to you and in exchange you will let her go”Brian said
“Really? Are you going to give me what i want”
“Any thing Micheal”
“I once gave Emma some files to give it to you to sign, it’s a file that will state Emma as the owner of all Your properties, I want you to sign those papers and bring it to me”He said
“That’s all right? Well then I will do it,Just don’t t©uçh her any more”
Hearing Brian wanting to sign out all his properties made me speak out
“No Brian,Don’t sign it and don’t bring it,plea-se don’t!” I said and immediately Micheal walked towards me and [email protected] me again
“I told you not to t©uçh her”I heard Brian say
“You are not in any position to demand that of me, You sign those bloody papers and bring it to the address i will be s£nding to you, Don’t you even think of calling the police or else Emma will have to pay for it”He said and cut the call
“You bastard! You will never succeed”I said starring at him
“And who told you that? Brian is the one coming to the lion’s den,You should be praying for him”Micheal said
“What do you plan on doing to him?” I asked
“My plan! You will know when he comes” He replied
“plea-se Micheal,Don’t hurt him,I beg you”I said crying
“You must really love that creep,What I will give to have you crying over me,To have you love me the same way you love that bastard!”He yelled angrily
“You lost that chance Micheal,You should never have f0rç£d me to be Dora ,Your mistake was letting me get married to Brian,Yes I love him because he is a real man unlike a creep like you”I said and he raised his hand to [email protected] me again but st©pped him
He sat on the be-d instead and held my hand,I tried pu-lling off but his hold on my hand was much stronger
“A foolish real man he is ? Am sure that to protect you,He will come by him self and when that happens,I will make sure he doesn’t leave here alive”He said
“No Micheal! plea-se don’t do any thing to him,I beg you”I said crying
“As have said before,The only thing you can do is to pray for him,Cause no matter what,I will make sure he doesn’t leave here alive”He said
“No Micheal! plea-se!”I begged continuously
“For years have waited for this day, The day I kill Brian stone my self and that day have finally pres£nts it self,Do you think that I will listen to you”
“Save your tears Emma,Cause you will be nee-ding them at his funeral, Very soon you will be a widow,A very rich one”He said as he stood up from the be-d.
I sat on the be-d thinking of a way to try to st©p Micheal and his evil plan.
But none seemed to be coming, He got to the door and when it opened,It was to see Nina holding a bag
“Make her gorgeous Nina,This will be the last time she will be seeing her husband,She has to look her best”He said and left the room
“Common girl,Let’s dress you up”Nina said and I gave her a murderous look
“What? Don’t look at me like that,Micheal gives the order around here and am just following” She said
“Will you really watch him kill Brian,You have been with him for a very long time…….”
“And I don’t care what will happen to him, After all he chose you over me,What will his being alive do to me,I agree with Micheal,If he wants Brian dead,Am fine with it, Now get out of be-d and come get dressed”She yelled at me.
Episode 45
With the BBC heeq files in my hand,I st©pped my car in front of the building.
This will be the place,I thought as I got out of the car.
Only a criminal like Z would live here, I thought as I stared around.
Just then the door opened and five men all pointing their guns at me walked out.
I should have just brou-ght my guards,I thought as I stared at them
“As you can see,I didn’t come to fight any one,Am here on my own free will”I said raising both my hands
“Step forward and hand over the files “One of the guard said
I did as he said and he held me by the arm and began to pu-ll me in side
As soon as we got into the house, They took me straight to a room where they knelt me on the floor.
“I didn’t come here for this! Get your boss down here now”I said angrily
“You have no right to make any demand, You are not a prince here, you are our hostage”one of the guards said
“I [email protected]£ here on my own free will and now I have to be your hostage?,You must be sick in the head” I said totally pissed off
One of the guard wanted to hit me but Nina asking him to st©p, St©pped him from doing it.
“Don’t you know that Boss want to do the honour of having to hit him self”She said
“He is a c0cky prince,Saying thrash,when the boss finally finishes with him,I will be so glad to bury him”He said and walked off
“You shouldn’t be pissing any one off yet” She said as she [email protected]£ to stand in front of me
“Why shouldn’t I?”I asked
“Being c0cky till the end, Well a piece of advice,You better not act this way with Micheal, He won’t take it lightly like the rest”
“You are in no Position to advice me,So get lost,I only want to talk to that bastard”I said and she [email protected] me in return
“You piece of thrash”She said and began to walk off
“Wrong Nina, You are the piece of thrash,Even if you were not before,You made your self one by joining him, Your end will only be death,So help me right now and I will help you too”I said and she laughed
“Hey! You have no right to advice me too, I know what am doing when I joined Micheal, You claimed you loved me yet you never saw that I was suffering, I had to live and when Micheal [email protected]£ with his offer,I decided to join him and let me tell you ,Have been ma-king a lot of money out of it”
“His only mistake was getting Emma involved,She is nothing but a darn busy b©dy and she took your love from me, Tell me? how did she do it?,Did she s£dûç£you?”She asked
“s£dûç!ng people is the only way you know Nina,Emma never s£dûç£d me, She was just her self and I loved her for it “I said and she laughed
“You mean being gullible and stupid”
“I meant kind and loving, Some qualities you will never possess,You s£dûç£d me by being a fake but she never did and am glad I saw the real you on time,you don’t look palatable any more”I said and she starred at me with scorn in her eyes.
“Now go get me Micheal,My patience is running thin”I said
“Such a j£rk” I heard her muttered as she walked off.
“You look lovely in black but After today,I don’t want to see you wearing black,You are to pick a colour I want okay” Micheal said as he stood behind me
“Not on your life”I said
“Do you think that after today,You will be leaving here on your own free will? You won’t because as from today onwards ,You are now mine and any thing I want goes”He said
“And oh before I forget,Your husband is here,Shall we go and see him”He asked
I kept on hoping that he wouldn’t come but now that he did,I have to find a way to help him,I thought as I began to walk off but Micheal held me back
“Not so fast my dear,Let’s go together”He said as he held my hand ti-ghtly
He began to walk off with me and when we got to the living room, Brian was the first thing I saw
Brian was kneeling on the floor looking very angry but when he raised his head and saw me,He stood up only to be f0rç£d to kneel down again
“Hello Brian,I knew we were going to meet again but I never knew it would be like this”He said laughing
“Now that you have me,Let Emma go”he said starring at me
“Says who! You ?”
“I brou-ght what you asked and in Exchange,You let Emma go” He said starring at me
Micheal took the papers from the guard and starred at it
“You did sign it and it’s all because of her, how love changes some one”Micheal said starring at me
“Let Emma go!” he said again
“You fool,You shouldn’t have come here,Did you think that if you walk in here, You will end up leaving alive?”Micheal asked
“Micheal! “I called after hearing what he just said
“I knew you wouldn’t let me leave here alive,I knew that that was your plan all along” He said
“Wow,You are so smart,That was one thing I liked about you,You are just too smart to be fooled”
“I will stay behind and in exchange you let Emma go”he said
“Am not going to leave you here”I yelled at him
“There is no nee-d to be ro-mantic in front of me,Emma isn’t leaving, i told you alre-ady,She is mine,So shall we begin?”He asked and at first I didn’t un-der stand what he meant but when his guards took hold of Brian and began to beat him,I finally un-der stood
“No! Let him go,St©p it!”I yelled at them and I would have run to him if Micheal hadnt hold me back
“Watch how I get rid of him,You have always meddled,Have always saved him all the time,Let’s see how you save him this time”He said harshly
“No plea-se don’t hit him any more,plea-se”I begged trying to pu-ll free.
They kept on hitting him and every time they did,His kept on spilling blood
“St©p it Micheal plea-se!”I yelled at him and with one hand raised his men st©pped
quic-kly I j£rked off my hand and ran towards Brian.
He layed on the floor and I crouched beside him,helping him to seat up
“Why did you come? You should have stayed back, This is all my fault”I said using the hand Ker chief given to me to clean off the blood
“Your safety is all that matters to me and nothing else Emma!”He said Holding onto my arm
“You fool! Micheal will certainly kill you and what about all my efforts to keep you alive,You never even thought of that “I said crying
“Don’t cry okay, i didn’t come here to see you cry” He said
“Enough of the lovey Dovey, continue”Micheal said behind me and quic-kly I hvgged Brian screaming at them to leave him alone
“Don’t t©uçh him okay, just leave him alone,Micheal st©p with your torturing,St©p it plea-se!”I begged
“Get out of there Emma,Don’t make me come get you”He said
“No,I won’t leave,If you are going to beat him,Then you will have to go throu-gh me”I said
“Emma! Just leave here”Brian said lightly
“No I won’t, At this rate they will succeed in killing you and if that happens,I will certainly die,Cause I can’t live with out you, Did you hear that Micheal,I can’t live with out him” I said ma-king Micheal boil with anger
“Have had enough of this!”He said walking towards me,He pu-ll-ed me by my hair
Brian stood up to st©p him but his guards held onto Brian.
“Let me go! Let me go,You creep”I yelled at him hitting his hand but he held ti-ghter
“I hate it when are near Brian,You are mine, mine!”he said hitting me in my stomach
I felt a lot of pain and for a while I wanted to [email protected] but he held me to him and I could ha-rd ly breathe.
I could heard his men beating up Brian again and silently I prayed,I prayed that some one who would help us would arrive soon.
Why had Brian come alone,I would have find a way to get out of Micheal clutches my self,Why did he have to risk his life for me,Why?
Just then a guard ran in yelling “It’s the police,It’s the police” And immediately every one began to run off.
Micheal tried to take me with him but with the little strength I had,I pushed him away and he let go of me.
I fell on the floor and starred at Brian who seems like he has lost consciousness.
While there was gun sh0t between the police and Micheal men
I crawled towards Brian and turned him to face me.
His face was full of blood and he had lost consciousness
“Brian! plea-se open your eyes,plea-se!”I said as I also felt dizzy and before I knew it I also lost consciousness and I fell on t©p of the Unconscious Brian.
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