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Emma’s secret Episode 33 & 34

(Living the life of a lie)
episode 33
BY: kebby NG
“Your Highness,I can’t get hold of investigator James”My PA said as soon as I got into the study
“Keep on trying! There is some thing I have to ask that man”I said
“Yes your Highness”He replied and I went out of the room in search of Dora to get her to tell me what she know
I got to my room and was about to get in when I heard her talking to Nina
“Why should I bother,When he has you, His saviour”I heard Nina say
“How can you say that feeling so calm, The man that almost died…… loves you”Dora replied
“But I don’t”On hearing Nina words, I felt like have just received a hvge b!ow.
Did she just say that she doesn’t love me, I thought as I moved near the door to hear what they were saying.
“How can you be this cruel”I heard Dora ask her
“Me cruel? This is not me being cruel, This is me trying to survive, If Brian is not with me then I won’t be any thing”She said
So she had been with me just to be some thing, What I heard about her not loving me, Is really the truth.
“Not when it comes to Brian”I heard Dora say again
“Ahhh…..have forgotten that you are In love with him”Nina said and I st©pped other thoughts to listen to what she was saying about Dora being in love with me
“Yes I do love him and I won’t sit back and watch you hurt him,It’s a pity that he fell for you,When you don’t love him”Dora defended me and her love for me
What is happening now is like a film, The girl I love doesn’t feel any thing for me but the girl I feel nothing but contempt for is in love with me.
“How could you!”I heard Dora say again
“To put you in your place my dear, No matter how ha-rd you protect him, He will never see you the way you want him to because I will always be the one he loves” Nina said and on hearing her approach the door, I hid beside the door and watch her leave the room.
I stood by the door, still Thinking about every thing have just heard when I heard Dora crying.
I stood by the door way, starring at her cry, That was why she was always around to keep me save
It was because she was in love with me where as have treated her with nothing but disdain, She might have some skeleton in her cu-pboard but I do know that her feelings towards me is genuine.
And that was why I am still waiting for her to come up stairs
She might be thinking that I have Nina with me.
She had the audacity to invite her self but I s£nt her away and from today on wards I will keep on doing so.
I looked at the time and saw that It was quite late,Won’t She be coming back,I thought as I waited.
Why am even waiting for her I don’t know but all I know is that I wanted her to be save at least
I got to the room and breathe in gently, At least he has asked Nina not to spend the night here and he probably would be asleep now
That was why I took long in coming back to the room
I opened the door and when I saw that the lights were off,I knew that he had fallen asleep
I began to move toward the bath room when suddenly the room was flooded with lights
“Why did you come back late?”He asked as he propped the pillow up so he can sit down on the be-d and i noticed that he hadnt change
“Sorry I woke you up,I will be more careful”I said
“Did I complain ? Why are you apologising?”
“I just had to, Why don’t you just continue to sleep, I will try not to make any noise” I said and went into the bath room
As soon as I was throu-gh., I went back to the be-d room only to find him ma-king the make shift be-d for me
What is going on with this man? I thought as I starred at him
“What are you doing?”I asked and as soon as he saw me, He stood up
“Ahhh……I was thinking that this make shift be-d is very uncomfortable for you ,Why don’t you just use the be-d”He said
I starred at the be-d and I saw him and Nina on it, Just knowing that the two of them shared the be-d put me off the idea completely
“No, I will rather use my be-d”I replied and went to [email protected] the be-d
“Are you sure that you will feel comfortable in that”He asked
“Have always been slee-ping on it, Am used to it alre-ady”I replied
“I was just thin……….”
“Go to sleep, Am feeling sleepy alre-ady”I said faking a yawn
“Okay then, Good night”He said gently and turned off the light.
I layed on the be-d,Thinking about what he just did.
Why is Brian suddenly being nice to me, Those were the thoughts that haunted me for a very long time before I finally fell asleep.
I woke up not to find myself on the make shift be-d but to find myself on the be-d.
How on earth did I get on the be-d, I thought as I turned only to find Brian beside me, Fast asleep
I stood up gently and would have gotten out of the be-d but his hand pu-lling me back st©pped me
“Just sleep here, You were having a night mare and when I had put you on the be-d you sle-pt off like a baby”He whispered this to me with his eyes closed
“Is that so?I do tend to have night mare ,Sorry I bothered you”I said trying to get up but he pu-ll-ed me back again
“Are you scared of some thing?”He asked this starring at me
“Why? Why do you ask”
“Well it’s just because you were crying when you had that night mare, You were saying, ‘ I will do it, Don’t harm him, I will do what ever you ask me’ Who were you dreaming of?” He asked
I alre-ady knew who I was dreaming of and I can’t tell him who it is, no matter what .
“No one”I lied
” I don’t believe you”He said
“Whether you believe me or not, I don’t care, Just mind your business and I will mind mine”I replied
“Who are you trying to protect ? Why won’t you talk to me”
“Because I don’t have any thing to say to you, Just mind your business “I said j£rking my arm free of him
“You acting like this only makes me doubt you”
“Have you ever believed me? St©p being a j£rk and just go to sleep”I yelled at him and went out of the room.
I layed on the be-d, Thinking about what I heard her say In her dream
I had woken up due to the room being cold and when I stood up to low the air condition, I saw her shaking on the be-d
She looked disturbe-d, I thought as I knelt beside her on the floor
“Dad! Daddy!”She whispered as I saw a tear sl!pfrom her face
“Don’t harm him plea-se! I will do it, Don’t harm him,I will do whatever you ask me to do”She said as she kept on crying
“Any thing but that! plea-se don’t ask me to do that”,She kept on rambling
I had to wake her up, I thought as I began to shake her gently
“Wake up Dora,Wake up”I said shaking her for about three times
She opened her eyes slowly and starred at me and before I knew it, She pu-ll-ed me into a hvg, A very ti-ght hvg
“Thank God you are safe” She whispered lightly and then she fell asleep on my arm
Not wanting to wake her up, I carried her to the big be-d and layed her in it.
I was about to leave when I realised that she was still holding my hand
Not wanting to wake her up, I decided to sleep on the be-d beside her.
For a long time I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about what she said.
“What are you protecting me from and why won’t you tell me”I whispered starring at her turned back.
As soon as it was day time, I left early to work and on my way to the car, I saw Nina in the garden
She had a smile on her face and was waving me off but I didn’t respond, What’s the ess£nce of Pretending when she doesn’t love me the way I love her , I thought as I got into the car.
“Get up you damn bit-ch!”Nina yelled angrily and that made me open my eyes
“Why are you shouting so early in the morning”I asked starring at her
“What did you say to Brian, What the hell did you say to him?” She asked
“I didn’t say any thing and what’s wrong?”
“Its so unusual for Brian to ask me not to sleep with but he did it yesterday night and I thought that every thing will be back to normal today but it’s much worse”
“What ever problem you have with Brian is your business, I have got nothing to do with it”I replied
“Liar! What did you say to him? Why is he being a j£rk to me?”She asked again
“I didn’t say any thing Nina, I don’t concern my self with your issues”I said standing up from the be-d
“St©p pointing f!ngersat me and ask him why he is being a j£rk towards you”I said and walked past her
“If Brian should leave me ,I will make sure the whole world know that you are not The real Dora Baxter”She said and that made me st©p
“What did you just say?”I asked
“You heard me perfectly and I mean every one of it”She added gently before leaving the room.
Episode 34
I stood watching Nina as she walked off, Would she really tell Brian the truth, Will she be willing to ruin all what Micheal have been planning for a long time
Not wanting to leave the discussion that way, I ran after her,Luckily I didn’t have the Escourts following me
“Are you crazy! what did you just say you will do?”I asked
“No am not crazy and you heard what I said”She replied
“You are saying you are willing to rat out Micheal just to get back at me”
“Who said any thing about rattling Micheal, I wasn’t talking about him, What I said is meant for you alone, I won’t only tell Brian, I will also make sure that you will be the one who takes all the blame”She told me angrily
“You wouldn’t do it”
“I have nothing to lose Emma, The only last thing have got was taken from me too and that’s because of you”
“I didn’t do any thing,why try to blame me if Brian isn’t paying attention to you “I asked
“Brian is only behaving that way because you are there Emma!”
“As you have said Brian hates me, Why would he concern him self with me now?”
“I don’t know how you did it but last night was the first time he told me to use the maid quaters, You would have been behind it!”She yelled at me
“I did no such thing Nina”
“Liar, You love him and you will be willing to do any thing just to get him to notice you”She yelled at me again
“Look there is no point in us arguing like this, You can be rest as-sured that Brian loves only you and I won’t try to get a man who loves some one else”I said and turned to leave when she said
“Prove it to me”.
“Prove what?”
“That you are not after my man”
Sighing gently I asked “What do you want me to do exactly?”
“You two will be leaving for The little coast town for the charity auction, I found out that I was not listed amongst the maid that will be there , I want you to take me and with every opportunity you get, You talk to Brian about me, In short do your utmost best to get us together ”
“And if I don’t succeed?”
“I might do some thing you would not expect and certainly some thing you wouldn’t like”She said angrily
“Fine, You can be rest as-sured because Brian loves only you and it won’t be a ha-rd thing to reconcile you both”
“I sure hope so “She said and walked off.
I sighed starring after her, It was one thing to be threatened by Micheal and it was another to be threatened by Nina.
Micheal still tre-ad with caution but am sure Nina wont hesitate to spill the whole thing.
Later that day with our bags packed in the car and all the Escourts re-ady, I walked out of the palace with Brian beside me
He was talking on the phone but he st©pped when he saw Nina amongst the group of escourts
“I want her to come with me”I said starring at him
“But there are enough maid, Must she come?”He asked tersely
“Yes and besides, You know you want her there” I said teasing him a bit
“No I don’t” was the the reply he gave me when he got into the limo.
I followed suit, While he focused on his work, I kept on wondering why he is acting this way with Nina
“Brian what is it”I asked and he stared at me
“What is what?”
“Why this sudden attitude towards Nina, She has been worried since last night “I lied
“You don’t nee-d to concern yourself with such issues” He replied
“Not when it is a problem for me too”I replied
“How is it a problem for you?”He asked
“Well, its just feels weird”I replied
“Are you perhaps worried about me?”He asked this question giving me a smile
“Worried? Am not worried about you”I replied
“Well then you don’t nee-d to know what is going on between Nina and me, Mind your business”He said and continued with his work
If he wouldn’t talk then how in the world am I going to know why he is acting that way to Nina.
I woke up when I saw the car had st©pped, During the ride I had sle-pt off like a log but it feels a bit strange, I had remembered laying my head on the head rest why is it that my head is on some one shoulders.
“If you have woken up just get up, We have arrived”He said
I got up and saw that It was his shoulders that I had been slee-ping on but how did that happen, I thought as I stared at him
I wasn’t given a chance to ask because he got out of the car and I did the same.
For the next few hours we were welcomed by the town head who was named Romeo and was introduced around by him.
The introduction ended well and We were taken to a camping ground and I was fascinated by the surrounding,This will be my first time am on a camping ground.
“To make you feel comfortable,We have decided to put you in the camping ground your Highness”The town Head said
“This will be better than booking us in an h0tel”Brian said too admring the whole thing
As soon as he left I turned to stare at him.
“Is staying here a good idea”I asked
“It is,It’s been so long since have done some camping”He said
“If we are to stay in a tent then you and I will be sharing one”I asked
“We are both married, Every one will expect it”He said giving me a smile before walking off.
“We hope the charity auction will go well tomorrow” Romeo the town head said beside me
“I hope so too” I replied
We were heading back to the camping ground when I saw Dora sitted un-der the tree with some children, Seems like she was re-ading them a story
“We are sorry we couldn’t make it to the wedding but I must say that you chose well your Highness, She is one fine lady” Romeo added starring at Dora
“Yes she is”I agreed starring at Dora
She was just saying it last night that she loved me but she is trying to make me reconcile with Nina.
Throu-gh the whole day, She has been finding a way to bring the two of us together, isn’t she hurt herself, She loves me but act like every thing is fine.
Its a pity though that I can’t feel the same way for her, I also won’t let her succeed in ma-king me reconcile with Nina.
The bit-ch doesn’t love me, She is only after me because of what she can gain, Each time I think about it, I get so angry that I feel like a fool for falling in love with a gold digging bit-ch like her.
While Romeo went to the little group to take away the kids, I secretly stared at Dora.
She looked a bit sad as she s£nd the kids off and when a girl ran back to her to give her a k!ss, She gave the girl a bright smile which made her look pretty, I thought as I kept on starring at the scene
She looked up and when she saw me,She gave me a smile, A smile I found myself returning.
What the hell is wrong with me, I shouldn’t be feeling this way, After all Dora had a lie of her own too, I shouldn’t be swayed by her charms or by anything.
“Enjoyed your day?”I asked as I moved towards her
“Yes,The kids were nice company”She replied
“Odd though,I remembered you didn’t like kids?”I asked to see her reaction but she gave nothing away
“Oh I do love them but I never showed it, Why don’t you go to the tent, I will join you after I finish with what am doing”She said
“You are fine with sharing a tent with me?”
“I am, After all we do share the same room” She said and gave me a smile before she walked off.
I don’t know why but each time she smile, I felt some thing In me stir, I just hope it’s not some thing serious.
I got to the tent only to find Nina In the sheets and judging from her appearance She, She was n-ked.
“What are you doing here!”I yelled at her
I sat on one of the empty seats,Starring at the stars.
Right now Brian would be reconciling with Nina, I had gone throu-gh a lot of trouble today just to achieve that and though it hurts I hope they can settle their differences
I stood up about to go to the another tent because I was sure that Nina will be sharing it with Brian tonight
Out of no where some one pu-ll-ed my arm and it was none other than Brian
“Why are you here! You are suppose to be reconciling with………”I st©pped when I saw the angry look he had on his face
“Just what the hell are you doing Dora!”He yelled at me
“I……”I couldn’t complete my s£ntence because I saw Nina running towards us
When she saw us,She stood where she was, Brian stared at her and then at me and without warning he pu-ll-ed me to him and k!ssme.
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