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Emma’s secret Episode 3 & 4

(Living the life of a lie)
Episode 3
“Where are we going Michael?” I asked as we were ushered into Michael car
“To see your second” He replied
“To see Dora Baxter but if am to be her,I can’t let her see me”
“Am not that stupid as to let her see you,I just want you to see her from a distance,If you at least see her,You will know how to act and behave” He replied
I kept quiet as the car kept moving, what have I gotten myself into? I thought as I stared out of the window
Not only will I be lying but I will be living the life of some one else and I will be asked to kill some one and he is not just any one
He is the prince, Next to the throne, How am I going to get out of this?
The car pu-ll-ed to a halt and the glas-s of the car was pu-ll-ed down
“There she is?” Looking at my side Michael stretched his hand and I stared outside
I [email protected] out loud when I saw Dora,She looked so much like me,The only difference was that she had her cut in a bob style and she was dressed in a sophisticated way
She looked so gorgeous and very rich.
She was talking to a man and am sure that the man was in his late fifties
She looked angry at the man in person and I was shocked with what she did next
She [email protected] the old man and yelled some insults at him before walking in
“As you can see yourself,Dora is some one who don’t tolerate any thing,She is very heartless and spoilt and she likes to get her own way” He replied
“And you expect me to act that way? Its a definite no,She was cruel to that man” I yelled at him
“Because he did something to annoy her and yes Emma,You have no choice than to act like her, You will be as heartless as she is ”
“I can’t possibly do this Michael! Can’t you just change your mind”
“As you have said,She is heartless, She would be the right one for your plan,She would have no problem killing The Pr…….” I couldn’t complete my s£ntence because Michael held my throat
“Not so loud okay! My plan Is not some thing you can just say out like that and you are the one I want to do the job,Dora might be heartless and cruel but she wouldn’t do the job the way I want it,I would rather have you do it than any one else” He retorted angrily
I nodded gently just as long as he can leave my throat because his hold on it was so painful
He let me go and I breathed in heavily holding unto my n£¢k
The car drove off and I clutched my n£¢k starring at him
Michael would f0rç£ me into doing this and I don’t want that,I don’t want it at all,As soon as he drops me off, I will get my dad transferred to another country and I will leave too
My little savings at the bank can help me achieve this,I only hope that Michael would not know of this new plan of mine, That I will be long gone before he tries to find me………
I sat in the restaurant,Waiting for my supposed bride – to-be to arrive
Though the restaurant had been reserved only for my purpose it still felt a bit stuffy
If I hadn’t been f0rç£d to come,I wouldn’t have showed up at all
But this marriage is important for the whole state
The merger between the Baxter and Stone company must move forward
And if it is delayed, The state would have to suffer for it
I stared up from my drink and saw my prospective bride walking in
Dora Baxter, The only daughter of minister Baxter
She is beautiful but unbearable,From what have heard from the people working for their family, I know that she would make a terrible queen
And the reason why have called her here is to try to make an arrangement with her
“Hello Brian” She drawled softly as she sat on her seat
“Don’t you think we aren’t that close enough for you to address me as Brian” I asked
“What? Isn’t that your name and am not used to saying your majesty, Your highness,It is not my forte” She answered maliciously
“Fine, Brian it is,Would you like us to order first or we should just get to the point” I asked lightly
“I prefer we get down to business, Have been wondering why you called for me suddenly, Ever since we got engaged you’ve avoided me as a plague and now this? Just tell me why You have called for me” fl!çk!ng her eyes at me she asked gently
“Your right have avoided you as the plague itself because am not really interested in this marriage just as you are not” I responded lightly
“And who told you that am not interested in this marriage?” She asked
“I know that you are not interested just as I am not interested, So have brou-ght this proposal to you”
“What is the proposal?” she asked mildly
“You still merge your company with ours and I give you [email protected] of a land that I own,It is very fertile and useful, it might get you more income in the future”
“So in other words, We still merge the company together and we don’t get married right?”
“Yes, You get half your share of the company and also the land and in exchange we don’t get married,What do you say?” I asked
She gave me a evil sm-irk before giving her response
“No,Its a no from me Brian…….I want the marriage, Its not that I love you or am dying to be with you but the prospect of being the future queen thri-lls me a lot, I want to be the Queen and its either you marry me or we forget this merger nons-en-se”
“To be blunt,I don’t see you as my future Queen, To me your not suited to be one” I retorted feeling angry
She stood up angrily starring down at me “How dare you say that? Am fit to be the queen”
“You are not,You lack all the qualities of being a queen”
She raised her hand wanting to hit my face but my guard was quic-k to st©p. Her
“Let go of me! Let me go ” She yelled at him angrily
“Your behaviour only shows how unfit you are to be the queen”
“Fine then! You don’t want me to be the queen right! Well you can forget about the merger because I will do my best to make sure that My dad doesn’t let you have your way” pushing the guard away she began to head out
I hadn’t planned for this meeting to go this way
If this merger wasn’t really nee-ded then I won’t be going to her to apologise
Walking off to meet her,I drew her back
“Let me go you fool” She yelled angrily
Only Dora Baxter could call me a fool and get out of it without getting hurt
“We still have to talk!”,
” I don’t have anything to say to you, How dare you criticise Dora Baxter,Who the hell do you think you are?”
“The prince and the next heir to the throne”
“To heck with you being the Prince, let me g………”
She couldn’t finish her words because I silenced her with a k!ss
It was quite swift and I felt nothing at all and immediately I let her go
“Am sorry Dora, Fine,You win, Let’s get married” I said defeated
“That’s nice,I will think about it” She responded lightly before walking away
I alre-ady know that her answer would be yes and just thinking about spending the rest of my life with her makes me feel sick
(Living the life of a lie)
Episode 4
By : Kebby NG
Packing my clothes and some other things necessary for my escape
I head out of the house wondering if it would be the last time I see the house again
This is all Michael fault, I thought as I hailed a taxi and got into it
Ever since he dropped me back home have began my plan of escape
When I was sure that he had left,I went straight to the hospital and got my father transferred with the help of my little savings and also with the help of the nurse taking care of my dad,It had become possible
As soon as I was sure that my dad will be fine,I [email protected]£ back home and book a train ticket
Having made all the arrangements I took the taxi heading for the station
I prayed silently,Hoping that when Michael notice our disappearance,We would have been long gone.
As soon as the taxi st©pped,I got out of the car heading into the train station
The ringing of my phone st©pped me and I when I saw the caller I felt so scared
“Hello” I answered the phone
“Its me Emma” The nurse with my father said lightly
“What happen?” I asked alre-ady knowing the answer
“We were st©pped by some men and they have taken us hostage”
“Are you hurt? Did they hurt anyone of you?” I asked
“No we weren’t hurt but they f0rç£d me to tell them where you are and I had no option than to tell them,Am sorry my child” She apologised gently
Knowing the kind of person Michael is,I knew that he would have threatened the nurse with some thing for her to have tell him where I was
“Its okay Nurse Lucia, He would have find me even though I had ran a way” I responded sadly
“Hello Emma” on hearing his voice behind me, I turned quic-kly and saw Michael starring at me
He snatched the phone away from me and held me by my arms
“Think you could [email protected] right! You know that I would always be one step ahead of you” He said looking so angry
“Let me go Michael” I said trying to break free of his hold
“Just shut up, How dare you try to run away uh? After my warning, Your father and that stupid nurse will have to pay for it all” He replied angrily
“Don’t you hurt them okay,Don’t you dare!” I yelled up at him
“You don’t have any right to make any demand, So just shut up” he replied pushing me into the car
I moved to the far end not wanting to be close to him
“Think your so smart as to leave without my notice,Am I that stupid to you?” He questioned harshly
“No,You are not,Your any thing but stupid but for once I thought I could get out of this ” I said gently
“You should know that I can’t let you go now, Your the most important tool for my plan and I won’t let you go easily”
“Can’t you see that am not fit for all this,I could mess up along the way an……..ooouch your hurting me!” I gro-an ed out in pain when he held my chin r0ûghly
“You have no say in this,You are to do what i say and that is what you will do okay,No more fuss ” he yelled at me and I had no option than to keep quiet
“Tonight will be the night we start the plan” He said after a while
“That soon” I asked
“Yes,The more we [email protected],The more it takes long,That good for nothing prince keeps on meddling and getting in my way,I want that to end as soon as possible ”
“So What are you going to do now?” I asked
“Your father will be kept in my custody and then the real Dora Baxter will be killed tonight”
“But have told you not to hurt her”
“She has to be gone completely, She has to die so that the path can be cleared for us,No matter what,I must succeed with my plan”
“So if you plan to kill the real Baxter, How would I come in?” I asked
“As of now,Her break is being cut,The real Dora will get in the car and then she would crash her car”
“My men would be there to get her out of the car and then you will get in and pretend to be her”
“But I won’t have any injury!”
“That can be solved with a bit of accident,Don’t worry you won’t be hurt too much, I have to make this perfect Emma and I won’t let you ruin it,I mean it”
The car st©pped in front of a beauty salon
“We are going to get you to look like her”
“I can’t believe this is happening ?” I muttered to myself
“It is,And you better believe it” He responded harshly
The next few minutes was taken by the hair stylist who made me look exactly Like Dora
When she finished I was quite shocked with how have changed
Giving her a hvge amount of money,Michael pu-ll-ed me away from the salon and into the car
“Where are we going to now?” I asked feeling angry
“To buy you some clothes?”
“For what exactly?”
“Dora clothes is quite different from yours, if you get to the hospital and they see that you’ve been wearing your rag,They would suspect some thing,Dora never dress like you” He said
I didn’t respond and I was silent when we got to the boutique too
I was dressed in a back silk go-wn and if it weren’t for the situation,I would have liked the dress but I don’t like it
We got back into the car and soon we were at a house
“Where is this?” I asked
“Where your father is being kept” He replied
“Can I go and see him”
“No, I just brou-ght you here, so you can see this place and know that he is here and that any ru-bbish from you,This house will be burnt down and your father will be in it”
“Don’t hurt him plea-se!” I begged
“Just do as I say and all will be well” He replied tapping my cheek
The car drove off once again and it was getting darker
The car st©pped in a street and we got down.
I saw five of his men by the street alre-ady waiting for him to return
“Why are we here?” I asked
“Dora car will be driving pas-s soon and we must be re-ady” He said
“There is one thing Michael,I don’t know any thing about Dora or her life”
“Then you will learn during the whole act, Now its time to get you re-ady ” He said and before I could st©p him
He hit me on the face so ha-rd that I was dizzy for a while
The next thing I heard was a car bashing into a tree
Throu-gh my dizziness,I could see Michael men heading to the car to pu-ll out Dora
And I was lifted by Michael himself to the car
I saw a bloody Dora being lifted out of the car
I felt so sick and sad that I could not do a thing for the poor girl being taken away
I was gently placed in her seat and Michael made my head fall on the steering wheel,ma-king it look like I had an accident
The last thing I saw was Michael Smiling at me
“Sleep ti-ght,When you wake up again, Your life won’t be the same again” His final words finally made me lose consciousness.
* * *
The sun pene-trating in throu-gh the window woke me up
I opened my eyes only to find my self in a room
Taking In the surrounding I knew that I was in an hospital
Memories of what happened last night flashed into my head
Just remembering what happened to Dora made me cry softly
Knowing that Am now f0rç£d to live her life made me cry ha-rder
The door bur-st open and I saw a guy walk in
He was the same one in the ph0to,The one I was asked to kill,Michael mortal enemy,Brian stone!!!
“How do you feel?” [email protected] from having a handsome face,He also have a perfect voice
I thought as I kept on starring at him and just then the door opened and someone walked in
Looking at the door,I [email protected] out in dismay when I saw the person
Why is he here!!!
T B C….😍

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