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Emma’s secret Episode 29 & 30

(Living the life of a lie)
Episode 29
By : Kebby NG
“where is Nina!!!”He yelled again
“I…..I really don’t know”I replied
“The video caught Nina leaving the house but when it got to bond Street the car disappeared along with Nina,It was later on that the [email protected]£ra caught you getting into the car, For an hour and half you both were missing, Tell me where you went to ? ” He asked
I stared at him in shock, I just couldn’t tell him that Micheal had abducted the two of us and had kept Nina as hostage while he made me return to the church.
I had to think of some thing to say before he finds a way to make me tell him the truth.
“I was on my way to the airport when I got her call, She asked me to meet her at a little h0tel on the opposite street that led to bond Street”I began the lie
“She told me that she couldn’t get married to you and had no other choice and she begged me to take her place while I took hers”
“I didn’t want to do it at first but she told me that if I didn’t go, That she wouldn’t either, She would leave you standing on the altar and I didn’t want that for you,So I [email protected]£ instead”I finished
“Who are you to know what’s right for me! You should have left me there waiting for her,You shouldn’t have married me pretending to be her”He yelled at me
“Am sorry if I lied but I couldn’t have left you there on your own”I said
“It was none of your business, You had a choice Dora but you chose to come back and your coming back has only ruined my life” He yelled at me
“I will look for Nina and when I do find her,Our marriage will be annulled”He said before leaving the room.
I sat on the be-d feeling so broken and sad, if he only knew the real reason why Nina never made it to the church.
“I will look for Nina and when I do find her our marriage will be annulled”
Remembering his threat made me spring into action
I picked up the phone and dialled Micheal number.
It rang for at least three times before he picked
“It better be for a good reason that you are calling me at this time”He said angrily
“Brian wants to find Nina!” I said
“I don’t know how he knew but he was here a while ago demanding from me where Nina could be?”
“And what did you tell him?”
“That she left instead of me but I doubt if he buy the lies, You caused all this Micheal find a solution as soon as possible”I said
“Shut up,Am trying to thinking!”He said
“Then you better think cause I don’t know any more lies to Feed to him”I said and cut the call
I sat on the be-d hoping that Micheal finds a solution before it’s too late for us.
Fully dressed in a beautiful exotic go-wn, I strolled around the [email protected], Checking all is going well and being the perfect host and wife for prince Brian
The [email protected] was in honour of the king and queen who were [email protected] their anniversary
I stood by the corner watching the two couples smiling at each other ,You could Tell by just looking at them that they loved each other.
Some how I wish that Brian would love me the same way I love him,I thought starring at him
He was occu-pied with the minister talking to them.
“You don’t have to stay here and ogle him, Go to him and give him a k!ss”Natasha said behind me
“Natasha, I thought you said you couldn’t make it”I asked
“I thought I couldn’t but here I am”She said giving me a smile
“I will go and say hello to my parents”She said walking off.
I stared out side,Expecting to see Micheal but he was no where to be found.
I was still thinking about it when my phone began to ring again
I picked only to see that it was Micheal calling
“Go to the balcony, I want you to see some thing”He said
“Are you out of your mind, There is a [email protected] going on, I just can’t leave”I muttered irritatingly
“You asked me to do some thing about Nina and that’s why have asked you to go to the balcony”He said
On hearing that it’s a way to fixing the problem with Nina, I went to the balcony.
“Am there now! What should I see ?”I asked
“Just stay there,Some thing will happen soon”He replied and before I could ask him what he switch off the phone.
I stood there waiting for some thing to happen and since nothing did,I turned to leave only to st©p when I saw Brian running into the garden.
Why is he there and what was he looking for? I thought starring at him
Just then Nina walked into the garden and I stared in shock
But how come? Why is Nina here? I was still thinking when I saw Brian running to her to pu-ll her into his arms
He held her fiercely and if it wasn’t that the garden wasn’t facing the hall, Am sure that he wouldnt be hvgging her.
He re-leased her and k!$$£d her and silently I watched the whole thing
They looked good together and am sure that Brian will be thri-lled to have her with him.
My phone began to ring again and it was Micheal
“See! I managed to handle it well”He said expecting some gratitude from me
If only he knew that he just made things worse.
By bringing Nina Back,I have no doubt now that Brian would never look my way.
“Yes you did !”I replied and cut the call and then I headed back to the [email protected]
I layed on the be-d with Nina in my arms,I still can’t believe that she is here with me,When I got her call a few hours ago, I thought it was all a lie,it wasn’t until I saw her in the garden that I knew it wasn’t a lie.
“Don’t you ever leave again!”I said
“I won’t,Am here to stay for good”She replied k!ss!ngmyl-ips.
The door opened and who I dre-aded not to interrupt us walked in
“Sorry that am intruding……..”She began
“You really have the knack on getting on some one nerves,You saw me coming in here with Nina right! So why did you come up here, Can’t you wait for a while,I had ba-rely had enough time with her”I yelled at Dora
“Don’t be like that to her,She must have some thing important to say when she walked in”Nina said
“Some thing important like what? She did it on purpose,Just like she did when she married me, Well listen good Dora,Now that Nina have returned be expecting the divorce”i said and saw her flin-ch a little
“Am not here to cause any trouble,I just [email protected]£ to tell you that a Mr Hopkins is here to see you and he says that it’s urgent”She said and left the room.
On hearing that I excused myself from Nina and went to the study
“Am sorry but I didn’t notify you,Have found Nina so you don’t have to worry about your investigation”I said
“I didn’t exactly come for Nina”He said
“What then?”I asked
“I have some thing I want to show you and it’s about your wife, Your Highness”He said looking so serious
What did he know about Dora, I thought starring at him
episode 30
“What’s the some thing that you have to tell me about my wife”I asked as I sat on the empty seat while I point at the other seat for him to seat on .
As soon as he sat on the chair,He brou-ght out some folders
“While doing the search for Nina,I found some thing that is unsual about your wife”He said
“And what’s that? “I asked again
“On the night of your engagement [email protected], She had a crash, A crash which it’s not possible for some one to survive”
“Yes I remember seeing the car,It was damaged,I some times wonder how she survived?”I replied
“Don’t you find it odd that she only got injured with a little bruise and while I did my research today,I found out that the doctor prognosis had been changed”
“What the doctor told you Is different from what really happen to her!”He said pushing a file in front of me
I picked it up and re-ad what was on it, According to the result, There was nothing wrong with her [email protected] from the hit she had received on the mouth.
“I remembered asking her that day why there was a briuse on her mouth but I couldn’t ask any more because her parents interrupted us ” I replied gently
“Are you thinking what am thinking your Highness”He asked starring at me
“What are you thinking?”I asked knowing that my mind was too shocked to receive any more surprise
“The person living with you is not the real Dora or perhaps she could have an explanation to all this”He said starring at me
I stood up and went to stand by the window, It can’t possibly be true right!
She is surely The Dora I know, it can’t possibly be some one else, I thought as I kept on starring out side
“It has not been decided yet your Highness,I might be wrong and she might be the real the Dora, Am still investigating it and as soon as I get some thing concrete, I will bring it to you”He said and bowed before leaving the room .
I stood by the window, Thinking about the possibility of Dora not being the real Dora.
It all started when she woke up after the accident, The first thing she did that surprise me Was to apologise, Some thing Dora would never do.
And then her sudden change and cool reserve, I had thought back then that it was because she was about to die and that made her change but it turned out that she is not even Dora
“No ,No let’s not jump into conclusions, Dora is still Dora and nothing will change that fact, The investigator had said that he was not really sure, So we can’t jump into conclusion yet,We can’t “I said to myself
Just thinking that the person out there is not the real Dora gave me shivers
I went out of the study and was heading to my room when I saw her.
She was with her own maid and she was yelling at one of them.
“You just don’t un-der stand, How will this darn stain come off now!”She yelled at the maid who Kept on begging her
She hissed and walk off and I stood watching every thing
“The investigator is only exaggerating! un-derneath the gentle behaviour,There is still some of her viciousness”I muttered to myself
I won’t believe until the investigator proves me wrong
“Being the crown princess, Some rules and regulations nee-d to be followed”The instructor who was hired to teach me every thing about being the future queen continued to re-ad from the text book while my mind was miles away.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Why the hell am I feeling this way? Seeing Brian and Nina earlier got me angry and for the first time in my life, I lashed out at a poor maid who was doing her work
Why did I have to fall for him, Even though Nina doesn’t deserve him, I know that I can’t ruin every thing by telling him the truth about Nina.
For as long as I will stay here, I will just have to see them every day and bear the pain
And though it might be ha-rd , I will just have to tolerate it,I thought as I sighed bringing the instructor attention on me
“Are you okay your Highness? “She asked starring at me
“Yes, I was just thinking about some thing” I replied
“This is really important your Highness, You have to concentrate,I was told to make sure you learn all this, It’s for the up coming coronation”She said
“Coronation? Why wasn’t I informed about this?”I asked
“I shouldn’t have said that! It’s still meant to be a secret, plea-se don’t say a thing your Highness”The lady begged
“I won’t only if you tell me about this coronation stuff” I asked
“Well the coronation is when the older king leaves the throne for the younger one, The king will be handing over the throne to prince Brian and since you are his wife the queen will also be doing the same thing”
“What am teaching you are the things you have to know before that day comes and so plea-se your Highness pay your utmost attention,I don’t want any thing to go wrong” she added
“Nothing will happen”I said as I took the book, ma-king it known to her that have decided to pay attention.
As soon as I finish attending the clas-s, I went straight to the room to rest for a while.
Not a sign of Nina and Brian , Brian will certainly be at work and Nina would also be busy working as a maid.
“I will only be using the be-d for a while”I said to myself knowing that for the time I would be slee-ping, No one would interrupt.
pu-lling off the heels, I layed on the be-d using the sheets to cover my self.
“Just for a while”I muttered before finally falling asleep.
“The charity ball will be held in a few days and you have to attend the state minister in auguration which Will be taking place this Friday and also…….”
“Can you st©p for a while?”I said and my PA stared at me
“But your Highness, I…….”
“I don’t feel too well, Cancel every other appointment I have,I nee-d to rest for today”I said getting up
“But your Highness, We still have to attend…..”
“Not now,I nee-d to rest,Just make them tomorrow”I said again and left the office.
I haven’t been able to concentrate and it’s all because of what the investigator told me
No matter how I tired to forget, it keeps on coming back to me.
I just nee-d a good sleep, A good sleep will certainly bring me back to my normal self.
The car st©pped in front of the palace and I went in
There was no sign of Nina,She would be busy with the other maid and as for Dora, She will still be taking her clas-s, With the coronation coming close, She will be busy learning things about the royal family though I would prefer Nina to be the one doing it rather than her.
I got to the room and took off my suit And shoes, with the rest of the clothing, I got on the be-d.
The curtains had been pu-ll-ed and it was dark inside, I didn’t bother with the lights because it wasn’t necessary.
As soon as I sle-pt on the be-d, I felt some one there alre-ady and guessing who it might be, I smiled and pu-ll-ed her close to me.
She had her back to me and I couldn’t see her face but I knew who it was.
She snuggled close and I held her closer, feeling contented, I sle-pt off too.
I woke up to find a pair of arms wra-pped around me.
I tried to pu-ll away but the arms around me held me ti-ghtly.
“Where do you think you are going! You haven’t even given me a proper k!ssyet, I missed you and I was thinking about you all day”[email protected] said behind me
I couldn’t say a thing, I knew what his reaction would be when he finds out that am not the one expected on the be-d
“Always stay like this with me, You don’t know how much I missed you when you left, You shouldn’t have let Dora take your place, I told you that I will protect you but you had to get scared and made every thing worse”He continued
I layed in his arms listening to every thing he was saying
“Now that you are here,I don’t plan to let you go Nina, Not now or ever! Did you hear me”He asked and i nodded in silence
“Why aren’t you talking with your mouth?”He asked re-leasing his hold on my [email protected]!st.
I stood up quic-kly , Wanting to escape but he pu-ll-ed me back and I fell right on his b©dy.
On seeing that it was me ,He opened his eyes Looking shocked
“What are you doing. Here? “He asked looking at me with anger.

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