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Doctor cutie final Episode

[Love cures All]
Episode 57. {#final_episode}
By: Racheal Dennis||
|| Aurora/Phoebe ||
Britt balanced my wheelchair opposite her seat, she sat down and a waiter approached our table.
We placed our orders and he left.
Brittany giggle happily as she stares at her f!nger on the table, she waves her ring I’m front of my eyes and I shake my head.
“Alright! I know you are getting married soon, you don’t have to shove it in my face!” I rolled my eyes.
She laughed.
“I can’t believe he proposed! I thought he wasn’t serious with us but,,,, boom! He surprised me!” She said.
“Yeah, I’m happy for you, you deserve to be happy, Britt”
He reaches for my hand across the table and squee-ze it gently.
“Not only me, you too, you deserve to be happy and thankfully you are with a God fearing man,,,, even though he doesn’t go to church” we laughed at her statement.
I shake my head, I know Dean is a good man. In fact, he’s too good for me.
“My dear, Rora, don’t worry. I know the General is searching for the perfect diamond ring, he’ll propose soon”
The waiter comes back with our orders and drop it on the table.
“Enjoy!” He said and left.
She cut a piece of pizza and put in her mouth, she start to chew, then she [email protected]
“How about we both have our wedding the same day!”
I drop my pizza and sigh.
“Britt, I,,,,, ”
“Oh my gosh! It’s gonna be amazing! You know, two best friends getting married to two brothers on the same day!”
“We can’t,,,,, ”
“we are gonna make the headlines! We’ll be the talk of the town!”
Why does she keeps cutting me off. I gr-ab her hand to get her attention.
“I’m not getting married!!”
She paused and look at me, she bur-st into laughter.
“Funny!” But she st©pped laughing when she realizes I’m being serious. “Wait,, you are serious!”
I nod. “That’s the main reason I [email protected]£ out with you”
She dropped her pizza.
“Why? Is the General not re-ady or what?”
“It’s not Dean, it’s me”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t want to marry him. I can’t marry him”
She stares at me in confusion, her mouth slightly open.
“Why? I thought you two are so in love?”
“Yes, Dean love me and I’m very grateful for that. But I’ll leave right after I have this baby, I’ll leave him and Dean un-der your care. plea-se take care of them for me”
“Wait! You’re leaving? Where are you going? And why are you leaving?”
“Well, you might not know this but after that incident with Jeremy’s men, doc Lee said I won’t have any more kids in the future. So, I want to leave after having this one, I can’t hold Dean down with my childlessness”
“What?! Are you,,,,,”
“Britt, don’t try to persuade me. Look at me, I’m a cripple now even though it’s temporary but I’m still a cripple. Who knows when I can walk again,,,,aside that, Dean is a good man and he deserves to be happy. I can’t give him a happy home, I can’t offer him the happiness he wants,,,,”
She interrupts me with a ban-g on the table.
“Rora, what is wrong with you?! What negative thoughts are exactly running in your head?!”
“Shut up! Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking, I’m not done talking! Who said you are childless? You are not childless because you are alre-ady carrying a child in your wo-mb!! You said you want to leave? Have you forgotten what you went throu-gh growing up without a mother’s love and care? Are you so heartless that you want your child to pas-s throu-gh that experience too? And wait, will you be at peace knowing your child is somewhere un-der someone else’s care? Won’t you be worrying if he’s eating enough? Getting enough sleep?”
She is right, I can’t be that cruel to my son, he won’t forgive me when he grows up.
“Right! I will take him with me, but take care of Dean for me. I,,,,,”
“Shut up, Rora!! Are you listening to yourself?! You think if you leave the General is gonna find happiness? No, he won’t! He’ll be miserable and blame himself for not taking good care of you, haven’t you forgotten all he’s done for you? Rora, he killed his own father to avenge yours, he did that to make you happy, to prove his love for you. And you, how did you intend to repay him? By leaving him!! Rora, you are my best friend, my sister, I can’t watch you take a decision that you are gonna regret in the future. If you leave the General, I swear, you are gonna regret it. You will feel guilty all your life, so plea-se don’t leave. The General loves you, he madly in love with you, plea-se don’t leave him”
She got up from her chair and knelt down, I look around, some people are looking our way. They might be thinking we are a l£sb!ancouple.
“plea-se, Rora, don’t leave. We are all here for you, the General loves you”
“But what if he wants other kids in the future?”
“Don’t you believe in miracles? I do, miracles do happen”
Thinking about all she’s said, she is right. I really didn’t think de-ep, it’d be selfish of me to leave Dean now. He waited ten years for me, he saved my Mom and avenge my Dad.
He did all that because he loves me, if I really want to repay, I should stay with him for all his life.
“You are right, Britt. I’m not gonna run away, I will stay with Dean and our baby, we’ll give our baby a complete home!”
She smiled and quic-kly got up, she hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“That’s what I’m talking about!”
“Where did I find a friend like you?!”
“I’m a miracle in your life, I’m your guardian angel!” She wi-nk at me.
I yawned as she unwra-p her arms around me.
“Can we head back now? I’m feeling quite dizzy!”
“Ok!” She put some money on the table, with a lot of ti-ps.
I [email protected] and my eyes grew wi-de.
“That’s a lot of ti-ps!”
She rolled her eyes.
“Your b©yfri£ndis a freaking multi-billioniare! Don’t behave as if you are poor” she scold me.
“You don’t know, he seized my credit card so I’m broke now!”
She laughed and mock me as she pushes my wheelchair.
Entering the mansion, we saw everyone standing in the living room, Mrs Morgan kneeling in front of Mr Morgan.
Dean and Javier stands in a corner glaring daggers at her.
“Smith, I’m so sorry, I really do love. When I realized I’m in love with you it was alre-ady too late, I couldn’t tell you the truth, I was scared you’d kick me out” she cries.
Hi us on plus two three four eight zero five five eight eight nine one eight three on watsapp to get added to our group.
Mr Morgan look at her with pitiful eyes, he seems like he wants to forgive.
“Nancy, do you know how heartbreaking it is to find out the love of your life is selling you out?”
“I’m sorry, I really,,,, I’m sorry, so sorry!”
Mr Morgan raises her up and k!$$£d her forehead.
“I have forgiven you because I once loved you,,, heck, I even love you till now, but I’m not the one you hurt most. It’s our son, Ian, if he can forgive then I’ll accept you back!”
She turned to Dean with her teary eyes, she reaches out for Dean but he move away.
“Son, my son, I’m sorry,,, I know I’m wrong,, I was so wrong and I’m sorry, plea-se forgive me. Forgive your Mom, ok? I promise I won’t do anything to bring to this family no more,,,, I know I was greedy back then, I’ve realize my mistakes”
Dean is fuming, I can tell he’s trying so ha-rd to contain his anger. I move my wheelchair towards him and take his hand in mine.
“Dean, plea-se, I’m begging on her behalf. plea-se forgive her, she has realize her mistakes”
“My Phoebe,,,, ”
“plea-se, look, even your dad has forgiven. plea-se forgive her too and this family will be complete”
He grunt.
“You know I can’t say no to you, why did you have to beg for her”
“Does that mean you forgive her?”
He hesitate a little before he pu-ll-ed her in for a hvg.
“I forgive you Mom”
Mrs Morgan cried on his shoulder, she couldn’t express her gratitude with words but her tears said it all. Mr Morgan move closer and join the hvg, Javier quic-kly join too.
I smiled, it’s good this way.
“You are good at advising other people, but you can’t seem to advise yourself, why?” Brittany asked me and I shrug.
She clears her throat and they break off the hvg.
“Now everyone is happy, let’s start ma-king preparations for my wedding!”
“Yay!!!” We the women yells excitedly.
The three men exchange looks and shake their heads.
7 months later…..
“Britt, you are so beautiful in this go-wn!” I spoon over Brittany’s wedding go-wn.
I know what y’all are thinking, how can we plan a wedding for 7months, right? Well, a certain someone wanted the perfect wedding.
“Thanks, Rora. But I’m freaking nervous!”
“Don’t be, your groom is not gonna eat you,,,, unless you ask him to”
She hits my stomach and I [email protected]
“Oh my world! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, little Dean, did I hurt you?”
“It’s fine” I said and ru-b my stomach.
I’m so showing alre-ady, I’ll drop in two weeks and I’m so looking forward to it,,, to see my baby and carry him in my arms.
“Girls, it’s time!” My Mom said from outside the room.
“Ok!” I replied.
Brittany takes a de-ep breath and exhale slowly.
“Are you re-ady?”
“If you ask me that question the answer I’ll give will always be no, so st©p asking and let’s go”
I chuckle but help her up. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, I got rid of my wheelchair 5months ago.
The theme song [email protected] I walk Brittany down the isle, I’m the one giving her away since she has no relatives and I’m the closest person she calls family.
Halfway throu-gh the isle, I halt abruptly which also made Britt halt too. I feel something liquid flow down in between my legs, wait,, am I peeing myself?
Brittany looked at me in confusion.
“Why did we st©p?” She asked.
“I think I just peed myself!”
She frown but suddenly [email protected] loudly.
“Your water broke!! You’re going into labor!!” She exclaimed.
“What?! But it’s not my due [email protected]£!!” I panicked.
I look around everyone is staring at us in confusion, they are wondering what is happening. My gaze move to the altar, I lock gaze with Dean and try to signal him that something is wrong but he’s not getting it.
“Wait, I’ll go get the General” Britt said and run towards the altar.
I start feeling tiny pain, I look up and see Dean running towards me.
“Priest, let’s skip everything, ask us the question” I hear Britt tell the priest.
Dean reached where I am and wra-p his arm around my [email protected]!st.
“My Phoebe, what’s wrong?!”
As if his question increa-sed the pain, I [email protected] and shoot him a very harsh glare.
“I’m in labour! Can’t you see that?!” I growled at him.
“Labour? What should I do? Should I call doc Lee?” He asked in a panicked tone.
Why is he suddenly so dump?! I pinched his shoulder as ha-rd as I can.
“Take me to a freaking hospital” I yelled at him.
Honestly, this pain is killing me.
“Oh, right, hospital,,,, [email protected]! [email protected]! [email protected]!”
“Yes, General”
“Get the car re-ady, My Phoebe is in labor!!”
He carried me in his arms and head towards the church exit.
“I do!” I hear Britt say before Dean steps out of the church.
Labor room…..
“Miss Cox, push ha-rder!”
I shake my head, tears flowed down my cheeks I bite down on my lower l!pha-rd and squee-ze Dean’s hand to the extent I hear some cracking sound.
Yeah, I didn’t let go of his hand, so he had to follow me into the labour room.
“I can’t do this,,, I can’t do it,,”
“You can do this Miss Cox, just believe in yourself and give me a little push” the doctor told me
I nod and tried to push again but I couldn’t.
“Oh, no,, I’m gonna die,,, I’m gonna die,, I can’t do this,, ”
“My Phoebe, you are not gonna die, you are not doing this alone, we are doing it together and I believe we can do it, just,,,,,, ”
” Shut up, you bastard Dean!! This is all your fault!!” I squee-zed his hand ha-rder.
I hear him hisses in pain but I don’t care, I’m the one going throu-gh hell
“Yes it’s my fault,,, but plea-se try your best and give us a little push”
“I can’t, Dean”
“Of course you can, just think about how beautiful our baby will be,,,, she’ll have your beautiful eyes, your k!ssablel-ips and,,,,, ”
I tone him out as I begin to imagine how my baby will look like.
“I must see my baby, I must,,, I must,,,,, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Then I hear it. A cry. A baby’s cry. My baby’s cry.
But I couldn’t see my baby’s face before I sl!pinto darkness.
*She is so cute!*
*She looks so much like her Mom!*
*I’m so gonna spoil her with lots of pres£nts!*
*My niece is so pretty, I bet she’ll have boys lining up in our mansion!*
I open my eyes slowly, I notice someone is holding my hand. I look at the person and noticed it’s Dean.
“Dean?” I called him weakly.
His head instantly sh0t up when he hears my voice.
“My Phoebe! You are awake!”
I’m suddenly crowded immediately he said that, I look around, everyone is here. My Mom, Mr and Mrs Morgan, Javier and Brittany, Britt is carrying my baby and she is still on her wedding go-wn.
I smiled.
“Rora, your baby is so cute!” Brittany said.
“Thank God, the mother and child are safe and healthy!” Mr Morgan said.
“Hey, Aurora, have you guys thought of a name?” Javier asked.
Dean looked at me as if he’s waiting for me to say a name. I open my arms and Britt hands my baby to me.
I look at her face with a satisfied smile, I k!$$£d her forehead gently.
“This baby is my joy, I’ll call her Joy!”
“Ian, do you have a name in mind?” Javier asked him.
“No, we’ll call her, Joy Ian Morgan!” He replied.
“That’s a name” Mom pipe in, she carried the baby and coo her. Mrs Morgan also was smiling and [email protected]£ss!ngthe baby’s cheek softly.
Dean take my hand and ru-bs it gently.
“My Phoebe, we have been throu-gh a lot,,, we have been throu-gh the toughest times together. I’m not a good man, I’m not perfect and I always make mistakes, but you stood by me and even gave me a baby. You la-id down your life to bring our little Joy into our lives,,, I’m not much of a talker and I can’t promise you the whole world, but I can make you happy and that is the only promise I will make to you,,,,, so,,,, ”
He goes on one knee.
“plea-se marry me! Make my happiness complete by being my bride”
Everyone is look at me and waiting for my approval. I faced Dean and shake my head.
“B-but,,,, I can’t have anymore babies. You,,,,,”
“Who said I want another baby, I’m happy with just you and our little Joy. I just want the two of you in my life,,,, plea-se marry me”
I smiled and with tears brimming in my eyes I nod my head and yells.
“Yes!! I’ll marry you, Dean!!”
He sli-pped the ring in my f!ngersas everyone start hooting happily. He crash hisl-ips on mine and I close my eyes to savour the moment.
This is every girls dream! I couldn’t ask for more.


  1. Beauty

    This Story Is Really Amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
    Am in love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ already.
    Love in the air!!!!

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