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Doctor cutie Episode 49 & 50

[Love cures All]
Episode 49.
By: Racheal Dennis||
|| Ian/Dean ||
Great anger erupt within at the sight of My Phoebe laying on the looking so lifeless.
Every [email protected] of her b©dy wra-pped in boundages. My eyes zeroed on her leg, my frown de-epens even more when I saw how big and de-ep they sliced her skin.
Her face is almost unrecognizable, small cuts cover every inch and her bruisedl-ips are pale.
I fist my hands and my breath quic-kens a hundred times, my heartbreaks for her as I close my eyes and imagine how she must have suffered and how she is going throu-gh.
I’m gonna make them pay!! They will regret ever messing with a General’s lady!!
[email protected]!!”
He rushed in.
“Yes, General”
“Go get the car re-ady! We are going back to the mansion right now!”
“Yes, General” he leaves.
I lean forward and place a lingering k!sson her forehead, I move to her stomach and placed another lingering k!ssthere too.
“Baby, be strong and be good to your Mom, help her recover quic-kly. I’ll be back soon, before I get back make sure your Mom is fine, ok?” I whisper to my son, I can feel it that he heard me.
I step out of the room and saw 10 of my strongest guards, personally trained by me, these 10 fought side by side with me on the battlefield.
They are almost as good as I, and honestly three of them once bested me in the training ground.
“Listen up! Guard this room with your lives!!”
“Yes, General” they chorused.
“Nothing should go wrong! Or you’ll pay with your lives!!”
“Yes, General” they chorused again. I nod and head out, time to have some fun.
|| Authoress ||
Ian strode in his dungeon and saw the five kidnappers chained against large poles.
A table and chair is alre-ady set awaiting his arrival, he walk towards the chair and sat down. He clenched his jaw as he look at their faces.
“I’m disappointed! There’s no single handsome face that I’ll be glad to destroy!” He sighs and shake his head. “But don’t worry, I’ll be glad to make your ugly faces more scarier”
Fear flashed throu-gh their faces as they look at each other, they didn’t see this coming.
[email protected]!”
“I’m here, General”
Ian sm-irked slyly when he saw fear in their eyes.
“Get me my box of five hundred daggers, I wanna [email protected]
“Yes, sir” [email protected] goes to a corner, he pushed a bu-tton and a draw comes out of the wall.
The kidnappers [email protected] loudly when they saw torture tools. Ian chuckles evilly.
“Easy, my friends, there’s enough for everyone and I’ll show you guys how each and every tool in there is used. I know you are fast learners, but I’m afraid, maybe before you catch up you’d be dead alre-ady” he sigh as if he’s having pity for them. “It’s a shame, that you won’t survive to use the skill I’ll teach you!”
[email protected] brings out the box and drops it on the table. Ian open it and truly, he wasn’t lying when he said five hundred daggers. Inside the box, there are really five hundred daggers.
He turned back to the kidnappers.
“Ok, there’s five of you, and inside this box are five hundred daggers. So that should be a hundred daggers each for you guys, aren’t I generous enough?”
The kidnappers didn’t speak, they’re just looking between themselves and the box of daggers. Ian can clearly see how scared they are as their hands are shaking and theirl-ips quivering.
“Aigoo, don’t be like that say something. Or is one hundred daggers not enough? Maybe I should make it two hundred daggers each?”
They quic-kly shake their heads.
“No,, no,, no plea-se”
Ian sm-irk. He points at the first guy.
“You! You will have the honor to speak first, tell me, who s£nt you?!” He asked.
“I,, I, c-can’t,, no, I won’t tell you!”
“Oh? You want us to do this the ha-rd way? Oh! And I always love the ha-rd way!” He asked in a sweet calm voice.
“Do whatever you want to do, I will never tell you, even if you kill me”
“No, no! I’m not gonna kill you,,,, yet. I’m not good at target, maybe I should practice more!” Ian turn to [email protected] “Press the bu-tton!”
“Yes, sir!”
[email protected] press a bu-tton and the pole which that guy is chained against start moving sideways,,,, to and fro in front of Ian.
“Good! Erm,,, as you can see I’m 10ft away, so forgive me if I missed and injure you” he sm-irked.
He picked a dagger and throws it at the guy, the dagger went straight into the guy’s right eye and he starts screaming in pain.
Ian laughs and [email protected] his hands, jumping on his chair like a kid.
“Bull’s-eye!!” He exclaims.
“General, that was a nice sh0t” [email protected] tells him.
He shake his head and wave him off. “No flattering, plea-se. That was just a lucky throw, you know I’m not good at these stuffs”
[email protected] rolls his eyes, of course he knows what his General is doing. Ian loves pla-ying while torturing his offenders, in fact this is the only time you’d see the General joke around.
He’d shower praises on you but end up killing you, that’s how Ian torture people that step on his tail. According to him, joking around makes torturing fun.
He pick another dagger and throws it, it hits the guy’s right br£@st and his screams increa-sed. But Ian didn’t st©p, he continues throwing the daggers until it’s up to fifty then he st©pped.
He looked at the guy and bur-st into laughter at what he saw. The daggers rests on his che-st as if Ian spelt something, he calls [email protected] and tell him.
“I’m an illiterate, re-ad what I spelt by mistake”
[email protected] sm-irks and pronounce it very loudly.
“Bastard!!” Ian laughs loudly in satisfaction while the guy’s screams didn’t st©p.
The daggers pierced de-ep in his che-st and blood is gushing out as if it’s a blood spring.
“Are you re-ady to talk now?! Who s£nt you?!” Ian growled lowly.
The guy raised his head and glares at Ian with his only open eye, Ian points at him and laugh
“He’s tryna glare at me with one eye, so funny!”
“K-kill,,, k-kill,, me-if-you-must-i-won’t-say-a-word”
“Really? Ok! I should continue practicing then!”
He resumes throwing daggers at the guy, some hits his [email protected], shoulders and one hits his man-hood. That made him scream louder and he pas-sed out.
Ian humph and roll his eyes.
“He’s no fun! Why did he pas-s out so soon?!”
“General, should I finish him up?!” [email protected] asked.
“No! I’m not done pla-ying with him yet, he still has 25daggers to go. And besides, I still wanna try other games with him”
He turns to one of his guards and call him to come closer.
“Write it down! Write it against his name, 25daggers to go”
“What is his name, sir?” The guard asked.
Ian frown and pout hisl-ips.
“Stupid me! I forgot to ask him his name! Forget it, just write first bit-ch 25daggers left!”
“Yes, sir!”
He turn back to [email protected]
“Is the h0t water re-ady?”
“Yes, General”
“Perfect! Bring it in, pour it on him that will wake him up”
[email protected] walks out of the dungeon but [email protected]£ back almost immediately, a big bucket of h0t water in his hand. He lifts it up and pours it on the guy, within a second the guy’s screams filled the dungeon again.
Ian laughs loudly.
“Wow! I love the sound I’m hearing”
“S-st©p,, st©p it,,, st©p it” the guy plead.
Ian’s eyes ha-rd en and he st©ps laughing.
“Did you st©p when you were ra-ping my wife? I know she begged you to st©p, did you st©p?!” He paused and take a de-ep breath. “I’m in a good mood, don’t spoil it. Don’t worry, I will get back to you later, we will continue from where we st©pped!”
He puts on his pla-yful mood on and turn to the next guy.
“You! What is your name?!”
“D-d-d-erek!” He stuttered.
“D-d-d-erek?!” Derek nods. “Interesting name, well, D-d-d-erek, who s£nt you to kidnap my wife?!”
“I,, c-can’t tell you”
Ian sighs and got up from the chair.
“Why do you always prefer the ha-rd way, not that I’m complaining cause I love the ha-rd way”
He walk towards the drawer, he takes out some small pegs with wires attached. He walk towards Derek and begin to peg him in various places in his b©dy, when he’s done he takes a step back and look at it, he nod in affirmation.
He takes out an iron and plunge it to a socket and put it on the table to get h0t.
“Turn on the switch!” He commands [email protected]
[email protected] turns on the switch and Derek starts j£rking, that’s when he realizes that the pegs are electrifying.
“Ge-ge-ge-ge-ge,,,,,,,,,” he tries to speak but couldn’t as the current in his b©dy is too much.
Ian smiled and picks the iron.
“Now, let’s have more fun” he moves closer to Derek and placed the iron on his che-st.
Derek howled loudly, but Ian didn’t take off the iron. He only re-move it from that sp©t and put it on another sp©t.
“Are you re-ady to talk?!” Derek nods his head quic-kly.
Ian re-moved the iron and tells [email protected] to turn off the switch, which he did.
“Now tell me, who s£nt you?!”
“A m-man,, a man,,, jer-jeremy,,, that’s his name, Jeremy!”
Ian clenched his fist and turned away from Derek, his intensify drastically.
*So, it’s really him!!*
[email protected], we are paying someone a visit in his room!”
“Yes, General”
No one hurts my Phoebe and stays alive to tell the story.
“Should I take off the pegs?” [email protected] asked.
“No, turn on the switch! Let him remain here with the electric pegs and don’t let anyone take out the daggers off that bastard!!”
|| Aurora/Phoebe ||
I move back as he mover closer, he’s got a sinister sm-irks on. My heart accelerated as he gr-abs my hand, he leaves a ha-rd [email protected] on my cheek and I hear voices laughing.
*She’s a bit-ch!*
*A slut!*
*No one is gonna save her from us!*
*She’s our tonight!*
No, no. plea-se don’t, don’t do this!
He gr-abs my n£¢k and lifts me off the ground, I start to choke but still tries to get away.
He throws me on a be-d, I look around and I [email protected]
*Why am I back here? I thought I escaped,,, could it be they caught me back?*
“I will fv¢k you s-en-seless!” He said.
I shake my head as fear grip me. I don’t want to experience it again,, I could die this time. I’m too weak to hold on, I can die.
Hands gr-abs my legs and tore it [email protected],,, he tears my shorts and position himself in my entrance.
“No, plea-se,,, it’s enough,, I’m tired, plea-se, no,,,,”
He [email protected] me and spit on my face. I shake my head, this can’t happen again. No, no, noooooo!
Then it’s darkness.
|| Ian/Dean ||
I st©pped right outside Jeremy’s door, I hear shuffling inside. Then I hear voices.
*I’ll leave everything un-der your control, something happened with my boys I have to check it out personally* I hear Jeremy say.
*But what about me? What if he finds out I’m fake?*
Hmm, Jeremy you and your imposter are gonna pay.
*He won’t find out, he’s blinding in love with that witch to take note of anything*
I pushed his door open and step in. I put on a weird smile.
“Uncle, are you going somewhere?”
Episode 50.
|| Ian/Dean ||
“Uncle, are you going somewhere?” I asked him.
He paused and slowly turn towards me, the imposter hides behind him with a frightened look on. I sm-irk.
“Oh, Ian!”
“Oh, me! Are you going somewhere?”
“Yes. One of my farmhouse blew up, I have to go check what happened”
“Oh” I nod and pretend to do some thinking, I snapped my f!ngersas if a thought just dawned on me. “Your farmhouse? Could that be where My Phoebe was kept?”
Jeremy tensed but quic-kly covers it up and bur-st into a pretentious smile.
“Ian? What are you talking about? Are you trying to accuse your uncle or what?”
“Oh? Ok, let’s st©p beating around the bush! Why are you hell bent on killing my Phoebe?!”
“Ian, don’t accuse people without prove” he drags out the imposter. “Isn’t this your Phoebe, if I wanted to hurt her it’d be so easy as she is here with me!”
He really did take me for a fool.
“Uncle, I know everything you’ve done, save us the trouble and tell me the truth or I will f0rç£ it out of you!”
He didn’t say a word, he only scoffed unfazed of my threats.
“I know what you did years ago, you are behind the deaths of my dad and Phoebe’s parents. But what I don’t know is why you killed them,,,, why did you ruthlessly killed your biological brother?”
He laughed briefly and look me in the eyes with his red ones.
“My biological brother? I bet he is,,, every single person that I killed deserved to die!!”
“Why? Why did they have to die?”
“I’m not saying anything until your Mom is here too, you’ll un-derstand everything better when she’s here”
“How is my Mom involved in this?!”
“She is very much involved. In fact, she is the cause of everything that happened”
I only knew Mom had an affair with him,, but I don’t know who the illegitimate son is. Maybe I can keep him locked up in the dungeon for now until Mom is found, then everything will be more clear.
“Guards, take both of them to my dungeon. Lock them in the special cell”
“Yes, sir!”
The imposter gr-abs the hem of my shi-t and falls on her knees.
“General, General, I’m just a pawn in this,, he threatened to kill me if I don’t cooperate with him”
I push her away from me.
“Why didn’t you think of asking my help when he was threatening you. You have the boldness to come into my mansion to trick me!! Don’t worry you’ll pay for all the food and drinking you’ve been consuming in this mansion” I turn to my uncle. “And uncle, I have a surprise for you, a very shocking surprise and I will s£nd it to your cell later. Take them away!!”
The guards gr-ab them and drag them out of room r0ûghly.
[email protected]!”
“Yes, General”
“Go get him and bring him to the dungeon”
“Yes, General”
|| Brittany ||
We enter the Morgan’s mansion and I look around in awe, this is the first time I’m coming here and I didn’t realize it’s this big until now.
“Uncle, what’s wrong? Where is Ian’s men taking you?” I hear Javier asked.
I turn and see a man in his fifties, two men in military uniform holds him ti-ghtly. He throws Javier a glare, I frown as I noticed the hatred in his eyes.
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“Uncle, is this some kind of misun-derstanding between you and Ian? Tell me what happened, I can talk to him for!” Javier asked, worry and concern coax his words.
But his uncle ignore him and keeps walking. I see two other men in military uniform pushed Rora past me,,,,, no wait, that should be the imposter.
“What happened between uncle and Ian?” Javier asked himself.
“Javier,,,,, ”
“No, something is not right! I must talk to Ian!” Then he rushed upstairs.
I sigh and shake my head. This man! I rushed after him.
|| Ian/Dean ||
“Ian! Brother! Brother Ian!” I hear Javier’s voice from outside my study.
“Come in!”
The door open and he comes in, Brittany right behind him.
“Ian, I saw your men take uncle away! What happened? No matter what he did you shouldn’t arrest him, Ian. He is our uncle”
He doesn’t know what Jeremy has done else he wouldn’t plead on his behalf.
“Ian, plea-se re-lease him. We are family, we can talk about this calmly”
“He is not my family! And st©p begging on his behalf, you don’t know what he’s done!”
“No matter what he’s done, we should calm down and talk about it in a civilized way. Remember, dad is dead, he’s all we’ve got left”
I ban-g my hand on the table.
“There’s no to talk about, Javier. That bastard whom you are calling uncle is the one behind our father’s death!! He is also the one that kidnap my Phoebe!! He organised boys to [email protected]£ my Phoebe!!”
Javier paused and take a step back. He frown and look at me as if he doesn’t believe me.
“H-he,,, h-he killed dad?”
“Yes! He’s a very bad man and doesn’t deserve my mercy!”
“He killed dad, but why? They are brothers,,, very close brothers and I sometimes wish we could share the same bond as them. I,, I don’t believe you, Ian”
“You don’t believe me? My Phoebe is prove! My Phoebe is struggling to survive!”
“Wait, Aurora is back?!” He asked.
“Yes! Fortunately we found her in time”
He turns to Brittany and they shared a smile. I frown at his sudden change of expression, I thought he was angry.
“Where is she?”
“At my safehouse!”
“Ian, we will talk about uncle later” he gr-abs Brittany’s hand. “Baby, let’s go and see her!”
“She,,,,, ” he’s out the door before I could speak.
Just as he left, [email protected] comes in.
“Sir, I have the guards esc-rting him to the dungeon now”
I nod and got up.
“Let’s go see how surprised Jeremy will look” I sm-irk.
*Brother! Long time, no see!* I hear Dad say.
I enter the cell and rest against the wall and I watch them interact.
“I personally killed you! How come you are still alive?! How did that happen?!”
Dad laughed.
“I guess it wasn’t my time to die. Are you disappointed or you are surprised?!” Dad asked him.
Jeremy glared at dad, as if he’d just get away from the chains and kill dad again.
I move away from the wall and walk towards them.
“Uncle, how do like the surprise?” I mocked him.
He scoffs.
“Even if you have your dad come here, I still won’t say anything until your Mom comes here!”
“Jer!” Dad called him calmly. “I know everything that happened back then, I just want you to say it with your mouth but since you want Nancy to be here, we’ll wait for her. I think it’ll make Ian un-derstand everything better”
Now that both dad and Jeremy wants Mom to be here, I’ll make my boys put more effort and find her. I nee-d to know what happened,,,,, I must know what happened.
“Uncle, enjoy yourself, I’ll soon have fun with you and trust me, I love having fun!”
“You,,,,, ”
I turn to my dad.
“Dad, let’s go!” He nods.
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