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Doctor cutie Episode 47 & 48

[Love cures All]
Episode 47.
By: Racheal Dennis||
|| Ian/Dean ||
I sat behind my desk and watch Javier lock the door. I sm-irk, why do I have the feeling that I alre-ady know what he wanna say.
He rushed back to me and sits in front of me.
“Brother, have you noticed anything strange about Aurora?” He asked with urgency in his voice.
“What do you mean?” I asked him back.
“This Aurora, she is a bit different”
“Different? How?”
“What does Aurora normally calls you?”
“I don’t usually take note. What does that have to do with My Phoebe?”
“It has a lot to do with her, this phoebe is an imposter. Phoebe always calls you Dean, but this imposter have been calling you Ian ever since she [email protected]£”
I narrow my eyes. I didn’t know my brother is very observant too, I guess intelligence runs in our family.
Actually, I knew from the very start that she’s not my Phoebe, it seems like a funny game to me so I wanted to [email protected] a little. I took note of all the little details and that’s what gave her away.
There’s a way my Phoebe’sl-ips raise when she smiles, and there’s something she always do everytime I scold her. She’ll [email protected] the edge of her dress and chew on her lowerl-ip, but this imposter didn’t do it.
And in a situation like this, My Phoebe won’t call my name to let me know she sneaked out, she’d try to sneak back in our room in hopes I wouldn’t see or scold her.
I have a feeling that my uncle is behind this, since he [email protected]£ into this mansion it has been from one problem to the other. So to let his guard down, I have to [email protected] with him.
Javier wave his hands across my face.
“Brother! Are you listening to me?”
“What did you say?”
“I said we have to chase this woman out and look for our real Aurora before it’s too late!”
I open my mouth to speak and tell him of my plan, but a movement catch my eyes. I see my uncle snooping around throu-gh my glas-s door and I sm-irk.
One advantage of my door is, I can clearly see whoever is outside but they can’t see me inside.
*Uncle Jeremy, I guess I have un-derestimated you!*
He’s trying to get information, humph! Let’s give some drama instead.
I ban-g my hand on my desk.
“Javier, st©p saying nons-en-se! Are you trying to say I don’t know My Phoebe?! Are you telling me that I’m so stupid and can’t tell what is real from what’s fake?!” I growled, glancing at uncle, he’s pressed his ear to the door.
“Ian, what I’m telling you is true. That woman is not your Phoebe, she is a fake” Javier said.
“I’m not blind, Javier! If you don’t st©p accusing my Phoebe, I will deal with you as I see fit!”
“How can I make you un-derstand, Ian. I know you are blindly in love with Phoebe and you won’t pay attention to these little details. But believe me, I’m your brother and I have your best interest at heart, that woman is fraud Ian!”
“Javier, I won’t stand you slander my beloved woman. See yourself out of my office!”
He sighs and run his f!ngersthrou-gh his hair.
“You know I didn’t punish you for taking my Phoebe to the dungeon, don’t provoke me to punish you!”
“Fine. Ask her about her preg,,,,,”
“Shut up!!” I quic-kly cut him off before he could complete his s£ntence.
“I’m trying to help you out, brother!”
“Don’t help me! Get out!!”
“I said get out!! Or I’ll hit you!!”
He glared at me and huffed angrily, before he storms towards the door. I see uncle leave before Javier get to the door, he step out and slam the door shut loudly.
[email protected], come out!” I ordered.
[email protected] comes out from the curtains behind me.
“How is the as-signment going?”
“We still haven’t been able to track her phone”
I ban-g my hand on the table and snarled at him.
“Why?! What are you and your boys lazying about?!”
“We are trying ha-rd but the reception isn’t strong enough, my guess is she must be in a romote place and the reception there isn’t stable. But we will try our possible best to track her today”
“Better try ha-rder or I swear if I see a scratch on my Phoebe a lot of people will pay dearly!!”
“Yes, General”
“Get out!!”
“Thank you, sir!” He leaves immediately.
I gro-an ed loudly and pu-ll-ed on my hair frustratingly. I carry my [email protected]©p and throw it across the room, I fl!pmy desk and punch the TV behind me. I drop my bleeding hands on my sides and falls on my knees.
*My Phoebe, where are you?!*
All the fear that I buried inside just to [email protected], surfaced.
I fear for what my Phoebe might be going throu-gh now,,,,,I fear for our baby.
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I don’t know what they are doing to her now or what they will do to her or what they have done to her alre-ady. Jeremy better pray that my Phoebe comes back unharmed or I swear to whoever is in the heavens,,,I will tear him from limb to limb!
|| Authoress ||
Javier knocks on Britt’s door urgently, finally brittany open the door and he rushed in. He pu-lls her in for a hvg and rest his head on her che-st.
“I’m sorry, baby, it’s my fault. It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have listened to her!” He laments.
Brittany frown in confusion as she doesn’t know what is happening. She slowly walk both of them to a sofa and sat down.
“It’s my fault, it wouldn’t have happened,,, it’s all my fault, I’m sorry” he cries.
“Javier, what’s wrong?” She asked.
The question only made him laments more.
“I’m a fool, I only wanted to make her happy and I didn’t think about anything else,,, I caused, I’m sorry”
*Why is he lamenting so much?*
“Who is her? Baby talk to me”
“It’s,, Au,, Aurora,, I fail to protect her”
“Rora?! What happened to her?!”
“She’s missing,, she kidnapped!”
Just like an electric shock, Britt was shocked. She sat frozen in her sp©t, she doesn’t know what to do, say or how to act.
we-ther to scream or cry, she just sat silently and watch as Javier wail.
“What about the General? How is he holding up?” She asked.
Javier st©ps crying and frown de-eply.
“That bastard doesn’t believe anything I say!! No matter how ha-rd I try to make him un-derstand, he won’t believe me and do you know what’s worst?” He paused and fist his hands. “There’s an imposter in our mansion, posing as Aurora, Ian doesn’t believe she’s fake!” He breaks down crying again.
“It’s all my fault,,, it’s my fault!”
Brittany lays his head on her [email protected] and pets him gently.
“It’s ok, it’s not your fault” she consoles him.
“But I let her leave the room”
She shakes her head.
“What’s bound to happen must eventually find way to happen, so this not your fault. And besides I know Rora, she’s a fighter, they can’t kill her easily”
“B-but,,, she was kidnapped right un-der my nose!”
“Everyb©dy makes mistakes and I know the General has a plan, everything will be fine”
Javier stares at her in admiration. She’s a woman but she’s so calm and taking it well.
“How did I get so lucky and end up with a woman like you?”
She simply shrug.
“I guess I did a good deeds in my previous life, so God used you to bless me in this life”
“I think so” she agreed.
She leans down and gives him a comforting k!ss.
|| Aurora/Phoebe ||
The next day…….
I’m so weak, tired and feeling sick. I’m feeling pains all over my b©dy, I’m wi-de awake but my eyes are ti-ghtly shut. I don’t wanna open them and find out I’m still in with those monsters.
*Dean, plea-se find me. plea-se save me, someone should just come and rescue me*
“Where is that bit-ch?!” I hear a very familiar voice asked.
“She’s inside the room, sir”
I hear footsteps approaching me, they st©pped in front of me and a foot kick me on my back but I didn’t react. Another kicked my stomach and I [email protected] still didn’t open my eyes.
“Sir, I she’s dead! She has been like this since last night”
The boss scoffed and hear him clearly, it’s Jeremy, Dean’s uncle.
“pla-ying dead? Let’s see how long you can hold on” it was silent for a few minutes before he speaks again. “Bring the h0t water and pour it on her, I know she’ll wake up in no time!!” He laugh sinisterly.
h0t water?!!! No, they’ve done enough damage alre-ady. I sat up as fast as I could, I try to support myself with my hands but I hissed as pain strikes me.
I forgot my arms were broken yesterday.
“Oh? She’s awake!” Jeremy said.
I glared at him.
“bit-ch, I hope my boys entertained you well yesterday. Too bad I wasn’t here to enjoy the show, or maybe I can have them do it again so that I can watch!”
I shake my head,, I can’t stand another attack. They were too rou-gh yesterday, I can feel my wo-mb has shift.
“D-don’t,, d-don’t,,, I’m tired, so tired” I whisper, there’s no strength left in me right now.
He laughs loudly, he [email protected] as if he just heard something funny.
“That’s what I want, I have always wanted to hear you beg me and I so much love the sound of it!”
He moves closer to me and lean down to my level, he gr-abs my chin ti-ghtly and [email protected] me.
“I warned you, didn’t I? I told you to st©p investigating your parents death but you didn’t listen. You wanted to find the murderer so bad, right. Well, now that you’ve found me what can you do?”
My eyes grow wi-de in fear.
“Y-you,,,, ”
“Yes, I killed your parents because they knew too much, they wanted to ruin my plan, they were standing in my way!”
“Y-you,, monster!” I whisper yelled with all the strength I have left.
He push me away and stomp on my stomach, I begin to cough out blood.
“Yes, I’m a monster to whoever stands in my way and that was what your parents did! They deserve their deaths! And you!” He points at me.
“You are repeating their mistakes! I didn’t want to kill you, I knew you are alive and I wanted to let you off the hook but you just won’t listen. You always go places where you aren’t meant to be!! So I must kill you, it’s what you wished for!!”
I call him to come closer that I wanted to tell him something. He bends down and I caught his left ear with my teeth, I bite down on it and drag it with my teeth as if I want to rip it off.
He screams loudly and pushed me away, he holds his bleeding ear and scream even louder. I spit in his face.
“You’ll rot in hell!!! You are gonna pay for all your crimes!!” I yelled in his face.
“Boss, are you ok?” Derek rushed to him.
Drake and one other guy [email protected]£ at me and flogged me with their wh!ps. I kept quiet, enduring the pains as they flog me continuously…
“St©p!” Jeremy ordered them.
They st©pped and step back, Jeremy stands up and glares at me.
“I’ll torture her personally, but first I must rush back to the mansion or else Ian might suspect something is wrong” he said. “Oh, and one more thing, Ian will forget about you soon!”
Then he leaves with me with Drake and the other guy. A door in the corner of the room open and Nathan comes in.
“Nathan, how many times will I tell you to st©p using that door?” Drake scold him.
He rolled his eyes, he walk towards us and st©p in front of me. Something drops from his pocket but he didn’t notice, I picked it up and discovered it’s a key.
I quic-kly hides it in my torn short.
“Pas-sing throu-gh that door is the only way I can go out without the boss finding out” he said.
My eyes move to the door. Maybe I can escape throu-gh that door too. Wait,,,, could this be the key?
What if it’s a tra-p? Well, I don’t care. Even if it’s a tra-p, I’ll still try. With the little strength I have left, maybe I can escape.
“What did you buy from outside?”
“My stuff!” He replies.
“You know we don’t go out frequently, you could have bought other things too!” Drake told him.
“Whatever! Come on, let’s check out what I bought!” He said, they nod and follow him out of the room.
I take out the key and look at it.
*plea-se, let it be the right key* I pray and start crawling on my belly towards the door.
Episode 48.
|| Aurora/Phoebe ||
After much grunting and struggling, I successfully crawled to the door, I turn to check if someone’s coming but thankfully no one is.
I managed to sit up with so much struggle. I [email protected] quietly when I saw trail of my blood on the ground, the wound on my leg is still fresh, hence the blood.
I gotta leave before they come back. I turn and hold the door to support myself, I stand up but fell back down and land on my face. My legs are weak and I’m feeling pains all over, I wanted to cry, but this is not the time to cry.
quic-kly, I sat up again and try if I can reach for the keyhole while sitting and thankfully I do. I try to unlock the door as fast as possible, but I keep failing at it because I couldn’t use my hands properly. My arms are broken hence I can’t raise them.
I bite down on my lower l!pand muster all the strength I have and finally opened the door. A weak smile appears on my face when I saw that it’s true, the door really led to the outside.
Though there’s a narrow gate but it’s open.
*This is my only chance!*
I rushed to the gate and saw a note on the wall.
*Close the gate behind you. Run as fast as you can and get outta here: Nathan*
I frown. So he was tryna help me? He purposely dropped the key. I’ll thank him later, right now I must leave at out. I step out and close the gate and it closed automatically.
I turned and discovered the tall gras-ses in front of me, now I un-derstand what he meant by “it’s the only way he can pas-s without being notice by nob©dy” there’s a narrow footpath, that must be the exit.
Having no other choice, I followed the path. Though I got tired of walking halfway, so I fell on my knees and crawl.
40 minutes later…..
I smile weakly when I notice I’ve made it out of the tall gras-ses. Right now, I don’t even know where I am, but I can see few people walking by.
Dizzy, I feel so dizzy as if the earth is rotating. plea-se Lord, don’t let me faint yet.
Soon vision begin to blur. A shadow st©ps in front of me and gr-ab my shoulder, I wince.
“Miss Aurora!” [email protected]?
No, my ears might be hearing things.
“Miss Aurora, it’s really you!” Oh no, this is real.
I sigh and smile.
[email protected]! You are really here, I’m not imagining right?”
“Miss, the General has been going crazy, finally I found you”
I gr-ab his arm and put my weight on him, my eyes closed on their own accord and I don’t know what happened next,,,,,,, darkness took over.
|| Ian/Dean ||
I pretend to focus on the file in front of me, but I’m actually waiting for [email protected]’s feedback.
The imposter sits in front of me eating popcorn, that’s all she’s been doing since yesterday; eat and sleep. Such a waste!
“Ian, I’m bored. I wanna go out for a walk”
“No, I told you. You’re grounded”
“But, Ian,,,, ”
I narrowed my eyes at her.
“Eat your popcorn!” That shut her up immediately.
I glared at her. When I find My Phoebe I will make her pay for trying to impersonate her.
My phone beep and I quic-kly reach for it, there’s a message from [email protected] Without wasting time I open the conversation.
*General, we’ve found her! We’ve taken her to your safehouse and doc Lee is working on her. She is badly beaten up*
I ban-g my hand on my desk and grind my teeth against each other. I stand up and faced the imposter.
“Go back to our room and wait for me, I’ll join you later!”
“Where are you going?”
“I’m going out to for some business, don’t leave the room until I get back!”
I watch her get up and leave.
“Travis! Scott!”
They both come in.
“Guard my room, don’t let that lady out and don’t let nob©dy in!!”
“Yes, sir!” They both rushed out.
I took my car keys and head out hurriedly.
[email protected]!” I called as I enter my safehouse.
“Where is My Phoebe? How is she doing?”
“Doc Lee said we should wait in the living room, he’s still working on her” he reports.
“What about the kidnappers?” I asked.
“The boys have arrested them, they are in the dungeon as we speak”
I fist my hands and gritt my teeth, I nod.
“One more thing, sir! The building blew up suddenly”
Bastards, so they intended to b!ow up the building with my Phoebe inside. I’m so gonna enjoy torturing them.
Just then Lee comes in. I rushed towards him and studied his expression, he look so down which is so unusual of him.
This only means one thing; My Phoebe is not in a good condition.
“Lee, how is my Phoebe doing? Is she out of danger? Tell me it’s nothing serious!”
“General, it’s bad, very bad”
“What do you mean?! Make it clear to me!!”
He wipes his face with his handkerchief and sigh de-eply.
“General, she’s a fighter. It’s a miracle she survived”
“fv¢king tell me what happened to her!!” I growled at him.
“Her b©dy is severely dehydrated, her skin is badly broken and her arms are broken too but she can still use them as they are gonna heal soon. The injury on her leg is gonna take some time to heal and it’s gonna leave a de-ep scar.
But not to worry, I have something for the scar, even if it doesn’t wipe completely it’ll still help” he explained.
I re-lease a long breath that I didn’t know I was holding.
“Then about the baby,,,,,,,” he trails off.
My shoulders tensed and I held my breath again.
“What about the baby?”
“According to my test, she was [email protected]£d brutally,,,, ”
“She was [email protected]£d?!” I roared.
Those bastards! They have the guts to hurt my woman!! They have the guts to f0rç£ themselves on my woman!! I will so make them pay!
I will cut off their ba-lls and feed it to them!!
“The baby is fine and she can birth him but,,, there are gonna be some complications during delivery and she might not be able to conceive ever again after giving birth to this baby”
My breath quic-kens as anger erupt inside me, like a raging vocalno.
“I’m gonna kill them all!! I swear I’ll kill them!!”
“General, plea-se calm down” [email protected] said. He gestures Lee to continue.
“Thankfully, she was able to escape or she’d have died. She’s out of danger now but she went into coma and when she’ll wake is not certain yet”
I don’t wanna hear anymore,, hearing him speak only multi-ply my anger.
“Leave! [email protected] see him off!!”
“Yes, general” they both replied and head towards the door.
I’ll make them confess who s£nt them and teach them a lesson for tempering with my woman, then I’ll s£nd them to hell.
In their next life, they’ll never m©l£stany woman! But first I must check on my Phoebe, I rush throu-gh the stairs, taking two at a time.

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